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PlayStation Store (PSN) Easter Sale - Up to 60% off


Some notable deals for PS4:

  • MGS Phantom Pain - $39.95
  • Rainbow 6 Siege - $62.95
  • GTA:V - $62.95
  • Bloodborne GOTY - $69.95 ($62.95 with PS+ or Standalone game for $39.95 + Old Hunters DLC for $17.95 ($16.15 with PS+))
  • Rocket League - $17.95 ($16.15 with PS+)
  • Transformers Devastation - $24.95
  • Until Dawn - $39.95 ($35.95 with PS+)
  • Mortal Kombat X - $39.95 ($35.95 with PS+)
  • The Evil Within - $19.45
  • Dishonored Definitive Edition - $19.45
  • Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition - $24.95 ($22.45 with PS+)
  • Shadow of Mordor GOTY - $30.95 ($27.85 with PS+)
  • The Telltale Games Collection - $52.95 ($47.65 with PS+)
  • Driveclub + Season Pass - $14.95
  • Driveclub (PS+ Exclusive) - $11.95

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  • +3

    yea, saw this last night as well, around 11pm when i jumped online & they came up… luving how PSN specials appear every public holiday period, u dont need to pay full price on PSN if u just want a few weeks / couple months…. some really good deals in there too, btw!

  • +4

    Onechanbara Z2 is really cheap as well for $17.95 ($16.15 for PS+)

  • +8

    I would recommend Driveclub, especially at that price

    • +2

      Agreed. Solid driving game. Also very pretty. Definitely get the season pass edition for that price.

      • whats season pass mean?

        • It means you get access to all DLC (downloadable content) for the game.

        • @djrussell89:
          is that stuff usually extra cost? and season pass mean only a year? sorry for asking as I havenever bought seasons pass before.

        • +2

          Yeah most DLC costs money. The season pass groups it all together and is (usually) the cheaper option if you intend on buying all of the content. And the season pass is just a name; it means everything, doesnt matter what year — its generally ALL content released for a game. Cheers

        • +1

          thanks DJ Russell

    • An incredible game with the updates now compared to launch

  • +1

    I think i'm too sucked into The Division to buy right now…shame

    • +1

      I just got the division yesterday! up to level 6, while I'm really enjoying it, unless things change further into the game, shooting thugs mission in and mission out, is kind of repetitive. I'm hoping the expansion for the sewers or whatever it is, has like different types zombies or something, somewhat like last of us. That would be cool - in my opinion

      Nonetheless, it's always good to get a game or two, in case you get over what your currently playing, or just need a break - like evil within =D

      • Have you tried teaming up with mates? Most of the fun is talking crap whilst you shoot stuff imo. Also the dark zone is fun, flawed, but fun.

        • Nah, one of my mates is planning on getting it soon (hopefully), apart from that I've done random matchmaking, which is good fun nonetheless, especially if everyone has mics. I see a lot of people on whirlpool division thread being pretty active and joining up for games, so I'll join up with a few of them.

          Nah haven't tried dark zone, I'm only level 6 and heard should be at least level 11 before attempting it.

          So is the dark zone pretty much doing missions, but the difference is there are other random people there in which can team up or kill you etc, and this can occur while on missions, is that correct?

          Also, two more questions while I'm at it, with matchmaking, I see sometimes some areas have a computer in which you can matchmake, but you can also do this via the options menu. Is this essentially the same thing? I just don't understand why they have the computer if you can do it through the options menu.
          Also, I've died a few times, it doesn't actually affect me does it? I've heard that apparently if u die, you lose your gear, but this could be related to the dark zone.

          Sorry for the questions, but the tutorials in the game weren't helpful, like when I started, it gave a few hints and that was it, a bit over whelming in the open world.

        • @eltito:

          The dark zone is PvPvE where essentially you kill tough computer players for good loot, but when you do you have to extract it via chopper because it's contaminated. When you have this contaminated gear you get a yellow pack on your back which lets other players know you are carrying loot,so if they want, they can attack and kill you and take some of it. If they attack you, they 'go rogue' which means they show up on every other players map and can be killed with impunity for high amounts of XP, and there is an XP penalty for dying too, plus you drop items. It's really fun stuff. You can go in when you want, you get put in bands depending on your level.

          Matchmaking can be done in your friends list in menu, or it can be done at computers in safe zones with randoms, or it can be done at the entry point of story missions. Not sure if there is a function to do it via menu with randoms or not, I have not seen it though.

          You only lose your gear if you die in the dark zone, not in the normal map, and you only see other players in the dark zone, apart from people in your team.

          I agree there is a lot to take in, playing Destiny gave me understanding of a lot of the core concepts as they are quite similar MMORPG type loot shooters.

  • +1

    I am seeing Driveclub 29.95$
    11.95$ is Bikes expansion pack ,is it just me?
    good post

    • +2

      it's PS+ exclusive

    • +1

      Oh sorry, just noticed it said PS+ exclusive. There should be another one which is Drive Club + the season pass for $14.95.

      I'm looking it up on my PS4, I'll fix up the post. Thanks!

      • so whats the difference between them, what season pass mean (sorry new to this term)

        • +1

          A season pass is pretty much a ticket for future DLC at an earlier cheaper price; in essence you're really preordering the future DLC for the game at a cheaper price before its release.

          In the case of Driveclub it's extra cars, events, and customisation items:

          This Season Pass includes:
          • 38 amazing cars from the world’s leading manufacturers.
          • 176 extra Tour events for your single player career mode.
          • 80 PlayStation® trophies to earn from the extra Tour events.
          • 80 livery designs to customise your cars with.

        • +1


          I'm not sure if the game has up and coming DLC, if not this season pass may cover the DLC that came before it.

          Hope this helps!

        • @Hoboken:
          Thanks. So the one that's $14 above would be the base game plus all dlc? Or just the dlc?

        • @PVA:
          I bought the Drive Club + Season pass bundle yesterday. It includes the full game. The season pass allows you to download most of the DLC Cars, liveries & tours. They should show up as "Free" once you have the season pass. Those that have $ value are not included in the season pass.

  • Does anyone know if any of the emulated PS2 games on PS4 have been patched to make them 60hz? Or more specifically, Rogue Galaxy and Dark Chronicle.

    • +1

      Seems they've stupidly ported the regional versions (i.e. PAL for us) so it runs at 50Hz according to this thread on Reddit rather than the NTSC versions. Disappointing but not a massive issue.

    • or just create a US PSN account and then buy the US 60Hz versions if not patched.

      • I bought the US Star Wars pack (4 games) on PS4 for like 12 bucks. Super Star Wars is hard as nails :s

  • +1

    F1 2015, Project cars, Need for speed are also cheap!

  • +5

    Knack for $10.45…. tempting to get that but surely it has to hit the PS Plus free games at some point….

    • Yeah that's stopping me, I'd be highly confident it will.

      • I see the sale price goes until 6th April so think I will wait and see what the April freebies are when announced at the end of March… if still no sign of it then at least I can buy it knowing I get it at least month earlier than it being on PS Plus.

  • +1

    I reckon this makes atleast 3 or 4 topics on this :)

    But in fairness this is the actual sale, and probably the best :)

  • +2

    Could you list out the notable PS3 deals?

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain $29.95
    Dragon Age™: Inquisition $17.95

    All cheaper than PS4 versions of course

    Maybe can get them from retail around same price?

  • +4

    60% PSN store. So in other words, similar price to what department stores sell them for.

    • +1

      Yeah but at least it's digital, who wants to get up and change discs like its 1936.

      • +8

        for me, the benefit of being able to have a physical disc is once you finish it and wont play it again -can just sell it.

        Although, I know you can make it digital versions cheaper, by going halves with a friend or something along those lines.

        • +5

          I agree. Some people are hardcore gamers, or love the idea of owning heaps of games (even if they don't play them). For me, I never own more than 2-3 games at a time. I can buy the game for say $68 new release, play, sell a few months later for maybe $40-50. Only costs me the difference to experience the game :)

        • +1

          @edshays: Im neither a hardcore game nor love owning heaps of games. It just happens that every title that comes out i think i'll have time to play and when i buy it i end up not playing it because i havent finished with my current game. Hence the MASSIVE backlog going back to the NDS..xD

        • +1

          @edshays: This is me to a tee, You can buy new release for about 70 give or take then sell it for about 40-60 after you've finished it, people say gaming is expensive but if you have an ounce of sense and know how to ebay then its a fairly cheap hobby and pass time

    • +2

      no, phantom pains at least $70 at stores.

      • +1

        Big W sell it for $56 sometimes. I still have my receipt where I bought it for that much

  • +3

    For any other PC gamers who got a PS3 to try the exclusives:

    The Last of Us goty $17
    Metal Gear Solid 4 $11

    Journey and Ico/ShadowOfTheColossus don't appear to be on sale (Ni no Kuni doesn't appear to be in the Store at all).

    • Thanks anything else worth getting on discount PS3 titles?

      How about these

      Sleeping dogs $5.95
      Metal gear solid ground zeroes $5.95
      RDR Bundle 11.95
      Tomb Raider $8.95
      Bioshock trilogy $16.95

      • I forgot Red Dead Redemption! The disc can be had for $6 at CEX (but that's just the original game, no DLC/zombies, that version is $20).

        The rest are better on PC and regularly go this cheap in Steam sales, etc. But if you don't have a good gaming PC, those are all good games. I loved the Bioshock games, personally, and Tomb Raider is pretty universally acclaimed.

  • Phantom Pain is tempting. I've almost finished Bloodborne (nabbed the GOTY edition for $39 recently - thanks Ozbargain) so I need something new to obsess over.

    • MGS V - Best game of 2015 - and Im a huge Souls/Bloodborne fan.

      • Thinking of getting it but on PS3 only any difference?

        • I think the framerate (30 instead of 60), draw distance and textures are lower on the PS3 version.

    • Hi where did you get Bloodborne GOTY for $39 can you please share the link or info thanks

  • Anyone played/recommend Dragon Ball Xenoverse? I've wanted to grab it for ages but the price has just been too ridiculous. For $30 I'd be willing to give it a closer consideration.

    • Wondering the same

    • I played for a bit, but the missions get too repetitive and takes too long to level up… having said that, I reckon $30 is fair to just re-expensive the whole Saiyan dream I have as a kid.

      • Thanks man, I might give it some thought, sale is on for a while so I'll see how I go.

  • +5

    any specials on PS Plus membership ?

    • Some woolies are still selling the 3 months for $20 if you manage to find them. Better than the current prices $26 i think???

  • DarkCloud is $11.94, worth it at that price just for the memories.

    • I'm gonna wait until cloud and chronicle drop to $7.55ish like the Suikodens.

      If I'm that desperate, I'll just play ni No kuni again 😁

      • +1

        I think I'll just fire up my PS2 and play the backups I made of my originals off the HDD.

  • No BF4 premium?

    • BF4 premium for PS4 is $24.95

      • I just bought the base game for $19 from JB Hi-Fi. Well, time to take it back and get it on PS Store.

      • What? Done deal, thanks.

  • +1

    Good price for Vita versions of Steins; Gate https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-au/games/steinsgate/cid=EP4293-PCSB00724_00-STEINSGATE00000E?smcid=pdc:au-en:webm-pdc-buy-playstation-store:herobanner-shop-now:null:STORE-MSF75508-SPRSALE2016 $23
    Trails of Cold Steel
    https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-au/games/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-cold-steel/cid=EP1063-PCSB00866_00-G000000000000788?smcid=pdc:au-en:webm-pdc-buy-playstation-store:herobanner-shop-now:null:STORE-MSF75508-SPRSALE2016 $33

    Digimon not on sale unfortunately :(

  • Got phantom pain from big w for $56 the other day, and project cars for $28 for ps4. I find big w real strange

  • +1

    Great price for Rocket League, for those that missed it in free PS+

    • -2

      chances on rocket league being free for ps+ in the upcoming months?

      • +2

        Not a chance… it already was.

  • +1

    F1 2015 was $99, now down to $27.85. I know the game is buggy, but at that price, sold!

  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on PS4 for $30.95 seems decent?

    • In my honest opinion yes. If you have never played Borderlands 2/Pre sequel and always wanted, then no doubt.

      I had BL2 with season pass and still got this game and enjoyed it thoroughly with a friend (of course playing with a friend makes it more fun).
      Plus cross save with ps3 version for both games :)

  • +2

    Is there any way to get PS+ cheaper then the advertised price of 69 for 12 months

    • The only way I've seen is to buy the PS money cards from Coles/Woolworths when they're discounted, and use them to buy the PS+ membership.

      The problem is I think they barely ever go on sale.
      They've been discounted twice in the last few months, which unfortunately means they may not be discounted again for a long time :(

      • or 711, they had the on sale a while back too.

        • It's 25% off in the psn store at the moment. $52

        • +1

          Only new subscriber though. Unfortunately.

  • Fifa 16 is decent price, got myself one

  • +1

    Some additional games for PS4 on sale not listed in the original post:

    Talos Principle: Defintive Edition $24.95 ($22.45 PS+)
    The Last of Us Remastered $39.95 ($35.95 PS+)
    The Last of Us: Left Behind $8.95
    FIFA 16 $43.95
    Madden 16 $30.95 ($27.85 PS+)

    Good listing here with links directly to PS Store:

  • Actually OP, the sale is up to 75% OFF!!!. Battlefield 4 Premium Edition on PS4 was $99.95, now it's $24.95, that equals to just over a whopping 75% OFF. Either way great job OP.

    Here's the link if anyone is interested (don't know who wouldn't be at this price):


    • Technically, it's up to 82% off :P
      Sleeping Dogs™ Definitive Edition Was $84.95, Now $14.95 - save 82%

      • Even better

      • Finished Sleeping Dogs back on the 360. Is it worth playing it again on the definitive edition?

        • Probably not. Only if you really loved it. $14.95 is a great price of course though. I think I paid slightly over $20 a couple months ago.

  • PES 2016 for $27.85 is a good price also!

  • Is FFX/X-2 HD for PS4 worth it at that price (30.95)?

    • Its worth it.. consider it 2.5 games for the price of $10 each?? LOL..
      Reason i said 2.5 is because X-2 you get the international ver. which was only released in Japan if i recall…
      I bought mine on the vita and finished FFX and spent quite sometime to get max lv and skill tree…
      Worth it if you havent played it or nostalgic purpose, for me at least xD

      • Thanks! Might pick it up.

  • Resident evil revelations on vita is 50% off

  • +1

    Aah gee yakuza 5 anyone ?!?

    • Thanks for the heads up, forgot to check PS3 stuff :)

  • If I got a free game for PS+ members like Broforce and want to play couch co-op, do all my friends need to be PS+ members as well? Or just me?

    • +1

      Just you

  • For those wondering, this is the AU store.

  • Still thinking of whether getting MGSV on PS3. Because I remember ground zeroes was like $20 on PSN, now $5.95

    It should go lower than $20 for Phantom pain

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