Parking Thief - Should You Give in to Them?

So I was at shopping centre carpark looking for parking. A car on my left (right next to me) was about leave. So I tried reverse and wait for the spot. But another woman (and her 2 teenager daughters) pulled right up behind me and deliberately blocked me from reversing. I asked her to move back so I could reverse so the other car can get out, but she wouldn't. So I had to move forward a bit to let the car out. Then, the woman behind me jumped right in and took my spot.

Normally I would just swear it off and move on, but something got a better of me that day. My parents got out of the car and asked her to leave, she would't and said its her parking while her daughters giving us the finger. So my dad stood in the spot and wouldn't let her park either.
Another man drove past and jumped to her aid and screaming at us to leave like he about to punch the sh*t out of me and my parents. He said its her parking and we need to leave, and it's his sister (probably just made up)
Then another lady nearby started calling the police and said we were abusing the woman. Both of them had no idea who stole the parking but automatically came to the woman's aid.
Note: the woman is caucasian and so are both the man and the nearby lady. I'm asian background.
In the end, the security guys came and advised us to give in, they were nice enough to find another parking for us.

So, what would you have done? Should you just give up every time and let them just take your parking? Or would you step out and ask them to go away? Was I at the wrong because the person took my parking was female?

What's the moral of the story? Just give up because you just can't win in this situation.


  • I'd just give in and then key their car afterwards…

    • I'll try do that next time even if its just once to satisfy the bastard in me.

  • These days, given u hv time to waste i'd say just block the parking space if u believe that the space was urs. By defiition that u hv signal first n is closer to the parking spot n u waited before her.

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      seems like you dont have time to waste with all the abbreviations

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    In this situation, if you go strictly by the rules when parking in car parks, there are none, so it comes down to common sense and decency. Common sense or logical thought would lead you to applying the road rules to the same situation ie you do not reverse down a one way street for any reason so you would not reverse down a lane (with a directional arrow) in a car park to get a park behind you. Idiots who reverse to get car spots behind them cause accidents and inconvenience to all. Based on the response from the OP and others it appears there is also a lack of decency. This is where common sense for the driver behind kicks in and if the driver reversing to get a park looks a bits suspect/loony/insane let the fruitcake take the park so any risk of repercussions is low. Even though the driver behind is in the right, they just have to let it go.

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    Some people have mentioned racism, and I think they're only half right.

    I'd bet real money that those who believe it would be fine to reverse (and that others should reverse also) come from a similar culture (one that is predominant on this website).

    In the local culture, once you've passed it, it's gone. You can try to reverse but if someone is behind you and doesn't let you, then that's their choice. We do this as it's considered courteous and respectful.

    These cultural differences are obvious to anyone that has eyes and isn't scared of being called names because some people (incorrectly) consider it 'un-pc'. It's just a cultural difference, and it's OK that we are different - the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same.

    Just take a look at any train station on any morning and see who is blocking the doorway, trying to board as soon as the door opens while preventing the people onboard trying to get off, who pushes in front of others, who doesn't believe in the concept of a queue, etc.

  • I don't think the spot was yours because your car was in a position that was blocking the occupant of the spot from leaving, so technically you were passed it.

    It sounds like you're trying to make a racial / sexism issue out of nothing.

  • the (profanity)?

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