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Huawei W1 SmartWatch Sale - Leather $394.92, Black Steel $527.22 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Hey guys, I asked Mobileciti what the best prices they could do on the Huawei Smartwatches were, and they had a look and sent back these prices.

Remember these are all 100% Australian stock with local warranty.

Huawei Watch Leather black $438.80 ($394.92 with coupon)

Huawei Watch Mesh Silver $515.80 ($464.22 with coupon)

Huawei Watch Link Black $585.80 ($527.22 with coupon)

Huawei Watch Link Gold $895.80 ($806.22 with coupon)

So the prices are all slightly better than last weeks deal.

Also remember cashback!
Original eBay 10% off sitewide offer deal post

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  • Cheers for sharing

  • I bought the gold one on the weekend with their old coupon code.

    Great watch.

  • I really want one. But still think it's not worth over $300. I have the moto 360 and it's a great watch. Just wanted the higher screen resolution that the huawei has.

  • They actually look like nice watches, not just pieces of tech.

  • Any deals for the 1st gen moto 360 mobileciti? Thanks

  • I ordered one on Sunday night using the last coupon deal, and it arrived lunch time today. Super fast delivery!
    Haven't been this excited over a piece of tech in years. Loving it so much that I'm shelving my Tag Carrera for the time being.

    Highly recommended.

  • Nice but two day battery life would annoy me. Ib want a smart watch but hoping battery tech will get better before I buy

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      I don't find it too big a deal. I charge my phone every night anyway, so when I plug my phone in, I just pop my watch onto the magnetic charger at the same time.

      • I guess. And they are so small with quite a bit of processing power so I don't see the battery life getting that much better too soon…

        • I've seen some smartwatch technology that puts batteries inside the straps. Also, with more advancement in tech on the battery (like circular batteries, which would increase the size of the battery they can put in by 30%~) and more advancement in tech on the SoC (ARM released an architecture for smartwatches, better finFET etc) etc, I hope to see something that lasts a week.

          Who knows, the smartphone companies are looking for a way out (the market is becoming/is saturated, depending on where you look at) and smartwatches are one of the areas that they are looking at. So it might happen quickly.

        • @Oversimplified: also solar paint on the strap perhaps!

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          @Oversimplified: Long-range wireless charging would be neat too. Ossia's technology that was demonstrated at CES looks promising.

        • @bargdebarg: Maybe, if they can't add large batteries in them, having them recharge automatically under the sun would be nice.

        • @eug: Yeah, something like that'd be nice. Though, I thought there were problems associated with long distance wireless charging. Eh, I'd probably buy one of those if they can release one that is reliable, can be charge at least around 0.5m distance, cheap and safe.

        • Ultimately I think I'll still wait a perhaps get a vintage watch in the meantime

  • Beautiful watch but I think Huawei made a mistake not having an auto light sensor.
    I can see this thing glowing in the dark as you walk from inside to outside at night, walking into a movie theater, walking into a dimly lit restaurant etc.