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Xiaomi Lightning Cable $4.99US (~$6AU) CHUWI Hi8 Pro Dual OS Tablet $91.99US (~$119) @Geekbuying


Xiaomi Lightning cable sold out.

First up we have an Apple Certified MFI USB to Lightning cable from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Topturbo is 1m long, compatiable with iOS 9 and supports data sync and charging.

The Xiaomi Lightning Cable is $4.99 US (~$6.46 AU) with the coupon 2USDCABLE and is limited to 90pcs only.

Next up is the CHUWI Hi8 Pro Android 5.1 and Windows 10 tablet. This 8" tablet is powered by an Intel Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 CPU and includes a USB Type-C port and Micro HDMI Out.

The CHUWI Tablet is $91.99 US (119.10 AU) with the coupon 18COUPON


  • Windows 10 (licensed) & Android 5.1
  • 8" 1920x1200 IPS Display
  • Intel Cherry-Trail X5 Z8300 CPU @ 1.84GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 12EU GEN8LP
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB eMMC Storage (Supports Micro SD upto 128GB)
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • 2.0MP Front & Rear Camera
  • USB Type-C port, Micro SD slot, Micro HDMi Port, 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dimensions: 211.2 x 123.2 x 9.3mm
  • Weight: 350g

Shipping Info: Free shipping is included with all orders and discounted TNT Express is available on the CHUWI Tablet.

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  • +4

    Great deal, good to see Xiaomi making Lightning Cables. With Xiaomi being a reputable brand in all the other areas, it gives BlitzWolf some good competition given the price for MFI Certified.

  • +3

    The Xiaomi Topturbo is 1m long,

    Do you have any longer ones that are MFI?

    • +1

      They're all 1m or 1.2m on GB unfortunately.

    • Why is this question downvoted?

      • +16

        Maybe something to do with it being jv asking…

        • +3

          Because JV's phone requires a 30pin cable.

  • 1 limit per buyer?
    Discount does not go over $2

    • Coupon is 1 use per order.

  • Can you remove Windows and just use it for Android?

    • I haven't seen anyone else online do it yet. It would be easier to buy an Android tablet instead.

    • I've seen this forum that does modded versions that clears all the junk that is pre-loaded, and strips a few things to make it more lighter. but not sure about Android only.

    • It should be possible. I have 2 Hi8's (not the Pro) for the kids and have loaded an Android only image.
      With the dual OS it's roughly 20gb for windows and 8gb for android.. which is a bit poor if you want it primarily for Android.

      Followed some rough instructions on http://techtablets.com which also provided the android rom.
      Maybe check the forums there for anyone who has done it for the Pro.

    • but how well does android run on x86 hardware? I run it on my PC in VM and it runs like an absolute nugget whereas my old phone running it on ARM processor has no problems..

      • It runs perfectly. I have an asus phone with x86 processor and a hi8 non pro tab. I can't tell the difference between x86 and ARM. Some apps may not be fully compatible though.

  • +1

    Hi @Clear,

    I love the form factor of an 8" dual OS tablet. Are there ones with 4GB RAM instead of 2GB?

    I browsed thru Geekbuying and couldn't find one.

    Btw, I'm still waiting from your reply with a deal on Virtoba VR Box X5.


    • +4

      The tablets with 4GB of RAM start at 9.7".

      Btw, I'm still waiting from your reply with a deal on Virtoba VR Box X5.

      It's on the list. I'll try and do a deal on it during the week.

      • +1

        Thanks! Which 9.7" dual OS tablet with 4GB do you recommend?

        Telcast X98 Pro specs are good but online reviews pointed out that it suffers from heat spreading, hence performance throttling.

        Also, as you said there is known fault of holding pins of Tronsmart micro USB cables. Are there any quality alternatives?

        • +1

          Teclast X98 Plus is a good alternative to the X98 Pro. It doesn't have any heat issues and has 3G on the 900/2100Mz bands.

          I'm not sure of any quality micro USB alternatives currently.

        • +2

          What's the issue with the Tronsmart micro USB cables?

        • @lolcoaster:
          The 2 pins which help cable connect firmly with devices will flatten after a couple of months of usage. The cable itself keeps falling off the phone or becomes loose. Hence, it keeps disconnecting all the time and cannot charge your phone properly.

          This was the same issue as those Tikbro micro USB cable deals (from Bulk Sales) which were quite popular 2 years ago.

        • @willxiao0790: I've finally down the VR deal for you. Enjoy.


    • how are these tablets (Teclast or Chuwi) for Photoshop Lightroom? and is there a method to connect to a USB 3.0 to eSATA cable for portable external drives??

    • I've got some prices on the Virtoba.

      VR Box X5 - $29.99 US

      VR Box X5 & Controller - $36.99 US

      What do you think?

      • Very good price Clear. Thanks!

        What shipping option available?

        What is the coupon code for this discount?

      • Hey @Clear, I've never used a VR box before. Can I use it to simply watch Youtube or Movie on my phone? Does its experience like watching movie on a very big screen in a cinema?

        Just to confirm it's suitable for short-sighted people without the need of wearing glasses as it supports adjustment up to 800 myopia?

        • Free shipping is up to 30 business days. TNT Express is reduced to $2-$5 and arrives in 3-5 days.

          The YouTube app has an option to put videos in VR.

          Short sightedness should be fine if you can see things close.

          I'll do a deal on the headset tomorrow.

        • @Clear:

          How do I get $2-$5 TNT Express shipping? My order is $8USD.

          NVM, Didnt read properly. I guess that's for the VR not the tablet. :)

  • Are these tablets any good.

    • They are half left and half right.

      • good for dad jokes.

    • They are OK, especially for the price.

      The digitiser in my Hi8 has died on half the screen and a crack developed in the display. GearBest (not Geek Buying) are yet to arrange any repair.

      Tempered glass cover is useless as the chassis moves cracking it. Just remove the plastic protection that comes from the factory. Speaker is pretty ordinary.

      A good rubber protective bump case would be nice but they don't exist.

      • thanks for reply don't sound too good unless you got a lemon.

        • Speaker might have been a once off lemon but some have modified themselves so not sure. It's reasonable at high volume just not low volumes. I paid $75us so more favourable.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered a lightning cable.

  • +2

    hi clear,

    could you please ask gg why their login isn't a secure connection?

    the account pages is also an unsecured connection.

    • Seems to be common with Chinese websites. I'll speak to them about it.

      Payment information goes over a secure connection as it's done through paypal.com.

  • Clear, I ordered a Chuwi HI8 Pro last night. Any chance you would be able to fix up the difference in price for me?

    • Send me a PM with your order number.

      • +2
        • +1

          ….He said number, not what was in it…. to the back of the line with you jv!!!

        • @Forfiet:

          He said number

          • 2 dim sims, one piece of flake and minimum chips
        • @jv: mmm, I hate to admit….they add up :P It is however still numbers(plural) you have given rather than number singular….. Your move (moves chess piece)

        • +1


          Your move

          Cancel the flake…

        • @jv: dammit you win….no flake for you :(

        • +1


          no flake for you

          It's been Forfeited

        • @jv: I've been outflanked :P

        • +1

          Sorry we're out of PM's. Here's a Kevin and chips instead.

  • FYI for USB cable - "This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times"

    • Not really, just ordered one using the coupon.

      • Just tried it again and worked - purchased 3. Not sure what happened earlier, thanks for letting me know

  • Thanks OP, ordered one lightning cable.

  • " This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times." - for the lightning cable

    • All gone…. :-(

  • Same here sirrobin

  • Is there a link to this product on mi.com or somewhere offical?

      • I don't see it

        • +1

          That link takes you to the Xiaomi product page for the Lightning cable in this deal. Link works fine on desktop and mobile.

      • +2

        A deal with this cable and an Xiaomi Power Bank would be pretty sweet

        • Great idea!

  • Any chance for another sale on these soon? Spewing I missed out

  • +4

    Cables have gone - reached the limit of usage.
    Well, that's a bummer

    • Please @Clear release 3 more codes for us.

      • yeah cable coupon doesn't work :(

    • you're not missing out on much. Based on the product page this cable costs 39 yuan, which is ~AU$8 / ~US$6. Geekbuying claims their regular price is US$12.57. You do the math and tell me how much you're really "saving".

      • Regular price is $6.99, so you're saving 2 USD.

        • +2

          Reg. Price USD 12.57 Save: 44%
          As stated on the website.

          If your regular price is $6.99 then you should not be advertising the regular price as $12.57. Where do you even get that number? It's not the RRP nor is it the price that your competitors are selling it for. It is also not the price that you usually sell the item for.

          This is a deceptive trade practice and would not be tolerated in Australia.

        • +1

          @tony abbott: I'm not a Geekbuying employee and I have no control over the content on the website.

        • @Clear: making things Clear? :)

        • @skelty: Yep. It's important to be transparent.

        • I'm not saving anything coz the deal expired while I was trying to place an order.
          Maybe a good thing, one OzBargain I didn't get sucked into

  • I've asked GB if we can do a deal on these cables again or extend the coupon.

  • +1

    Any discount on the Chuwi Hi12 OP?

    • I would also be interested in the Hi12 model, can you offer a deal?

      • I'll ask.

        • Hi 12, hi 12, hi 12!

        • Also looking to purchase one this week, GB prices already look very good ($338AUD, 48% off including shipping according to site without going to checkout to confirm) but I'd love a bargain of course ;)

          Looking for the keyboard as well, maybe you could enquire about a bundle or something.


        • @Diji1: I can't get a coupon right at this moment as CHUWI are going to have an anniversary sale from 02/05 - 15/05. The Hi12 will be on sale during that time and I'll let you know when.

        • @Clear:

          is the sale on now? 2/5/16 I'm after either the Chuwi Hi10 or Hi12 with keyboard. Thanks

        • +1

          @FrugalBugger: Yeah. I'm trying to get the best price possible out of them.

        • @Clear: Great, let me know when you succeed, thanks

        • @FrugalBugger: Win10 or Win10 & Android 5.1 version for the hi10?

          Dock or bluetooth case keyboard?


        • @Clear: I'm after the Hi12 dual boot model without the keyboard unless you can come up with a super deal? Have you managed to secure a great price?

        • @Ford351: Marketing had 3 days off so there was a delay. I've got a good price right now but I'm trying to squeeze every dollar out of them. I'll know by tonight or tomorrow.

        • @Clear:

          Win10 version (I can't see a need for Android) and Dock for the Hi10 please

        • @FrugalBugger: Best I can do on Hi10 and the keyboard dock is $215.98 US

        • @Clear: Hi Clear, how did you go? Thanks

        • @Ford351: Best I can currently get is 241.99 US on the tablet with no discount on the keyboard dock.

  • +1

    I have read on ozbargain that Chinese windows tablets are not in English (android is but windows is locked to Chinese)
    Can you confirm that we can choose Australian English as the language in Windows?

    • +1

      Yep it's in English. I've not come across one that is locked to Chinese yet.

      • +1

        I think that only happens if you buy it from China when it was made for the Chinese market. I bought a windows tablet while I was there awhile ago on Jindong, it came shipped with Windows 8.1 W/ Bing - China. This version is a special version which is stuck with the Chinese display language, even upgrading to Windows 10 didn't solve the problem nor did any of the normal work arounds.

        • Yep. It's likely that the other seller had purchased the local Chinese version of the tablet to save extra $$.

  • Damn it, I ordered a Hi8 Pro on Saturday from GearBest when they dropped it to $128. Not so much annoyed that I paid $9 more, I'm just annoyed that I paid $8 for express shipping and they sent it by standard flat rate post anyway and it probably won't get here before I go overseas.

    Tempted to order another one from GeekBuying and PayPal disput the GB order…

    • +1

      Hi rancho,

      I am very sorry to hear about this issue.

      Please kindly note our website have 72 Hour Price Protection Program
      (At Gearbest we work hard to ensure we can offer our customers high quality products at the lowest possible price. If you purchase a Gearbest product and find that the price has dropped within 72 hours of paying the order, we will refund the difference - no questions asked.)

      Could you please PM me your order number first? Please rest assured that we will do our best to help you

      • +1

        You love stalking my deals. Good work addressing people's issues though 👍

        • Well it doesn't really help my issue when their price protection only covers their own price dropping as told to me via pm reply. They've assured me it was sent express shipping so I guess it remains to be seen if it arrives.

  • any chance put a promo on xiaomi rice cooker?

    • I'll ask.

      • please do I've got a number of friends who are interested in. Thank you @Clear

        • Best price currently is 209.99 US without shipping.