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LogitechShop INSANE Surveillance Equipment Sale. See Description for Details


Relieve your paranoia for cheap with this stuff.

Shipping of these will start Monday 22nd March.

Logitech Master system $69.95 Delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3577

Logitech Indoor Master $69.95 Delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3576

Logitech Master System & Logitech Master addon $124.95 Delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3635

Logitech Indoor System & Logitech Indoor addon $124.95 Delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3636

2x Logitech Indoor addon’s $119.95 delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3633

2x Logitech Outdoor addon’s $119.95 delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3634

1x Logitech Indoor addon $64.95 delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3578

1x Logitech Outdoor addon $64.95 Delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3579

Logitech Indoor System & Logitech Outdoor addon $124.95 Delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3637

Logitech Outdoor System & Logitech Indoor addon $124.95 Delivered (SOLD OUT): http://www.logitechshop.com.au/shop/item.aspx?itemid=3637

Thanks again to BargainCrypt.

Also, add Logitechshop to your Twitter to get them deals even earlier than here! If twitter followers hit 500, another MASSIVE deal will be released. Or so says Lord BC.

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  • "Logitech Indoor System & Logitech Indoor addon $124.95 Delivered" So a two camera system for $125? That is insane.

    I'm pretty use to hearing "we've got an isane deal coming up", but I'm not use to an insane deal following such a statement.

    Nice one!

  • I think this is the best value deal they've had (compared to standard RRP)

  • where does it say how many camera's you get?
    was just gonna ask if it's only software,cause i cant see anywhere under more info.
    as to what you'll get.

  • I've asked this on the other thread but i think its more appropriate here..

    Regarding the Logitech Master System and Master addon,

    Does the master addon refer to Addon Outdoor Security Camera? So you get two cameras for that price?

    Also could you get a master system and a indoor addon as a 124.95 package?

  • site is showing these items at $195 not $125.

  • it is $195.00 on the site?????

  • sorry just saw this post

    "Their twitter site says sale starts at 4pm today."

  • yes it does ,

    And Due to popular requests .
    There will be also master systems on their own
    Logitech Master system $69.95 delivered
    Logitech Indoor Master $69.95 delivered


  • update shortly . we start at 4 . im trying to push it forward . hold on everyone . OMG this is going to go off .

  • any software to use these with an iphone ???

  • So are these wireless and just need a power source?

    • They use EOP (ethernet over power) which essentially sends a signal over your electrical cables whilst being powered by those electrical cables.

  • I think this needs to be pushed forward…. otherwise the site might crash.

  • haha , im just working on the guys to finalize links

  • Hehe, gotta get people to see the pre-sale prices to get the adrenaline going.

  • Logitech Master System & Logitech Master addon. Does this come with 2 cameras then?

  • Is the difference between this: Logitech Master System & Logitech Master addon (indoor)

    and this:

    2x Logitech Indoor addon’s

    the software?

  • There are several members here that would like the same answer as I want answered regarding:

    Logitech Master System & Logitech Master addon $124.95 Delivered
    Logitech Indoor System & Logitech Indoor addon $124.95 Delivered

    So the master system includes 1 camera, and the addon is an EXTRA (1x) camera?

    EDIT: oh boy, … and 2 posts later i feel like a broken record.

  • seems like the Logitech just did a 50% off deal on these in the US. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1803855

    If you miss out hopefully other places will offer similar prices. but for now. step aside guys, I need to barge through to the front of the line. ;)

  • Has anyone had experience with these systems? I'm interested, however I would have thought the following are challenges:

    1. Wiring and power - will be tough to implement gracefully without cables running all over the house
    2. Night sensitivity - will motion detection work when it is dark/no light?
    3. Notification - how can this be a proper deterrent when someone breaks in? ie. silent video recording with sms/email notification isn't much good when i'm halfway across the city.

    I'm really interested but want to understand more from others' experiences.

      1. works over power line. so You cant use battery but at least its only one cable. Just make sure the power line is on the same circuit as the one the computer is on.

      2. minimum is 1 lux

      3. it can alert you by email or on the phone if motion is detected.

      hows my speed reading guys? :)

  • Fantastic deal !! Just ordered an outdoor master system + add on for $125…. Very happy.

  • So "logitech master" is the outdoor one and "logitech indoor" is the indoor one?

    addon just means you get an extra camera. So two security cameras included for $124.95.

  • dammit, more money going to Logitecshop for items I didn't even consider buying…

  • Hahaha, it's released already the sale started early!

  • does anyone know if this is compatible with apple MACs?

  • It is a pity that these cameras don't see anything below light conditions lower than 2 lux so I guess night conditions are out.

    The ethernet over power set up makes it very easy to install the system and then plug into power plugs in the roof. Power adapters can be a risk in the long term as they get burnt out but you could buy additional HomePlugs to make the cameras work again should this occur.

    Although for monitoring your house during the day then this would be a very good cheap system. And in this case there is nothing wrong with this kind of cheap. :-) Keep in mind that you need to keep a PC running all day for this work. So a locked cupboard with a laptop or old PC could do. With that said, if you buy 6 cameras, you'll need to get something with a bit more grunt.

    Read here for more details:

  • site crashed!!!!!!7 ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Um. Works fine for me.

      EDIT: Ok now it's really dead. Never underestimate the OzBargain effect.

  • It did , massive traffic , the boys are monitoring to make sure its back up immediately if something happen . Guys hurry , even though we have 3000 of each something tells me , we are going to sell out like Ultimate ears over and over :)

  • is the "Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System" includes one camera? So the "Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System + Outdoor Add-on" gives you two camera in total?

  • Lets get this baby to 500 :)

    • Lol. I think you may be getting a bit too optimistic. I think the market for surveillance cameras (no matter how cheap) is still smaller than earphones.

      • surely this is getting more hits to the website than the other deals - the site didn't seem to have massive slow downs the other day

  • So this system relies on a host PC in order to access the cameras? And won't function if the camera and PC aren't on the same electrical circuit?

    Sounds interesting for people who can't get over the WiFi setup hurdle, but the original RRP seems grossly overpriced for what you get. I guess the software package must be something special.

    • These things run over the same phase compared to the same circuit - means these usually cope well in a house, and can sometimes be seen in apartment blocks by different units (much like the standard EoP works) - big + for these, can't wait to get mine :D

  • Can they work as normal web camear?

  • Bandwidth please…!

  • Just a reminder too to add Logitechshop to your twitter. Big deal to be released at 500 followers.

  • Argh - 10 minutes to complete my order - what little hair I did have has now been pulled :P So worth it though :D

  • Bring on some good stuff like Dinovo Mini or any other Bluetooth devices! ;)

  • • Voltage: 110 Volts AC, 60 Hz

    Can you confirm that that is a typo? 240V yeh?

  • Are there win 7 x64 drivers for these units?

  • Just ordered one of the Logitech Indoor Master to keep an eye on the dog while at work :) thanks

  • so does the pc have to be on all night? to record at night?

  • A quick question if anyone know the answer.

    Can you use Outdoor camera addon with the Indoor master system? Or do I have to buy a separate Master system for Indoor and Outdoor.

    • From Logitech's site:
      Support for up to six cameras [US]
      You can add Logitech® Indoor, Outdoor, or Spy Add-On Cameras in any combination to any Logitech® Master System.

      SO, the question is which Master system is better then?
      It looks like you get more with the indoor.
      * Logitech® Indoor Security Camera
      * Logitech® USB receiver
      * Logitech® Camera power supply
      * Logitech® Command Center PC software
      * Window mount
      * Desktop stand
      * Wall mount
      * Window decals
      * USB cable
      * Camera Ethernet cable (10-foot)

      * Logitech® Outdoor Camera
      * Logitech® USB receiver
      * Logitech® Command Center PC software
      * Multi-purpose mount
      * Window decals
      * USB cable

  • I have no need for this thing but I want to buy it because I want to play around with it.

    Am I weird?

    • Its official, new Logitech slogan
      "You have no need for this but you want to play around with it."

  • Could we get Indoor Master System + Outdoor Add-on for $124.95. Its not available on the site.

  • How do you install these cameras? Are they wireless or what?

    • I believe these cameras operate via 'home plug', meaning it communicates via the power line.

  • Do they come with sms/email alerts? i cant find anything on the description on the website

  • I would love to be proven wrong but 640x480 @ 15 FPS sound pretty crap to me.

    Would something this low quality even be useful as police evidence?

    Is this the norm for surveillance cameras?

    Any sample videos?

    • Youtube has some footage im sure . The technology used is amazing . and for the price you are paying let me say . Super

  • 50 votes . Going for the century .:) then More 450 votes to go .

  • why would anyone buy/use these cameras? what would you really use them for?

  • So what's the verdict on the quality of these?

  • another amazing price from bargaincrypt and the crew at logitechshop.
    not sure that i'd have any use for a surveillance system…
    but a great deal anyways

  • so whats the go with the 110v??

    • Please note . Our Wilife is all Australian Delivery . Description was probably taken from the Us site. Noted now , it will be fixed

  • Sorry forgot to ask and just to make sure

    Logitech Indoor System & Logitech Indoor addon $124.95 Delivered

    will work with

    1x Logitech Outdoor addon $64.95 Delivered

  • yes they all work with each other up to 6 cameras

  • i was about (the other night) to go ahead and buy an outdoor system similar.. but the thing is, i am abit concerned with the ability for night mode… is there any on this device? will it work on a street with no street lights? Just using the moons light?

    • Hi Joshuah, Just wondering what system you were looking at.
      as i'm after something that will work at night also.thanks!

  • just bought Logitech Master System & Logitech Master addon for $124.95.
    Let's see how it is going to work.

  • It's a good price but after looking at some youtube videos you get the typical poor quality in low light and the frame rate is too slow even if you get better pictures when it’s well lit.

    In this case you get what you pay for. Look at the videos yourself and make up your own mind.

    Good novelty item for a good price but not much use as a “security” camera.

    • For the Price EOP technology its still huge massive bang for buck .
      keep in mind some people upload some bad footage to you tube full stop . We actually use them in our premises , and they are great for standard security purposes . But still thank you for your comments .

  • I wish AUS got the Logitech Spy Video Security Master System http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/webcam_communications/vide...
    Looks better than the indoor and Logitechshop would have done this one for cheap

    • if we eventually get them in , and you have the systems in place , its an awsome add on

      • You swayed me with that comment :P
        I just got the Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System :D
        Now I can monitor the front where our dogs play and neighbors like to open gates and let them run free on the streets :(

        Would be interested to add the Spy Camera for under $100 if the outdoor system works well ;)

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