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Fisher Bullet Black Titanium Space Pen $61 Delivered from Peter's of Kensington eBay


“Houston, do you read?” takes on a whole new meaning with the Fisher Space Pen!

This is the only pen on the market that has literally been to space and back. Since 1967, it’s been on every manned mission with both American and Russian astronauts.

With a Space Pen, you can write upside down, underwater, in freezing temperatures, in boiling temperatures, over grease, and even in a vacuum (!) with style. Not only is the pen as attractive as an earth-bound model, it has a tungsten-carbide ballpoint which allows you to write for longer, more cleanly, and more consistently. This is because the Space Pen’s ink has been pressurised and filled with visco-elastic ink, unlike regular ballpoint pens, which rely on gravity to function.

The Fisher Space Pen – there’s nothing on Earth like it!

Bullet Black Titanium Space Pen features:
Made in the USA. Black titanium nitride finish. Withstands temperatures of -34°C to 121°C. Writes underwater, upside down, over most grease, and in a vacuum. Thixotropic black ink in pressurised reservoir writes at any angle. Precision steel socket and tungsten-carbide ballpoint. Lid simply slides off; pen writes in black ink initially. Presented in a Fisher Space Pen storage case. Estimated shelf-life of 100 years.

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