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BOSE SoundDock XT Speaker White / Dark Grey $99 (Save $100) @ Myer [in-Store]


Credit to earth at buckscoop
BOSE SoundDock XT Speaker White / Dark Grey $99 (save $100) @ Myer

Introducing the new Bose SoundDock XT speaker. Your iPhone is loaded with music. Your day is loaded with perfect moments to enjoy it. So just dock your iPod or iPhone in the Bose SoundDock XT speaker, and play your music with rich, clear audio.

Product Code 259278670

Edit : Still available in store as mentioned by corgi

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    Half price + Bose = positive from me.

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      Just waiting for someone to complain on how expensive MYER was anyways so no saving here.

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    This doesn't appear to have a battery and only uses AC power which is a bit of a bummer. Would have jumped at this otherwise.

  • Now this is seriously tempting.

    However it seems it's out of stock in all VIC branches…Yet the price justifies delivery surplus!

    Thanks OP for posting.

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      Juts add a $1 item to the cart to get free shipping

      • +2

        That's harder than I expected lol

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          makeup and beauty go to just landed and then sort by price … 3 items for 1.50

        • +1

          @scud70: and don't forget to return them in store for a $1.50 refund :-P

  • these speakers are awesome. Great find

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    Free postage on purchases over $100. Cheapest i can find is socks for $5

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  • any gift card or amex offer?

  • Should be wary that the impending iphone 7 release may make this device a bit more expensive if you intend to upgrade your phone.

    If Apple go with usb-c, you may need to purchase expensive lightning to usb-c adapters that are audio compatible.

    Otherwise the rear aux ports should be good too

    • Also, I find that with docking type speakers tend to have issues with iPhone with a case on. Like my current Sony docking speakers, just couldn't get it fully slotted. I assumed this Bose will have the same issues too. Sticking to my Mini Soundlink.

    • +5

      I think there's very little chance they'll go USB-C. The connectors physically larger than the lightening connector and other than allowing people to use any cable, doesn't really have any advantages so far as the iPhone goes. It'd also impact their MFi program.

      I can see them keeping lightening around for a few years until such as time as they remove the port completely and go completely wireless (or use the smart connector) for charging and data transfers. I imagine they'd see USB-C as a step sideways, not forwards.

      • Except USB type C is ridiculously fast
        Much more so than Lightning connectors

        • Can it daisy chain like Thunderbolt ( yes I know, lightning is different)

          Edit: I meant that Apple could use Thunderbolt instead of USB-C, there are some benefits to that as well. And its keeps everything within the Apple ecosystem.

        • @spawnpoint:
          If you know it's different, then what on earth is the point of bringing it up? Unless your sole purpose is to incite the Apple vs World argument

        • +1

          Lightening can also handle USB 3.0 speeds, as demonstrated by the inclusion of a newer controller in the iPad Pro. I'm not sure really, but it may be capable of running at 3.1 bandwidth with an upgraded controller although none of their devices do that currently.

          Hopefully iOS devices other than the iPad Pro get the faster controller in the coming years. With them moving to 256GB devices for the iPads and allegedly the iPhone I wouldn't be shocked if they are hitting at least USB 3.0 rates in all their devices by the end of this year.

  • This compares well against the JB HiFi Coupon offer @ $149
    (now expired).

  • +5

    Pretty low on the tech front (no bluetooth, no radio, no clock, no battery power), but $99 for Bose - sounds like a good buy.

    Good reviews here > http://www.bestbuy.com/site/bose-sounddock-xt-speaker-white-...

    • +1

      agree with you.

      I was hoping it would have rechargeable battery + AirPlay as well.

    • Yeah no Bluetooth is a killer for me.

    • +1

      Could just add a cheapo bt to lightning adapter from fleabay

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    Honestly guys it's cheap for a reason…its out of date technology, no bluetooth…don't waste you money on something like this !!

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      Agreed. BT is essential for non-ios users

      • Absolutely, once you go Bluetooth you can't go back. I have iOS and even then I can't stand these dock devices they are so annoying & don't work with a lot of cases.

        • +1

          another feature should be a 3.5mm out jack for headphone. Sometimes I want to watch TV or whatever with headphones - late at night or early morning.
          But then that's more circuitry/cost etc in fact why don't they put one in the TV itself.

        • @MITM:

          You can always get one of these Bose® Bluetooth® Audio adaptor :-)

  • +3

    iphone and ipod only? :(

    • +1

      That's why its cheap :)

    • +2

      Pretty certain it also has aux in on the back

  • +2

    Now out of stock for delivery:
    "There is insufficient stock available to purchase this quantity for BOSE SoundDock® XT speaker White / Dark Grey."

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    Beware docking speakers like these - if Apple change their connector or phone in any significant way, this thing will be useless. If you decide to switch to Android, it will be useless.

    Get a Bluetooth speaker instead - more convenient (use your phone whilst streaming music) and far more future proof.

    • +4

      Beware docking speakers like these - if Apple change their connector or phone in any significant way, this thing will be useless. If you decide to switch to Android, it will be useless.

      Does that justify a "beware"? Really? Apple changed connectors once. After using the same one for a decade.

      They'll likely keep the lightning connector until they go wireless.

      Also, bluetooth speakers don't charge your phone.

      • -1

        Yes, really. Buyers should be be aware that these docks can become useless the moment Apple changes their connector. Sure, that may not happen this year or for ten years, and perhaps Apple will build in backwards compatibility (though if past performance is an indicator, don't bet on it), but the possibility remains that at any time this device might be rendered useless and buyers should really be aware of that.

        If you're that concerned about being able to charge your phone at the same time, get a separate charging dock. Or, at the very least, get one of these dockable speakers that also has Bluetooth connectivity so that it has a lifespan longer than your current phone. Are these things really bargains if they're going to end up in landfill within 5 years?

        Oh, and FYI, Apple actually have change their connector more than once. Their 30 pin connector changed its pin layout midway through, rendering a lot of chargers and docks like this useless or severely limiting their functionality. So instead of owning just one speaker over a 10 year period as I'm suggesting, you would have had to have purchased three, or piled on an unsightly tower of adapters to (hopefully) maintain functionality.

        • +1

          I still use a bose dock with a 30pin iphone connector with an old ass iphone, beware all, if you sell your old phone for peanuts, I'll buy it for music storage and spotify purposes.

        • 12 volt (FireWire) 30 pin dock connectors were not totally incompatible with 5 volt (usb) 30 pin. You'd get a compatibility warning and the device wouldn't charge. Just like it won't charge when you're streaming Bluetooth.

          I really can't see Apple moving from lighting for another few years. It's fast enough, reversible and small.

          To be honest, I'm more worried about Bluetooth standards. I've got a very early set of Bluetooth speakers that only work with old hardware. Modern phones can't even see them. I've also heard of the same thing happening with older cars and early BT audio systems. It might not be as much a problem now that the tech has matured but BT can still become redundant or broken with software or hardware updates.

  • +2

    I have Bose Sounddock 3.
    The sound is Ok but please be aware that the lightning cable point is very soft and gets damaged very easily. The cost of replacing it is $175 by Bose. I would suggest Bluetooth model.

  • +5

    For people complaining no Bluetooth or using platform other than iOS, there's an AUX in port at the back next to the power switch =]

    • +5

      If that's the case you could connect a Bluetooth receiver to add wireless support. I believe they're quite cheap.

      • +3

        Or a Google Chromecast Audio…

  • +1

    Out of stock

  • I got one! Yay

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Just bought one and there are 4 left at Myer North Lakes in QLD. The online stock check is not accurate. It says there are none available for click and collect, but I found 5 sets at the store. There are 3 on the lower docking speaker shelves near the computers, and 1 on a top display shelf in between the tvs. Hope this helps!

  • i am waiting for the bluetooth one

    • The bluetooth one is $230.

  • Tried ordering online and got this:

    There is insufficient stock available to purchase this quantity for BOSE SoundDock® XT speaker White / Dark Grey.

    Maybe i'll go instore on my day off work, see if I can get something

  • Just think about the next Iphone will use a different type of port (which is what Apple is good at), then this will become useless overtime.

    • Just think about the next Iphone will use a different type of port (which is what Apple is good at), then this will become useless overtime.

      Isn't that the case with most technology?

      • Yes but going with the relatively more standard technology (Blue tooth or wiki) will last for much longer.

  • This is a great deal for a Bose SoundDock. Don't know why people are complaining about lack of functions, if people wanted that they would have already bought a UE Boom etc., the Aux port is also more than sufficient.

    • I agree that this is really a great price for a Bose product. I was going to purchase an apple dock, charger and basic speakers for my desk at work which would have cost more than $100. I get to have a nice set of speakers with a charger and dock built in for $99 instead.

  • No stock. Only display model available.

  • for those who has not got their speaker, u guys can ask the staffs to order one at this price. For me, the staff even deduct the shipping fee for me, so it will post to me in several days. : )

  • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-BOSE-SoundDock-174-XT-speaker...

    I think I found stock for those interested.

  • Now available online for $99 in Myer website and also in the eBay store


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