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Intel i7 6700K $372.54 Shipped from Kogan


Original CKOGAN20 20% off post

They seem to have restocked many of the chips that were sold out, sure there's some other bargains in there.

$497 at MSY and PCCG


Marked back in stock as of 1.46 AM Sydney Time

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  • I gather this will be sent from Hong Kong. It will not have the heatsink and fan either. Still too good to pass up as I assemble the bits for my next upgrade.

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      Regardless, still… For a current gen K-part i7, that price is insane!

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      The unlocked CPUs don't come with heatsinks IIRC, I know it didn't come with one when I got mine from a local store

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      None of the K series come with heatsinks

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    Was going to post my own deal on the gtx980ti but the amount of crap that needs to be filled is way beyond my laziness. Link is below. Price is $740

    • Don't worry, it's insufficient quantity. It would be reported then deleted.

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        Oh got me worried all afternoon. Cheers

    • I want that 980ti. But pascal!

      apparently WTFtech is unreliable.

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      Drop them an email and see if they will give price protection. Nothing to loose. I have not really dealt with them before but I know other retailers that do it.

      • I did. They told me to take matter to ebay who haven't replied yet. I bought just two days before the sale.

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      I know it doesnt help, but you need to learn that once you buy something NEVER go looking at prices on that item again.. only ends in heartbreak ;)

      plus, you were clearly 'happy' with the price 2 weeks ago, so just remember those happy times

      • Bought the season 1 & 2 steelbooks for Game of Thrones thinking they were limited quantity… they weren't. Paid $70 each now they're $30 each. FML.

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          They are limited, just to how many they can sell.

        • @Expon:

          I was talking about world wide, not just JB. There are plenty of international retailers offering them for really cheap prices.

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        Very good advice. Basically applies for anything in life.

  • Thanks, will give it a go!

  • Just started looking for a heatsink to match. I had heard some stories of some doing damage to the chip. I guess if anyone knows of a reasonably priced quiet one they could do some work for me and post it here (unless its against the rules? Don't think so)

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      A lot of people think that LGA1151 socket means you need to buy a heatsink made exactly to fit the LGA1151 socket, which is untrue.

      All LGA115x heatsinks will fit LGA1151, meaning that if you already own a heatsink for an older gen Nehalem, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPU, you can re-use the old heatsink.

      regarding CPU damage — since Intel started using thinner wafers, the CPU's are prone to bending if placed under heavy stress. Avoid using an electric screwdriver and don't screw your heatsink down too tight, and you'll be right.

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        Thanks, that helps a lot. Couldn't find any that specifically said 1151 so that explains why. Since I dont plan to OC there are plenty to choose from now for about $60 or less. Happy days. Just need an awesome motherboard deal on Z170

        • Hey man,
          Not sure how you went on the heatsink front, but I'd recommend going a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO— there's a few models, but they're all great. It is very big, but if you can accommodate it, it's the best price/performance, and in general best performance until you start looking at water cooling.


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        Electronic screwdrivers… This is so unfathomable it's unreal. Let me just go get my rotary hammer drill to secure that heatsink in for you. Eek.

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      If your looking for a good overclock for Air i'd reccomend Noctua NH-D15 or Water corsair H110i

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        I have both the NH-D15 and H100/H110i, and both are simply overkill for non E chip overclocking if you're purely concerned about heat. The D15 is a behemoth and the closed loop Corsair coolers require two 12CM holes for mounting, which most mid tower cases don't have. Both of these are back in their boxes in my cupboard, yet I have an 800D so either aren't an issue to install; just a nuisance.

        Gone are the days of 90nm fab chips with a 160W+ TDP.

        The Hyper 212(X/+) from Coolermaster is easily half the price, much more sensible size-wise (so it doesn't obscure RAM slots) and won't add as much weighted stress to your board. It also excels in many OC reviews.

        • Any recommendations for a mobo/case for this chip?

          Nothing massive :)

        • Just correct you on the 800D and H110i, it's actually incompatible because the only place you can mount it is on the top and the top of the 800D only supports the H100i.
          H110i - 140mm x 2
          H100o - 120mm x 2

          I know because I've got the same setup and had to return the H110i.

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    so tempting but gonna pass, damn you OP!

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    Thanks OP

    Missed out the first time… Not missing out again.

  • Ordered CPU from Kogan.com 18th March - still not dispatched
    Ordered Mobo from Kogan eBay 22nd March - still not distpached

    Is this normal?

    • It seems to be the norm lately.

      I ordered a Samsung 950 Pro from them on the 9th of Feb and it didn't turn up until the 22nd Feb and the tracking provided for it didn't provide any updates.

      • Did you get an email notification when they dispatched it?

        • You'll get an email with tracking once it's dispatched.

      • Hmmm, they took over Dick Smith, didn't they. They used to have a lot of trouble with tracking. I bought a TV from them. They said it was coming from Carnegie, it eventually came from Hobart, the tracking link didn't work and the help desk were no help. Has Kogan caught the disease?

    • yeah i have an item located in melbourne that took 8 days to dispatch. bunch of dicks at kogan ebay. public holiday onday right? (profanity) i hope i get my item tuesday. they will get a low (profanity) ebay review from me and a good cuntly scolding.

    • Has your gear shipped yet?

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      Not it isn't "coming soon". Secondly who cares, the differences will be almost nothing.

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    Back in stock!

    • thanks! unexpired

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    How does my i5 2500K compare to this?

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      Great processor you have there.

      Only reason I upgraded from this was because the main board gave up.

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      Im upgrading from this exact same cpu. Thinking of going for the i5 6500 though. I dont overclock so no need for k series.

      • Couldn't you just overclock the 2500K? Most people get around 4.5Ghz and that should easily be faster than a 6500.

      • I bought a i5 6500 just then.

        I don't overclock, only undervolt a bit. I do like cool running PCs.

        Makes perfect sense for a gaming box right now.

    • Well. Don't bother. I have the 3570K and it the Skylakes barely seem faster, if at all, and that's without the massive overclocking potential (like your 2500k).

    • I'm still using my 2500K it's still very capable and upgrading to this option won't make a huge difference. Unless it's more power friendly. But I'm the type that leaves the air-conditioning on all day

  • Yeah you may get it before 2017

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    Great price for the 6700K. Still hanging on to my trusty 6 years-old 2600K OC'd @4.4GHz 24/7 for much of its life. It's not going anywhere!

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      I got exactly the same CPU but OC to 4.5ghz. I just can't see a reason why to upgrade. The 2600K still handles anything I throw at it.

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      2500k @ 4.5GHz. Would have upgraded at this price, but otherwise nope.

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        2500k at 4.4 - These Intel CPU's are fantastic

  • Any reason to get 6700K if not intending to OC?

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    • Can i use my existing socket 1150 waterblock? Currently using an i7 3820
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      Yep all 115x sockets use the same mount pattern

      • Thats cool.. Although i just realise dmy 3820 is 2011 </3

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    Buying from Kogan means that you are only entitled to 1 year warranty instead 3 year from Intel right?

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      Just remember that is the non K version.

  • Hmmmm which mobo to go for now…

    • I like the look for the Asus 1z70 deluxe

  • Item's out of stock. I was thinking about getting one for replacing my 4790k but I'm not knowledgeable with tech. I wish Kogan had the 5820k for sale.

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      The 6700K seriously wouldn't be worth your time to upgrade unless you're after new chipset features like DDR4…

  • Hmmm… to buy a board from kogan or…

    Local warranty more important there I think

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      CPU definitely buy from Kogan.

      Board — definitely buy local. The probability of a motherboard failling is much much higher than a CPU failure. I've never heard of, or had to troubleshoot, a faulty processor (unless the mobo the processor was mounted on delivered the wrong voltage, like through user error or lightning strike)

      • It does happen. Remember to upgrade the BIOS!

        Recently assembled a system that inexplicably would POST but freeze during bootup with a 3rd party heatsink (but not the stock one).
        Turns out it was a manifestation of the Skylake-crashing bug causing issues even though it looked like a CPU problem.
        (A BIOS update ended up resolving the issue)

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        Right on most accounts, faulty CPUs do pop up though as rare as they are. Hard to diagnose too as the main culprit is almost always something else. Had one the other day actually on a 4 socket server board.

    • intel have an insane good warranty procedure. I bought a broken intel board from gumtree. Contacted intel. Thing was over 2 years old. Intel emailed me all the shipping paper work and even had a courier pick it up from my place for free. I got a new board back from Indonesia in less than a week. The tracking was pretty in depth as well. After that experience this is why I buy a lot of intel branded stuff.

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    Can anyone recommend a good mobo?

    ASUS Z170M-PLUS and the Gigabyte Z170M-D3H seem to have good reviews

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      I have just done the research on Z170 matx boards, options are limited…
      ASUS Z170M-PLUS - 7 Phase voltage regulation, still the BEST fan control (3 headers), no SLI CFX only, no Thunderbolt, only one 5gbs usb 3.1 port, 887 audio, no SPDIF, PCIe 16+4+1+1
      Asrock Z170M Ext4 - Not available in Aus yet :( 6 Phase voltage regulation, Good fan control (3 headers), rear ports are all usb3.0 ports, SLI & CFX, no thunderbolt, USB3.1 10gbs A & C port, ALC1150 audio with SPDIF, PCIe 8+8+4+1
      Gigabyte GAZ170M Gaming 5 - 7 Phase voltage regulation, Poor BIOS fan control windows app is OK (5 headers), SLI & CFX, intel Alpine ridge chip, USB3.1 10gbs A & C port, ALC1150 audio with SPDIF, PCIe 8+8+4+1

      ASUS $199 MSY, Asrock ~$199 newegg, Gigabyte $256 MSY

      I think I'm going with the gigabyte, hopefully they enable thunderbolt over usb C

      • Went with the ASUS Z170M-PLUS - can get away with CFX only - planning on only putting one GPU in when the new gear comes out later this year.

        There is a S/PDIF header internally, so can add that function with an additional module.

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    More stock added. Bought one. :)

  • apologies noob question, never built a pc: as these don't come with heat sink and fan do they need to be purchased separately? Are they expensive>?

    • 'k' versions of this chip do not include a heat sink or fan; the 'k' series are for overclocker's and they know which heat sink and fan they want with it. price wise they start at around $100 on wards………you will also need a special motherboard with a Z170 chip on it, price of these motherboards start at around $220 and last but not least you will need better DDR4 RAM…~$160. stick to the normal non 'k' version and save yourself a lot of money.

      • For heatsink fan you could pick up something like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 X for around $50

        Not going to be anything extreme for overclocking, but could push it a bit, fairly good reputation for that cooler.

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    finally I got one, missed 3 restocking………..bargain, thanks OP

    PS don't forget Cash Reward's 1.25% means $366.72 delivered

  • Add more stock

  • So looks like i will hold out this time, still a good deal.

  • Back in stock, just bought one. Cheers OP

  • back in stock!

  • Awesome price, bought one - Now I can sleep better :) Thanks Op !!

  • Yep, finally back

  • OOS again @3:37am….someone brodened 5x in one go! o_O

    • … always one guy out there to make a quick buck.

      There's 8 in stock at 5:36am.

  • Damn missed out, all out of stock. Hope they add more later on

  • Missed out as well, there is more stock on actual kogan website so i hope they add more stock on ebay.

  • They added more; I just purchased one!!!

  • Woohoo Got One :) Happy days :)

  • Anyone know why there are 2 listings for this cpu with kogan?

    One at $516 and other at $465?

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