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Kmart 12 Volt Air Compressor $10.00 Available in Stores, Delivery $10 to $20, Click and Collect $3


A 12 volt air compressor for a very good price, car lighter plug, suitable for inflating car or bicycle tyres or air beds, balls, toys etc.

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  • Isn't this everyday price?

  • The Kmart website shows the regular price to be $14 for a product like this. Go to the Kmart website and do a search for 12 volt air pump, and the 14.00 priced one comes up. see http://www.kmart.com.au/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SearchDisp...

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      Your link just states $10 as well. I saw this pump at Kmart about a month ago for $10

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      A 12v air pump is not a compressor

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    Had the exactly same one. Started to smoke after a few minutes of use.

    • But there's no guarantee of that.

      Checked Aliexpress & Ebay, for similar products and cheapest is ~$14.

      $3 Click & Collect Administration Fee


      Suggest getting a better quality pump, that can pump up a 4wd tyre, so you have everything covered. Twin motor 150psi 20-30A for < $50 on Aliexpress & Ebay maybe.

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        What a rip off, we need to pay $3 to just click and collect

        No wonder I don't shop at Kmart anymore

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          Is this the only place that charges for C&C? Understandable I guess, someone instore has to collect and prepare the items.

        • @Bargitrage:


          Many other major stores don't charge for click and collect.

      • Why would you need one rated to 150psi for a 4wd tyre? You're unlikely to ever need more than 40psi on a passenger vehicle.

        • My Toyota bus needs 85psi in the front LT tyres. Assume Landcruisers might be high as well as similar weight vehicle and tyres.
          Anyway why is the Kmart one rated 300psi must be some use. Racing bike tyres maybe?

        • @Bargitrage: Unusual. I think you're far out of the standard/recommended range (http://www.puretyre.co.uk/toyota-tyre-pressures/)

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          Thanks mac.
          One of the vehicles on your link is 64psi rear.

          Hiace PowerVan 96 - 12 103 195/70R15 48 64

          Coasters are 4 to 5 tonne area gvm from memory, their single front Light truck tyre recommended pressure varies. But here's the one I pasted in my notes.

          Suggested for tyres: 76psi fronts and 44psi rears.

          Anyway, cheers.

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      Wow, even doubles as a smoke generator…..BARGAIN!!

      This'll be a hit in my 90s themed disco party coming up

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    mine have trouble pumping up a toy ball lol

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      Toy ball or toy doll?

  • Good price if you're after an air compressor door stop.

    Struggled badly trying to inflate my bike tire. Gave up and binned it.

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    I have one that looks identical to this (K Mart from memory) and I use it regularly on cars, golf cart and bicycle. Pressure of up to 50 psi. Its a tiny compressor so it is slow. Gets a bit hot but has done the job for a couple of years .. :-) .. !!

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      I also have one and have found it pumps up car tyres great but as you mention it is slow and does get a bit hot.

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    Just my opinion. Don't bother spending $10 on a cheap pump. It isn't likely to work when you need it. Spend a little more to get something that works. I personally have a Tigers11 4WD pump. But that's probably more than what most need. If you're just pumping up balls for the kids a foot pump works a treat.

  • Is this strong enough to blow dust off computer components?

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      No. That requires something that can store the compressed air.

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          You asked a question if it's strong enough for dust blowing. You were provided an answer that it isn't. Now you're arguing that it is. Are you on something?

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          @Hunga: This is a low volume, high (relative) pressure pump for inflating tyres etc. The link you posted is a high volume low pressure device - like a hair dryer. You can't use a hair dryer to inflate your tyres because it's not strong enough. You can't use a tyre pump to blow out PCs because it's too low volume.

          You can combine a low volume, high pressure pump with an air storage chamber - which is what a 'compressor' is (like you use for pneumatic tools etc).

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          Grab one and feel the output. It's like tiny bursts of your breath through tight lips.
          Your irritated, but really this just isn't enough air at high speed to clean a dusty pc card.

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    Wow - charging extra for click & collect!

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      we are already wasting our time and petrol
      now we need to pay them , just so they can handle it over

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    I had one of these and it gave up the ghost in a few months… got the $50 one fron supercheap and its great.

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    These look like the "destination landfill" models I once had as a kid. The good compressors tend to start at around $50, last I looked.

  • This is a compressor but not a pump, so don't inflate mattresses, dolls, balloons … with it.

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    I have one just like this.

    It works… It's inflated a few tyres from flat, but it does take a long time and I'm pretty sure before I threw out the manual it suggested not running straight for longer than x minutes (10?), I think it takes ~20 to pump a car tyre from flat. I'm surprised mine hasn't died to be honest - had it since the last 90s.

    If I were buying one again (actually never bought this one, it was a gift), I'd spend >$50 and get a decent gutsy one.

    But for a cheap emergency compressor, it should save the day, maybe 2 or 3 - Also handy for wheel barrow tyres, trolley tyres etc.

    • had it since the last 90s.

      Didn't think this type of thing was available in the 90s before that!

      • Yeah I was on my P's back in 1996 and was gifted it then. Though another possibility for it lasting so long is maybe they made them better back then. I dunno, mine still looks like junk to be honest, I'm amazed it still works.

  • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/261864633553?_trksid=p2060353.m14...
    $15 with free post

    I opened one up last week, looks like a toy. The leads aren't built to carry the current, so they get hot and melt the insulation. Definitely a case where something can be too cheap

  • The most annoying thing about pumping up footballs etc is that they are supposed to be pumped to around 10Psi. A lot of these compressors have the "zero" on the dial at 8psi and go up to 150psi so it is impossible to measure the ball pressure accurately.

  • Thanks :)

  • Have one of these, they work. Bicycle (2mins), balls, or car tyre. BUT its very noisy and slow, a good foot pump would be quicker in pumping up your bike without the noise.

    Still, kept one at the boot of the car for situations.

  • This is what you want to blow dust out of a computer, much more economical than canned compressed air, mine has lasted 15 years now…


    • This is what you want to blow dust out of a computer

      LOL, that is not the right "tool" to blow dust out of anything. It's just a low pressure air pump, has almost no "blow" whatsoever.

      You would have more success using a hair drier, however that is almost useless as well.

  • Click and collect for $3?

    They've got some nerve charging people for pick ups.

  • i wouldnt recommend it for 4wd tyres etc beware of false specs ie 300psi, 4wd on ebay etc i got a 12v compressor for $48 on ebay and it is crap.

  • These things last a few minutes and struggle very quickly and are useless.
    I have bought a couple in the past, one was even $40.
    I've been told that the only good ones are from 4WD stores and they cost >$100.

    I have used this hand pump on the side of the road to pump up a very flat 16" spare wheel after puncturing a tyre.

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