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Subway $7 Footlong Sub (Meatball, Pizza, Veggie, Turkey, Seafood) at Participating Restaurants for a Limited Time


Looks like Subway have brought back the seven dollar foot-long sandwiches. I just saw this ad pop pop when I went to news.com.au. It seems that it should be available at all subways nationwide however I personally am based in Victoria.


Update: Subway website states "Conditions apply. See in store for details. Limited time only at participating restaurants."

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    I had a foot long the other day…good value!!

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    Pop pop

  • Regional areas may be $8 cause for some reason news.com.au tells me that price.

    Perth price is $7

    Till today Subway club is $5 any sub (or at least for me).

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    It would be great to know if Subway at the airports, and in particular Sydney International, have the same prices as all subways on these promos. That would make it by far the cheapest big-meal option at SKSA International.

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      You can't really blame Subway for that though. Retail space at Syd airport is the dearest in the country. They have to be able to recoup the rental costs somehow.

    • +1 would be nice to know whether a promo is available at a location or not and if there is a substitute. When I first visited the one in my local hospital I'm like meh they won't do it, they originally didn't take vouchers either, but I think they have worked out it is worth their while to do things even if they don't advertise them in store eg mention and get, bottle promos are also subbed to cup sizes.

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      Subways at airports are privately owned. At Brisbane domestic, one company owns all of the retail stores in the Qantas area; another owns all of the retail stores at the Virgin area. This way, they can put most of the staff on at high profit stores like cafes to shorten queues there, while keeping stores like Subway that aren't making them any money understaffed, causing queues to form easily, thus forcing people to buy a $10 toastie from the aforementioned cafe. Pretty smart.

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    https://www.subway.com.au/7-footlong-subs "Available at participating restaurants for a limited time only"

  • Isn't that the regular price? Hmm… haven't been to subway for a while I guess.

    • Normally 7.50 - 8 depending on where you are, but still a saving nonetheless.

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      its 8 bux here in melbourne @_@
      well the meatball sub i had 4 days ago.

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    If Subway and McD's have a sook about Ozbargain using thumbnails, then they ought to be banned from Ozbargain.

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    You should make a song about it OP. Maybe call it "fina get my footlong on", ft. jv (normal price)

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    wasnt available today at Noosa, $7.95 for these ones.

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    Called Subway, they don't keep a list of which stores are participating…..

    So I don't even see how this is a promo. The only way to know if a store is participating is to go there or call each store individually.

    • That is friggin frustrating. I got an offer from an online shoe store 30% off. Participating brands only. But no list. And so everytime that I found my size and width (not easy as I am 'big foot') and completed the online order the discount would NOT apply. Wasted an hour of my life that I will never get back. Suffice to say, never again with that store!
      O.P. gets a +1 for the subway post, but Subway gets a -10 for no list.

    • If you show them the ad, they should be forced to honour it right?

  • Will it be actually 12 inches?

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      Thanks, this is the first time I've liked you!

  • Not at my local - Called Tullamarine VIC. I call this a massive Trap - The vast majority of Franchises are going to NOT have this and upsell you another of their 'deals'. Jacka$$es.

  • Not available at Marrickville Metro in Sydney. I mentioned to them the TV ad price, as their price advertised was $7.75…they were so rude I did not buy anything and won't be back. I sure rents at Marrickville Metro for a kiosk are not as high as an airport.

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    Most Subways are not included….

  • anyone know any stores in melb cbd have this offer?

  • No good on SA, this smells like click bait, except it's visit bait.

  • Worked at Glen Huntly Subway.

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