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Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) Return ex Perth $254, Melb $324, Syd $408 @ Jetstar


Was searching for flights for a friend, and stumbled across these rippers, which strangely aren't part of the birthday sale. Look around for dates in November and you should find plenty of seats. Here's a few screenshots showing what I was able to find. Good luck :)

ex Perth Return $254
ex Melbourne Return $324
ex Sydney $408

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  • Good thing you posted images of the web site for proof… since I can't get onto jetstar's web site to purchase lol

  • +1 cheers op
    Ohhh i wanted to go here next, but wasn't part of the sale so bought bali again as it was too good to pass up…i even tried to search for Vietnam despite it saying it wasnt from Brisbane in the sale but it wouldn't even show flights to there on the system..
    I also noticed when i was looking at the flights for bali, the returns seem to be on sale aside from the sale, i saw loads of $100 and much lower $60's etc but yet not apart of the 0 return…clearly its a separate unadvertised sale across the site…

  • Ho Chi Minh to Aus for $50 is absurdly cheap, almost a pricing error?!

    Hard to resist taking advantage of these deals, almost half as much as the cheapest deal I've ever seen for Mel<->HCMC

    • Someone on here got Mel-Saigon return with Air Asia for ~$130 last year.

      • And I didn't go… It still hurts. Shhh!

        • I was gutted, 30 minutes too late and missed out on the lot.

          Ended up getting $180 return to KL, but then spent another $40 onwards to HCMC and $150 back (christmas eve) from Hanoi.

        • @downhillmtbr:

          I'm still waiting for more sales like that. Luckily AA have a half decent tax refund scheme so I was only $50 out of pocket in the end.

        • @zappy32:

          I had two friends who were meant to come to Japan ($350 return) with me who ended up forfeiting their tickets. I guess it's wonderful people like that that enable us to have these bargains in the first place :)

          Still can't believe that deal you found though. Remind me, was it a price glitch or just exceptionally cheap? Best flight I've bought with Air Asia was Melbourne to KL, leaving in two days time for $110 one way.

        • @downhillmtbr: paid $120 mel-kl return when they started out in one of their first 'free seats' sales.

        • @downhillmtbr:

          I don't think it was a glitch from memory, I think it was cheapest advertised fare on that sale… it was nearly a year in advance from memory, I think it was really just to help with their short term cash flow more than anything.

          It's been a few years since us in Melbourne have had specials that(and this) cheap.

        • @insular:

          Those were the days! I flew with them return to London for less than $700. At the time that was a right bargain!

    • Maybe you can only get the $50 ticket as a return leg?

  • Lots of people are trying to get one of our great sale fares at the moment! Please hold on. We’ll get to you soon.


  • ~$580AU for 100 QF status points is a reasonable status run.

    • Is that one way or return?

    • I don't think there's a difference between flying to SIN-SGN for status points?

      $884.00 MEL - SIN Business Max(120 status) SIN-MEL Plus (40 points).

      160 status points for $884 and can just have the 2 hour Singapore layover and the "Business" seat and lounge one way.

      • Correct. Flying J/Y (Or even just Y/Y) nets a slightly cheaper $/pt ratio… But then you don't get to have an excuse to visit VN!

        • I was thinking in a purely point run sense but much prefer to get out of SIN for a trip!

    • Hey which route are you referring to? Cheers

      • I was referring to:
        $580AU + 100 QF Status points for MEL-xSIN-SGN-xSIN-MEL in Economy

        However, the following returns even better status points per dollar:
        $884AU + 160 QF Status points for MEL-SIN-MEL in Business
        (Doing the same in economy returns slightly better status points per dollar, but probably not worth it for the difference).

  • Is anyone getting horrible wait time?

  • Like other flights connecting in Singapore, it's the free return(eg. MEL-SIN return for $249) and then the normal priced return fare SIN-SGN. Having it ticketed as one ticket is good value though!

  • damn, paid 950 for Cathay the other day :(

  • FYI
    I had a look last night at March ex DRW and the prices were similar to PER too.

  • Perth to Melbourne from around $580-640 return. Maybe Perth-Ho Chi Minh City-Melbourne( return)? Will be cheaper.

  • am i able to buy just a one way ticket? Planning on going Japan from Vietnam

  • Awesome!

    I have a bit of a random question: I have recently married and my wife's passport has her maiden name on it. If I book these tickets using her maiden name (which will match with her passport) will that be ok?

    edit: I swear I was getting HCMC to Adelaide (one-way) for $50pp now cant seem to find anything cheaper than ~$350!!! :(

    • Names should match names listed on passport for all travel and visa purposes. People don't know that you have married unless you tell them. If you book using her married name, that's when you'll run into troubles because her married name on the ticket would not match the name on her passport.

      Alternatively, if you really want your wife to travel with your surname, she has 12 months following the registration of your marriage to change her name on her passport for free.

      Source: I work for the government.

    • DO NOT go to Ho Chi Minh with a wife or gf.. Jesus Christ.

  • $53.17 on the return SGN-SIN-MEL-HBA. Thats $18 a sector!
    Return is still ~$414.

  • Here's some tips:

    *Use the mobile site that isn't too slow, you can use it on Chrome desktop with no issues.
    *You can use it on unadvertised routes, any passing through SIN will work
    *You can buy a one way direct to a destination(eg MEL-BKK) and book the return through Singapore and only pay the BKK-SIN leg(Eg $30).
    *Same on the way out if via another city, eg. SYD-SIN is $330 return.

    *A separate deal but probably not worth it's own post is Malindo Air has flights Perth - Batam (a 40 minute ferry ride from Singapore) via KUL from $92 one way including 30KG free luggage from Jan- April next year and $109 for some flights starting August this year. Not sure if they'd let you retrieve luggage in KUL or not but it still looks a good deal.

  • Note that it's for 7kg only.

  • This is NOT a price error, this is how Jetstar system pricing works. This is actually cause by the Birthday sale. This is how it works.

    Return ticket is FREE and one of the sales route is MEL/SYD/… - SIN and because return leg of SIN - MEL/SYD/… is $0 so if you search ANY destination from Australia which has connecting flight in Singapore, the return leg is just the cost of flight from that destination (mostly Asia) to Singapore which is really cheap. All you need to do is find the cheap departure date and make sure the return flight is within the sale period of Singapore sale period.

    This will also apply to HKG, KUL (~$16AUD return to Mel for example) or ANY destination that is connecting via SIN

  • Don't forget Visa.

  • Jetstar PER-SIN return $157 via Expedia
    Dates October 6 to October 14

  • Anyone know how to apply for a vietnam Visa in Aus? Or do you just go there and apply?

    • Visa on arrival is cheaper, and easier in my opinion. Done it 6 times, no issues whatsoever.

      • How much is it?

      • Visa on Arrival is hit or miss in my experience. Have been stuck waiting for almost 6 hours in the past, other times get approved and let through immediately.

        There are online sites where you can book a Visa (usually through a travel agent) that only cost slightly more - the risk is that many of the sites are fraudulent so you need to find one you can trust.

        Great country/city though, well worth visiting!

  • How the f does melbourne always have it cheaper than Syd?

  • Ho Chi Minh city is wonderful for history and shopping.
    Hoi an is beautiful.
    For visa you need to apply for letter of invitation……online agent, visa pro good yes. That's about $9 a person. You need a photo too.
    Then visa on arrival too that was US$45 but heard it's gone up.

  • Booked return ex. Adelaide. Can't wait to head back! an amazing country!


    $460 Return.

  • This is the fare based on the Birthday FREE return sale for Singapore route so this will ends tonight. Be quick if you still want to book.