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Wesco 18V Cordless Driver Drill and Impact Driver $69 (save $70) @ Masters


Sale starts on 12 May

Wesco 18V Impact drill
Wesco 18V Drill driver
2 Batteries
1 Charger
1 Carry case

Probably useful for some light work.

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    That's the second crazy cheap deal from Masters, are we sure they aren't going down the gurgler?
    Also no delivery, cmon already :/ I'll pay for it.

    • didn't wollies say they were shuttering masters?

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        Woolworths announced that a “review of operating performance indicates it will take many years for Masters to become profitable. We have determined we cannot continue to sustain ongoing losses from this business.”

        • "This is why we did a clearance of Eneloops because we did not want to suffer the same fate as Dick Smith"

        • so yes?

    • +1

      Hi Hamwhisperer, I have spoken with our online team and they are looking to update delivery options. They have said they will update overnight when the pricing starts.

  • Any details about other items in the sale?

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    Wow! If only I didn't get the earlier deal they had! :(

  • +10

    10/10would not recommend
    I purchased this same set not 12 months ago. Returned it after 2 weeks after the motor misaligned while trying to drive in a bolt. Got a full refund thankfully. OzBargainers should get what they pay for. On this premise is say this is a waste of money.

    • +4

      10/10 is most often used an "excellent rating", reading that one was confusing.

      • +1

        Haha my apologies for the confusion.

  • +1

    oops - read the price wrong

    • Yeah, I was going to say… after I came back here from madly searching for your elusive deal LOL

      I grabbed the Stanley $149 pack myself, but then thought I must have missed out on something!

  • I'm tempted

    does anyone know what the warranty is like

    • 12 months standard, although you'll be cashing in much earlier (see post above)

      • You don't know that, stop spreading crap please.

        • If I could change the comment I would say:

          "12 month standard, although from my personal experience you may be cashing in much earlier (see post above)"

          Sorry to offend or frustrate you @tranqme with my absolute statement, although I won't apologies for sharing my experiences and helping other ozbargainers with my anecdotal evidence.

          Do you have any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) to back your statement that the premise of my advice is "crap"? If so do share so that your claim that my claim is crap isn't crap in and of itself.

        • @yojabbajabba:

          You're saying that if this person buys this drill, they'll be returning it quite soon, you can't and don't know that, therefore it's crap.

  • +1

    I have a set of these that I purchased maybe a year ago. I got the extended warranty (3 years I believe), but haven't any issues whatsoever.

  • Very good value for every now and then furniture assembles and other light duty household and garden works!

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    How would the Wesco drills compare with the Ozito range from Bunnings - the ones with lithium battery around $88?
    Anyone have any experience?
    I suppose that buying from Bunnings would at least ensure that the full 3 year warranty would be an effective one!

    • Got Ozito few years ago. may be not Li-Ion. Batteries are really bad.

      • Ozito now is a lot different to Ozito years ago, it's basically night and day. The new red power x change from ozito is basically rebadged einhell tools and are well regarded.

        • Thanks. Yes it was about 8/10 years ago. My 909 giving issues in 1st month, probably I'll consider Ozito.

    • I would get the Ozito stuff on the sole reason that Bunnings is less likely to go out of business within three years. The other one to consider is the Ryobi One+ range, as it is massive compared to Ozito (only has drill, impact, sander and radio).

    • I got the red impact driver from Bunnings a few days ago, I haven't really put it through much (only driving through some wet pine into hard wood) but I'm impressed with it's build/looks and the 3 LEDs around the chuck are awesome (many other power tools shine a single led from the bottom which is close to useless often), also from memory the warranty is extendable to 5 years by an online registration which free I believe.

  • Drill - Max Torque (Nm) 18

    You get what you pay for. Perhaps not even that. I wouldn't touch this with a 20ft pole.
    The Stanley and Dewalt deals are much better value.

    • +1

      would this be sufficient for furniture assembly?

      • yes I would say so, anything from Ikea would be fine

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    I'd get the Ozito equivalent when they pricematch to suit. Bought mine as a stop gap 2 1/2 years ago and they haven't missed a beat

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    Be aware, my Wesco 18v drill driver lasted all of 2 weeks before giving up the ghost.
    Couldn't be bothered driving all the way back to the nearest Masters store so I just threw it in the bin and got a Ryobi, which is still going strong.

  • Bought this a year ago primarily for the impact drill and couldn't be happier for the price at the time.
    As many of you know you pay for what you get. To me these are disposable drills which aren't designed to last that long and that’s my expectation. Just remember to wear ear plugs when using the impact drill as it gets rather loud.

  • +1

    well bought them lets see how it goes if it fails can get it replaced under warranty or pay additional and pick up dewalt or something …

  • FYI available for $4.85 cheaper and delivered via their eBay store here until 22/5 thanks to lyl.

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