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Presto - 6 Months Free


Just received an email with a new promo code after trying to sign up with the old coupon posted about a week ago.

Hi there,

We have noticed that you hadn't had a chance to finish signing up with Presto and wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on the Presto subscription offer that came as a part of your recent Telstra service.
Presto is unmetered for Telstra Home Broadband customers, so it doesn't count towards your data allowance when viewed on your Telstra home broadband service at home. Otherwise, data charges apply.

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    Can this code be used more than once or is it a targeted offer for you only?

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      I got the email with the same code as well, so should be generic.

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    I activated 6 months free in last deal. Can I extend to 12 months using this code?

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      let us know how you go!

      • -3

        I want to extend it. Waiting for experts response.

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          I activated the free 6 months just under 6 months ago and I was due to pay for the next month but the code worked and now $0 is due.

          I logged in. Went to Settings, then Account details and there was a button for a promo code inside the Presto Entertainment box. I entered the code into there.

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        I cancelled my previous 3 months and used the exact details to create a new account.Another 6 months of Flight of the Conchords. :P

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          You mean you closed your account? :)

        • @theacekiller: I wasn't sure either that what did [@Fred] mean when he said that he 'cancelled' his account. I went ahead and 'closed' my account and used the same details (same email id, pin, password, cc) to create a new account and it accepted the Promo code.

    • Same here
      Looking at this : https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/T-Box/How-do-I-access...
      ….there should be an "Add Promo Code" next to the "Pause Subscription" button

      Mines not there, possible as I'm in a promo already
      I've paused it which will stop the charge to my card though…..and I'll check back again after my 6 months is up (19th June)

      Such a crap product but for free, oh well

      EDIT: Ah bugger it, made a new account

    • Don't think you can stack when you're already on a promo code unfortunately

      • I did… And it worked!

        • Where did you enter the code though? I only have 'Pause subscription'

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          @Forenti: You can only redeem a promo code when you're on your last month of your current promo

        • +1

          @LightSaber: i just paid for a month a few days ago and i can't add this new code. i had to start a new account

  • Just used it. Worked perfectly. Thanks OP

  • No compatibility for Xbox or Chromecast. Fail.

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      Actually, I find the Android app with ChromeCast makes Presto semi-usable…managed to watch the first season of Wentworth without too much raging ;)

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        I use the android app and chromecast as well with no problems.

        • I've used it a bit, and have a few problems.
          Sometimes the app just gives a whitescreen. Or when you try to play it gives a ps401 error. Has crashed a few times.
          Subject to buffering pauses at times. It gets frustrating.
          But usually, if it starts playing, it keeps playing. Its the android app that is the problem. Is IOS better?

          No such problems with Stan.

        • @manic: yep, have found the same.
          Mr. Robot was rife with errors that wouldn't work with chromecast, there was about 4 episodes from the first season that we ended up having to watch on the laptop.

      • Yeah semi usable is an apt description - it crashes quite frequently

    • +1

      Works fine with chromecast. Casting from the android app is the only way I ever use presto.

  • Thanks OP! Worked.

  • Can anyone tell me how to apply the code? I had a look at my account but cannot see where or how i go to extend it. Any advise greatly appreciated.

    • It maybe possible that you are not able to enter a code, as is the case for me, due to entering a 2 months free code.

      Did you enter a code recently or sign up recently to Presto?

    • +1

      Was in the same position as you, couldn't at all find a place to enter my code.
      So I ended creating a new account and entred the promo code with that one and it worked.

    • Have a look where they list the different subscription types, once you have entered your Settings page. Enter the Settings page by clicking on the head and shoulders symbol up the top right, and then "Settings".

      Sorry if I'm telling you how to suck eggs with this comment, bit sleep deprived!

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    Just had my presto extended for another 6months from the previous deal

  • Too easy - I was a month into a free 3 month subscription so I suspended that subscription and then added this code and now I have 6 months. Surely we'll get another 6 month code before then too ;)

    • When you have to unpause it, did you have to first (re)subscribe?

      • No, I just clicked pause subscription and confirmed it, then the add promo code field was there and I pasted in this 6 month code

        • I did the same but the promo code was rejected. Can't work out why….?

        • Mine was already paused, so the option was to Subscribe, which then asked for my PIN…

  • Can someone tell me if the movie, now you see me is offered on Presto? It's not on Netflix.

    • No

      • Darn… Any idea who does? I just signed up… But disappointed to find out it isn't offered.

      • it was on presto a while ago. I remember watching it. I guess they switch movies in and out

  • Thanks scead

  • +13

    Presto is crap

    • +2

      It is. Tried to watch Mr.Robot through Presto and it would forget where I was up to or that I had even watched it. Then when watching an episode it would buffer constantly.

    • For free it's pretty good. Why not.

    • Presto does offer some shows that others dont (like Mr Robot), but its a very ordinary UI and I've had streaming issues. Netflix's UI is great, Stan is improving, Presto is crap. As rorymeister says, it doesnt even track where you are in a series.
      The weirdest thing with Presto is that even though I subscribe (allbeit through a the Telstra free six month offer), I still feel like I'm watching pirated shows. When watching Mr Robot it shows a filename at the top of the playback window which looks like one you'd download through torrents, and each episode of Mr Robot doesnt even have a consistent filename, some are mkv, some are avi.

      • +3

        Those are the actual names of the Mr Robot episodes :)

        • +2

          Haha .. really ? *embarassedsmiley
          Here i am thinking what sort of a lame arsed service this is, when I'm the lame arse :)

        • @mikecamimo:

          If it makes you feel any better you aren't the first/only person to make the same mistake. And in any case that sort of reaction is not entirely disconnected from what they're going for with that type of show.

        • Hah, yeah a friend of mine made a similar mistake browsing one of those VideoEzy kiosks was like, wow it says the filenames, maybe they are digital files instead of discs now? Nah lol.

  • Edit: just noticed my deal had already been posted

  • +14

    I spend more time making new accounts than actually using presto. Not worth my time

    • +1

      I agree, after having trials of Stan (2 mths) and Presto (cancelled after 5 mths) - couldn't be bothered.

  • +2

    Is there HD content on Presto? Am I missing something?
    Tried to watch a couple of things through the web interface… awful quality.

    • Presto is in SD on web browsers, but HD everywhere else.

      • So is there a way to watch it in HD on a computer at all? How else can you watch it apart from in a browser?

        • Don't think there is another way to watch it on a pc (there is no windows app or anything).

        • +2

          Thanks Kirt.
          Any slight chance I ever had of paying for Presto has now vanished.

        • @vorsprung:
          Yes SD is so nineties.

  • When does the code expire? I've still got another Telstra one to use :).

    • 30th June

  • +6

    They still have no subtitles. WOW

    • +1

      Yeah, if they added subtitles (for watching at lowered volume when the little one has gone to bed) and got the app to always properly remember where you were up to + start the next episode in the series, that would solve my two biggest gripes with presto.

  • +9

    Has anyone actually paid for Presto?

  • just got an email from Presto that they couldn't direct debit subscription fee from my cc after multiple attempts.
    Glad I cancelled the cc earlier by chance. Don't forget to cancel if you don't want to continue after 6 months. Need to log in account via computer to cancel and not ipad.

  • +2

    Maybe if they started paying people to use their hopeless service, it just might be worthwhile. Then again, probably not.

  • +4

    I wish Stan did these kind of offers :/

  • +3

    The old start of Foxtel's annual game of "let's pump up our subscriber numbers so our Annual Report looks good".

  • I only signed up because I knew Presto had a whole lot of the HBO catalog (including Veep). Key word being "had", apparently they've lost all their HBO content, which used to be exclusive in Australia (they had some non-exclusive showtime stuff too, that's gone as well).

    What a crap product it is now, but still thanks OP for giving me a chance to check it out! Maybe it'll return sometime in the next 6 months and I can watch Veep

    • Yeah I can't imagine paying for presto. Have a friend who did because he wanted to watch band of brothers; halfway through the series they yanked it from their content. He was furious, they had spruiked that show as a major draw card. Looks like Foxtels attitude towards customers is still going strong

  • -2

    So many upvotes for something so terrible…..

  • ummm… Sorry you can't watch Presto on a jailbroken device.. Right! off to netflix I go :P

  • I paused my subscription and then I made a new account using a +presto on my gmail account. It seems to have taken, but I haven't received a confirmation email from presto about the new subscription. Are other people getting their confirmations instantly?

    • Same here, still no emails

      • Thanks. If you get one could you let us know?

  • +1

    subbed for an 1 hour. Saw the content then closed the account. No wonder they are basically giving away subscriptions.

    • In all honesty, I think Presto is OK. And Netflix and Stan are OK. They are all not great and just OK as they generally have very limited and dated movies which is not impressive. Personally prefer Stan, however I would never pay ~$10pm for any of these.

  • Thanks op. My daughter has presto, I know its scheisse but hey, its free right? Had a quick look for about 5 minutes and, well, put it on the back burner until I have nothing better to do :)

  • worked for me (first signup with Presto).
    I started watching Fast & Furious.

    Is there some way to get the resolution higher than blurry 480p ?

    If not, I can see why it's free.

    • I get HD when I watch on my Samsung TV. I've always been stuck with 480p on my browser…

  • Signed up no worries. 6 months free. Bewm.

  • Wouldn't work on my exisiting account. Created a new account with a different email and debit card, works no probs.

  • Cheers, between Netflix and Presto I shouldn't have a hard time finding something to binge on

    • Signed up and went to install on my LG tv and no app? WTF? how do they expect to survive only supporting some Samsung TV's. Back to Netflix and KAT.cr

  • anything actually worth watching on here?

    • Wentworth is not bad
      And https://www.presto.com.au/tv/amy-schumer-mostly-sex-stuff lol

      yer Im really struggling to find a reason to have it BUT it was free :)

    • thinking the same thing… quite bored with Netflix too as I prefer movies over the seasons… if you ignore the season-sagas, the movie refreshes are quite limited.

  • Well decided to try out Presto again as I cancelled Netflix for a few months while I had the free 3 months Foxtel offer.

    Problem is, it sucks when casting it to my Nvidia Shield! It glitches on the bottom half of the screen on anything, which I'm not sure if it's a Presto problem, or the Shield problem. I couldn't cast Stan to the Shield either, which is annoying as the Shield should do everything that the Chromcast does and more… But it's casting abilities are sadly lacking

    Anyone else had the same issue when casting it to the Shield?

  • hi if I do subscribe and vacation overseas, will I be able to view Presto or do I need a VPN?

    • It is Australian so no VPN needed.

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