What Is Your DREAM Job (and Do You Have It?)

What is yours and do you have it?

Are you now/ever planning on working into your dream?

I studied Maths but my dream job is to work in Fashion - Couture specifically. That doesn't exist in Australia so the closest to that - Bridal.
Trying to get into that. WISH ME LUCK :)

What is yours?


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    Professional Tattslotto winner- no

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      That's not really a Job! You sound more like a compulsive gambler. You can set sights as a professional gambler, like Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan in Poker.

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        $10 says I'm not ?

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          That fact that you initiated a wager proves it!

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          @nobro25: $10 says it doesn't prove anything.

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          @nobro25: you have no concept of what a joke is hey

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          @dlakers3peat: 10 bucks says that I'm a stubborn old hag born in the 1890s! I'm a gambler btw.

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          cool story bro!

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          Well this escalated quickly.

    • And then what? Start a company called Binford tools?

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    Dream job: Drive a crane truck.
    Current job: IT.

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      you will be an arse for driving a speed limitied vehicle at either 80km or 45mph on a motorway which is sign posted to 110km….

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        In Daewoo's defence, it's kinda hard to steal cars off the freeway with an electromagnet at 110km/h.

        • Obviously no one has been in traffic due to cranes limited speed.

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          @Hotkolbas: And obviously you don't know the difference between a crane truck and a franna.
          Hint: Franna vs. Crane truck (Hiab)

        • @LlamaOfDoom: Curious, what is the difference between those two?

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    Dream job: Composing classical music
    Do you have it: Well, my name's not Beethoven, so no.

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    Playboy Photographer

    • FYI - They have stopped fully nude pictorials….


      • i guess its back to picture mag then

      • Lol still get to work with hot chicks. N get to see them prepare for the shoot. Professionally of course ;)

    • that's really an ideal job for every man

  • Dream job: architect/industrial designer
    Current: customer service for medical supplier

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      "but I'll take a look"

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        Did you hear about the gynecologist who went back to his home town?

        He looked up some old girlfriends

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          Maybe i should have been a geologist instead… Sounds like gynaecologist but digs different kind of holes

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        • @captobvious: Pun-tastic.

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      At 16 years old, I was reading Stanislav Grof's work on how the birth experience affects people's mindset throughout life. As year 10 was the highest level at that school, the catholic school principle took the opportunity to ask each student individually about their career choice. I had no clue what I wanted to be, and I didn't know the principal was going to ask about career choice. So on the spur of the moment, I said, "Gynecologist." He gave me such a look, but he must have seen I was serious, so he said, "You have to study medicine, and then specialise." Of course, I had it mixed up with Obstetrician, although it might have been a Freudian slip too.

      BTW, yes, there was a pedophile at our catholic school. He was merely sacked when the principle found out. And they regularly beat kids with a plastic or leather strap. One of the other guys in the final year wanted to be a catholic school teacher. He told me, "I can't wait to give kids the strap." So catholic school teacher was the dream job for violent pedophiles. Now they've gone and ruined everything.

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        Cool story bro

    • You want to spend your time looking at diseased/pus filled/abnormal vaginas?

      Okay, more power to you then I suppose.

      • Blue waffle

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    Dream: Investment banker
    Current: Doctor

    So no one has their dream job……..

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      Well I was actually offered your dream job and rejected it for fashion.

      Some days I break down over the fact I am now unemployed and could have been doing IB but i know it's not for me.
      I hope i'm not at centrelink in 6 months.

      Edit - I find it annoying when people say they want to be IB's without knowing anything about banks or what the work actually is. You are a doctor so you evidently aren't some idiot who watched Wall street and thinks you sit at a screen being paid millions while you discuss golf.
      Still it gets frustrating. Besides, working at an IB is not synonymous with being an IB-er. That is also annoying.

      • What degree do you have?

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          I don't want to say specifically but i double majored in Maths and something else with honours and ranked top 1-3 in most of my subjects.

        • @Beethoven: Why can't you reveal? How you end up in fashion?

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          I was a teen model so grew up with it and I also worked around designer fashion in magazines and retail and loved it.

          I'm female by the way. I find people assume I'm male but no female.

        • @GameChanger:

          Do you want to get into IB?

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          @Beethoven: I always thought you were male! A female model who did maths major, those lucky guys.

          How did you end up unemployed? You recently finished Uni?

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          FYI - Models are super insecure about having nothing else of value besides their looks so while your comment is intended as a compliment, it is actually received negatively. They are lucky because I am a nice, good person, not because I am a walking sexual object. But regardless, thank you very much. I hope my response was received well.

          Yes I recently graduated and quit my job, rejected the IB offer and was rejected from my dream job that I was THIS close to getting :(
          Now I'm devastated. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted that job. Like you have no idea. I have dreamed about it for 4 years. Every class and assignment I did and hated. All the horrific group work where I had to do everyone else's work so as not to tarnish my transcript all with my eyes on the prize for this job…and I didn't even get a final round interview.
          Now I feel really crap. I WANTED THAT JOB SO BADLY.

        • This is postgraduate by the way. My undergraduate was something quite different.

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          @Beethoven: Thanks for the detailed response. Can't believe that place rejected you, they must not know how hard it is to get a IB graduate offer!

          What was your undergrad? By postgrad you did Masters in Maths/Something else?

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          Trust me when I tell you this area is SERIOUSLY competitive too. Like insanely. And if you are good you are compensated VERY well but everyone and their dog wants it. My bonus is that I am FAR more intelligent than the usual candidate. My flaw - ZERO experience. But HR people don't understand the role so don't see how my work experience DIRECTLY relates. Only the best companies see the skill transfer but they get candidates with everything so can be super picky :((((
          I'm devastated to say the least. Utterly devastated. And they pay better than anyone else. They offered to match my IB salary but then I was rejected.

          I don't want to be too specific but unrelated.
          Do you want to be an investment banker or work at an investment bank or what?
          How old are you? Study what you genuinely enjoy. That is what I did for my first degree and wouldn't change it for one second. I did Maths for the money and then realised I wouldn't last.
          Can you actually do Maths? Don't do a degree you can't handle. It's better to excel at one than barely pass a cliche smarter sounding one.

        • @Beethoven: I work in finance, won't get too specific. Your story intrigues me! What was that first degree? Its quite a jump to do maths post grad wise.

        • @GameChanger:

          I don't want to get too specific for the same reason you don't want to either.
          I have studied a lot of different things. Like almost everything. You name it, I have done at least one subject on it at some point - either in high school or tertiary level.


        • @Beethoven: :( how old are you? How many years you spent in Uni undergrad+post?

        • @GameChanger:

          I'm younger than 25.
          A lot of years. Like i said, I love education and studying. I didn't start University planning on doing IB, I just went with the flow. I changed majors too, travelled and deferred at one point. It just happened to end this way.

          I know lawyers who work at Goldman, Finance students at Deutsche..they take everyone.

          I was really fortunate and did what I enjoyed and was rewarded for it. If I had pursued something i disliked i would have done poorly. I worked REALLY hard in my degree and faced A LOT of discrimination - sexual and racial. People assume you are stupid if you are female, that you only got things because you are good looking, I've had people bitch about me or say they don't want me in their group in other languages I can understand. It hasn't been an easy ride.

        • @Beethoven: That's really interesting because out of all my friends not a single good looking one is unemployed even though their marks were questionable.

          Are you referring to group assignments? or the work place? That really bad people treated you like that.

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          I wouldn't be either had I taken the IB job.
          Also remember fashion is like all women. There's a fine line between being good looking and being TOO good looking.
          I can only speak for myself but being an attractive young women is also hard. You learn to hide your intelligence and you face HATRED. Like evil cruelty. I've been bullied everywhere - school, University and workplaces.

          There was an article a while back about how some delusional HR women would intentionally reject good looking female applicants because they feared the good looking successful guys might marry them instead of the HR worker….quite sad.

          University I faced racial discrimination (I'm white and understand some Chinese) and in the workplace sexual.
          My girlfriend is in IB in Asia and constantly gets harassed.

          Edit - Also people capitalise off you. Males and females. You are a commodity to be used and exploited. Look at my model girlfriend, she gets free stuff, she has connections etc. You just get used as much as people can.

        • @Beethoven:

          Good choice, especially if your heart lies elsewhere.

          IB is not as glamorous as it sounds, especially when you're starting out.

          I was a client and on an M&A project, the IB analysts in Sydney and Singapore were working very long days - they might get in after nine and work until after midnight and this was not atypical.

        • @Beethoven:
          Hmm, Are there at least other similar job opportunities out there you can go for? It took me awhile after I graduated to get into my field.

        • @ployer: How long did it take you to get into your field?

        • @GameChanger:
          Almost 2 years to get a full time job after graduating.

        • @Beethoven:
          Since you've mentioned it twice it sounds like you have a problem with HR. Has something specifically happened to you or is that your assumption that they are your obstacle?

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          @Beethoven: great job providing feedback on social norms thumbs up

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          @Beethoven: keep pushing, your passion will get you there <3

        • @Beethoven:

          Another finance person, I graduated with a finance degree a few years ago with dreams of getting that big finance job, applied for some graduate programs and got damn close to getting some, finished 3rd in the CBA financial adviser program! I'm in a similar boat but considering I live in Adelaide there are no investment banking opportunities and the closest thing to it is becoming a financial adviser, while becoming a financial adviser is just another struggle as there is the same old same old, you don't have the exact experience but we also won't give it to you.

        • @strikerzebra:

          One of my favourite teachers started the compulsory entry subject saying he has seen many students all dream of being IBers and some get the position, others don't and some get offered it and reject it. He said right now we wouldn't understand why they did that but eventually we would. I am at that point. I understand. Money really is not enough. And I promise you if banks want you they pay. They fight for you.

          He warned us that if we did do IB we may be the cliche where our personalities totally change within the first year.
          My roommates are IBers and TO ME they haven't changed but to others they may have. One is engaged to another IBer so they relate to the deadlines etc there.

        • +2

          @Beethoven: Well said. There must be more to life than being really, really, ridiculously goodlooking.

        • +2

          @strikerzebra: Financial planning isn't 'finance' its basically sales people dressed up to look 'smart'.

        • @ozbargainer888:

          I wrote a detailed reply but deleted it because it was too specific.

          HR - Some are extremely insightful.
          Bank ones are amazing.
          Fashion ones vary. The bigger the company, the better the HR obviously. It's about seeing potential v immediate experience. Lack of direct experience is both positive and negative. Intelligence, personality and skill development are the most important things. The best companies see that and want diversity while smaller companies want EXACTLY identical staff.

          My biggest obstacle is both HR and management. Sometimes HR see potential and push for you but then management see no direct experience and reject you or vice versa. Management wants you but HR reject your application.

          Eg - on different note, my ex owns restaurants. When he hires front line staff he doesn't read resumes but speaks to the people as individuals because the most important thing is they are good with customers. He would rather someone be cool and friendly with zero direct experience than have 7 years experience and dull.

        • @Beethoven:

          University I faced racial discrimination (I'm white…

          Just curious about this, you studied in Australia, didn't you?

          I can definitely believe could experience some ignorant racist words from a few a-holes*, but surely not on any sort of institutional level?

          *My own experience at uni.

        • +1


          Yes I did.
          Short answer - racially NOT sexually.

          Undergraduate it was mostly locals. Get to postgraduate ESPECIALLY maths you get 99% international (99% Chinese, 1% Western European), 99.9% male. I was usually the only domestic student and almost always the only female student.
          It wasn't gender that was the issue. Most males didn't care. Especially international Europeans - I NEVER had someone discriminate against me for my gender at university. The more intelligent the male, the less he discriminates sexually I have experienced. They are all exceptionally gifted.
          They never commented on my capabilities or tried to sexualise me as a person. All treated me as 1) a person, and 2) having agency.

          But racially - absolutely YES by Chinese students. People would say they didn't want me in their group because I didn't speak Chinese, I would be lazy, I would be stupid. Or conversely - we want her because we can make her do all our work, she has good English etc etc.
          They would talk about me TO MY FACE - 'no she's not Chinese'. I heard that many times.

          Europeans didn't care. They like diversity - some rejected me as I look foreign and they wanted locals or Chinese students. But they never cared. They also wanted to speak English. I speak German and the Dutch/Swiss/Germans only wanted to speak English to me.

        • +1


          My advice would be to make it happen through perseverance. IMHO nothing impresses an employer more than showing you won't ever give up and can push through that barrier of no experience and triumph against adversity. If you really want it don't take no for an answer and get (unpaid) experience, demonstrate your worth.

          Don't let someone else dictate your success.

        • @Beethoven: Can I ask why you got out of fashion, then?

        • @blint000:

          Thanks. I have offered to work free and I get the following responses:

          • the intelligent/successful businesses say 'wow you're perfect for this job…BUT we already have an intern or it's done overseas or some other excuse'
          • the small/failing businesses say 'you have no experience/we want someone who studied fashion/we only take interns requiring placement for their studies - which my university didn't anyway.'

          I'm really tempted to just move cities or go overseas. I am terrified about this career choice. I will be less desirable as my graduation date moves further in the past. I want to write I am doing my dream job.

          Regardless, i am absolutely determined. I'm waiting for the next position to open up in this company while interviewing for similar jobs elsewhere.

        • @Rocket6:

          Money. I started my second degree and wanted to get some maths experience.
          I was told to study it by my friend who said the people who actually afford the couture are the ones studying Finance/Economics/Maths/Accounting/Econometrics not Marketing/Fashion etc.

          Even now I interviewed with someone who told me I was making a huge mistake doing fashion and that I would never earn any money and would always regret not doing Banking. In my dream company they pay very well so if I get that job then I will be ecstatic as it's what I love with good remuneration.

        • @Beethoven: Keep trying, you may have to knock on 1,000 doors. Ask for peer review of you CV and etc…
          Become a member of similar groups for IB in real life and online discussion boards, go to meetups, check out the StartUp scene, get out there and network, write a blog, create a FB group.spend less time hunting bargains and get out there. :) .etc…. Best of luck, never give up, keep at it and you will see hope and find the opportunity.

    • You're a doctor, enjoy it or become a plastic surgeon or a consultant for big pharma.
      My uncle is a doc, works for pfizer and earns ridiculous amounts of cash from them.

      • +4

        Money doesn't equal happiness. I rejected a graduate IB role for an entry level fashion dream.

        Obviously destitution is undesirable but saying someone could earn more money elsewhere and thus are living their dream is false.

      • +2

        This is an incredibly narrow-minded view.

        "You're a doctor, enjoy it" - you can't tell anyone to enjoy something. We are all different.

        Being a doctor doesn't mean you're absolutely loaded.

        Being absolutely loaded means F$&@ all if you are not happy.

    • Sell your soul

  • Dream: A professional sportsman

    • What sport? Did you know sports people only became considered PROFESSIONALS quite recently? It was always a side job because the income was so low.

      Random story - one of my old neighbours was an Olympian wrestler and ended up being an apartment caretaker because they never earned any money.

      • +1

        If I was good at it, doesn't matter, any sport would do, but I do have an affinity to AFL, Basketball and Tennis.

        • :)

          I would love to be a ballet dancer. Not professionally because I'm too tall but still a good one. Not going to happen though.

        • +1

          @Beethoven: Yes that's my point, I wouldn't want to be just a "make up the numbers"/average sportsman, but I think nothing better than being a successful professional sportsman and being able to perform under pressure with all eyes on you.

        • @JetLi:

          What do you do for work?

        • @Beethoven: Finance, so I have to perform under pressure as well, but no one cares…

        • +2


          I do.

        • +9

          @Beethoven: She said "I do", now its your turn JetLi

        • AFL isn't a sport, it's a league.

    • I was a pro sportsman, it was fun for awhile but the money was bad, the hours terrible, and the training neverending, and I still have joint problems even now…

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    Dream: An Engineer in a Renewable Energy Field
    Current: Oceanographer

    • +5


      Been there, done it. Half my colleagues lost their jobs when the government pulled funding from renewable energy research and the clean energy finance corporation. Brandis said something about "coal being good for Australia. We, the coalition, support coal".

      • Can you tell me more about what job you had? what projects you worked on? there seems to be a few companies doing commercial solar work.

        • I was never an employee for the renewable energy companies. I was merely a consultant. They wanted my company to build their microcontrollers, which were responsible for storing and measuring the power generated. Basically, we had to make sure that the digital side of the distribution network was doing its job of directing power where it needed to go and implementing a bunch of control systems and safety circuits.

        • @cDNA: was the fact of working in the renewable energy industry satisfying to you?

        • +2


          No, I was ordered to work for them. It would have been more satisfying if I actually got to stick around to see the implementation. After the hardware was designed, other people took over and installed it.

          The only part of the energy industry I would feel satisfied in working in is the nuclear energy industry. Too bad we don't have one. I want Australia to have what all (nearly all) the developed economies in the world have. The Greens are idiots, don't listen to a word they say about nuclear energy.
          The royal commission on the other hand in SA is definitely worth looking at.

          I just want to say, the idea of working in the deep blue sea sounds absolutely amazing. I love the water and I wish I could spend more time in and on the water.

    • Have you found mh370 yet?

      • Apparently just found another bit off Mozambique.

      • We aren't doing work on that :(

    • 28kb what is your current role? I'm an oceanographer too.

      • Hi I work with data predominantly, mind if I pm you? Your settings don't allow it at the moment.

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