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6 Months Free Presto



Wait no more for xmas in July - santaBoomshakalaka is bringing xmas to June with free sh!t for your stocking yo!

Don't be scared homie…

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    Just up voted because of description!

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    I got a headache reading your post. "6 months free Presto" would have sufficed… BOOM!

    • It would've been better if it was 6 months free PESTO : )

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    fo' shizzle my nizzle

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      Does anyone know if Presto has any big Snoopy D-O-double-jizzle, back up in the hizzle? Specifically after Starsky & Hutch.

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    Thank you! My account was due to charge me tomorrow and I had totally forgotten about it! The code applies to existing accounts, but I'm assuming it's for ones in the last month of any previous codes applied.

    So happy to have had Presto for so long and not paid a cent. I've enjoyed the three movies I've watched on there…

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      Good point. I forgot about a six month free trial I was CERTAIN I'd unsubscribed to because of tedious content and connection issues, only to find out too late that Presto had billed me for a couple of months. No invoicing or receipts, so I did't realise until I checked CC statement. I tried talking some sense into someone at Presto (No phone, just email contact) but they basically told me I should have read the fine print and even though my last attempt to log into my account was in the first week of the trial they said I could talk to the hand. Be warned.

      Some fantastic reviews for Presto on this site.

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        They believe people should read what they're signing up for!? How incredibly evil of them.

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          Yeah! Companies should totally hide unfair practices in huge T&C documents… That seems completely reasonable. It's the consumer's responsibility to get legal advice every time they sign a T&C or EULA!

          Your comment is ridiculous.

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          Obviously didn't read the bit in my comment that said I was "CERTAIN" that I'd unsubscribed.
          The irony is almost worth giving you an upvote for… Almost.

        • @rustafaria: it's not hidden. It's how virtually every subscription service on the planet works and is no doubt detailed in non-fine print during the order process.

        • -1

          @The Araldited Wallet: Actually I read the whole post. I was only commenting on this aspect so your certainty is irrelevant.

        • +1

          @callum9999: Hahaha… My certainty is irrelevant. That's a beaut.
          I hope someone says that to you one day so you get to understand how stupid it sounds.

        • @The Araldited Wallet: You hope someone says my certainty doesn't matter one day? Well, whatever you find entertaining….

          (And as you're having trouble grasping the point, it's irrelevant because I'm not discussing whether you should have been charged or not, I'm discussing your feigned shock that they'd expect people to read what they're signing up for.)

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          @callum9999: Stop talking now.

        • -2

          @ensanguined: Are you blind as well as stupid? I already wasn't talking…

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        well with those reviews I'm not sure 6 months free even qualifies as a bargian :0

      • How dare they charge you for a service you subscribed for! Them evil corporations. As for getting a refund for something I didn't use, I tried that on my car insurance… Didn't work :(

        And isn't productreviews just for the 55 and up club?

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          Ugh… You totally missed the point of that comment. Their business model is clearly designed to attract signups to free trials and then start billing customers as surreptitiously as possible so that they don't notice. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's a sustainable business practice that will generate a loyal customer base. It's dodgy.

          But keep snarking away if it makes you feel better, maybe you have shares in the business?

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          and then start billing customers as surreptitiously as possible so that they don't notice.

          What are you talking about, it very clearly tells you that you will be charged $14.99 from XXX date when free period ends. It is not hidden in small text T&Cs, it is in a large popup when you subscribe with the free code.
          You are financially responsible for anything you apply your credit card details, don't pass the buck because you didn't have the presence of mind to set a reminder when it happens.
          I don't get a monthly invoice from Netflix and a few other monthly subs either, I don;t need one, the agreement was very clear for all of them when I signed up.
          I stuffed up on my first 6 month Presto sub, by putting the calendar reminder on the wrong date, I got charged $14.99. Guess what, it was my fault, not Prestos. I didn't complain to them, as I knew full well it was going to happen, because they clearly told me when I signed up. I am responsible for my actions.

        • Another one who struggles with the comprehension. Do you know the difference between didn't, and couldn't?
          The clever ones are out today.

        • @snuke: Did you use the service? I couldn't. That's why I unsubscribed. Then I got charged for it without my knowledge. How hard is that for your to understand?

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          I don't believe the pop-up actually tells you the date. As I recall, the pop up just say 6 months (or 1 month) but not the free period expiry date. Even after logging in and going to Setting->Account Details or Settings->Billing, I still can't see when the free period expiry date. I also don't believe I received an email with the expiry date or the subscription date (from which I could work out the expiry date).

          So the best/only way to avoid being charged is to put it into the calendar as soon as you subscribe.

          But at the same time, I do see your point - we're getting a free subscription and this is a business that needs to make money so of course they are not going to make it too easy for you to avoid paying…

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          @The Araldited Wallet:

          Was I replying to you?
          When you unsubscribe, or pause a sub, you receive a confirmation email from presto, this is the subject form the one I got ages ago, and it was the same again today "Presto Subscription Suspended".
          You were never charged without your consent, sure without your memory, but you clearly didn't cancel or pause as you do receive a confirmation. How hard is for you to understand?
          Is their system ideal? Hell no. It would be great if they did list the date you start to be charged, as would a confirmation email when you sign up, that one is quite odd, and what caught me out first time. I based the cancel date on the first email I received when I was checking it several months later. However that email came 2 weeks after I signed up, so I got one monthly charge. My fault for not noting the date when I singed up, as I am responsible for how I get charges.

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          You're correct, there is no date, it just says:

          100% off for 6 months

          You will be charged $0.00 per month for the first 6 months, then $14.99 per month there after.

          Even under billing it doesn't mention a charge start date, just:

          Next subscription payment
          $0.00 on 19/06/2016
          100% off for 6 months
          You will be charged $0.00 per month for the first 6 months, then $14.99 per month there after

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          @snuke: Yeah, got that, and you are right in that there is a strong possibility that I did't cancel the subs through either a technical or human error, even though my best recollection is that I did.

          My point is, and one that seems to be conveniently overlooked by the smart-arse pedants, is that it's designed to catch you out. The fact that I couldn't use the service is entirely relevant. Also relevant, is that Presto knows full well that I haven't used it.

          Common sense and general fairness would tell me if one of my customers was unable to use a service and didn't use it, I couldn't put a reasonable case for charging them for it. It's morally pretty ordinary, and fairly evident from the reviews that there is a pattern of it with Presto.

          Funny that a similar experience with Netflix should be resolved in my favour after a very amicable ten minute phone call.

          Given this a consumer forum I thought my experience was pretty relevant, and I'm clearly not alone. So why the attitude, I wonder? I was basically trying to warn others from my experience.

          Sure, In future I'll be more vigilant. But in the meantime Fair Trading is talking to Presto on my behalf.
          Hopefully common sense and fairness will prevail.

        • @The Araldited Wallet:

          So why the attitude, I wonder? I was basically trying to warn others from my experience.

          It is the diffusion of responsibility, that drives me nuts. I completely understand what you have been through, but it was the suggestion that Presto should go out of their way to make you aware of info that you are also responsible for knowing. It is your money after all, and no one should or will care about your money as much as you will.

        • @The Araldited Wallet: Because you're not warning people, you're ranting about how hard done by you are from this evil company.

          You'll notice other people who simply remind people to cancel properly aren't the ones being criticised, it's the people trying to absolve themselves of responsibility who didn't follow basic instructions or bother reading what they were signing up to.

        • -2

          @snuke: If they can send you an email telling you what shows are on, they can send you an email telling you that they are about to charge you for something. They can ALSO send you an email telling you they HAVE charged you for it. One is called an INVOICE and the other a RECEIPT. An old fashioned notion, I know, but one that is still used by a few businesses (sarcasm) and certainly one that might help their customers.

        • @callum9999: Not trying to "absolve" myself of anything. You're choosing to see it that way. And if we're going to use vote statistics as a measure of anything lets have a look at this comment…

          At this point I feel like Presto's business model is "wait and hope people forget to cancel subscriptions after their promo code ends".<<<

          +40 votes

          Looks like I'm not the only one who sees Presto's tactics as less than honorable.

          Now… As ensanguined said, "Stop talking now.".

        • @The Araldited Wallet:

          You just keep playing the hapless victim.

        • @snuke: Hahahaha… And you keep playing the idiot who would prefer to make up a fiction about someone and bleat "Caveat Emptor!", than try to understand a basic concept of accountability. Mine is not an isolated case, and there is a good reason for that.
          Most business practices are based on fairness to consumers. Business law is based on this concept, but some businesses do their best to circumvent these principles in order to make more money. Pay-day lenders being a good example. It's a constant battle for authorities, and Fair Trading authorities are up to their eyeballs trying to deal with it.
          In the end, do I care about my thirty bucks? A bit, sure. I care about the principle a whole lot more.

        • @The Araldited Wallet: Using "vote statistics" seems a rather stupid thing to do as it seems in our discussions my posts are more highly rated than yours are…

          I never, ever made the claim you were the only one. Nor have I ever said that they are "honorable" - they're not. Doesn't mean it's their fault idiots such as yourself can't follow simple instructions and cancel your accounts properly and on time.

          If you want me to stop talking then stop talking to me you complete and utter moron! It's a crazy world I know, but if you speak to someone they do tend to speak back to you…

          As to your suggestion that it's normal to invoice people on monthly subscriptions, I've had numerous video and music subscriptions and not one of them invoiced me monthly. It's standard practice in the industry.

        • @callum9999: Hahahahaha… You were the one who bought voting statistics into it. And again you miserable twit (see, I can call you names back), you say I didn't read the contract. Nowhere in my original post do I complain about being tricked. Just that I'd forgotten about it because I was certain I'd unsubscribed, and only found out that I'd been billed after I checked my CC statement.
          I'm glad that you feel personally validated by having more people give your nasty (if erroneous) comment a tick, but perhaps that says more about you than it does about me.
          Let me be the first person to tell you this week to tell you to go and have a running jump at yourself.

      • +1

        LMAO at the reviews . Pretty much sums up my experience with Presto . I'm still on the 9 month freebie , Thanks for reminding me to check my account as after watching a couple of movies in 1980's youtube vision I never went back .

      • +3

        Just signed up to Presto, and it quite clearly says

        "You will be charged $0.00 per month for the first 6 months, then $14.99 per month there after"

        To be honest - I'm not sure that this stipulation could be any more prominently placed than it is…

        • The biggest problem with the way they do it is that 2 months from now it's going to say the same thing, so it's impossible mid subscription to tell when your freebie runs out and you will begin to be charged. Other than going back and finding your original subscription email and counting forward

      • +1

        Do a charge back, they won't counter claim it. Had the same problem.

    • Exactly same here. I thought I had a few more months left on my free trial. Turns out it was gonna start billing me in 5 days.

    • You can actually do the trial then immediately cancel. It will give you the trial still and just end in 6m

      • +1

        Are you sure about that? I understood that your trial would only keep going until the end of that billing month then be closed, not the full 6 months.

        • Worked for mine last year

      • Hey kingmoron - just wondering how you do this? The subscriptions page only seems to provide you the option to 'pause subscription' at most, at which point you no longer have access to any shows/etc.

    • +1

      Any idea how to add this whilst still on a previous promo?

      • Do it via the website under settings. You can't do it on the app. Under your current subscription option is says "add promo code"

        • I'm still on the free 6-month promo (4th month, I think), and on the account screen there is no option for me to "Add promo code". All I can see is a "View promo" button and a "Pause subscription" button. Neither of those allow you to enter a code.

          Does anyone have any tips on where we can enter the new code?

          I did a "View Source" on the HTML and "Enter Promo Code" appears in the source code, but for some reason it's hidden for me when I'm browsing the page. Weird. Will have to investigate further.

          Seems the page source includes the code for the "user-account-promocode-confirm-modal" modal popup, but my user settings page never generates any actual links that would trigger that popup. Maybe Presto just doesn't like me :(

        • I did try but i cant find add promo code option on my account.

        • @44sunsets: How do you enter, how it work seems like same problem as yours,

        • Thanks. Same issue as the others below. Mine runs out in a month.

        • +1

          @44sunsets: I just logged in again and now it doesn't have the option. It was where 'view promo' was. I'm guessing it was originally visible to me because I was in my final month of trial.

        • @Slo20: Thanks for checking! Yep maybe the add promo code link only appears in the final month of the trial.

  • +14

    Has anyone ever paid for Presto?

    • +3

      I reckon i have gone 2 years without paying.

    • +5

      Yup. The poster above.

      On another note, does anyone actually use the service?

  • +46

    At this point I feel like Presto's business model is "wait and hope people forget to cancel subscriptions after their promo code ends".

    • Hahaha… Yep. So noble.

      • +2

        I think they're a spin off of Foxtel? In which case, we shouldn't be surprised.

    • +10

      Imho anything that requires a credit card for a "free" trial is skeezy and predatory, especially if they just quietly start charging without confirming with you… it's exactly the reason I won't try their service!

      • +1

        To be fair, it won't charge you until your free trial is up and it does say it will charge you if you don't cancel.

  • +4

    Still no apps for Panasonic tvs, xbox or windows 10

    • I have Panasonic with Firefox OS, no presto or Stan :(

      • The Presto apps on other Tvs are terrible anyway.
        It logs you out multiple times a night, including mid way through films. It freezes and crashes, and most annoying of all, only lets you fast forward x32 which takes a few minutes to get to previous points to continue watching.

    • No AppleTV4 either 7 months they've been saying we're going to fix it we're working on it, its a high priority blah blah

  • Haha, your descriptions are so funny!

  • +1

    Didn't work for a dormant account

    • +3

      You can try poking it with a stick. Maybe it will wake up and let you apply the code.

  • +3

    How do you apply it to an existing account?

    • +4

      If you’re an existing customer, log into your Presto account online and apply your code and your account details. You’ll only be able to apply the code if you’re in the last month of a current offer or don’t have an offer currently on your account.

      • Thanks for that. Telling me the code is invalid which i assume is due to the face ive already used a telstra code before. Wonder if i just close my account and open a new one i can use this?

      • +4

        Bugger, just used a 6 mth one recently.
        For those who don't know you can suspend your account in the last month and wait for another code. The reactivate acct and apply code.

      • I kept getting the "invalid" message. This happened up to the second last day of the free promo expiry. Until I suspended the account, then reactivated it on the final day. Then the new promo code worked (one from a previous deal). Not sure if the suspension and reactivation made the difference.

      • +1

        May I ask how/where to apply the code under "Account Details"
        I only see Pause subscription but NOT see Add Promo Code
        Thank you

        • Same here. Seems the "Add Promo Code" link is hidden for us.

        • @44sunsets: I just email to [email protected] with my login detail plus Promo code and hope they manual enter for me

    • Works for my existing account, at the page of your subscription, you hover on the plan then you will see the add promo option.

  • Thanks OP!!!!

  • +5

    No Apple TV app
    No app on Optus Fetch TV box
    Still on my first free 6 months and haven't really used it
    My 3 months of Stan just came up so I was hoping presto would have been more accessible
    But thanks for the code I will sure top it up now :-)

    • +2

      No app on Optus Fetch TV box

      Apparently Presto will be on Fetch within the next few months

      • +4

        Apparently Presto will be defunct within the next few months

        Fixed ;)

      • Heard the same from an Optus employee today
        No details on when though

    • NO Panasonic TV (firefox OS) app either, they really suck. Atleast they have one on ps4

    • No Roku or Xbox One either… killing me. And they wonder why the service isn't a huge success?!

  • If your not a current Presto customer, what's the best way of utilising this offer? Do I need to pay for one month then use this code before the second month is charged? Thanks

    • +1

      I have tried to sign up and apply the code and it wants me to pay $10 for the movie component of presto.

    • No need to pay for the first month. I signed up for a free 1 month trial, then applied the code. Maybe you didn't choose the TV + Movies trial when you signed up? There are 3 options.

  • +1

    Mine expires 24/6, but find where to apply a new code. :(

    • Same here, mine expires 21/06/16, yet I can't find anywhere where I can input the Code?????
      Can someone help!

      • I think you have to "pause subscription" first.

        • I did, and still no option to input code.
          I then cancelled my subscription and still no option.

        • Hmm, weird indeed!

  • How to top it up? I thought you can only use the code if you are in your last month of subscription.

  • +2

    Has anyone ever paid for Presto other than the time they forgot to cancel the automatic subscription after the first free 6 months?

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