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20% off Tech Deals from Selected Stores (The Good Guys, Futu, Dell, Sony, Kogan, Bing Lee, Optus, Ted's etc) @ eBay


20% off Tech (11 retailers available) @ eBay

Search all participating retailers here

Mod 8/3 5:00pm: Code CTECHIE is working. T&Cs are available below.

To reduce clutter we have removed previous updates (Summary: this deal was initially posted 7/3 10am with a code that didn't work due to an eBay error, the deal has now officially relaunched as of 8/3 5pm with a new code.) Please see this revision if you would like to see the previous updates.


  • By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • This offer commences at 17.00 (AEDT) on Tuesday 8 March 2016 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on Wednesday 16 March 2016 (“Offer Period”).
  • The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction.
  • Participating Stores means:
  • The discount does not apply to postage costs.
  • The total discount is capped at $1000 per transaction. Limit 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period.
  • Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
  • eBay reserves the right to disallow or reverse a discount in circumstances where it believes a sale or purchase of any item as part of this sale has not been made in good faith. This includes any collusive conduct by buyers or sellers or any other conduct which eBay considers unfair or untoward.
  • The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
  • To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code C20TECH into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an eBay.com.au registered member.
  • Gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded from this offer.
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon/voucher.
  • Your eBay.com.au and PayPal accounts must be active at the time of redemption (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay or PayPal) and be registered under the same email address.
  • In the event you return or seek a refund on any item purchased using this discount, the value of the discount will not be refunded to you.

The following deals were posted previously with the failed code (7/3 10am) and may have been missed:

Don't forget your 1.35% cashback from cashrewards

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  • +1

    This voucher code is not yet ready for use. Please try again later.

    • +1

      Starts 10AM

      • +35

        Hi guys, and sorry for hijacking a comment up the top of the post.

        Been in contact with eBay over the past couple of days, and here's the update you've been after…

        • New campaign starts: Tuesday March 8 5:00pm AEDT
        • New campaign ends: Wednesday March 16 11:59PM AEDT
        • New campaign coupon code: CTECHIE
        • New campaign T&Cs landing page: http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/techie
        • +7

          Unless Ebay decides to end it earlier with no warning…

    • Some may have success. I thought I did when I saw the voucher coupon credit applied. BUT still gets charged the full amount on my visa.

      Suggest everyone to WAIT till it's sorted and dont jump the gun like me and hope to get lucky. Coz I didn't and i was on the phone with ebay for about 30 min and then have to wait for 15 days to see if credit can be applied. (of coz some paypal/ebay account linking issue too)

    • +1

      Try code "ctech". Just bought something from kogan. And i tried with an item from tgg.

  • This voucher code is not yet ready for use. Please try again later.

  • +2

    Here we go again……

    • Coz we can rock… and we can roll…

  • *21.25% with CR ;)

    • +2

      22% with shop and mint ;)

    • -6

      I hope you understand that a 20% off coupon and then using 1.25% cashback does not make the total 21.25%

      • +10

        It does if the 1.25% is off the prediscounted price, which I believe is how eBay cash rewards have worked in the past?

        • +1

          Yea I think you're right

  • -2

    Wait boys n gals…from previous post that EC mentioned -> Edit: It's a the good guys exclusive discount code. All tech stuff on their ebay site are at 20% discount with the code

  • -2

    Good Guys only. Shame.

  • Gah….got excited, was about to go and order a G4

    • Don't buy it from Kogan, they have it for $600.

      • Huh?

        Black Leather on is $551. With 20% off code it is around $441.

      • +4

        Surprise surprise everyone - all of a sudden Kogan has almost no stock on anything. Absolute scam artists. At least TGG can hold their head up high.

        • LOL negged for speaking the truth. Tool.

        • +1

          @lemmstar: I upvote you for speaking the truth.

  • apple is excluded I believe …

  • so this doesn't include TV?

  • This does not include anything.

  • +11


    • +17

      It would still be 20% over RRP :(

    • +2

      Good luck getting delivery or your money back

  • +1

    Ah cool. Time to look for a dual-SIM phone!

    Have we got a link to search for all participating stores yet?

    edit: I think it's this: http://www.ebay.com.au/rpp/tech-sale/

    • +1

      Get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, they're great.

      • I will if I can get it from this sale!

        • probably not, there's no aussie resalers that I know of.

          I've got a Redmi Note 2, it's very good value, but try to buy from a more reputable source (such as everbuying, aliexpress), as they're notorious for being loaded by third parties with spyware. Or make sure you reflash a new ROM if you but from a less reputable site.

        • +1

          @dinna89: Yea I don't expect to be able to find it in this sale. I'm hoping for it though

          I already have the Redmi Note 2 so I know ;) I'm getting it for my mum

          Even if it comes with the spyware and crap I'm planning to root it and flash a ROM over it so I'm not that bothered by it :)

    • Ignore my link that is definitely not the link to search

  • +2

    Any Surface Pro 4 m3 versions?

    • Yeah, I was gonna pull the trigger on the i5 @ $1240, but TBH I'm leaning towards the battery life & silence of the M3 variant now.

  • +1

    Anyone recommend a good ~10" Android tab? Any budget OK, but just need snappy browsing/email and good screen so probably don't need top of the line :)

    • +7

      just need snappy browsing/email and good screen so probably don't need top of the line

      If you want snappy browsing performance on Web pages, then you DEFINITELY need top of the line.

      Now days, seemingly simple things like YouTube and Ebay need a surprisingly high performance CPU and plenty of free RAM… or they run like a dog.

      For an Android tab, you want absolute minimum 2GB RAM but 3GB would be far better in the long term. No way any dual core CPU will be sufficient, and many (most?) of the quad core are struggling now days.

      I cannot recommend anything particular, but I know that my old devices like the Asus Transformer TF101 (Dual Core 1.0Ghz) is unusable, and my TF300 (Quad 1.2Ghz Cortex A + 1GB RAM) is frustratingly slow on Ebay and stutters badly on YouTube.

      Both of those tablets were perfectly fine a couple of years ago, but the coding of Internet pages gets increasingly worse, and more and more crazy background stuff like Ajax calls that make Web pages "live", plus horrific banner adverts using Flash with videos and animations cause huge CPU load and bring the low and midrange devices to their knees.

      So, don't skimp the specs, or you will regret it and need to upgrade far quicker!

      • Excellent, thanks for the info!

        EDIT: Hmmm, how about the Lenovo TAB2 A10-70 10.1" or the Google Nexus 9 32GB?

        • +1

          From experience, and having previously owned the dated TF300 you mentioned, which is indeed slow and under powered, I think there's no need for such overstated specs simply for snappy web browsing on modern devices. Flash is not even supported on these newer devices.
          I suggest those interested try a device within their intended price range for performance before buying, and certainly before reaching for $500+ flagship devices. I have personally found browser performance good with processor power of Snapdragon 800, equivalent or higher.

        • +2

          The lenovo has a decent screen but the main drawback is the storage (16gb, around 10gb available to user) and the SoC (old and not very powerful) however it is the only budget tablet from a 'branded' manufacturer with a FHD or better screen that I am aware of.

          The Nexus 9 has been sold for a better price previously (Telstra for $299) and you can get the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 for an extra $80, so I would not recommend the nexus 9.

          If screen is the biggest deciding factor you can also consider some of the chinese branded tablets. For example, Teclast x98 pro/plus uses the LG IGZO panels which is what is used in iPads.

        • @chyawala: Yes, I'd love to try! Unfortunately I work out in the desert thus I'm 500km from anywhere most of the time :)

        • @Fiximol: Thanks! That Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 32GB looks good, I think it's between this and the Lenovo for me… and I'm leaning towards the Lenovo, at only $240 it seems reasonable value for money, and not as much risk.

          Chinese tablets seem good, but I don't want a piece of junk or malware or a shonky seller, and thus I find it hard to choose… is there a seller that folk here might recommend?

        • +1


          I bought the Lenovo Tab at a previous sale - it works okay, but it definitely WON'T give you snappy browsing / email. Not powerful enough for that

        • +2


          I have personally found browser performance good with processor power of Snapdragon 800, equivalent or higher.

          If one is intending to keep their tablet for 2-3 years, getting a tablet with more grunt today would mean it'd handle future websites better.

          Alternatively buy a cheap tablet now, and another cheap one in 2-3 years? :)

        • @buckster: Oh darn, I just bought one! Do you think at $240 it's still good value for money? If not snappy is it at least decent? Or should I try and cancel it?

        • +1


          Shit sorry! I misread that and thought you linked to the Lenovo A7-10 - which is what I have and it is rubbish. I'm not sure about the one you bought but I reckon it'd be a fair bit better!

        • @buckster: thanks! I guess we'll see :)

      • +2

        "plus horrific banner adverts using Flash with videos and animations cause huge CPU load and bring the low and midrange devices to their knees."

        Seriously, get a fast CPU if you want to watch ads. I don't, so manage to get away with midrange devices.

        • +1

          Using a browser like Ghostery, or Firefox addon / Ad Block Plus etc can prevent many unwanted elements from ever even loading and wasting your time and devices resources.

        • @chyawala:

          Also use AdAway (needs root) to block in app ads via the hosts file.

    • +1

      You might want to check out the Remix Ultra Tablet although it's 11.6". It's got some pretty good reviews on Amazon although I've never actually used it before.

  • any well priced dslrs?

  • anyone know any good coffee pod machines?? I missed out on the woolies one for $99 :(

    • Aldi one is cheaper than $99 at normal price and the newest versions of their capsules are far better (stronger) than they used to be.

      For all of these kinds of machines, remember that they make espresso coffee, so that means a SHOT of coffee, not a cupful. If you want a long black, you add hot water to a shot (30 ml to 50ml)… do not put 150 - 200ml though a single pod. They are not drip filter or plunger machines that are designed to make a large volume of coffer at a time.

      • The woollies one does milk as well.

        • Yeh, I prefer one that does milk not only espresso.

    • +4

      coffee pot machines are the spawn of the devil. All that friggin landfil for a cup of coffee. (And plunger coffee is better for you).

        • can you honestly imagine doing that faff?

        • @getho: Maybe if you wanna save the 'vironments…

        • @StewBalls: exactly. Just buy a plunger!

        • +1

          @getho: But that plunger will end up as landfill too one day…when will the madness stop?

        • @StewBalls: but you can recycle nearly all of the plunger :)

      • Or do what I did. I ended up getting a Jura Impressa S9 off of Gumtree for $400. Had to buy a new drip tray and milk frother for it (~$200) but when they were brand new they were an $1800 machine. Came with a little milk fridge and everything. Beans go in, coffee comes out. It's wonderful.

  • +7

    Kogan is back after getting fined for price jacking. Lets see if they do it again.

    • price.is still fluctuating

      • Better go report them.

    • Nikon D3300 on kogan.com.au $379. on Kogan eBay $412.99

      • +1

        ebay has free shipping hence the higher price to cover

  • So does that mean it will really end on Saturday night.

  • +2

    This is a great bargain only 1 left, Xbox one Elite $405.24 after discount. Wish I needed it:( HERE

    • hmmm tempted….

      • +2

        I know me too but I don't need it. I don't think it will last long at that price.

        edit: aaaand it's gone!!

      • I keep trying to buy, but you apply the discount, then login to Paypal and it asks you to re-apply the discount, with full normal price….

        • Try again, they just added one more now. Good luck.

    • +1

      Holy crap that's cheap

  • No minimum spend, awesome! Do any of the stores have free shipping?

  • +2

    Ok, this is really weird. Trying to use this code to purchase a phone from Kogan. Code applies fine, shows discount. But when I go to pay with paypal I get:

    "X-TECH: Please enter the correct redemption code. Codes are not case sensitive."

    And the price is reset back to the full amount?

    • Yes, i;m getting the same error. It mustn't be setup properly yet

      • I wonder if anyone has been able to use the code yet then? Or if it is a Kogan store specific issue?

        • My error is for the Goodguys. Has anyone been able to successfully use this code yet??

        • @pauliau: I just tried and had the same error, very annoying

  • Here we go

  • +4

    Surface pro 4 i5 4gb ram 128gb ssd $1240 at futu, type cover 4 $160 at kogan

    • I want a SP4 but not sure what model to get… are the lower specced ones OK for non-gaming everyday use?

      • +2

        It's actually cheaper than the m3 version from JB at the moment.

      • +1

        for non gaming everyday use, get a $500 laptop

        • It's for my GF, she wants to be able to do art too…

      • +1

        Yes, even the m3 version is okay for that. I would recommend the i5 overall, as the i7 model delivers negligible performance increases for everyday tasks.

    • This or XPS 13?

  • any deals on new 3ds XL?

  • -1

    In before the price rise

  • +2
    • Great price for a great card. I picked it up with the 20% discount last year for about $390 from Kogan.

      • I was tempted, but I don't like that it's HK stock.

        That and I don't need it right away, so I'm still hoping for a further price drop this year.

        But yeah, best price I've seen.

  • has this deal been killed? because the terms and condition link doesn't display anything.

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