What Is Your DREAM Job (and Do You Have It?)

What is yours and do you have it?

Are you now/ever planning on working into your dream?

I studied Maths but my dream job is to work in Fashion - Couture specifically. That doesn't exist in Australia so the closest to that - Bridal.
Trying to get into that. WISH ME LUCK :)

What is yours?


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    Dream job: Pokemon Master
    Current job: Pokemon Trainer

    I want to be the very best, like no one ever was DUN DUN DUNNNN

  • I'm currently studying to become a primary school teacher but I'm not sure if this is the best choice, given teacher oversupply and all that. If I was to change I would look at a science related career.

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    Dream job: Popular music artist, Computer Science (programming), Epidemiologist
    Current: Veterinarian in training

    • There are a handful many vet students on ozbargain. Good luck!

  • I cant believe how many IT and Finance guys are on here.
    Dream job is to assess different items and get paid for my opinion.
    No….worker in retail

    • Really? It's ozbargain :P I would've thought IT and finance guy to be their target demographic [ie people who spent too much time in front of internet and ends up buying useless stuff for discount and penny pinchers :P].

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        AND WOMEN!!!!!!!!

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    Dream Job: Cofee Shop/Restaurant owner and part time tech youtuber going to places like (CES etc)
    Current Job: Doctor

    • You can be a part time tech youtuber now :)
      Although I've read that YT is a pretty brutal place to try and do it for a living. I think a lot of them also have to pay their own way to these sort of events (although still on a press pass etc).

    • Wow your dream job is my ex.
      He owned restaurants and cafes and was obsessed with games and went to those conventions.
      He would have loved to be a doctor I bet.

      Just remember EVERY day you are helping the rest of the world. You contribute something essential to human development. Not everyone can say that. i want to work in Couture - an industry responsible for destroying people (Factory collapses), huge abuse etc.

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    Dream: pilot.
    Current: pilot.

    Can't complain :P

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      seems to be a few of us here

    • +1


      Do you wear your pilot cap? I love those.

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      Definitely no QF pilots on ozbargain ;P

  • Dream Job: anything but current
    Current Job: manufacturing engineer (auto industry)

    Thinking about dream location more than dream job atm.

    • Sad face.

      What is the dream location?

      • I'm not sure since I haven't travelled much. Wellington NZ is a safe bet, but I feel compelled to take a risk on the Euro region.

        • Auto engineering is pretty massive in eu and us compared to oz.

          If you are young and like to travel i highly reccomend taking up an offer from an international company.

  • Dream job: entrepeneuring! Kinda on the way, I've chopped and changed out of a few Uni courses (Law to education and now I'm starting an Entrepeneurship Business degree). My partner and I are starting a business at the moment, he has a degree in finance/economics. He's not a fan of working "for the man" so we'll see how we end up :)

    Current: croupier/service host

    • Do you regret any of your education switches?

      Like do you wish you had just finished ANY of them just so you could have?

      NOT directed at you but i remember being in class with a girl TEN years older than me and she had started/swapped her degree THAT many times and she wasn't anywhere close to graduating. I would graduate like 6 months after her. Needless to say I graduated BEFORE her. Unsure what she is up to now but i never forgot her.

      • Hey Beethoven,

        I don't regret it because I would have 2 pointless degrees as I honestly would not like working in those fields. In the space in between I had other things going on so it was not really ideal for me to have started studies but I was fresh out of high school and didn't really know any better. Now that everything in my life has settled I feel like everything's starting to come together, I feel like I can concentrate on uni. I'll graduate when I'm 24 btw.

  • Dream job: Comic artist/writer
    Current: Sales, moonlighting on the one shot and 2 projects I started but hopefully it will do something rather than sitting in a shed.

    • Wow I love comic artists.
      Is that similar to caricatures? Those people are extraordinarily intelligent. I want to write a fan letter to some of them.

      • +1

        Yes and no depends on what genre of comic you looking at. Comic strip is similar but is REALLY REALLY hard to get to (luck, network and whole host of other factor to just your foot in the door). Comic book series like The Walking Dead and Spiderman or Batman or whatnot is different based on who own the IP. The one I dream of getting in is similar to The Walking Dead, independent IP. Caricatures are no doubts talented in their own rights, they can glance at you and see what feature belongs to you. I have a friend who does costume for stage play and she's amazing, I learnt a lot from her since I decided my comic style would be realistic. Also a girl who does make up and prop for big name production movies like Pirates of Caribbean and Mad Max and she's really really talented and I learnt from her things like how to make up something and still make it realistic enough or how to blend in a feature (like your character got smashed half of the head, what would he actually look like and make him still him). Best of luck on your couture endeavor! Comic industry in Aus isn't big enough either but it's the one thing I've been doing since I was a kid and haven't been bored by yet.

  • Dream Job:Freelance MUA in Paris (working with Vogue ETC)or nursing in paediatrics

    Current Job:Nursing (was in paeds / maternity…for a long,long time,but the reality is VERY different to the dream…so i left that area).

    • Parisien
      May I ask how so?. Was it the hours,work load,etc?

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        The shocking workload,the long,LONG hours,the nasty workmates….that and a heap of other things just made me realise "for now,i need out".There comes a time in your life when what you need to do what is best for your family,not what you dream of.I still remain in nursing,but i now combine life and work (thanks to my area of work now being based in a clinic,not on a ward….i don't do shiftwork anymore).

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    Dream Job: NBA Baller
    Current Job: Midget stunt double

  • Dream job: Pilot, spy/agent

  • Dream Job: Airline Pilot

    Currently 1/2 way there

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    I basically have my dream job, or near enough.

    I used to work in fashion but I got out. No money because there are always 100 people willing to do your job for less because they love fashion.

    • PM me please.
      I can't message you :(

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    Dream job: Get paid to solve maths questions.
    Current job: senior maths teacher and semi-professional bargain hunter
    Do I love it? Oh yeah. Best thing ever.

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      Yay for Maths!

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    Dream job: Not sure, but I'll let you know when I find it!
    Current job : Graphic Designer (freelance)
    I wonder if there are a lot peeps like me out there, who have never known what their "true calling" is?. I enjoy the Arts, science but I am very business minded, I have also great customer service skills and love to help people and kids. Just not sure where I "fit in" professionally? :/

    • I was like that for many years. I had so many goals which kept changing until I realised this job existed.

    • I've never quite worked out my place either. Doesn't help to live out of the city where most jobs are in the tourist industry, which is definitely not my thing.

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    Dream: Author
    Current: Auditor

    I'm still working on it in my free time, so we'll see how it goes. That, and I'm still quite young, so I'm optimistic.

    • What type of writing? Fiction? Have you started any work?

      • Fiction, I wouldn't be able to write non-fiction to save my life. I've attempted a lot of times, but I always stop short of the 10k mark, which isn't far at all.

        The motivation dwindles, but I wouldn't ever attempt to submit something unfinished, or at a quality I wasn't satisfied with.

  • Dream job: RF engineer / Locksmith / Master builder.

    Current: office all arounder.

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    Mechanical engineer working for McLaren.

    Nearly killed me when I found out my younger sister's friend works that role.

    • Motorsport is definitely a job you do for the love, IB hours without the pay.

      I guess you could say it is the equivalent of fashion for males (in general terms only! not meant to be taken as sexist)

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    Dream job : Scientist/ researcher/engineering
    Previous job: Scientist/ researcher/engineering

    Then got promoted to manager :(

    • Congrats entering 130k club.

      • +1

        Thanks but I don't do it for the money or the glory. I'm in it for the free lunch and weekly dog therapy sessions ;) Best job perks ever!

    • Oooh scientist. So exciting.
      Any plans to win the Nobel Prize?

      I may be the best couture worker in the world but my work will never actually contribute anything to society. I guess unless you consider it Art?

      • +1

        Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.

        One of my favourite quotes :)

        • +1

          Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul…

          Maybe just ease up on the free food.

          Could be just gas.

    • What science/research/engineering projects did you work on?
      Sounds cool because I'm in a science/engineering degree.

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      After hours:
      Sing / turtle-dance

      Massage / shower

      Collect fresh eggs / non-turtle

      All good stress-relievers, JJB.
      Also suggested for peripatetic vex princesses with ants in their pants.

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    I am a professional Dog Groomer, I control my own hours and see so many beautiful animals on a daily basis.

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      Dream - WOW.

      Current - WOW.

      Extraordinary fields. I had to google those letters as I had never heard of them. I imagine you would be fascinating to speak to.
      I would invite you to my dinner party in those personality quizzes 'who would you invite to dinner?'

      • +2

        Guessing you never played Call of Duty before :P

        • No. Just WOWarcraft and star wars

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    Dream job - well, really, one of a few dream jobs, but whatever - systems programmer.

    Current job - systems programmer!

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    Dream job mattress tester.

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    Dream job - Househusband/Stay-at-home Retail Trader
    Current: Financial Technology

    Need to find a wife first! But Tinder has not been kind aye lol…

    • I hear you dude! Relationships are not the same as it used to be. Maybe you can hook up with a rich person and live off that! Good luck perusing your dream job.

    • I reckon house husband would be OK. My friends seem to be against the idea

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    Dream Job: White Hat Hacker
    Current Job: Software Developer - But I don't really like Software Engineering, I just like the problem solving aspect of making software. Though I now want to study Statistics

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    At uni
    Dream job - Design stadiums
    Current job - Design stadiums

    At job
    Dream job - be a uni bum again..

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    Growing up I dreamt I'd be in sports promotion. Managed to find myself in a workplace policy development and Occupational Health and Safety role.

    Dream job has changed from my teen years however. Having lost my infant son last year, I'm now in the process of establishing a foundation in his honour and my desire is to take that as far as I possibly can.

    Never lock yourself in or limit yourself to anything. You'd be amazed what you can achieve and how life has a funny way of completely changing your priorities.

  • No such thing a dream job. Except perhaps playing with Labrador puppies all day… Don't think there is a job for that….

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    Dream Job: Commando or NBA Point Guard
    Current Job: IT Security Graduate looking for Entry level role (Cert Race)

    Are you now/ever planning on working into your dream? YES for the former, becoming a commando would probably be the greatest achievement in my lifetime if I were to make it in. I've thought about this job for quite awhile and have just been training my physical endurance for this end goal. 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups and 50 pull-ups all used to seem impossible in a single set. I think if you keep setting yourself up with reasonable goals that end goal, in this case the dream job may become a reality.

    On another note being a PG in the NBA would be amazing, playing alongside the best players in the World. When I saw Anthony Davis a superstar my age signing a $145 million 5 year contract, I thought that would definitely be the dream but very unrealistic for me to achieve. Even though it used to be life in my younger years. It's definitely the dream job that most people including myself will never achieve, but wish they did.

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    Dream: Buyer (Fashion)
    Current: Quant analyst

    Pays well, but would love to attend shows around the world.

    • That's the converse thing about the role.

      For accountants the travel is reserved for the low level staff and as you progress you travel less v fashion buyers who travel more as they progress.

    • Cool, what is your degree in?

      • I have an EE degree

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    I love this thread. It's 3 am and can't sleep because I'm anxious about finding an engineering job.

    Dream job: professional boxer
    Realistic ideal job: civil engineer (recently graduated, PM me if you're looking for a graduate/3 months work experience. Based in Sydney)
    Current: part time Swedish retail cashier

    • Thanks!
      It is really interesting to see people's dreams and other people's views on them.
      I wish more people commented about whether they were actually currently/planning on working towards achieving it. Whether they tried and failed or never tried etc.


      • i prefer not to say since there are not many swedish stores, i could either work at H&M or kiki.K also :P

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    Dream Job: Bludger
    Current Job: Bludger

    Never worked full time, done a bit of this and a bit of that. Most satisfied.

    • Aim low and achieve your goals!

  • Director.

    Do I have it? Only when I play GTA.

  • +2

    fishing on the rock and yes I go fishing everyday!

    • Just the one rock?

      • I catched 15kg of fishes today, and I am not telling you where it is, stop following me Frodo!

  • +7

    I'm already there. Loving life right now :)

    • +3

      What if your boss wasn't reading?

  • +2
    • I didn't study computer science.

      • +1

        They'll take the Udemy equivalent.

  • Current job: Software engineer.

    Dream job: I have been putting a lot of thought into it lately and am thinking of masseuse (professional massage) or becoming an arborist (Trimming back/chopping down large trees).

    • masseuse (professional massage)

      Risky, TurtleMaster. You could be replaced by a…

  • Dream job: Engineering (process design)
    Current: Student (commerce - postgrad :/)

    Oh and good-luck with fashion! Someone who has the skills to major in maths and work in fashion is rare I would imagine.

    • Thank you.

      Precisely. BUT that also rejects me from lots of jobs because they don't see any skill transfer. "We want people who studied a diploma in fashion".

      Good luck with your postgraduate study! I did postgraduate too. I loved it.

      • That must be frustrating (although I have no idea how fashion and maths crossover aside from sales/business aspects)!

        Thanks, I'm really enjoying the post-grad style of study even if it's not my favourite field to be in

        • It's the sales/business side that i want!

          But they don't see that. Apparently a diploma or graduate certificate or whatever in fashion design with unpaid internships packing the fashion closet is more suitable to fashion business than an honours Maths degree with actual paid experience in numbers.

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    Dream job: Professional Dota 2 player
    Current: 9-5 slave

    • +2

      Let's realise our dreams!

      Invite me in steam! :)

      edit: it's funny to think we are in the same circumstances.

      • why not
        lets lose MMR together!

    • not enough Dota player in Aus. I'm enjoying the Shanghai SH*tShow so far. See you next TI!!! XD

      • so many upsets and drama!

      • Yeah, I went to george st to watch TI5 LOL

        edit: alright guys, lets play some dota, PM SENT.
        We can call our team OZBARGAIN, scotty can sponsor us to do some competitive dota Lol

        echineon, you need to enable private messages!

        • +1

          George St pub stomp sounds fun. Yeah just enabled PM didn't know it was a thing. gg

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