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Doro Digital Cordless Phones 3 Handsets with Answering Machine $44.95 - Free Delivery


From Graysonline…

Brand New Doro NeoBio Digital Triple Handset Cordless Phone with Answering Machine (Black)

Originally released for an RRP of $149.95. Most recently available elsewhere for $119.Now only $44.95 plus free delivery and with comparable brands selling for $150+ you're saving at least 60% .

The reason we can offer this bargain basement price is because these phones were a cancelled order from a major retailer.

DORO a Swedish electronics company now have a range of digital cordless phones available on Graysonline.com at an unheard of price.

Looks pretty good for 3 handset with answering machine.

More details/specs from the links.
Available in :
white (http://www.graysonline.com/RetailItem.aspx?id=NeoBio25r-2-W)
black (http://www.graysonline.com/RetailItem.aspx?id=NeoBio25r-2-B)

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  • +3

    it has some cool features i have never seen on a phone

    "30 minute recording time so you never miss a massage "

    i always miss the massages ;)

    this is the same price as the link above but in black


    • does this have CLID?

    • +2

      It says its a Swedish Design, so you may even get a Swedish Massage ;)

  • +1

    The price is impressive. But not sure about the quality of this Doro brand. Anybody has any experience with this brand?

    • I have a doro cordless phone (three handsets, but not this model). It's alright, wouldn't call the quality top notch, but haven't had any problems with them either.

    • I read Telstra outsources it's cordless phones to Doro. Supposed to be a good brand I think.

  • just order one. Doro is selling in myer, so I believe the quality won't make you too disappointed at this price.

  • Yes. Good Brand. I have Doro 821 and 831 for years and still working fine. I just order one black.

    • i got the black one as well!

  • ANyone know what frequency these work on? eg 2.4ghz, 1.8ghz

    I've checked all the Doro websites and even the damn manual and they don't list something thats VERY central to knowing if they'll be compatible in your home (conflicts with other wireless devices).

    If anyone knows it'd be greatly appreciated……

    • you can check the meaning of DECT, I think it is 1.9G.
      please double check and let us know your finding.

      • Ah thanks CityLook, I had a feeling there might be a hint in the DECT specs but didn't check it for some reason. Much thanks.

    • that's what I'm looking for too….
      hardly to find any useful info…anyone knows?
      Also, does this phone have the 'mute' function??

      • it says so in the manual…..

  • +1

    just bought, read some reviews about this phone, quite positive. good finding!

    • Can you please post link to the reviews?

  • +3




    It's hardly to find this phone in aus website, but if you search the whole web in google, you can find some USER reviews in UK websites…mainly positive…

  • got the black one, very good price for cordless with 3 sets!

  • Shame phone can only store 20 phone numbers

  • Couldn't resist at that price. Ordered a black one for use with voip.

    • +1

      Can you really use the phone with VOIP, I thought you need special VOIP phones..?!

      • +1

        As long you have an ATA, you can use it or any other phones for that matter.

  • +1

    sorry to sound stupid :) what's an ATA??

    • +1

      ATA = Analogue Terminal Adapter

      Connects an Analogue Telephone(like the one above) to a VOIP network
      Usually has an Ethernet jack, and an RJ-11 phone jack.

  • +1

    cool thanks, so i guess i just need one of those boxes then

    • Check your local VoIP providers (I use MyNetFone), some have a bundle that includes an ATA, just be aware they may be locked.

      Advantage is all settings installed, just plug and play (almost!).

    • or one from engin etc . most isp will allow you to do this but check some may not support voip

      i bought a voip box for this , although if you sign up for a plan they will usually supply equipment free(still need handsets like above)

      also if you already have a router that supports this then shouldnt be any need to ge anything else besides the handsets and an voip account from skype , engin etc

  • +1

    My Doro cordless two handset unit has been working fine. A few comments for this model.

    When battery is low, it keeps making beep noise like Motorolla V3 mobile, which is very annoying. You can keep it always charged but sometimes you forget to put back to base unit.

    and Auto answering machine has this terrifing Male Voice (Sounds like German - sorry no offence indended but it does) who says 'HELLOOW, YOUR CALL CANNOT BE ANSERWERD. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE TONE. ' - something like that. Some of my friends get frightened by this voice and hang up without leaving message. So I wish this sale unit has nice soft voice as default.

    • that's interesting.

      next time i will looking for a voice with india accent :)

      • lol now that would be interesting

    • ha ha !!! well, I think that the beeping sound is actually pretty good ! and I think that the scary answering voice is an added bonus "comedy feature" so I'm looking forward to getting this phone.

    • Can you record your own messaage or are you stuck with the default?

      • +3

        Yes, as long as I remember after reading the manual, but the thing is my voice may be as scary as this German guy lol.
        (have you heard your own voice? Your own voice sounds very different from what you hear when you talk!)

  • just bought the black set
    $45 pretty damn good

  • Great deal! I am tempted even though we have 4 cordless phones at home already, better not…

    Thanks for posting!

  • Does the actual cordless phone have speaker enabled on it and not just the base machine? Can anybody help with this?

    • +2

      Looks like speaker on handset only. Product manual here… http://www.doro.com/Services/DownloadService.ashx?key=222c5d…

      • Page 4 (7 of pdf) of the manual talks about a volume button on the base. So it's got to have a speaker.

        • Hmmm, maybe… I can't see a speakerphone button on the base anywhere is all.
          Perhaps the volume controls on the base are only for the ringer volume?

          • @drunk: You were talking about a speaker-phone, ie hands-free, not just a speaker?

  • Cheers - gone for the black set - cracking deal

  • Good price, just ordered! If anyone has a "promotion code", there's a field in the final checkout step for this. I'd guess the chance of one that works is unlikely though, given the already good price + free shipping.

  • Thanks for sharing, just ordered mine.

  • Ordered a black set too cheers

  • Thanks, just got a black set too! Good Price

  • http://cgi.ebay.com.au/DORO-NEOBIO-25r-+-1,-DIGITAL-CORDLESS…

    That ebay listing says that its 1.8Ghz. So no worries with wifi.

    • Correct. DECT is 1.8GHz.

  • I had a triple handset pack of Doro phones - they lasted about 3 years, and then, in about 3 weeks, each handset failed.

    Sound quality wasn't great - ending up getting a triple handset set of panasonic phones - much better sound quality. Still, bargain price!

  • just ordered a black colour one. +1

  • same here, +1 got myself the black one!

  • Do they have Caller ID?

    • On page 5 of the manual:
      If you subscribe to a caller ID service, the name allocated to the caller in the phonebook will be shown for incoming calls.

  • I've just got an email saying the phone has already been shipped!

    Your Australia Post reference is: 4xxxxxxxxxx

    Depending on what region of Australia you are in, delivery may take anywhere up to 10 business days.

  • +2

    Ordered Thursday night, was on my doorstep this morning(Monday).

    For $45 shipped I'm very happy with the product. The handsets are nice to hold, the buttons have a good feel to them, call quality is excellent even on the loudspeaker function and confirmed by the people I called saying it sounds fine. Setting up was a piece of pie just plug in phone line and AC cords for main unit and the other chargers and away you go, no setup required as all the handsets are paired to the base from the factory. The packaging is very very efficient, and I was very impressed how neatly packed and wrapped everything was. It has caller ID display (if you have this service enabled on your phone line). It also comes with a red and grey/black decal to stick on the main unit and charging units to make it look a little fancier.

  • +1

    Same here, received yesterday and setup was a breeze. The thing impressed me the most was the packaging of this product, sticky tape on every piece and angle of the phones and their bases, the paper wrapping, the cardboard divider, how everything can fit nicely in that little box is worth the $44 bucks.

  • just got mine this morning……Perth
    great price, fast delivery $45 well spent

  • Still waiting for mine in Melb. Ordered on Thur. It's sitting in Aust Post Sydney :-(

    Update: It got delivered a week after the original online order. Doro box was very crushed :-( They put the Doro box inside another box that was too big. Obviously slid around a lot…

  • Well seems like mine is faulty out of the box!
    The two extra handsets that have their own small cradles don't seem to be charging
    as the battery indicator light does nothing compared to the main base and how that charges it's phone.

    Quality of the audio is very average I must say, crackling sound.

    Customer Support is a joke, nobody answers the phone, called sales no one answers, tried the main desk no answer!

    What a joke……

    And I suppose greysonline don't do refunds either

    • it says in writing in the box that it's covered by a 12 month warranty. Call grays, tell them what you wrote above. If they can't resolve it, you can always threaten to dispute the credit card transaction, as you have not received the working goods you were promised. So try grays first, hopefully they can resolve it, but if not then explain the situation to your credit card company. You probably are going to be out of pocket for return shipping though, for sending it back to grays or doro. And yes, that sounds like a total hassle.

    • I agreed with comments on Doro phone support, it is a joke, on the card said we can register the product online, but there is no link on the website to register, call their Sydney number, answered by some unprofessional person, telling me to call back in 1 hours on both occasions. Emailed to Doro support and it bounced back.

    • I would recommend dealing directly with Grays if you can't get anything from Doro. I bought a new mobile phone off them a while back, and had problems with it after a few weeks. I couldn't get though to the vendor at all (who was supposed to deal with warranty issues) and Grays happily refunded my money including any postage charges incurred.

  • Had this cordless phone for a few days now, thoughts on the good & the bad:

    + Does have a messagebank indicator (small film symbol), if you want to use this instead of the inbuilt answering machine.
    + Has a headset socket.
    + Very good price.

    - On a speakerphone call -> put handset onto base unit to recharge because battery is getting low (e.g. in a phone queue) -> hangs up the call. If it's on speakerphone, only want it to hang up when press the call end button.
    - Phonebook does not seem to sync between handsets. Want a global phonebook.
    - 20 memory phonebook is too low. E.g. on my last phone I had about 30 entries in the phonebook, and I don't even use this feature too much. Probably 100 is a good limit that most ordinary users will not reach.
    - How to program a key to dial messagebank? Need a way to add a "Pause" in the dial sequence. My last Uniden cordless phone had this.
    - Have to go through a menu to transfer a call between handsets. Without this, picking up another handset shows "Not possible". Suppose on the upside, this stops other people in the house accidentally interrupting your calls though.

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