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50% off PendoPad 7" Windows 16GB Tablet $49.99, Padded Mail Bags 100pk from $40.50 @ Australia Post

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    watching arsenal vs. chelsea?

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    Since when did Australia Post start selling pre-owned iPhones?

    Also had a heart attack at what a new 5S costs.


    What's the resolution of this tablet? Was thinking of picking up one of these to play videos for kids on long trips. Interesting it's Windows. Don't know how well it would run Windows applications on those specs, although would only use for playing videos I guess.


    The Pendos and Unisurfs are the same just rebadged however I think the screen on the Unisurf maybe a bit better?

    My Pendo had a faulty hdmi port so they replaced it with a Unisurf which I have been using for over a year.
    I use it mainly to watch videos but do occasionally surf the net and play classic games on it.
    It's also been upgraded to Win10 and runs a lot faster than Win8.1


      If they're the same then it cannot have a better screen.


        Yeah but it looks like the Unisurf has better viewing angles.
        Anyway I said "I think" and they could be the same but it's also possible they could have upgraded the screen.


        Dont be so sure. It is very possible for a rebadged product to have slightly better components than others.


      I didn't know you could have a screen worse than the Unisurf.

      Can you please tell me how you upgraded to Win10? Is it just straight forward automatically done via wondows update or do I have to do a workaround? Any way to do a clean Win10 install?

      Also, how is it faster than win8.1? ie. programs load faster? Videos play more smoothly? etc.


          Yeah that's why I asked if it's a walkaround. I got one from that deal but was wondering if you can upgrade directly through windows.

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        I let Windows automatically update to Win10. It was a smooth process and took probably 2+hrs to download and install.
        It's a "clean" install as well as it removes 8.1 from your "hdd".
        However make sure you have a spare USB Flash Drive with 5GB (I think) as it needs to transfer Win8.1 there as a backup recovery file in case the installation goes wrong as well as other installation files.

        The default Win10 video player (can't remember the name) loads and runs videos a lot faster than Media Player and VLC on Win8.1

        The only problem I have now is updating to the latest version of Win10 that came out the other week. I need a spare 1GB so I may have to delete Office and other crap that I can find.
        If not, I may just turn off automatic updates as I'm happy with the current Win10 version.


    I have the Unisurf 7" which looks to come from the same OEM. For these cheapies, just know exactly what you want out of it and don't expect to run the Witcher 3 on it.

    I have mine permanently plugged into my tv as a media player/streamer and for most part it has been doing its job fine. The real qualm I have with it is that it would have been a better choice if I had spent the extra $20 and got the 8" one which comes with a dedicated power port which would allow me to use usb port. Right now I am restricted to BT only.


      FYI, using a multi-port USB OTG charging cable you can use USB & charge simultaneously according to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/197447?page=3#comment-2894029.

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        Not sure what to believe with this. There are people who claim it works, and others claim it doesn't and even some that said they thought it works but then it doesnt.


          I have the Unisurf 7" and it's an avoid. Constantly freezes, no usable storage, screen isn't compatible with all features of Windows 8.1 as its 1024 x 600, and the screen itself is horrible too look at. Better off throwing $50 through the pokies to see if you spend a little more on something decent. At least even if you end up losing all your money you would still have more enjoyment than using this tablet.

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          Totally agree with the screen. Absolutely horrible colours and viewing angles and the physically incompatible native resolution of it squishes everything.

          But as I only use it for the tv, it output to 1080p fairly comfortably. Under Win8.1 I think after updates you only get 1.4GB useable, but upgrading to Win10 freed mine up to 4GB.

          Performance seem to have improved markedly after upgrade too.

          There are however lockups for a few seconds when launching too many media heavy tabs in the browser, but otherwise quite stable.

          Like I started earlier, don't expect getting a Surface Pro for $50 and know what youre getting.

          For me I just want some thing like a Windows Stick and this is a cheaper alternative.


    Brought the 7" for $59, as a kindle replacement, try some "Basic" apps seems not bad. As for other imaginable Windows's activities, forget it.

    Constant showing low in memory, don't bother anti-virus as it will freeze it before you try to disable it.


    packs are always sell about 50% discount at any post office.


    is there anywhere else i can buy padded bags? Aus Post is ridiculously expensive for them

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