Parking Thief - Should You Give in to Them?

So I was at shopping centre carpark looking for parking. A car on my left (right next to me) was about leave. So I tried reverse and wait for the spot. But another woman (and her 2 teenager daughters) pulled right up behind me and deliberately blocked me from reversing. I asked her to move back so I could reverse so the other car can get out, but she wouldn't. So I had to move forward a bit to let the car out. Then, the woman behind me jumped right in and took my spot.

Normally I would just swear it off and move on, but something got a better of me that day. My parents got out of the car and asked her to leave, she would't and said its her parking while her daughters giving us the finger. So my dad stood in the spot and wouldn't let her park either.
Another man drove past and jumped to her aid and screaming at us to leave like he about to punch the sh*t out of me and my parents. He said its her parking and we need to leave, and it's his sister (probably just made up)
Then another lady nearby started calling the police and said we were abusing the woman. Both of them had no idea who stole the parking but automatically came to the woman's aid.
Note: the woman is caucasian and so are both the man and the nearby lady. I'm asian background.
In the end, the security guys came and advised us to give in, they were nice enough to find another parking for us.

So, what would you have done? Should you just give up every time and let them just take your parking? Or would you step out and ask them to go away? Was I at the wrong because the person took my parking was female?

What's the moral of the story? Just give up because you just can't win in this situation.


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    Pregnant Lady was standing in parking spot waiting for her husband to arrive in a 4WD.

    I indicated and entered into the spot front first.

    Rolled down my window and kindly asked her to leave.

    Her face turned frowned and looked agro; she pulls out her her mobile phone (i assumed she dialed her husband to hurry up).

    Again, i asked her to "please move"

    Her husband accelerates aggressively in the underground carpark and stops his 4WD and exits his vehicle.

    At this time; the pregnant lady screams "ouch!!"
    hugs the ashphalt
    "The man hit me"

    I turned to my misses and said; "what the f..k?" (still in my vehicle at this point)

    I exit my car and start to take photos of the scene.

    Police arrive at the scene; the front of my vehicle is as dirty as the rest of the vehicle. (NO DIRTS MARKS REMOVED FROM IMPACT OR CONTACT)

    After 15mins of investigating the scene; police took photos confirming my innocence; they told me to leave.

    They explained the couple is not local; and the incident seems suspicious.

    The pregnant lady didn't even notice my misses was in the passenger seat as my witness.

    Ambulance took the pregnant lady away; the ambo said to me "some people have intentions of giving birth in Australia any chance they can"

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      could have been worse. I'm glad the evidence was clear and no clown jumped in half way and take the side accusing you hitting pregnant lady.
      Police should have charged them for false accusation and I hope she didn't have private insurance cos that ambo wont be cheap.

      • There was an grandmother with a pram who viewed the incident.
        She spent 5minutes with the police.

        We thanked her for her time and words to the police.

        "Thanks again Granny!!" :D

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    I like to carry a baseball bat with the price tag on and receipt in my wallet

    that way, ppl wont mess with you.

    if the cops ask, point to the tag and tell them you thought rebel sport is close by as you need to return it

  • I carry a blade in my car for this exact reason.
    I'm lucky though because I'm a 30 year old male and look pretty intimidating.

    I'm a white male and unfortunately it's a white man's world- that's why everyone came to her side. This bitch deserves justice.
    Just say you were waiting for that spot, could they please let you park there… if they refuse, then walk away. On your way out of the shopping centre (or 20 mins later), just casually walk past and drop something near their car or 'trip' over….
    Hello Mr Tyre.

    I never let (profanity) like this get away with it.
    No one teaches them a lesson until they meet me.

    Same with aggro/nasty drivers. I'm curteous, I apologise if I make a mistake by putting my hand up, I let people in as long as their intentions were genuine or an obvious mistake.
    Someone wants to get aggro with me I'll give it to them twice as hard back- point to them and ask them to pull over. They change their tune pretty quickly and will think twice before trying to bully some random next time.

    Selfish bullies need punishment. Don't give in.

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      I carry a blade in my car for this exact reason.

      You must have serious mental reasons to carry a blade serving a purpose to resolve a potential parking dispute.

      It's people like you making this country unsafe and need to be locked up in prison washing dirty laundry

      • Locked up in prison? I carry a blade for protection. I'd never use it on anyone unless I felt my life was in danger.

        It's my opinion that the real scum of the earth are people like those picking on the OP and they need to be taught a lesson. People like this get away with this crap until someone confronts them or teaches them a lesson.

        Nothing wrong with a bit of social justice as long as no one gets physically hurt and the punishment fits the crime.

        How many more people like the OP has this hag done this to?

  • and…this made it to the internet…

  • Her and her family sound like real bogans.

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      If shes fine with her kids flipping finger at an older man, old enough to be their dad or grandpa. Then I can see where they growing up from.

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    The general car parking culture is once you've passed the park and would need to reverse you have passed it up.

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      I think it depends how far you passed or just right next to and just need a bit reverse to get to. But since you're talking about general rules, I follow this one which I always thought the right thing, when someone there first and indicating for a particular spot, its theirs to take. You see, its general and not specific law you need to obliged to, so I use my moral sense.

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        Having to reverse and force other cars to reverse (by any amount - even 1 cm) when parking is a big deal. I think you found this out the hard way. These cultural conventions are established over decades or longer.

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          fair enough, but if you skim through this thread i think you'll find that majority people here believes otherwise and if it happened to them, its the other party will find out the hard way. I wish there were a set rule that 100% population will agree to.

        • @mcp2kpro:

          Did this happen near a high traffic area like the entrance of the car park or was this like more out of the way ? If it was where a lot of cars are coming in then you should have moved and not expect a reverse. Best way to find parking is to stalk someone as they leave the shoppng centre and follow them to their car ;) but if I already see someone waiting I wouldnt go wait behind them. Also werent you able to notice the ppl on your left coming back and unlocking their car from a distance ? you should have started reversing and giving them room to get out

        • @xcess: no it was at a car park row that no one else were there. I saw the lady walking to the car on my left so I started reversing so that car could get out and i could get in. Then the woman showed up behind and block me reversing. So I went forward to do reverse parking. She took the parking as soon as the car got out.

        • -2


          I'm sure she didn't just "show up" i'm sure she was just driving behind you or you know, following that person to their car.

        • @serpserpserp: I'm sure you're right even though you werent there.

        • @mcp2kpro:

          Think it through logically, people don't just "show up" in car parks, they are there looking for a park just like everyone else. Cars just don't appear out of thin air. She has just as much right to the park as you do. Remember that.

  • @OP - This wouldn't be the Fountain Gate Shopping Centre carpark would it? I've had numerous run-ins like you described.

    At the end of the day - if I had my parents or missus w/ me I would've just let it go. Wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happens and parents or the missus' gets hurt.
    It'd be a different story if I was by myself.

    • No it wasn't fountain gate. But thank you for the advise, I wouldn't want anything happens to them either. Just got caught up wrong moment. All good!

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    -Epoxy glue into the keyholes
    -Epoxy glue onto the windscreen wiper blades
    -Epoxy glue the tire air valves
    -Asian fish sauce down the air vents at the front (the whole bottle)
    -If the have rear and front sensors, sticky tape over the sensors

    • haha fish sauce would have been my first weapon of choice.

  • So for ppl saying once you go past the spot then its not yours, then people would just turn into a section and wait at the start and claim the whole section ? what if a car does the same coming from the opposite direction ? do you have "dibs" to the car parks next to him since he's past it ? I always operated under the "first in first serve" but only just for the car parks around where your car is waiting. Which has served me well, but evidently if I ran into some of you guys there would be issues

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      That's a very valid point my friend, so if you past the spot even just 1cm, then its not yours. Then, how many cm in front of you car for you to claim the parking? That's why rule of thumb would be first comes best dressed and luckily 80% of people here would agree. You only have 20% to worry about.

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        Exactly this, if you go past a spot and someone is behind you, it isn't your spot. Like if you leave a queue at the supermarket, if you go 5 metres away or 50 metres away the people behind you are not obliged to let you back in.

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      So what are you saying then, no matter where a car is in the row they get first dibs on any spot that opens up in that row?

      So for ppl saying once you go past the spot then its not yours, then people would just turn into a section and wait at the start and claim the whole section ?

      That's silly and you know it ;) I mean, who are these idiots who just stop in a car park hoping for a spot to open up; if yo see someone leaving you put on your indicator and wait (keeping the spot in front of you).

      • I see plenty especially around busy times or if they have to have the spots right near the shopping centre complex, ppl dont want to waste petrol driving around when you can just stop somewhere and wait

    • This is the most ridiculous thing I've read on this thread so far. False equivalence and it's DUMB AS HELL.

  • It happens.

    I don't think it's a race thing.(I'm Asian too BTW) Have encountered rude park grabbers of different background…. But on the flip-side, the vast majority of drivers will respect your 'parking rights'.

    Kudos to you for standing up though. And more kudos for not retaliating back. (e.g. leaving nails on the tires that will puncture the tire only when they move. So they would notice the flat when they are outside the mall.)

    It sucks, and no option but to just fume it out.

    • Maybe it wasnt race. I didn't say their acts due to racism but they took side base on their racial profiling. You can think otherwise unless you were in exact same spot.
      I don't believe in damaging other people properties or hurt them physically to make my point but I will never step down if others think they can bully me. Even when that man is bigger and intimidate. Just throw the first punch and will see who has the last laugh.

  • The race thing has nothing to do with it, chivalry is more alive than we realise and in many cases I am sorry to say it's unjustly so.

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    Hi @mcp2kpro, I am sorry you had to go through that, and cannot help but think because your background is Asian, that racism may have been at play here. In this day and age it beggars belief this can happen. I know parking can be a sh*** sometimes, but when someone clearly has a spot, why recreate a Seinfeld episode! You were stuck in a catch 22 situation and could have played it 2 ways. Depending on mood many people could have gone either way, including myself. Also, seems they might have been a bit feral, so if you had not moved, and potentially forced them to back up/drive on, you may have found damage to your car upon returning.

    • :(

    • Nothing to do with race. How can you say that? The person who was taking the park probably couldn't even tell what race they were until they got out of the car and stood in the car parking spot and abused the driver.

      • If you read carefully, I didn't say the woman took it because I'm asian. But the people who intervened took side and attack us instead of finding a mutual solution. Now, the point being made, maybe they behave that way because Im asian and they're all caucasian. That's it! You can put more or less words into my mouth but that's not what I imply!

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          Or maybe because all they saw was two grown men harassing a woman with kids.

          "Violence against women, Australia says NO!"

          If you're going to make that assumption or come to the conclusion that it was race related, then don't blame others for making assumptions that are just as reasonable.

        • @Ughhh: wow you watch too much movie, nobody stupid enough to touch a woman in broad daylight.
          They made their assumption based on what they saw, but I cant make assumption based on what I experienced? Are you denying me that right?

        • @mcp2kpro:

          Are you really stupid enough to believe that abuse only comes in physical form?

          No, I'm not denying your right make assumptions, I never said that, please learn to read. I said don't hate and blame others for making assumptions too.

          What's next, you gonna say my comments are racially motivated?

        • I was replying to dlf73.

        • @Ughhh: nah, I have no time to quarry with you, you're just some stranger on the internet and it would be unwise to educate idiot.

        • @mcp2kpro:

          unwise to educate idiot.

          Is that why you haven't learnt anything? Understood, thanks for your honesty.

      • How can you tell it was not race related, where you there? When everyone boo'd Adam Goodes, was any of them simply boo'ing because he was a player for the opposition. You cannot say it wasnt race, but I am not saying it was. I said it may have been! Anyway, from what @mcp2kpro explained, the main issue that started this was the car behind made this situation what it was and what it became, simply by not backing up, or moving on. What happened to the driver who left the spot? Did they contribute to helping sort out the situation, or did they just leave?

    • Thanks @dlf73, it's definitely not wise to force them out of the park and then park at exact same spot. We got so angry and didn't think it through. Specially when some other people jumped in, took side, intimidate us. Then sh*t just hit the fan.

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    Everyone should carry a set of secateurs . As soon as they leave the car and walk into the shops, just chop a front brake line. Boom done.

    • Keyboard warriors who probably don't even drive advocating attempted murder, great. Most likely you wouldn't even have the balls to pull it off anyway.

      • -1

        Where do you live mate?

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    Draw on their windshield with a crappy $2 lipstick, it will come off.. but its annoying as (profanity) to remove because they're oil based.

  • WOW What a lot of comments. Obviously a frequent occurrence. My policeman friend says there are NO RULES when it comes to parking spots. Its a matter of first in best dressed. Just be careful when reversing into a parking spot. If you hit another car for whatever reason you are at fault regardless of who was there first! So if you want to dive into a parking spot its best to dive in front first. That way if another car hits yours whilst reversing into the same spot they are deemed to be at fault. Hard lesson learn't unfortunately.

    • -1

      Luckily most people here would live by that rule "First in best dressed". Only few believe they can get it if they're in better position.
      But that's a good insight coming from a policeman, as some dudes here trying to tell me its illegal to stop or reverse in a parking. Sick of stupid people!!

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    This happens all the time around Auburn, especially at Costco. I want to say couple of things that are not PC. However us normal folk need to be tolerant, and let the abusers of the system just walk right over us. If you don't let them walk over you and stand up to what is right, then you are intolerant.

    Mate I feel for ya, but all you can do is just grab yourself a 6 pack and get some good nights sleep. At least nobody got hurt, and your car is also in one piece.

    • Yup my car in one piece and nobody got hurt, that's something to drink for. I didn't lose anything, just learned some valuable lesson about what's important and what not. Cheers!

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    There's always somebody touting the karma angle … where that somebody relies on Karma as some cosmic force that dishes out the 'just desserts' for people too cowardly to dish it out themselves.

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    What a bad role model for her daughters. I feel for you as it's happened to me too, but they had an old bomb car so a scratch to it wouldn't have mattered:( except I wasn't blocking anyone to get the spot. Unfortunately the car reversing out of the spot reversed "favourably" for the other car to steal the spot.

    • if the daughters can flip FU fingers at older people, then they will definitely flip that FU finger at their mom and dad at some point. It runs in the family!

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    Only once have I gotten into an argument about a carpark.

    It was stinking hot and I had my first newborn in the back, who was screaming the entire time. We found an old couple who had just gotten back to their car with their trolley. We indicated and sat and waited while they sorted their groceries into divided things in the boot, cold stuff in a cooler, took their trolley back etc. I estimate we waited about 5 mins - with a screaming baby it felt longer. There was plenty of space for other drivers to get past, so we weren't blocking anyone.

    They reversed out away from us and ended up facing us, which meant they had to drive past us before we could drive into the park. In the meantime, someone come from the other direction and drove up right behind the old couple and pulled straight into the park. We could clearly see them do it, so they could clearly see us sitting there with our indicator on, but we couldn't do anything as the old couple were still very slowly driving past us.

    I got out of the car and went up to him and told him we had been waiting for five mins with our indicator on, plus a screaming newborn and he had stolen our park. He was exceptionally rude, said he didn't care, my name wasn't on the park and he wasn't moving - it was my bad luck. After some more back and forth, he then walked towards the shops.

    His son (approx.16) sat in the car while he went to the shops. As a new mum, surging hormones and a screaming newborn, I was fuming. I went back to the car and found a bottle of homebrand sunscreen in the glovebox. I took it out, walked back to the car and squeezed the word (profanity)! across his entire windscreen - top to bottom, side to side. I didn't get a drop on the paint and it was very clear to read.

    The poor kid didn't know what to do. I apologised for having to do that while he was there, and asked him to pass the message onto his dad. I then got back into our car and suggested we should probably leave.

    These days I don't consider it is worth the risk of arguing with someone and then leaving my car unattended. Some crazy person might do something like write on my windscreen with sunscreen.

    • That's brilliant!!! Well done for standing up for yourself.
      Definitely not wise to argue with them and then park at exact same spot. Let them have it and then taste a little surprise when they get back.

    • Could've used your newborn baby's nappy and smudged the whole car with it lol. If there's poo in it even better.

  • Leave a nail resting infront of the tyres. Technically you haven't damaged the car, you just placed something on public property.

    or Post a post it sticker on the drivers door saying you pee'd on their door handles.

  • +1

    Take a dump on a piece of paper and wipe it on all the door handles.
    I heard a story of a guy at school who did that once…
    Film the reaction and put it on youtube… make lots of money as the video goes viral.

    • I can't imagine the logistics of this feat. Would you go to the public toilet and take a dump on some thick newspaper, while holding in the number 1. Then carry it back to the parking lot without anybody noticing you are carrying something funky?

      • -2

        It's doable, You take a dump, then wipe your butt with a piece of paper, keep it in a plastic bag or your lunch box. Then go and wipe it onto the handle.
        It takes time & effort but certainly doable lol

      • the old dookie crayon…chip packets are good for this, doesn't seep through al foil like it would paper

      • hahah I never thought about the logistics of it.. I think he might've squatted next to the car to do it… he was asian.

  • Having been in similar situations, I felt sympathy for you - that was until you made this a racial thing. Had the shoe been on the other foot, said person would be slaughtered and quite frankly, I'm sick of the hypocrisy. They found you another car park - be grateful.

    • I'm grateful for the security man who found us another parking. I am NOT grateful for the b*tch who took my parking. I am NOT grateful for the man who jumped in half way and intimidate us. I am NOT grateful for the nearby lady who called the cops on us for abusing the woman while I did not touch her nor her car.
      If they were asian, I would say they're Asian. If they were Indian, I would say they're Indian. If they were anything else, I would say what it is. You have a problem with other people state what they see? Are you so afraid of political correctness that you're not allowed to say certain words?
      What good are you if you can't even say the thing you want to say? Might as well live in North Korea or Vietnam, which where I came from btw. You got no right to speak up there. And if you can't even do that here. Well then good luck Australia!

  • Put a cactus on the seat!

    • lol most creative solution, hands down!!!

  • If it's like a commodore and you can open the fuel lid just by pushing it, piss in tne fuel tank. The car will be halfway down the road before it splutters out. One time at jupiters casino i threw a used condom (not tied) into a bmw convertible.

    • +2

      Do you carry used condoms (not tied) around with you just in case?

      • Picked up at the old "Edge" nightclub at Broadbeach and had a root in the back of my Commodore wagon parked at the casino. Being environmentally responsible and not throwing the franger on the ground for it to go into the waterways for some dolphin to choke on, i made the drunken decision to launch it into a bmw.

    • Sure you did mate.

      • My "date" for the night thought it was friggin halarious !

  • This kind of case isn't as fatal as what I experienced.

    I tried using the pedestrian cross in the quiet spot and tried to cross without waiting the car to stop because they're still a bit far away (Because I reckon the car mostly will respect the sign and slow down).

    Turn out they speed up abit and I almost took a step and got hit. Happen twice, to me. First is the douche bag with SUV Mercedez (Doesn't look & ignored at me like nothing happened when I glare-WTF at him) & 2nd time it happens it's with the Taxi (Quite normal as they value their time, but still they need to respect the Pedestrian Cross)

    • +1

      That SUV guy probably on the phone, look out every time you cross the road as some idiots may be busy updating their facebook status.

  • +1

    I have not read all the comments but if you have to reverse the park is not yours. Idiots who reverse to get car spots behind them cause accidents and inconvenience to all. There was no mention of who was first to indicate which is always a good indicator(pardon the pun) as to who should get the park. Move on and get another park in front of you…No drama!

  • had similar situation and a crazed lady tried to run over my wife. she had to jump out of the way. i know its not nice but police wont do anything as you are legally in the wrong if you have to reverse or go around again. they told me you arent allowed to hold a parking spot. best to move on and find another car park spot and return later and let her tyres down to piss them off.

  • Wow… 5 pages and still going…. wouldn't want to cross you man, you surely can hold a grudge :-P

    • nah just lots of comments from other people, its them you dont want to cross :-)

  • Was it happening in Burwood Westfield Last week?

    • no, you saw another fight there?

      • yes, pretty much the same scenario.

  • +1

    Had the same thing happen to me once at a shopping centre’s parking lot a couple of months ago. The d*ck who took my spot was a Lexus-driving douchebag who thought it's okay to barge in and snatch a parking spot from someone who has waited 5 mins for it. I usually let such things go but I was having a bad day and something inside me snapped. I started swearing and hurled abuses at him for at least 5 minutes until I ran out of breath. I was so loud that even passersby stopped to see what the ruckus was about. I am not proud of what I did but some things just tip you over the edge and this was one of them.

    • Exactly that, things like this sometimes get out of hand pretty quickly and I wish I could walk away every time. But if you don't tell them to fck off every now and then, they won't learn.

  • +4

    I had a very similar situation at a car wash last weekend, at one of those ones where you wash the car yourself.

    A woman decided to force her way in front of me because I had to reverse to allow the car to exit. I had been waiting there for 20+ minutes. I even had a petrol receipt to prove the time I arrived. My wife managed to feed our month old baby in the time we were waiting there.

    Anyway this woman who had only waited amaximum of 3 minutes butted in. She made no eye contact as these types of people often do.

    I was fuming, but didn't say anything, I never do. Luckily a minute or two later another car left so I could wash my car (right next to her)
    I waited till she'd nearly finished washing the car then gave an 'accidental' blast with the pressure washer in her general direction. I absolutely soaked her.
    I took a look a leaf out of her book and didn't make eye contact as I was committing the crime, which apparently voids you of any wrongdoing.

    It's not often you get to have the opportunity for revenge.

    Anyway the moral of this story is to always carry a pressure washer. So if someone steals your spot, give them a faceful!

    • +1

      Yours is much different to the OP, you actually deserve the spot that was stolen. You waited. You didn't happen to be there, past the waiting position, then expect traffic to reverse a lot for you because you only just realise you past the spot.

      • The lady shouldnt have turned in, it would seem obvious the OP was waiting there for a spot. I agree she shouldnt have to reverse if shes been waiting there with thdriv for a while but she decided that OP must just be bored waiting in the middle of the carpark for no reason. Ok even if she thought wrong about the OP wouldnt you just move on after been told that they want the spot.

        Also I am all for the harmless revenge but not so much the ones which might cause accidents while driving

        • It's normal for a car to reverse a bit so that they can get into the best position to park. As long as they were there first and indicate which spot they want to park in. Some idiots come after and try to convince themselves that if the car in front of them need to reverse even just a centimeter, they lose their spot and you're free to block them and force them out.
          These kinds of people deserve a shit on their windscreen.

        • @mcp2kpro: Assuming that you are talking about forward perpendicular parking I don't think having to reverse is normal at all (especially having to reverse before you have entered the parking space).

          Here is a video that might help?

    • That was a sweet revenge, nice and wet. Well done!

  • +1

    These kind of situations would infuriate me. But I agree life is too short, but the damn principal! In these cases, I just wish I had too much money, and didn't give any (profanity) and just reversed right into her car, and drive off, that would have felt pretty nice. Oh well OP, hopefully you don't encounter these kind of trashy people ever again.

    • It happens many times before when the parking gets busy. Often I just swear it off and move on. I just wish I could keep my calm every time.

  • +1

    Life ain't fair… Get over it.

    Take a Mandarin restaurant in Sydney that charged English-speaking customers 10% more for food..

    Racism is everywhere and to be perfectly honest Asians are just as bad the rest of us. From dumpling restaurants that only employ their own nationality to suburbs that only have Chinese/Vietnamese staff with not a coloured worker in sight perhaps you should spend more time asking why they don't employ other nationalities instead of playing victim.

    I am part Asian (born here to Aussie/Asian parents) so I have every right to criticize when I see the majority of Asian businesses being racist in only employing their own kind.

    • -1

      Then criticize if you see any asian being racist, I ain't stopping you. I didn't say only caucasian is racist either. Don't just assume!
      So I have no right to say what I have experienced because other Chinese restaurants also racist?
      And what with the "their own kind" wording. You sound racist and you probably don't even know that.

  • Also what happens if someone else came up the ladies rear? does she lose that spot then?

    • what happens if someone else came up the ladies rear?

      That would make it a three-way.

      does she lose that spot then?

      Should hit the spot, I dare say.

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