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Jabra Sport Wireless+ Headset $55, Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth Speaker $45 Del'd @ Mobileciti


Best prices around. 100% Australian stock with local warranty. Will be dispatched same or next business day. You can also collect immediately from the Parramatta store if you wish. GST invoice included.

Jabra Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth Headset $55
Jabra Solemate Mini Portable Speaker - Red $45
Jabra Solemate Mini Portable Speaker - Blue $45
Jabra Solemate Mini Portable Speaker - Black $45

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    i am reading…
    jab your arse

    • Arsejabra

    • I came for the Jab Arse. Was left wanting.

  • How long battery can last?

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    Hey TA, Could you find/fetch some bargain about modem router from somewhere? particularly TPlink D7 or D9 :-)

    • Dont do this to me. Purchased a D7 a few days ago. Would genuinely be angry if a deal came out lol

      • Haha how do u feel about D7? where did you get that?

        • Really enjoying it mate. The feedback / views online are a good reflection (generally really positive). I'm getting great speeds, have several devices connected and have put my girlfriend on a lower bandwidth so her internet usage doesnt impact on my gaming. lol

  • Thanks TA, now I can jab arse all day long wirelessly.

  • I'm after a good pair of BT wireless earplugs, how would these compare to say the Xiaomi Piston 3.0's ?

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      Look no further then the Sony SBH80. I sleep in them, run with them and have showered with them and they still sound fantastic.

      This is from a guy who switched to bluetooth headphones exclusively a few years ago and owns 5 pairs ranging from $50 to $500.

      • My Sony SBH80 broke after a few months. The bluetooth connection keeps on cutting out when my phone is in my pocket and at certain angles.

        • +4

          That why they have warranties..send it back.

        • @nocure:

          Unless it was a grey import

        • I had a similar issue with my SBH80 after around 8-9 months, the bluetooth would cut out intermittently and would only work if the BT was within 30cm of the phone.

          Replaced it with the Sony SBH70 last year which is a decent alternative for those looking for something more portable and neck-hugging at around the same price range.

      • +1

        Agreed. The Sony SBH80 (white - grey import) is $106 delivered. It looks and sounds better than this Jabra Wireless+ Headset.



        • 5.8mm Drivers

        • Splash-Proof

        • Around-the-Neck Design

        • aptX Codec

        • NFC Pairing Compatible

        • Integrated HD Mic for Taking Calls

        • Built-In Rechargeable Battery

        • Up to 9 Hours Talk, 6 Hours Stream Time

        • I don't think these can be compared to the Jabra one's as they're not suitable for running/active use.

        • @tranqme:

          Incorrect, see my comment above. I know many people who use them for running, gym and even boxing.

        • @elektron:

          I wasn't referring to the sound, I was referring to the practicability of them, as the Sony's you recommended seem like they would fall out under heavy active use.

        • @tranqme:

          I was actually referring to my other comment. I work out with them, run with them, and have showered with them. I also have a friend who wears them during boxing classes.

          I also use them as earplugs when I sleep because the fit of the earbuds is so good.

          I bought a pair as a present for a friend, who loved them so much, he bought another one for a family member. He's used a couple of other BT models before but didn't love them as much as the SBH80.

          EDIT: If you're planning to treat them rough I would recommend getting one with local warranty.

        • @elektron:

          I know what comment you were referring to, and when I say 'heavy active use' I mean just running and workouts as that seems to be where normal earbuds just fall out.

        • @tranqme:

          I've had a similar experience as yourself with other earbuds.

          The SBH80 don't fall out during 'heavy active use' for me and a few of my friends. Your milage may vary as everyone's ears are different.

    • +1

      If you already have a decent set of earplugs this is a good option: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DF200-Bluetooth-Wireless-Receiver...

      I've been using one for over 6 months and it's great, especially for the price. Use with any set of headphones, lasts 4-5 hours per charge.

      Its only weakness is the plastic clip is not strong. Mine broke after a few weeks running so now I just put it in a pocket.

      • I use a similar product but it's the Bluedio i6. Same concept but this one can be used to answer calls etc and has in built mic

      • i can see how this can be handy in some circumstances but this doesnt really help with running does it? you still have wires dangling about

        • Dangling wires are less of an issue than they would intuitively seem.

          Phone in one pocket, bluetooth transmitter in the other pocket, headphone wire running up the front of my T-shirt (outside), one earphone goes into my ear, the other goes straight down the front of my T-shirt on the inside which counterweights the rest of the wire on the outside.

          The main reason I got a Bluetooth receiver was so that I don't have the headphone plug poking out of the top of my phone and potentially breaking the jack given enough in-pocket jiggling. My phone jack did die once but I'm not sure if it was because of this or something else, got it fixed under warranty, not gonna run the risk again. :)

          I considered buying one of those arm strap things for my phone but I can live with the very slightly jiggling in my pocket.

          It sounds messy but I've been running with this setup for 6 months. I only run with one earplug in because I want to continue to be wary of my surroundings (cars, bikes, kids, pets in particular).

    • +2

      Plantronics backbeat fit are what I have been using everyday for almost 2 years now. They have awesome sound, battery lasts ages and they can take a beating. Water resistant, forget they are on in the shower and no problems. Very comfortable too. I've recommended them to a few people and they have loved them too.

      • Have you had any issues with the paint flaking on the over ear section with the BBfit… I returned my first set and my 2nd are starting to flake too, no one else seems to have the issue looking online… need to look out my officeworks warranty and exchange again

      • +1. I just bought these a few weeks ago and find them great. I even use them outside of the gym as they're so convenient.

    • For running, I love my Jabra Rox. Do check them out. The magnetic earpieces are super handy and they sound great too.

  • The website is so slow.

  • Yeah - unable to add to cart even :(

  • +1

    no dispute over the price. just a little concerned about the bt connectivity issues as reported on amazon product review


    can anyone share your own experience?

    • +2

      i'm on no one's side here. Since I've been eyeing these for quite some time now.

      But remember with reviews:

      People are more likely to write a review to complain. People are less likely to write a review if they are happy, unless an incentive is involved.

      • i think i will keep my eyes on sony dr-btn200 for now for my wireless headphone hunting game.

        • I can definitely recommend these around this price point.

        • @elektron: sorry which one? sony dr-btn200 or jabra?

        • @wlz2000:

          BTN200. Used it for a while before I upgraded and given it to someone else.

          EDIT: Can't comment on this Jabra model, but it would be a better choice for running or aerobics.

        • @elektron:

          I think most people that want these want it for exercise.

          I'm still on the hunt for a nice decent pair that doesn't lose quality because of Bluetooth transfer.

          I really hate noticing the quality on my bose to blue tooth transferred music.

          first world problem.

        • @MrLeE:

          I wasn't recommending the btn200 for exercise - just responding to the wlz2000's comment mentioning this headphone.

          If you've seen my other comments in this deal, I recommended the Sony SBH80 earbuds for exercising, even though Sony doesn't specifically market them as a sports headphone.

          The best thing I can say about the SBH80 is that they don't just sound good for a $100 (grey import) bluetooth earbud. They sound good for a $100 earbud period.

        • @elektron: thanks. did you buy btn200m or btn200b or some other model? it's probably a discontinued model hence huge discount

          i found the white one is listed $69 on jw website and jw had it on sales for $49 last year.

          however the black one is ridiculously listed for $169

          c'mon deals!

        • @wlz2000:

          I did buy the DR-BTN200 (black) a couple of years ago. I think the m-version had a soft case included (mine didn't). I haven't tried using it for active exercise and probably wouldn't recommend it for that use.

          I've since bought a few more higher quality bluetooth headphones. I currently use the Sony SBH80 for exercising and when I'm out and about, and the Sony MDR-1ABT, which is compatible with LDAC in my Xperia Z5 Compact, when I'm home.

          There have been a few deals on the DR-BTN200 on here at around $50 delivered. I think it's still a good buy at this price. I paid $80 for mine @ COTD a while back but wouldn't pay the same price now, as there are better headphones to be had at that price point these days. Not to mention that the BTN200 doesn't support AptX (not that you'd care if you're an iPhone user).

        • @elektron: thanks mate. you are the man!

  • +1
  • Reviews for Portable speaker seems good 4.1 from 151 reviews (http://www.amazon.com/Jabra-SOLEMATE-Wireless-Bluetooth-Port...)

  • Reviews on Amazon seems not good for its reliability. (Jabra Sport Wireless+ Headset)
    Quite few reviews suggest it only last for few months even just weeks.

  • +1

    Great price TA!

    I was really tossing up between Jabra and Plantronics. I finally went for Blackbeat fit (when it was on sale for $120)


    Its great during exercise(running and weights), comfortable fit and battery lasts about 5 hours.

    • got these and love em…. they're not the loudest but that's prob a good thing. atleat they fit my ear unlike the "bud" style

      • That's what I like about backbeat fit. Sit on ear I don't want something deep stuck inside my ear.

        • Yeah I've tried multiple brands - probably up to my 5-6th bluetooth headset.
          Backbeat Fit have been the best so far! Connection is reliable, battery life good, sound decent and adequately loud. Comfortable when running, etc. Controls aren't amazing but not a deal breaker.

        • +1

          @tazmaniak: but no bass. hehe. sometimes now when i want to pause it wont. sometimes can pause sometimes cannot. and after 2 years i feel the battery life duration has decreased. alot.

          i always get compliments when wearing my blue colours backbeat fit. people said its cool.

        • +1

          @eisniwre: Yeah a bit lacking in loudness and the bass but it more than makes up for it in ease of use and comfort during a run

        • @eisniwre: I find I go to skip songs and just end up pausing the current one. :( Trick is to just have a decent playlist to start with I guess!

          Backbeat Go 2 and Sportbeatz tended to fall out for me when running, ok when walking. I was happy with another brand - not sure what it was but battery life was amazing. They were cheap though, and tended to die within 12-18 months so after 3 pairs I gave up. Will stick with BB Fit for now.

        • @tazmaniak: firware update maybe? i remember doing it once. I can skip songs and also go to the previous song (press the play/pause button three times)

        • @monstermash: I do use nplayer for my media if that helps…

        • @tazmaniak:

          I find that Sony SBH80 never fall out even during strenuous activity. My friend actually has upgraded to these from Backbeat Go 2 and loves them. Says there's been a marked improvement in both ergonomics and sound quality.

  • Wonder if the wireless bluetooth headset would go under motorcycle helmet. Looks snug enough. Anyone????

    • Any BT earbuds will do the trick. Depends on how much you want to spend.

    • Only you can answer this as no one knows how big your head is or what sort of helmet you own.

  • Related question. Anyone have a good deal on a JABRA Phone Conferencing speaker?
    They seem to work 'good'

  • Bluetooth 3.0 say goodbye to battery life on the phone

    • my plantronics backbeat PRO has bluettoth 4.0, last 20-24 hours.

      • like to see you jog in those things "they're huge"

        • haha no i didnt use it for jog, just comparing BT versions

      • What's your point? My Sony Sony DR-BTN200 has bluetooth 3.0 and last for 40 hours. My Sony MDR-1RBT MK2 also have BT 3.0 and last for 30 hours.

        • thats amazing. my MDR10RBT also last long but not sure 30 hours.

        • +1


          It's rated at 17 hours.

    • I've used a number BT 3.0 headphones with no noticeable impact on the phone's battery.

      If BT 3.0 was as inefficient as you are making it out to be, then relatively compact BT 3.0 headphones such as Sony DR-BTN200 wouldn't be able to give you 40 hours of listening given the small size of the internal battery.

      BT 4.0 was primarily designed for smart devices.

  • I'm tempted…but looking at my collection of headphones/earphones (Sony XBA-2, Piston 3.0, Piston Dazzle, Senheiser CX3, CX300, MM30, Monster DNA, Sennheiser Momentum and Jays Five), I'm going to hold until one of them gives up lol

  • I've been using the model up from this (the wireless sport pulse) for over a year now, and like Elektron said above, they're one of the best things I've ever bought. Price is right on this deal.

    Just to give a little credence to those Amazon reviews though, the BT connection is spotty (I've narrowed it down to usually when the cord touches your skin), so you end up pretty much having to get used to an average of one cut-out per song. And their wireless pulse model is almost guaranteed to die in one earphone during the first 12 months (but they are very cool about replacements).

    • I actually said that about the Sony SBH80. I have no experience with this Jabra model but from the reviews I've read Jabra's sound quality is likely not in the same league, although will probably be acceptable to most people.

      • Sorry mate. :) I guess I just meant wireless headphones are fantastic in general. Its amazing how much of a difference removing that wire makes.

        • Absolutely. Removing the wire from headphones used to make a big difference to the sound quality, and not in a good way, but that's not necessarily the case any more. Bluetooth still has some limitations in this regard, but clever codecs like AptX help to get around that.

          Just a few years ago I never imagined that 2015 would finally be the year when I'd be able to listen to high resolution audio without wires. I love the combination of my Sony MDR-1ABT and the Xperia Z5 Compact to bits (both support LDAC).

  • +2


    SBH80 Multipoint Stereo Bluetooth V3 AptX Headset Splashproof Earphones

    Just $36.06, not sure it's genuine one.

    • +1

      Wow…even the 'normal' price of $65.57 is phenomenal for these.

      Has anyone dealt with these guys? If they are legit, I'd buy them as a spare pair.

    • +2

      You should post this as a deal and let the collective wisdom of the ozbargain community help decide.

    • +1


      I did the same as you wang100 and was intrigued by the offer. This post has put me off. I think I'll keep looking.

      • Good work!

  • I'm getting an error on the code when I hit apply:

    "JABRARSE not valid"

    Anybody else having a problem?

    • you have to enter code "JABRARSE" when you checkout.

      • Ok so I must be doing something wrong. I go to the cart, press checkout, full on my details, go to the "Discount Coupon" box and fill in the code "JABRARSE" and press apply. But I get a message saying "Coupon code JABRARSE is not valid". What am I doing wrong?

        • Hi gomango

          try to clear cookies on the browser or different PC.

      • Hi store Rep,
        Is it possible to have a deal for "Jabra Rox Bluetooth"?

  • I have both the headphones and solemate speaker and can attest to their quality. Unfortunately haven't run either long enough to kill the charge. A colleague has the Sport headphones and advised 3 hours charge on permanent use.

  • Price seems pretty average for seemingly average headphones. can you do $45 or less? otherwise this just looks like mobileciti using ta to advertise

  • Jabra Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth Headset $55 but when you go to their website it is priced $69!

    • Did you apply the coupon?

  • Got to buy one of this when it's out in a couple of months.

    Sony MDR-EX750BT h.ear in Wireless


  • I am getting$6.80 as shipping charges to Melbourne.
    isnt it $55 delivered?

    • Hi prelude9

      you have to enter the coupon code and choose free shipping option. PM me screenshot if you see something different.

  • Could any one reply about shipping charges? The title says delivered and i am getting charges.

    • replied!

  • still getting it!
    it says no delivery option chosen and when i choose standard there is this 6.80 or express charges.

  • Tried these and they are rubbish. 3 pairs exchanged within 3 months before I asked for a refund. The build quality is terrible. The issues ranged from, not charging, to the buttons not working and then bluetooth pairing issues. The last thing you want when running is to stuff around with your ear phones. Highly not recommended.

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