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Apple TV 4 32 GB - $202 or 64GB $258 Delivered @ Kogan eBay


Cheapest it has been yet. Thanks to glennh70 for 64GB pricing

As per Original CKOGAN20 20% off post
Don't forget to go through a Cashback provider

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  • $201.59 for the Apple TV 32GB, 4th Gen.

    $251.99 - 20% = $201.59

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      You're correct. I've allowed for $0.41 to cover your internet expense to load the page plus the costs you'll incur compensating for the energy expenditure to physically move your mouse to click on the link. Oh, and it made the title read a lot better.

  • Jeez, tempting. The old ATV3 is pretty tardy these days, even just for browsing Hulu and Netflix.

    • Yes but due to the netflix crackdown many of those services are currently not working with netflix still work for HULU etc

      • Huh?

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          My reply was to a post asking about the DNS capabilities of the ATV4 the poster completely changed their comment after my reply

        • @melmac77: yeah sorry about that. However, all that chatter from Netflix et al is more bark than bite, same as it always is. We certainly haven't been affected, and I don't ever expect to be, either. I'd wager those that have been caught are few and far between (no matter what Fairfax comments sections look like, and I'd reckon a few people were caught due to user error in any event)

          But I do like the sound of a snappier interface for browsing… I just don't know if it like it to the tune of $200… Might just keep living with the ATV.

        • @LaTerrible:
          My was working with Getflix until late Sunday night now it only works sometimes depending which server I choose no user error here.

          The problem with sticking with the ATV3 is that no one is developing for it, for example IView have released the app for ATV4 but don't seem to be doing so for the old model. Presto have an App in the works which is likely only for ATV4 an so on.

        • @melmac77: Ah bummer, sorry to hear you've been caught up. Damn nuisance.

          Our ATV3 is permanently attached to the US servers, so we never see the local apps/services anyway (which is a slight nuisance) - but I'd love to have Hulu, Netflix, Stan, iView, TED, YouTube (and Giantbomb!) apps all right there on my homepage at all times for sure instead of having to push/airplay content all the time (which is something else the ATV is getting sloppy at)…

          I've just about talked myself into grabbing one of these again, now, lol.

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          Having the different regions on the one screen is one of it's biggest selling points. I have US, UK and Australian apps sitting along side each other hmmmm and one more region can't remember maybe canada or NZ

        • @melmac77: oh wait, you can do that on the ATV4? Damn, that makes a heck of a compelling argument, thanks for that!

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    Would I be correct to assume that Apple Australia would also not honour local warranty for these? Kogan website specifically mentions this is the "international model" and unlike laptops Apple doesn't offer international warranty on these peripherals.

    $200 is cheap but if I should hold off until another Ebay special to buy the local model for slightly more I think that may be a better option.

    • You're 100% correct regarding the warranty. There's plenty of topics on here about Kogan either dealing brilliantly with warranty claims or not at all. From Apple:


      Apple may restrict warranty service for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV to the country where Apple or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the device.

      Apple Warranty

      • Apple fixed stuff I bought on holidays overseas. They only knock back if it is model they don't have a swap or parts for ……didn't ask receipt just when I registered and am original owner.

        What knock back MacBook owner ….wait till you get back to USA to fix ….apple are into service hence premium price

    • They may not, in any case buying stuff off Kogan HK is not covered under the Australian Consumer Guarantee which requires products to be warrantied for a 'reasonable' amount of time dependent on what a reasonable person would expect (you could imagine 2-3 years for an Apple TV). So you're not going to be guaranteed a warranty from Kogan (It would be at their discretion, I have no experience to base this on).

      That said, if they get cheap enough, maybe you think the risk is worth it.

  • deleted. It said 'this item has been removed' but is back now:)

  • Why do I need storage on my AppleTV? When I can stream why would I need to store 32GB worth of content– anyone give me an ELI5. (Explain Like I'm 5).

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      Google "Why do I need storage on my AppleTV?" (assuming you have an internet connect device but most kids seem to have one these days)
      Short answer is "games" though.

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      Apps/games. If you download them they need local storage.

    • You can only stream off iTunes with the atv3.

      The new one has apps you can stream off a Nas (I believe)

    • Because apps (and games)

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        not many available atm so meh..

  • Can you install something like YouKu ?

  • Just curious… Local stores like Office works won't price match these eBay deals..Right?

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      No, not even with the previous 20% off local stock.

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      They don't sell the same product. (An international version is a different product). Not that they would anyway, it doesn't include GST if being sold by a foreign company and shipped into the country direct to the customer.

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