This was posted 5 years 8 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Whole Eye Fillet $13.99/KG (Normally $29.99/KG) @ IGA Wantirna South, VIC


Economy Eye Fillet Steak @ $13.99 per kg at my IGA in Wantirna South, in the Harcrest Estate.

Stock has over a week's date on it, but have too much stock so clearing it at over half price.

Great for cutting into steaks, and can be frozen.

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  • Cut 1 ince thick steaks, Wrap with bacon and top with garlic butter. Yum

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      2 inch thick, keep your bacon, sous vide at 54c, sear.. then maybe the garlic butter ;)

      • Rub with half a kiwi fruit a hour before cooking to tenderise even more! :)

      • Instead of searing, trying deep frying at 225*C for 30s sometime.

        • O.O with eye fillet???

        • @Slippery Fish:
          he means after the sous vide process… its one way to get the crust/sear done quickly

        • @SBOB: lol I know a chef who would brown your lamb chops Nd deep fry to finish rofl.

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      I reckon boiling it for 30 mins in water than eating it is the way to go

      • +1

        sounds like a wasted piece of perfectly good cut of meat to me

        • Agree, your avarage eye fillet at budget should be more tender then budget porterhouse and you would not boil that?

        • @Slippery Fish:
          Agree too
          Bad joke

  • Nice. Im getting some steaks tonight

  • Econo meat which ever way you cook it will be like chewing leather boots.

    • ^ this… I've fallen for budget eye fillet before… Ended up making pies with it. It made crap pies.

      • It made crap pies.

        Eye fillet is more for grilling or roasting. You can make pies from it but the lack of fat makes it dry and flavorless once it's overcooked.

        You need a cut with more muscle/connective tissue for a good pie/stew/casserole. Why do you think all the big pie makers only use lips and arseholes?

        • You misunderstood. I cut steaks out of it, Sous vide them, seared them…. Still wasn't a good steak. Thought what else can I do rather than throw it out… Let try pies… Still no good.

        • @masuta:

          Don't worry buddy, just because you didn't explain yourself doesn't mean you were misunderstood.

          I doubt you've ever made a good pie from $70/Kg eye fillet that was cooked 3 times. I have no idea of the quality of beef you started with but this is a very lean cut that has little flavour. Sticking it in the oven for ~45min after cooking it twice is unlikely to give a good result.

          I'm not saying the beef you had was good but you gave a poor example of why.

    • I'm guessing you haven't been cooking long. I've had plenty of cheap (and not so cheap) eye fillet and it's never ended up like leather. Never looked into it but always assumed that the cheaper ones are from cheaper producers or oversupply.

      Keep in mind that the butt (thick end) has more connective tissue and while it's still fine for grilling will have a different texture to the rest of the fillet.

      • Eat up then….I will stick to the good stuff.

        • What's the good stuff?

      • I don't have a problem with cooking. I can cook steak with no problems… Just the cheap eye fillet was rubbish (I've had rump that was better). It was just that it was tough, it had poor taste as well. Personally I prefer a well marbled scotch fillet to eye fillet anyway.

  • Lost me on the 'economy' good for the dogs,,,

  • Had this steak for dinner tonight and it was absolutely lovely! Very tender and moist. Will be buying more. Thanks OP!!