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Sony MDR-10RNC Noise Cancelling Headphone $198 Delivered @ Videopro


Currently the cheapest for this headphone.


The MDR10RNC model gives you superb noise-cancelling along with great, compact design. Combining digital noise-cancelling software with the Automatic AI (Artificial Intelligence) Noise-cancelling function, perfect for the daily commute or longer trips, when you don’t want to be disturbed by the world.

Product Features

40 mm driver unit

Automatic AI(Artificial Intelligence) Noise Canceling function
Digital Equalizer and full digital S-Master amplifier
Enfolding structure
Included Accessories

Headphone Cable (1.2m)
Micro USB Cable (0.5m)
Quick-Start & Reference Guide

User review are mostly positive at Amazon.

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    WHOA! Automatic Artifical Intelligence, that sounds pootery.


      When skynet rises, and it will, these headphones will somehow find its way around your neck.


        don't get me started on robot vacuum cleaners….my wife tried to be one of those, nuh uh, i've seen all of the terminator movies, even the reboots, and I didn't suffer through those to go buying robot vacuums.


    how's these stack up against Bose QuietComfort 25??


      I am pretty sure QC25 are the market leaders for noise cancellation and comfort. However, these might be good value, I don't know. Hopefully someone who owns these can chime in.


        TBH I think if the sony can achieve 70-80% of the bose in terms of noise cancelling, but with on par or say 90% of sound quality then I think I will be happy with the sony…given the price difference of around $100

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        Having tried the Sony ones out at the kiosk and also owning the QC25. I prefer the Sony in terms of comfort, IMO, there is more padding compared to the QC25 on the top so the headphones don't feel like it's digging into your head.

        Can't say much on NC though as I've only truly tested the QC25 in flight.


      I have the Sony MDR-ZX770BN which is a Bluetooth noise-cancelling headset.

      If the MDR-10RNC is similar (I believe it is), then the noise-cancelling is 'okay'. It cuts out ambient noise and it works well against the hum of a fridge motor, a fan and other lower frequencies.

      The QC25 is in a different league altogether.

      There are two reasons I wanted the Sony MDR-ZX770BN though - Bluetooth and price. Not being tethered to a cord while in confined spaces like a plane is a big plus for me. And I paid a very reasonable price for mine.

      Based on my experience, I would not recommend the non-Bluetooth version at this price over the QC25s. If you want impeccable sound, you're not going to be considering ANC headphones to begin with, and if you want decent noise-cancelling, you're better off with the QC25s which are often $300 or less (especially with the TRS).

      In my admittedly brief comparison with QC25s I would say the 770s are about 50-60% as good with noise-cancelling, which isn't bad considering how good the Bose are.

      Here's a good review by CNET on some noise-cancelling headphones: http://www.cnet.com/topics/headphones/best-headphones/noise-...



        I happen to have Sony MDR-ZX770BN, MDR-10RNC MK1 and MDR-1RNC MK2. Of those 3 1rnc is by far the best in terms of SQ both with and without NC enabled. NC is also the best on 1RNC, however it is also very expensive (got a good deal).

        I only have ZX770BN because it was bundled with the 1RNC in the deal.

        10RNC are pretty good headphones. SQ is the best when NC is turned on. I've had them on my ears for about 24 hours straight on a trip to Europe and I didn't have any discomfort from them. They don't clamp as much as the other two.

        ZX770BN I think is a bit shit tbh. It works and the Bluetooth thing is handy if you're cleaning or something where you're walking around in the house,but the NC is not very good. SQ is also the worst of the three. I have only used it with Bluetooth connection, the SQ might be different if you use the cable. They also have very cheap plastic feel.

        As for the Bose ones I have never owned one and don't think I will. The general quality seems a bit cheap, thin irreplaceable cables (might have changed) and ok plastics.


          Glad to hear the NC is better in these! I was underwhelmed by the ZX770BN but came away impressed with the Bose.

          I feel the best way to sum up the ZX770BN is jack of all trades but master of none. They're comfortable, sound ok and make a noticeable difference with noose cancelling without excelling in any particular area.

          I would recommend using aptX if you aren't already in the highest quality mode with Bluetooth.


    would buy if it was the nfc version