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Surface Pro 3 from $867, Chromecast $29, Chromecast 2 or Audio $48 + More Deals @ Harvey Norman

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • With Pro 5 about to debut, I dont know where that leaves 2 yr old tech especially at these still eyewatering prices.

  • Is all OW stores open today? My local is closed today :(

    Just checked most store trading hours and they seem to be closed today but open for trading tomorrow onwards from 9am.

  • Is Chromecast Audio available at OW?

  • Will chromecast enable me to stream AFL live from my iPhone onto the tv? Any tips on a streaming device that will enable this? Keen to watch the games on the big screen using my free Telstra subscription.

    • You will be able mirror your phone to tv screen via chromecast & phone stays on.
      Not ideal, as normally phone etc sends internet link address of a file to start streaming online from chromecast itself.
      But will let you use free telstra phone data. Or to be more technical you can use phone wifi hotspot to get data to chromecast.

      I purchased Chromecast last night HN for $34 = Doh! But HN live chat looked up order just now (Good Friday) & will process $5 paypal partial refund, as order still being processed :-)

      • Ah thanks for that. Got unlimited wifi but forgot about the free telstra data! Is there another device that works better for mirroring to tv?

      • You will be able mirror your phone to tv screen via chromecast & phone stays on

        AFAIK, you can not mirror iPhone/iPad screens to your TV (not yet anyway). So please check if you intend to do so.

    • check if afl live app has chromecast support.

      mirroring phone to tv might be laggy.

    • Apps need to enable casting to be able to be viewed on the chrome cast. However, I've found an app called momocast that lets you stream from your web browser, so if it is possible to get onto a web browser, you'll likely be able to watch it. I've used mine for a few weeks now, it's well worth the price.

    • Both afl and nrl apps aren't castable, they won't even come up if you mirror

      • I mirror my s5 to my tv to watch nrl through the digital pass with a chromecast through the app. I've noticed it more stable with chromecast 2 than the original. You can also use a Mhl cable to mirror your screen as well with slightly better quality again, did it all last season without a hiccup. Live matches won't fill your whole screen you just have to change the aspect ratio on your tv.

  • Love the 666 on Chromecast

  • Everyone should buy a chromecast, it's a fantastic device. I bought it for $55 off the Ebay deal a couple of weeks ago and I have no regrets.

  • Does anyone really find much of a difference with the Chromecast2?

    I bought one from TGG and really don't see much improvements that warrant an upgrade. For anyone a bit tight on the budget, the one does just fine and this is a smashing price for it.


      I was going to ask the same thing. I have the original version and it works pretty great anywhere in the house I need it. I think there are only 2 reasons why you might want the newer version: You like the looks or design, or the design makes it easier for you to plug the device in, or you have a really crowded 2.4Ghz band and there is too much interference to stream reliably so you need the new one which has 5Ghz.

    • Old chromecast only do 720p. The new one do full 1080p. It does make a big difference if you watch Netflix or media with high resolution. It also has enough horse power to play some media without transcoding support of Plex or Emby Server. It also support 5Ghz wifi which reduce interference and much better bandwidth to support high resolution streaming. I've just replaced 2 old chromecast with the new version. Well worth it IMHO!

  • I'm still waiting for my last HN $48 transaction. Currently in dispute with paypal after not hearing back from Harveys.

  • Got one from OW. Plug it in and able to cast from my iOS Infuse Pro app, pretty happy with it. Light and portable little hockey pod.

  • New to the chrome cast here. Thinking of getting one for my dad so he can stream via iPhone but watch on the big screen. How user friendly is chrome cast on iPhone? He has an iPhone 4S and the idea is to stream shows via chrome and mirror/cast to the TV.

    Is it worth getting the new chrome cast or the original will do?

  • I grabbed a chromecast 2 at HH this arvo, I will give it another go, I didnt quite like the first gen TBH. Thanks OP!

  • i ordered 1 on sunday for myself

    my sister signed up for netflix today so i had to order 4 for them (1 for each telly in the house)

    Guess who has to go over there and set them up for them )

    • Wish you could plug it into you're network and any device connected to the network then gets to access it :)


    Thanks Trent. Price matched the Chromecast 2 at The Good Guys this afternoon. So far so good.

  • Got My Chromecast Audio at Officeworks on weekend with price beat

  • Got a C1 at HN Gepps Cross (SA). They still have about 20 more still at $29

  • is the chromecast still $29? on the website it says $49