Parking Thief - Should You Give in to Them?

So I was at shopping centre carpark looking for parking. A car on my left (right next to me) was about leave. So I tried reverse and wait for the spot. But another woman (and her 2 teenager daughters) pulled right up behind me and deliberately blocked me from reversing. I asked her to move back so I could reverse so the other car can get out, but she wouldn't. So I had to move forward a bit to let the car out. Then, the woman behind me jumped right in and took my spot.

Normally I would just swear it off and move on, but something got a better of me that day. My parents got out of the car and asked her to leave, she would't and said its her parking while her daughters giving us the finger. So my dad stood in the spot and wouldn't let her park either.
Another man drove past and jumped to her aid and screaming at us to leave like he about to punch the sh*t out of me and my parents. He said its her parking and we need to leave, and it's his sister (probably just made up)
Then another lady nearby started calling the police and said we were abusing the woman. Both of them had no idea who stole the parking but automatically came to the woman's aid.
Note: the woman is caucasian and so are both the man and the nearby lady. I'm asian background.
In the end, the security guys came and advised us to give in, they were nice enough to find another parking for us.

So, what would you have done? Should you just give up every time and let them just take your parking? Or would you step out and ask them to go away? Was I at the wrong because the person took my parking was female?

What's the moral of the story? Just give up because you just can't win in this situation.


        • @sp00ker:
          has anyone ever told you your sarcasm and humour is really subpar, predictable and not funny at all?

        • @djc926:

          has anyone ever told you your sarcasm

          I don't think you know the meaning of the word, but you're forgiven, yet again. I'll put it down to your NESB.

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    Learning operates on behaviour —> consequence conditioning. Under operant conditioning, if you wanted to reduce the chance of them being assholes to the next poor sod, you would use positive punishment to deter them; keying their car, ripping their mercedes logo off, etc. etc.

    • +1

      sometimes, its the only way to educate people, as harsh and mean as it sounds. Otherwise, when will they get the message?

      • Not really, people don't quite work that way. But it will certainly make you feel better :)
        People looove to punish. Makes them feel good to be righteous

        • The reason it doesn't work is because it isn't consistent. While I may hold this philosophy and punish them, will the next guy do it? If it doesn't happen everytime, it doesn't work. But it's been proven time and time again that if its consistent, it will work on rats, and these people tend to have brains equivalent to that of a rat, no?

        • @Terra Australis:
          Your aware with classic conditioning, any delay between the behavior and the punishment/reward diminishes the association greatly, yes?
          After 2 hours of shopping… good luck is all I can say.

          But if you had to bash someone, its always better to bash an (profanity) -> Something my grandma use to say.

        • @outlander: It's not classical conditioning, it's operant conditioning. We're not dealing with animals, with humans a delay between the behaviour and consequence is okay.

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    I've had this happen before, still makes my blood boil.

    I contemplate shoving a potato right up in their muffer next time..

    • best to have some groceries shopping done before that hey, then you'll always be equipped with egg, fish sauce and potato haha

      • Easier (and more hygenic) option would be to keep 4x big sturdy self-tapping screws in your glovebox.

        Put one of them braced up against each tyre (in front of the tyre obviously). Enjoy your revenge

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    Some people are ^#@$&@#@!. Let them have the spot without issue, but when they leave their car…. :)

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    So, what would you have done?

    Looked for another parking spot.

    What's the moral of the story?

    Proverbs 11:12

  • What may have happened is the OP has driven past the spot.
    Car behind sees people leaving and puts their indicator on waiting for the park.
    OP is slow to realise the car next to them is about to leave and tries to reverse.
    OP and their parents get out of car, create a scene and become aggressive towards the other driver.
    OP claims it's because they are asian. Could also be right.

  • Be polite and advise her that she can either move her car or when she returns she will have 4 flat tyres.

    Of course, don't vandalise her car but the thought will have her worried the whole time she is away from her car.

    • That's probably the most peaceful and effective solution :)

    • Be polite and advise her that she can either move her car or when she returns she will have 4 flat tyres.

      But what if you "win"?

      You take the space and your property is now at risk of retribution? :/

  • keep a wheel lock in your car for situations like this. you can get a cheap one on ebay for $20.

    $20 well spent

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      Worst case scenario, you wheel lock a locksmith

    • Ha awesome

    • +1

      I actually do try to keep something heavy - like a spare wheel lock or shovel - in my car for similar situations. I'm not an instigator and I definitely don't fire up (but other people do!), but i do like knowing that I have some sort of protection if things got really heated

  • Take a dump on their car.

    I don't encourage this behaviour but I believe it's effective.

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      Nah, you'd get done for indecent exposure. Best to carry a dump with you for these occasions.

      • Best to carry a dump with you for these occasions.

        Or just an ice-cream container.

        • You wouldn't want to waste ice-cream.

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    Just keep going, scum like this aren't worth your time. The kind of woman who is okay with her kids being in the backseat giving the finger is someone who you don't want to be like.

    I understand that they catch you on an off day and you lose your shit over it but it's just not worth the headache. Keep your cool, move on…. Then you know come back and key her car. ( not serious lol)

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    park further where there are plenty of available spots
    no need to fight for a spot
    less chance of people opening their doors onto yours
    less chance of gettin trolley marks
    good for cardio

  • Bit mixed on this one. People do this all the time, whether it comes to parking, or road rules. You're not in an authoritative permission so realistically you can't do much unless you're with a large group of people to call them out (shame them).

  • just start writing down their plate number and tell them that from this point forward they better not do anything illegal on the roads.

    Or have anything illegal at the address where the car is registered to as your uncle is a supreme court judge and the cars owner is now officially on the state shit list.

  • Don't waste time arguing over parking spots. If you are waiting for someone to leave to take their parking spot, you can position your car so it is almost impossible for someone to 'steal' the spot, and that is to wait directly behind and next to the spot.
    Scenario 1:The car drives out head first and drives in the same direction you are facing.
    You should closely follow the cars path and stop when you are aligned to reverse in.

    Scenario 2: The car drives out head first and drives in the other direction you are facing.
    As soon as there is a gap directly in front of you which you should have priority to, drive forward, and angle your car slightly so your rear is in front of the spot and aligned to reverse in.

    Scenario 3: the car reverses out and drives off in the same direction you are facing.
    As soon as the car is out of reverse, you should closely follow the cars path and stop when you are aligned to reverse in.

    Scenario 4: The car reverse out and drives off in the other direction you are facing.
    Same action as scenario 2, but it's possible for a car facing the opposite direction of you to contest the spot by turning head first into the spot, but you should get it if you react fast. In the event of a collision, the other car is at fault because you would be going straight and they are turning right. Get a dashcam if you want to try this.

    • I just realised OP can perfectly contest this strategy by waiting in front and reversing, by using the same scenario actions.
      My scenario 1 is OP's scenario 2 just in reverse, and visa versa.
      My scenario 3 is OP's scenario 4 just in reverse and visa versa.

      DAMN U OP!!!

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    We're only getting one side of the story here though.

    From my understanding, this is the sequence of events

    1) A car right to your left was about to exit
    2) You technically already "drove past" that spot
    3) You tried to reverse in order to get behind that spot so you could take it when the car left
    4) There was a car behind you so you couldn't reverse
    5) You move forward instead to let the car out
    6) The car behind you took the spot

    You could easily argue that you had already driven past the spot so therefore the car behind you is the one which should have it. I'm not sure that reversing like that would even be legal as you are technically driving in the wrong direction.

    Sure you can think of reasons why it's "your" parking spot, but there are also reasons for which you can argue that it's the lady behind's parking spot too, most notably that you already drove past, that to park there, you would have had to reverse (which is potentially illegal) and she is the one already in the right position, not you. You can easily argue that it was her spot and you tried to snatch it off her by reversing and trying to push her out.

    There is no set criteria for determining whose parking spot it is. It's not like there's some formula you can use. You think it's your park, I get that, but in the lady's mind, she also thinks it's her park. The parking spot doesn't "belong" to either of you. The way I see it is whoever gets their car in the park first gets it.

    Personally, I usually take the courteous approach and just let someone else have it if it's not too difficult to find a park because:

    1) It takes longer trying to argue with people - you would have already found another park during the time where you were arguing with her
    2) It just ruins my day

    Sure, stand up for your rights on things that actually matter, but being self-righteous and pompous about every little thing is the sort of attitude that will just make life harder for yourself. What did you gain from this whole affair? Absolutely nothing. The way I see it is that it always settles into equilibrium. Sometimes people are jerks on the road, but sometimes you get very nice people as well, it's just crap human nature to never appreciate the good and always blow up the bad.

    Bet you wouldn't remember the lady and post here about how nice she is if she was nice and moved back for you hey?

    • What if my car was just "beside" and not already "past"?
      What if the lady only just pulled over behind me when I tried reverse and not when I already past the vehicle and tried to block me from reversing?
      From my driving understanding, if I am at the parking spot first and closest to it, its mine to take. You can argue otherwise.
      Would I post if the lady was nice and reverse for me? probably not, you wouldn't wanna hear it either. Cos I might as well post every times I give way to someone on the road.

      • +3

        From my driving understanding, if I am at the parking spot first and closest to it, its mine to take. You can argue otherwise.

        No it's not - the parking spot doesn't belong to anyone and there is no rule which states what you are stating. If you are so confident in your reasoning then why don't you go and sue her for "stealing" your parking spot? Obviously because that's stupid.

        The way I see it is that she got into the spot first. You snooze, you lose.

        You've just posted on here to have a bitter rant and not to see any other point of view, as you are saying.

        • -1

          Obviously there's no law about parking and it's not illegal to steal someone parking. Sure. But most of us just follow a mutual respect first come first serve when it comes to share space. Every now and then there's someone like you who just jump your queue and take other people spot because you can is just pathetic and most people here would agree, not just my point of view. So why dont you read up on other comments for yourself?

        • +5


          Every now and then there's someone like you who just jump your queue

          Someone like me? You're just getting personal because your argument is getting broken down. Your attitude makes me sympathise with you less. So much for wanting to see other opinions.

          I honestly don't like conflict, so I'd rather not steal someone's spot and if someone wants my spot, they can have it, I'm not desperate enough to start fights over parking spots. Having a go at someone because they're saying something you don't like is pretty stupid.

          Let me repeat what I said - the parking spot doesn't "belong" to anyone - it's not your parking spot, not her parking spot, not my parking spot, not the guy down the road's parking spot. Nobody is entitled to that parking spot. By your reasoning, you're entitled to it because you were closer than her, but she could easily say that she's entitled because you had to reverse (which is illegal) and also get her to reverse as well for you to get the spot. You both have arguments and neither of you are "correct" because there is no rule which determines the order of preference of the arguments.

          Ultimately, what are you going to do about it? She didn't want to reverse - are you going to get out and beat her up, shoot her, sue her…? You have no recourse, so let it go and move on.

        • +3

          @paulsterio: I side with Paulsterio.. OP, just listen to what Paul is saying. You will understand.
          Follow this formula: if you have to reverse to let a car out so you can park in that spot, it is (morally, ethically, rationally) not yours. Easy.

    • +1

      its always the one that pulls in first that is a stealer. you never see someone waiting patiently that is a stealer

      btw i didnt know it was illegal to reverse park, thats my favourite way to park

      • +1

        btw i didnt know it was illegal to reverse park, thats my favourite way to park

        He wasn't trying to reverse park. He had already driven forward such that the parking spot was directly to his left, he was trying to reverse so that he is behind the parking spot and could park. The lady behind him didn't want to reverse to let him reverse.

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    Mate, just move on. I was recently waiting for a carpark at a busy market in peak hour, just me waiting for the car to reverse from my diagonal front-right, after looking for a spot for 10 minutes, when the driver decided to reverse the opposite way and leave past me. By the time that transpired, a geriatric slipped in quicker before you could say biscuit and hurriedly walked off. First thought was to headlock the old mutt and smash his head/remaining teeth/dentures on the edge of the kerb, but I completed an emotional intelligence course in jail a couple of months earlier and remembered to control my amigdala…

    • Yeah I should have moved on like I normally would but got caught in the moment. I'm just posting here to hear from different perspective.

      • I'm just posting here to hear from different perspective

        Doesn't look like it, or you're not taking it very well.

        • +2

          why you keep sounding like I'm aggressive and was doing wrong thing here? If this thread is no longer interested you, why don't you move on? You've established your opinion and even though we disagreed, there's no need to any more personal remark.

        • @mcp2kpro:

          Oh no, this thread is interesting! I just wished I had popcorn. Am I not allowed to write? You sound like you really hate me haha

        • +1

          @Ughhh: well then just sit back and enjoy the ride!

        • +1

          @Ughhh: Get better at trolling. I give you 2 seven legged spiders out of 5.

    • smash his head/remaining teeth/dentures on the edge of the kerb

      Good on you! Its a hard impulse to fight, but there really is a time and place for everything.

  • +1

    This is why I never reverse in, just take the spot ASAP especially in busy shopping centers.

    • I was thinking about this last night. OP unless the parking spot is rear to kerb or reverse park only. I suggest you go front in.

      Otherwise reversing in just invites pricks to just block you and steal the spot from you. Remember you get no medals for doing the best revrse park ever. Just twats waltzing in to steal the spot.

      As for the low lifes. Make like frozen and let it go. They will get their comeuppance one day.

    • The only reason I reversed was that the car just right beside me, If I didn't, it wouldn't able to get out.
      But when I move forward to do reverse parking, there's always someone who claim its their parking.

      • +1

        If that was the case, I would move on. I don't think I ever claimed a spot because it was beside me unless no one was behind me.

  • +5

    These people shouldn't have any kids at all. The kids will end up like her and be a burden to society.

  • +3

    If you pass a spot (need to reverse to get to it) then you've already missed it and it's not your spot. the lady had every right to take it being she was travelling in the direction of traffic to get to it.

    If you want to reverse into a spot, you wait for the person to leave then you swing wide and reverse back.

    You can't claim a spot behind you, sorry

    • +4

      Did you even read the OP?
      Don't worry…I'm sure a Specsaver deal will come up on OzB soon enough

      • +1

        Yes I read it, he had to reverse, not to go into the spot but to wait for the car to come out, he past the spot.

        Now the woman behind could have let him have the spot which is what most courteous drivers would do but the spot was not his.

      • You're the knob head who doesn't understand basic driving. Being beside the carpark = past the carpark.

    • not past, just beside. I see people already stop and wait in front of the parking to do reverse parking all the times. I don't jump in and steal their parking.
      Is not that hard to understand that the person closest and come first will get the parking mate. Otherwise people would be fighting for parking every single time they try to park.

      • +5

        Beside = past…. if you needed to go the wrong direction you have past where you needed to be to get that spot.

        • I can't imagine doing that to anyone and I'm sure as hell they will jump out tell me to f off and probably take a dump on my car. You enjoy taking other people spot when they are there first regardless they are trying a reverse parking or not?

        • +7


          No the car had not left yet so you were not trying to reverse park. You trying to reverse as you had gone too far before realizing the bloke on your left is leaving. You missed it move on to the next.

        • +1

          @cozmo: exactly.

  • +1

    You DO know it's illegal to reverse into oncoming traffic, right? Just because you saw a parking spot that you wanted as you were driving by it doesn't change that.

    • -1

      Bs, it's a private car park.

    • Are you saying reversing is illegal? Of course you would be reversing into oncoming traffic, otherwise you'd be driving on a wrong side of the road mate!

      • Holy fck, man. You were not reverse parking. You were reversing so the other person could leave and you could have the spot. Stop lying and changing your story at every turn.

  • People like that are beyond reason, so it's normally not worth the breath to speak with them and then have to deal with the fallout.
    If they've really annoyed you, then a couple of readjusted mirrors should inconvenience them enough and send a message.

  • In a busy parking area its now every man for themselves, I Wish it wasn't like this but many people are inbred dicks .

    Bad gene pool, rotten brains

  • +2

    park somewhere else, and then walk into supermarket and tell service desk rego XXXYYY has left their lights on.

    watch them go back and laugh, and politely raise finger when they realise

  • +1

    I respect how you and your dad stood up for yourself.

  • +2

    Go and purchase some long cable ties (keep a stash in your car).

    Climb under the car and wrap a couple around the drive shaft. Make sure they are long enough to hit a part of the body work.

    Nice and reversible, but will make a horrible noise as they drive away and with any luck a pointless trip to a mechanic.

  • Yeah, I just let it go. Sometimes though people just rub you the wrong way.

    You should buy a burner cell or use a pay phone to call the cops and let them know so and so number plate is dealing drugs in the parking lot.

  • +3

    Based on your story I'm not convinced the spot was yours. If you are in front of a spot that's being vacated (i.e you need to backup) you miss out. Perhaps others have said the same thing. I didn't read all the comments.

    Having said that, not worth the stress or blood pressure.

    • Most people here would be pissed to have their parking taken that way. Its not hard to understand the person closest and there first should get the parking. If we all start taking spot where people trying to reverse into, mate, there will be fighting at every parking every day I guarantee you.

      • +9

        Read the details properly. He wasn't reversing into a spot. He had gone past the spot (or level) when he realised someone was leaving and decided to backup so he can go in after they'd left by which time the people behind him had decided to take the spot. If I go past a car and then realise they were about to leave (while there's other cars behind me) I'll carry on driving and look for another spot. I won't try to backtrack. There are no absolute rules but common courtesy dictates that the person closest to the spot (but not overshot) should get it.

        This is very different from trying to reverse or parallel park into an open spot while some prick goes in nose first.

        I've been doing this for over 25 years with no issues or fights. Sometimes I almost go past a car and think, crap I wish I noticed they were leaving during my approach, but such is life I move onto the next spot if someone else is behind me. So yeah nah

        • Well yeah I read it properly, I'm the one who wrote it.
          I have not gone past the spot, it's right next to my car on my left. When I indicate and reverse back, the woman THEN showed up. She was not there before and certainly wasn't waiting for that spot before I had my indication on.
          Its way different when you already past the car and move back while another person waiting for that spot

        • +3

          lol didn't even realise you were the OP.
          As I said (in my book) if you have to reverse to take up a spot it's not yours. As for the ninja women, well obviously they were very close if you didn't have time to backup 2 metres. Anyway as I said, for me it's like price is right, closest to the actual price (but not over) wins. Obviously others have their owns codes they live by.

        • +1

          @mcp2kpro: Unless you have space to: A) Ensure enough room for the previous occupant to vacate, and B) navigate into the actual carpark, than you are not entitled to jack shit.

  • +2

    Every car has a big fat key for a reason….. Those who have keyless cars are suckers

    • LOL. Just saw your post now, beat me by 7 minutes.

  • -1

    Last time that happened to me, I went and found another car park, then went back and keyed the ladies car.

    Yeah, I'm an (profanity).

  • +2

    I've faced this once or twice. I was angry, but now I try not to let if faze me.

    Once the exiting car deliberately blocked the attempted thief so I could get mine in.

  • +5

    I had the reverse situation once. I jumped into a spot and then had this young lady say I stole her spot.

    I thought perhaps maybe I did as she might have been parked off to the side and I didnt notice her and the car did pull out in front of me so it was a pleasant surprise so I wasnt looking to see if anyone was waiting for it.

    However she said "I saw that spot from around the block and was driving to it when I took it" I was kinda stunned and it took me a few seconds to process exactly what she said.

    Told her she was an entitled bitch and she should go and (profanity) herself. By the look on her face I ruined her week, she was pretty and obviously used to getting her own way all the time regardless of how stupid it is.

    She said I would pay for this and she would get people to deal with me. Still see her around and smile and wave at her and she looks furious every time. I love bumping into her now.

    • LOL, she probably used to getting parking that way. It's great that you tell her to f off and still smile & wave at her every time. Hilarious haha!!!

    • +1

      Some drivers are stupid like that, thinking that because they spot a vacant car park on the opposite side of the road, that it is now theirs regardless of whether another car gets to the spot first. I've had a similar encounter, the offenders were an elderly couple that blocked me from reverse parking in street car park. I approached them, and after a quick discussion let them have the parking spot because they were elderly. Had they been rude to me about it, I would've definitely come back later for some keying action.

  • Plastic forks or spoons. Shove them into the keyholes and break them off flush.

    • +1

      kinda pointless for remote activated locking

  • +9


    a. If you need to reverse then you've missed your chance.

    b. If you expect people behind you to reverse you've really missed your chance.

    • I actually go one further - if you need to hold up traffic behind you to wait for the spot you are actually breaking the law.

      The OP seems to think he's on the high moral ground. Try it on the street with a cop behind you & enjoy the fine.

      I'm sick of people blocking a line of cars near the entrance of car parks, self-entitledly waiting for what is clearly "their" park. Move in & find a vacant park you imbecile! Everyone gets a park faster that way, usually including yourself. Walk 30 seconds further to save 5 minutes queueing in your car.

      • Are you on drug? You see a car leaving and signal and wait for it is breaking the law?

        • +2

          Are you have stupid?

          This is the rule:

          Maximum fine $2200.

          You are obstructing traffic. There is not traffic ahead of you, you are just in the way. The law says no.

          Would you have happily pulled the manoeuvre you did if the car behind was a police car? If not, I guess you were the prick trying to intimidate the other person so you could get your way.

        • -1

          @factor: Geez, read that properly will you. Stopping to get a parking is NOT unreasonably obstruct traffic. You're in parking for FCK sake, not stopping on a street just and stop traffic just so you can scratch your balls.

        • +3

          @mcp2kpro: What the hell? Getting angry, throwing a tantrum, calling other people names…etc. What the hell happened to using evidence and logic to try and prove a point. Just quit the game already.

        • -1

          @paulsterio: and where exactly did I call someone name and throwing tantrum?

        • +2


          Are you on drug?

          Geez, read that properly will you.

          You're in parking for FCK sake

          stop traffic just so you can scratch your balls

        • -2

          @paulsterio: so you just calling other people name
          Only after @factor pulled a googled non-related law & calling me stupid
          "Scratch your balls" is general statement to prove his article has nothing to do with waiting for a parking at a carpark that he thinks its illegal. That's just stupid!

  • politely say to the parents that they have very cute children and then drive off calmly and go about your day as normal.

    Its going to bug them for ages.

    • +2

      Politely say to the parents that they have very sexy children, then zoom zoom away, and leave them to freak out in their parking spot.

  • Get a front and rear dash cam!

  • This is why you always carry a bottle of squeezy-honey in your glove box. A few squirts underneath every door handle & along their windscreen wipers & your good to go. Just gotta make sure there's no camera's around first though.

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