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Garmin HUD GPS Navigator $50 (was $178) at Harvey Norman


Enjoy unobstructed driving vision with the HUD GPS Navigation from Garmin. This future-tech GPS navigator projects route information including directions, speed alerts and junction views onto the Garmin reflector lens or transparent windshield film for easy viewing while driving.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +6

    Awesome idea except it relies on a smartphone app

  • +7

    its saying it has to be paired with a phone….

  • +2

    Hmm can you HUD movies?

    • +27

      Yes you can, after you have arranged your car insurance, life insurance and will.

      • +2

        I suspect only the latter would remain valid :-)
        But it5'd make the commuter crawl so much easier. Imagine all the uDemy courses I could complete to/from work!

        • +9

          You could entertain yourself watching crashes from the Aus Dashcam Owners channel

        • +2

          @airzone: also will be featured on liveleak.

  • Handy with Galaxy devices that got Navigon for free :)

    • Does it work with Navigon?

      • +2

        Yes, and only with Navigon if you're using Android - not Google Maps or HERE Maps, or anything else.

        • +3

          Thanks happy chappy for the snappy reply. (Snappy, as in speedy rather than attitude… :-)

      • +1

        Says it does, or the proprietary Garmin app, which doesn't include much unless you pay the yearly fee :/

    • +3

      Apparently according to most of the reviews, the free version of Navigon from Samsung does not work.

      This is NOT a stand alone unit and will only work with the 1 or 2 apps from Garmin. It has no GPS itself and is therefore more of a display device than a GPS as it relies on info from the phone and associated apps.

      There are a lot of apps out there that will turn your phone into a GPS HUD / Speedo HUD that are a lot cheaper alternative and have more flexibility than this…

      For anyone curious about it, here is just one review of the unit;


  • +7

    I don't think this is better than buying a windscreen mounted cradle for your phone.

  • +14
    • Future tech
    • needs phone app
    • app is not free for most users


    • And needs the film on your screen, or use the plastic screen provided :/

      I'll be happy when these are more mainstream, like the Calais-V/Caprice-V/SS-V Redline. Have driven the Caprice-V a bit and got very used to the HUD!

      • yeah heaps of cons even for $50

      • Isnt there an option for it to display on a flip-up plastic screen, instead of putting film on the windscreen?

        My hardware HUD came with film but I threw it away - just have the image reflecting off the windscreen - shows a slight double-image but the writing is large enough you hardly notice it.


        • And needs the film on your screen, or use the plastic screen provided :/


        • @Spackbace: Doh… shows how well I read the OP

        • @systmworks:

          I was quoting myself, the comment you replied to lol

          Go have a coffee :P

  • Seems pretty gimmicky… doubt you can see it during the day.

    • +5

      It is hard to see during sunny day but my BMW HUD unit automatically brighten up the unit when this happened. Maybe this Garmin unit could do the same.

      • -7

        not all of us have BMW's

        • +1

          Man's just offering his experiences trying to be helpful. No need to be snarky about it. FYI I drive a 1997 camry.

        • +4

          @tony abbott:

          FYI I drive a 1997 camry.

          Really is tough times for you now!

        • +1

          @Spackbace: He's saving his lifetime pension for tough times ahead

  • +1

    $29.95 for the Navigon Android app, PLUS in-app purchases to un-cripple it, e.g. trafic info.
    But you can bill it to Telsta prepaid, so thats a $5 SIM from the drawer for ozbargainers.

    Is Navigon any good compared to other options? I like the free Nokia/Here maps.

    For iPhone, $100 plus another $100 in-app to de-cripple. (excl. truck nav) No bargain.

    • Maximum single purchase that you can bill to Telstra is $20.

      • +1

        That's what I thought, until I tried it :-)
        They must have increased the limit.

        • +1

          That is a nice change. I might try it if/when I get over the 3 hours on hold it took me to get the last Hellstra sim activated.

  • I used to sit a tablet on my dash with the plenty of free apps on the Play store and it worked perfectly at night.

    It did get me pulled over once though.

    • Hah. What did they actually pull you over for? Plenty of cars come with build in HUD's now. Did you get a ticket?

      I used to run Torque app on my phone, in HUD (mirrored) mode, reflecting off the windscreen. The dynamic coloured graphs/needles/digits look pretty nice.. better than hardware HUD's.

      • +1

        It was torque. Older car back then and they were really interested in what it was. Just bored on the graveyard shift I suppose.

  • This is a test product, Garmin obviously wants to test the market.

    No deal because the product barely do anything by itself.

    I'll save my money and wait for the next gen.

  • I'll stick with the Google Maps app on my Wear watch.

  • -1

    Tjere was a deal here sometime ago about an app that does just this using only your smartphone. Can't remember the name at the moment. Search "hud" on ozbargain if you're interested.

    • +1


    • That will work at night, but this has a vacuum-floro-display, like calculators did before LCD was invented :-)

  • +1

    Got all excited, need a cassette adapter… No stock showing, bugger!

    • +2

      No 8-track adapters in stock either.

    • It was in stock for online orders yesterday but the $15 delivery put me off . No stock in Melbourne greater metro.

  • Is it legal to use this in conjunction with a smartphone in Victoria on Ps?

  • good thing, if your car has a broken odometer.

    • Why would this help with a broken odometer?

      • +1

        sorry i mean speedometer.

        • +1

          It's not roadworthy then.

        • Can it even be a road worthy car with a broken speedometer?

        • +5

          "Do you know how fast you were travelling?"

          "Funny you should ask, Officer…"

  • it says this product is currently out of stock

    • Still in stock for me, but it's unavailable at my local stores.

      • reckon shipping only to most places add 15

  • Waste of money

  • +8

    I just want something that displays [email protected] off out the back when someone tailgates me

  • is the displayed speed calculated purely from your GPS data? that can't be terribly accurate can it?

  • +3

    As someone who ACTUALLY uses this in my car, I couldn't recommend it more!
    I use it direct to my windshield without the film or little plastic screen.
    Yes you can see it during the day, as it auto adjusts its brightness (fainter though with UV sunnies, but still can see it).
    The Navigon app has improved a lot as-of-late and gets me where I need to go absolutely fine. The speed limits can be off every now and then (But you should be looking at the signs anyways!).

    It's handy to have all the essential info right in front of your eyes (or just your speed and speed limit if using it in non-nav mode).

    • I have Iphone what app i need to use with this HUD ?

      • +1

        what app i need

        you need Google.

        • I don't thing so on Garmin website it says Navigon and Garmin Street Pilot. Does both of them work with either iPhone or Samsung ?

      • Navigon app. About $30 if I remember correctly.

    • should be looking at the signs anyways!

      bingo. my old gti came with in built sat nav which was cool, but my new gti doesn't so iphone air con cradle does the trick

  • I assume driving with this HUD is like playing Half-Life with a HEV suit

    • +1

      Except it doesn't administer morphine when you crash the car.

  • +1

    I'm still waiting on my Navdy.

  • You know its useless when Gerry is selling these for 1/4 of their regular price.

  • A friend of mine had this device…it's a half-arsed product, which doesn't even function as a plain speedometer when not paired with the phone/app…

    it really needs a built-in GPS receiver of its own. For the $50, not worth it. If you have a cradle to secure your phone in the car, an app like Ulysse Speedometer or DigiHUD will suffice for speed-checking/trip counting

    If using the phone for nav, apps like Here Maps can display your speed quite prominently anyway. Even an OBD-plugged HD unit will be better off for speed display, and as an added bonus, an OBD-connected unit will not leave you with another device fighting for the 12v socket…

  • +1

    I have just finished setting up an awesome 'in car apple network'. Bought a ipadmini and a mount. I bluetooth ipad to car stereo which has a mic. I got a $50 annual telstra data plan and set up a wifi dongle. I then connected ipad and my iphone to the telstra wifi dongle. This allows me to use ipad as phone. Ipad is permanently attached to dash and the iphone can stay in pocket. Maps, music, phone on a ipad mini screen. It all connects as soon as i get in, no messing about with connecting every time i drive. There are a few tricks to set up but it is best every!!!

    • Pretty nifty…do you a pocket-wifi type device or the Wifi modem that plugs into the lighter socket?

      • i do
        u need the ipadmini with a sim slot (cellular) even thought u dont put a sim in it. The cellular ones have gps. Ths way maps nav worls.

        • why not just hotspot from the ipad if it has cellular? also couldn't you just skip the ipad and get a dock for your phone? there are bluetooth adaptors that autoconnect as soon as you get into the car so you don't have to fiddle with anything. but i guess this way you have wifi available for anyone in the car if needed.

          interesting set up though..do you ever take the ipad off the dock for security?

  • You need the wifi dongle seperate so the ipad and iphone both log on to same connection. This allows the new handoff feature so u can make and receive calls. I leave it in car 24/7 but it auto locks after 5min.

  • had a search around for the Cassette Adapter but sadly no local stores had it. Anyone have any success finding a store that had stock (NSW metro)?

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