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Preferred Foreign Exchange Rate at Fx4you.com (Foreign Cash)


I typically order my foreign cash for travel using this platform already (as have found they usually have the best rates around for foreign cash).

This deal/code was marked expired, but I tried it anyway and it worked: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/215910

So if you are ordering A$500+ worth of foreign currency I would be surprised if you find a better rate than on offer here using the code.

I know you can get better rates using some credit cards, but I'm old fashioned in that I like to use cash a lot both in Australia and when traveling. Also ordering cash allows you to lock in the rate, which is not always a bad thing given the recent volatility in the Australian Dollar.

Happy travels :)

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    what's the deal?

  • have you tried using Travelex and picking up from Aus Post??

    • You can pick these orders up from Australia Post too and the rate is better using the above code through American Express.

      e.g. 10000000.00 IDR is A$1102.95 through Travelex, A$1068.26 using link and code above.

  • I usually use this for overseas trips…but not really a bargain…$500 USD is $665.16 vs $665.07 with the code…saving 9c

  • I find myself using this mob most times.. I research all online ones and these guys seem to save me a little compared.

    Be careful with the code though, it used to bring better rates than say travelex however it has been hit and miss for the past year.
    I recently went to buy US$500 and after putting in the code (which I have used before) the price went up.

    I checked every day morning and night for a week, and 1 morning found a slight error in their exchange rate, which to my favour cost me $10 more than the medium rate (and a lot less than what everyone else was offering) and that was without the code. (after purchasing the money, I went back to see what the results were with the code and it was more expensive .. so again hit and miss)

  • I want to compare this with my go to place: United Currency on Swanston St (near Dumplings Plus). Best price for physical store in Melbourne CBD.

  • Better to get a Citibank Plus card (free), top it up, use it as a debit/cash card or withdraw straight from the ATM. Visa exchange rate (low spread) & no transaction fees. Of course this is only useful if there are Citibank ATMs at your travel destination.

    • Ooops. I meant to reply here. I've used my Citibank card in a few, even somewhat obscure countries, with the local atms, and didn't get charged any fee.

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      I also use Citibank Plus when I travel.

      However, this is different to what OP has to offer. Example: AU$ is currently strong and you'll only be at the destination next week when probably AU$ will be weaker. Hence, you can't actually lock in the rate (by purchasing hard cash).

  • Good if you arent in Melb CBD - but if you are you can probably get better rates from either United currency in Swanston st or Travel Money Aus in Swanston and Elizabeth. Both are no fee and just ask for the best they can do at the window - I try to get them to round up to the nearest cent and have had success 75% of the time - esp for $1000 USD conversions. I changed over yesterday morning for $1000 AUD to 765 USD. I know our $ is volatile and changes regularly.

    • Yep, agree, I have directly compared the two places and United always beats Travel Money Oz who I used to go to all the time. The queues are a killer but I'm happy with United!

  • Not strictly related to the deal, but for forex and travelling, Citibank is amazing.

    They use the visa rate, about 1% under the commercial rate. They charge no conversion or ATM fees, and they seem to have agreements with a lot of banks so they don't charge fees either.

    I have visited Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, USA, new Caledonia, Morocco. All countries I withdrew cash from a local ATM without being charged a fee - the first one I found too - and all at the visa rate.

    Topups are simple too. It's just an Aussie bank account, I keep about $500 in it, and transferring from by main cba account takes about 1 day to arrive.

    • Another thing you can do is open up a Citibank Online Saver, keep more cash in there, and transfer from the Citi Online Saver to your Citi Transaction when you need $$$ as the transfer occurs instantly.

  • Heading to Korea in a couple of weeks. The KRW rate is rather poor. around 12% below the XE rates quoted.

    The USD rates are pretty good, but most places are.

    GBP rates are so so.

    Think I'll use me CB+ card. Should work out OK in Korea for me. Bit more of a 50 50 to buy some GBP for next year.

  • At a glance, I thought the site called "fu**k4You.com* hehe

  • Only 31 pesos to $1 I can get at least 35 by taking cash with me and changing in Philippines.