Parking Thief - Should You Give in to Them?

So I was at shopping centre carpark looking for parking. A car on my left (right next to me) was about leave. So I tried reverse and wait for the spot. But another woman (and her 2 teenager daughters) pulled right up behind me and deliberately blocked me from reversing. I asked her to move back so I could reverse so the other car can get out, but she wouldn't. So I had to move forward a bit to let the car out. Then, the woman behind me jumped right in and took my spot.

Normally I would just swear it off and move on, but something got a better of me that day. My parents got out of the car and asked her to leave, she would't and said its her parking while her daughters giving us the finger. So my dad stood in the spot and wouldn't let her park either.
Another man drove past and jumped to her aid and screaming at us to leave like he about to punch the sh*t out of me and my parents. He said its her parking and we need to leave, and it's his sister (probably just made up)
Then another lady nearby started calling the police and said we were abusing the woman. Both of them had no idea who stole the parking but automatically came to the woman's aid.
Note: the woman is caucasian and so are both the man and the nearby lady. I'm asian background.
In the end, the security guys came and advised us to give in, they were nice enough to find another parking for us.

So, what would you have done? Should you just give up every time and let them just take your parking? Or would you step out and ask them to go away? Was I at the wrong because the person took my parking was female?

What's the moral of the story? Just give up because you just can't win in this situation.


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    In all honesty, if you were already beside the car when it started reversing, to the point where you needed to reverse, it was no longer your parking spot.

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      I disagree, it belongs to the person who was there and waited first. Even if I didn't want to reverse, I should be able to move forward and do reverse parking?

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        You weren't and hadn't been waiting for that car, otherwise you wouldn't be right behind the car. It was bad timing and bad luck. Lady didn't need to reverse for you.

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          actually I was there when the person got in her car, then when I tried reverse a bit to let her out, the other woman came up and blocked me. Sure she didn't need to give a bit of way for me, but tried to block other person from getting to their parking is low, way low.
          So you're saying the parking belong to the other woman? What if I did the exact same thing and not moving my car so she couldn't get in the parking? Surely, I didn't need to move my car right?

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          @mcp2kpro: I agree that the woman was mean, I would have let you reverse if I were her, but the timing of your situation was just unfortunate. Sometimes I see that a parked car is reversing just as I approach it. If I can reverse safely, I do that. Otherwise I just let it go. Life's too short as it is and you will shorten your life if you raise your blood pressure over these things.

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          @greenpossum: and I completely agree it wasn't worth raising my blood over these things, sometimes you got angry and got carried away.
          In all fairness, its a public space and nothing belongs to anyone. People need to learn to share and be kind to each other. Like you need to give way on the road, slow down and let the other person merge in your lane, or change lane and let the car behind you taking over. That sort of things. It's not hard and you certainly don't need to be a a$$hole. I think that's my point.

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          actually I was there when the person got in her car, then when I tried reverse a bit to let her out,

          The difference is, you happened to be going past them while they were entering their car. You weren't like 3 cars ahead of the car spot, stationary and waiting for them.

          If you didn't move your car, you would be blocking traffic, including the car trying to get out. Just because you saw it first doesn't make it yours, you were a few seconds too fast and missed the chance.

          Like you said

          In all fairness, its a public space and nothing belongs to anyone.

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          @Ughhh: That's an interesting theory. So I been parking wrong all these times. Whenever I see a car in front of me waiting for parking, whether they are stopping right next to or a bit past & need to reverse slightly, I tend to go look elsewhere and assume its not mine. But now I know its mine to take and I should just stop behind them and block them instead.
          I wonder if that's right way to do?
          "In all fairness, its a public space and nothing belongs to anyone", this also applies to the person trying to block others. Why not be polite and give way?

        • @mcp2kpro:

          I never said whether that is the right thing to do in that lady's position, it is no doubt a jerky move, but not illegal. Like you said, you were right behind the reversing car, so you didn't need to reverse "slightly", you needed to reverse a lot.

          You're just having a big sook because of bad luck and bad timing. Move on, you win some you lose some.

        • @Ughhh: If it was illegal, I'd call the cops and not posted here. It wasn't a matter of luck either, just some people being jerk and hence I posted it here to see how would others react differently or who had same experience.
          You keep contradicting your opinion, if it was bad timing and it wasn't my parking, then it's hers to take. So why would she be a jerk according to you? Never mind, I'm getting more confused the more you say. So just move on hey?

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          Am I talking to a brick wall?

          She was a jerk for not being kind and reversing for you. It was bad timing for you because you missed an opportunity (which she took). You're clearly upset and the emotions are fogging your brain to think clearly.

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          @Ughhh: Op was sitting stationary and waiting for the car. It is most definitely his spot!

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          A car on my left (right next to me) was about leave

          When you see a car about to leave the spot and you're waiting for a car to leave, do you stay stationary right behind/right next to the rear of the car leaving? If so, how dangerous and weird!

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          @Ughhh: Oh thanks god finally you made some sense. So the lady was a jerk and I had every right to go off. Thank you sir for the clarification.

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          You have to right to go off, feel entitled and cry at anything you want, doesn't mean you're right or deserve what you want. My point was never you not having the right to be annoyed. A few fries short of a happy meal!

        • @jzdhgkd: OP was driving past when they realised someone was leaving and decided to try and reverse back; who waits for someone to leave by parking right behind the car they are waiting for? Unless OP had just stopped in the car park for no reason… It was just bad luck that another car park warrior came right up behind them.

          So I had to move forward a bit to let the car out. Then, the woman behind me jumped right in and took my spot.

          Should have put your hazard lights on and said "oops, my car just broke down."

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          I'd say if you have to reverse to let someone out it's not your spot. Id be annoyed if I had to reverse because the person in front of me wanted to reverse to take a parking spot.

        • @FatBlanket: fair point, you might feel annoyed if you need to reverse and give way to someone else, but deliberately blocking them is another thing.

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          @mcp2kpro: I would say that if one person was clearly indicating they wanted the spot first its theirs. Sometimes being in front of the car is the only safe place to be and still be out of the way of traffic, that doesn't mean any jerk can come up behind you and take the spot. What if you had been waiting 10 minutes with the indicator on? Some a-hole did this to me once and I beeper and yelled, he was like screw you, and I told him he'd better get out of the spot before I get out of my car, which I then did. Not my proudest moment but he got the picture quick.

          TBH OP when I started reading your post, the first thing I thought was you are Asian and these people are probably Aussie. I don't know why I thought that but it must be the fact that I have grown up here and seen the racism so much that I could tell you the opposite situation is just not likely to happen

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          @Jackson: People these days get so sensitive about anything and even afraid to say it like it is.
          But racial asides, I'm surprised that some people here think that when you stop and wait for the car to get out is illegal (as long as you don't just stop, hold up traffic and wait for a chance of someone leaving). If you reverse, even just a metre, its illegal. And it is OK for you to come up behind someone, took their parking when its clearly they were there first and indicating to get that spot. Seems like I just opened a can of worm here.

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          Have you seen the posts above? If you're the kind of person that doesn't think that the OP deserved this park, you're going to end up with poo under your door handles one day.

        • @johnno07:

          Yes I have. Have you?

          Well, I've been driving for 10 years and no dumps/keying etc. I await your mammoth dump.

          If you're slow and unobservant, things like this (the parking, not dumping) will happen to you.

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          @Ughhh: This. We weren't there so we can't argue the facts. But when I'm in OP's situation I subscribe to the 'if traffic has to move for me to get this spot I should probably look for the next one' theory. It just helps make the world go 'round.

          It's easy to imagine the other party posting on a forum: "so there I was, looking for a park, when someone was leaving from the perfect spot for me to pull into. I couldn't believe my luck! But then the goose in front of me tried to get all of us to back up so they could take it, blocking the car pulling out. Then the dad gets out and starts acting like a madman, threatening us and standing in the spot. What is this world coming to?!"

          Not saying that's the truth: just pointing out that their pov is probably no less valid than yours. We often discern malice, ill-will and injustice where there is simply only a difference of opinion. It's a mark of our character whether we choose to take offense at such things. If you think that's hippy speak let's start two polls: how many of you have felt offended by the actions of another recently? Now: how many of you have set out purposely to offend someone recently. Bit of a disparity, right?

          tldr: people aren't out to get you. stuff happens. stop taking everything personally.

      • I agree with u

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    Push your trolley near there car and accidentally scratch the side, back and other side. These accidents from trolleys happen all the time. Also the wind can sometimes break off windscreen wipers. These always seem to occur when cameras are not around

    • Cameras are everywhere these days … even if the target car doesn't have a dashcam, the one next to it might and you'd be surprised what it'll pick up.

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      Interesting usage of "accidentally". o_0

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    Pick your battles. Fighting over parking is never a good idea. It can quickly heat up and the next thing you know is someone pulling a knife or a tire iron.

    Take extra care when dealing with bogans of any colour.

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    Has happened to me and I casually said 'sure, you can park there, leave your car and go shopping, no problem'. Then wait and watch them park. The person I said that to was with someone who stayed in the car. I had to find another parking spot but I made their shopping experience less enjoyable.

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      haha, not bad, not bad sir!!

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      Logged in to + I like this.
      100% guarantee it will make their shopping experience less enjoyable
      Will try next time
      Ozbargain, life lessons one post at a time

    • This +1

    • Has happened to me and I casually said 'sure, you can park there, leave your car and go shopping, no problem'.

      Even better than this. There is no explicit threat of a criminal act and the psychological effect is probably deeper and longer lasting.

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    KFC gravy the shit out of the theif parking bitches car that did it to me. Slag had no idea because I walked passed her going off her nut at security for it happening.

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      This. Too many white knights in this forum. Revenge is dish best served with KFC gravy

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    Just find another spot, but then come back to her car and key all the side so deep that she will get to fix it

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      Which is probably what would have happened to OP if he had got the parking spot.

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      Did I scream racist? I only stated what it is. The man and nearby lady would jumped into the woman's aid, I didn't see any of them would try to break the fight but instead started screaming at me and called the police?

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        Because whilst they had the parking spot, you were there yelling; to other people it looked like you were causing trouble.

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          no I wasnt yelling, that man who drove past and jumped out of his car yelling at us.

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      Could be, you never know?
      Still lots of prejudgement happening around the place.

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        People is scared to even say the word racist these days. They pretend it doesn't exist. While I don't scream out racist but I'm not naive either.

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          All sorts of discrimination exist in Oz. Best to just ignore it. maybe get pay back another way mate.

        • @captobvious: yeah so I learned. Thanks for all the creative ideas mate :)

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        Reminds me of the time when two Caucasian males tried to rob me. When I started fighting back, other Caucasian bystanders were yelling at me and telling me to "leave them alone". Biggest injustice I've ever felt in my entire life. I was only 16 or so back then so didn't think much of it. Sickens me now when I think of it now.

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          "leave them alone"

          Maybe you looked androgynous and they were referring to you…

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          @Scrooge McDuck:

          Hahaha nice one :)

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          Id tell bruce lee to leave them alone too. That would just be unfair

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        I reckon the consideration of drivers have for other drivers are terrible in Australia. Plenty of times I have seen drivers stopped at a red light who block the left-most lane for other drivers when clearly if they closed the gap between the car in front of them, they can let other drivers squeeze past them. Most of the time they are oblivious to the surroundings and don't give a rats ass about other people.

        Also Ive seen way too many times where people just refuse to let you merge into the lane, instead opting to drive ahead of you as to not let you get in front but when it comes to merging themselves, they just barge in expecting the other person to automatically give them the space. I'm not saying this happens all the time but over the years the number of cars on the road increased significantly and there are still people who drive like the road is empty and theirs.

        I've driven in other countries where there are far more cars on the road but they at least have consideration for others. Maybe because they have always had a lot of drivers that they have grown accustomed but in all honesty there are a fair dinkum lot of people here that are just plain (profanity). And I'm saying this as a naturalised Australian..

        And I'm not saying these drivers are all Australian, Caucasian, Black, Yellow since I don't know where they are from but just drivers in Australia in general where ever they may be from

        • It's true, unfortunately drivers in Australia are probably some of the worst in the Western world.

          Too many super heroes behind steering wheels these days.

  • Time to give out free pin stripes.

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    Piss in window vent then nails under tyres. Do not make a scene. You should of acted like a ninja

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      that would require a 5 foot long d!ck sir, that alone already make a scene lol

      • Improvise sir. Big w have hoses too

      • piss in a Gatorade bottle, pour bottle

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    Just casually lob an egg at the windscreen as you leave IMO

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      I prefer fish sauce :) It would spice up on a hot summer day!!

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          You want to know what I think? Yes it was racist. Would that guy jump on me if I was a big white man? HELL NO!! Did I tell him to (profanity) off? Yes sir I did.
          Whether you think its race involve is your own opinion. Not many people will admit there is racism exists. Censor that word won't make it goes away!

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    Should have just played it cool, then cover your face and key that b*tch's car.

    • then cover your face

      What about your number plate which has already been captured by CCTV?

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    This is the reason I walk/Uber everywhere;)

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    Did you clearly have your blinker on before the woman behind you pulled up? If yes, then she is just a jerk. If no, then the woman probably thought you had gone past and you missed your opportunity.

    • Of course I did signal, and I certainly didn't go past the car, just right next to it and reversed back so that the car could get out. The woman then pulled up behind me and just blocked me.

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    Forget about it and move on with your life.
    Invest your self with this and nails. After she's done parking, deflate all 4 and stick em nails to the side of tires.

    5minute job.
    deflated and non-repairable.

    • I really hate that kind of person who op dealt with, but damage another car is not a nice idea. A car itself didn't make a bad decision, but the bitch did. Let karma bites her.

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    Nah, I ain't giving in to that. I would walk right back with a key in between my fingers and key the f*** out of that car.

    They won't come out without anything happening to them if they outright disrespected me like that, race, culture religion or whatever.

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    So, what would you have done?

    Sounds like you were in a suburban shopping center in the middle of a weekday. I don't understand how you had to 'wait' for a parking spot … there's always plenty of parking on weekdays. I tend to look for spots a little further away from the shops/other cars, because I don't like people dooring my car (but that's just me).

    The problem is your initial response was probably too 'polite' and they sized you up based on your ethnicity/accent/physical build. Sending your parents out didn't help your cause either. If you showed them a little bit of crazy in the first instance they wouldn't tried that sh*t with you.

    Go to Bunnings, buy a bag of cement … harden the f**k up.

    • It was a busy day and might have been a Saturday.
      Why would I send my parents out? if you read my post, I decided to jump out because my parents was fed up and got out of the car to tell the woman to get off. Her teenager daughters flip the FU finger at my dad.
      Why didn't I go crazy at her? She's a female for a start and secondly, whether I went crazy or not, other people already jumped to her aid and yell at me while a lady calling a cop saying I was abusing the woman.
      Now, the guy who yell at me was caucasian and big, did I get scared? (profanity) NO! Did I tell him to (profanity) off and mind his own business? YES I DID. I'd like to see if that big guy would throw a punch first or was it all big talk. If I bought a bag of cement, it would go to that b*tch car I promise you.

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          @mcp2kpro: I have found that in forums there will be 1 or 2 people who will always have something negative to say. You are never going to convince everyone but I'm sure many people can see it from your point of view.

          I would be equally pissed at your situation and especially when a teenage brat flips a finger at my dad.

          And the white male probably decided to intervene not because of racism but possibly racial profiling. Inside his head he sees an Asian male (subconsciously labelled as 'weak') and a woman and her teenage kid/s (damsel in distress with kids = alpha mode triggered) and felt like his place to be aggressive and try to be the hero of the day. Unfortunately when he is worked up, he will not reason with you and will not listen to you.

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          Yes and wusses like you have the guts to only say things on the internet.
          Perfectly ok to present a different perspective but in one swift post, you have pretty much summed up yourself as a douche.

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