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Oppo F1 - $179 Locked to Optus @ Big W


Deal is now official, after Big W had a whinge about the leak.

Below description ripped from rodripa's previous deal ($199).

Bargain phone for the specs

5.0" 16M IPS Colors (720 x 1280 pixels, 260ppi)

143.5 x 71 x 7.25 mm

134g(with battery)


OCTA-core 1.5GHz


16GB(9GB available for the user)

Support microSD up to 128GB

Rear: 13MP
Front: 8MP

1080p/ 720p/ 480p 30fps

WiFi Bands: 802.11 b/g/[email protected]
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
GPS: Yes
FM radio: Yes
3.5mm audio jack: Yes


ColorOS V2.1.0i Base Android 5.1



Micro SIM

WCDMA 900/2100MHz

FDD LTE Bands 1/3/7/20/28/TD-LTE Bands 38/39/40/41

2400/2500mAh Li-polymer Battery(Min/Typ)

3G standby time: Up to 216 hours
3G talk time: Up to 16 hours
Audio playback: Up to 9 hours
Video playback: Up to 5 hours
Web browsing time: Up to 4 hours

Part of the Big W Toy Sale 16 Jun - 6 July

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  • +2

    unlocking ?

    • +27

      Official = $80
      Ebay = look it up?

      • you nailed it.

  • +1

    is this dual sim?

    • +20

      Not this version. Buy two?

    • Not this crippled Optus version

      Note as well that some LTE bands aren't available on this version either

      • +2

        Actually I believe it's a software issue and locks into a certain band. Whirlpool members have proven it so and can be easily fixed but every reset or power cycling means you have to do it again.

        I don't know the difference between the non bloatware f1 and the optus f1 to swap room if that helps.

    • Yes…my one is dual sim. You could use 2 sim card togather or 1 sim and 1 sd card.

  • it said SAVE $20. I guess if it's unlocked, you'll get more + votes quicker.

    • +1


    • wot?

    • Is he palmer supporter or palmer supporter?

  • +1

    Is there any way to free up more of that 16gb? That seems a lot of bloat, looking to upgrade from my z1c as their leftover 11+GB seems tight! Wish they did 32gb phones as standard!

    • You're not wrong. 7Gb reserved for system and bloatware? Nup.

    • This phone supports MicroSD card so for pictures/music etc you can move it there. Not so sure about apps tho

      • +3

        Most apps seem to be unable to fully move onto a SD, though many let you move partial data. But for my 1gb game, it's only like 100mb that moves to SD :/
        This is based on Samsung Galaxy phones but I assume it's all the same.

        • +1

          Same for my Huawei phone. frustrating not able to move many of the apps to the SD card

  • +3

    Very happy with mine bought during the 10% off everything sale a weeks ago. And it might be getting an update to Android M sometime soon: http://community.oppo.com/en/forum.php?mod=oppo_viewthread&t...

    Also don't forget the 8% discount BIGW gift vouchers at cashrewards.com.au !

  • How is this in comparison to the Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro? Was thinking of getting one.

    • +8

      Same processor, same amount of ram. The Xiaomi has a lot bigger battery (4000mah vs 2500mah). I actually had the Xiaomi on order from the Geekbuying deal but cancelled it due to the $32 extra they wanted from me for shipping. I grabbed the Oppo from Wireless 1 @ $260 with the click20 deal (look in their store and they have deals with a free bluetooth headset or decent earphones - both sennheiser). Screen is actually pretty damn good (720p). Its annoying how apps cannot be installed to the SD Card though (music and photos/videos can, and these are my biggest space eaters). The snapdragon 616 out performs my old Nexus 5 by about 800 primes per second (HWBOT benchmarking) at less than half the price. Mind you if the Nexus 5x had an SD card I'd stick with the Nexus range.

      edit - I should add that the Wireless 1 Oppo F1 is the dual sim unlocked version with 2 years Australian Warranty and Aussie Stock. Happy with my purchase but it took them 3 days to post it.

      • +4

        Thanks for the reply :)

        I was seriously tempted today to buy the Redmi 3 Pro from either Everbuying or Aliexpress. I think I can compromise a little bit when it comes to the battery amongst other minor differences. I think for the price/Australian warranty this Oppo F1 deal might be the pick for me!

    • +1

      Not sure if you have purchased yet, but this is the same processor as the Redmi Note 3 NON-PRO with the MTK processor. The PRO version is far better, has an AOSP ROM, a fingerprint scanner, and a better graphics chip. I'm typing this reply on mine, and I love it (apart from the camera but it isn't that bad)
      Edit: forgot that the PRO also has a FHD screen and higher res camera vs this phone

      • He said Redmi 3 Pro, not Redmi Note 3 Pro (ie. talking about the 5" version).

  • Can it be rooted and a ROM installed. I'm with Optus so not worried about unlocking.
    Just need something while my g4 is of for the bootlooping issue.

    • +1

      How old is your G4? Thinking of getting one, but concerned about bootloop.

      • Got it in May last year… Been great and certainly best phone I've owned and I've owned a few.

        For the price you can't go wrong. Some people say that the bootlooping issue was fixed after a certain date, while some say even after that date some handsets have the issue.

        If you have a backup and don't mind waiting a few weeks for repairs then go for it.

        • Who did you get yours from? I take it they are handling warranty fine?

        • @bobdobal:
          Qd-au one of the ebay sales.

          I sent the phone back to them and they sent it off. They're not the fastest to respond to messages. It's been three weeks one member on whirlpool says it took 8 weeks for repair through them.

          A couple of people who bought from t-demensions seem to have for theirs back in 2-3 weeks.

        • @bbourizk:
          So your bootloop happened just inside the 1 year period. A month later and you'd be out of warranty?

        • +2


          mine bootlooped 10 months in, so thankful it did otherwise the phones next to useless outside the 12 month warranty period

        • +2

          In a way I was happy it did it when it did. Not sure what would happen if there year was up.

          Maybe would have had to pay for it.

  • How's the audio output over 3.5mm? Loud, clear? Might buy one of these as an iPod replacement.

    • +4

      Audio output is same like many flagship phones in the market. i am using it as primary mp3 player in my car. Also it has media control gesture support which is very handy while driving. just swipe > on phone screen for next track, < for previous track when the screen is off. works like a charm.

      • +4

        I think you've just cost me $179.

  • +6

    any optus prepaid phone can be unlocked for free providing you have a prepaid account for 6 month, even you havent recharged it and say you going overseas. Ring them up and be very nice and will generally will do it for you.
    I done this for 2 phones….

  • looks like need to grab one for missus :)

  • +1

    I read a few reviews of this after the last deal and for the most part they were all very unflattering. Issues with battery and camera specifically. Battery life is one of my top priorities so I decided against it.

    I ended up buying the Ulefone Power with a 6050mAh battery. Easily get 2 full days without charging with pretty heavy use, permanently connected to smart watch etc. Total price was about $220 delivered from EverBuying. IMO a much better phone and not too much more expensive.

    • +2

      For ulephone SIZE (H X W X D) 155mm x 77mm x 9.5mm and Weight is 190g(Built-in Battery)

      for oppo SIZE (H X W X D) 143.5 x 71 x 7.25 mm and Weight is 134g(with battery)

      • it's a quite strange comparison…
      • +1

        It is. 5mm here or there is not going to make a difference. Less Weight is good but I would take bigger battery.

        • depends what you need it (the phone) for :)

        • @Ametric: I know of only one reason for using mobile phone but good for you. 😄

        • @expertreader: not sure what you meant, I was talking about smaller phone (thinner and lighter) rather than a bigger battery :)

      • "•it's a quite strange comparison…"
        It's a massive battery.. 6050mAh. Naturally a little larger and heavier, far from strange.

        • it's a massive battery - yes it's a big plus, but will it work 2.5 times longer from one charge? I doubt it…

        • +1

          @Ametric: Agree somewhat… battery size does not guarantee longer running time always.. but 2500 vs 6500… ?? Should be a little better..:-)

        • @xywolap: should be, I'm not arguing :)

        • @Ametric: from what I've read on the F1 it easily works 2.5 times longer. It's a true 6000+mAh and performs better than I expected.

  • Will this work with Amaysim since they use the Optus network?

    • +2

      sure it will :)

  • Unlock code on eBay is $35….something to keep in mind.

  • +6

    I've had this phone for a few months now. It is an amazing device for the price, and at $179 minus the 8% big w voucher it's a can't miss proposition.

    Yes optus fudged something with band 28,but you can enable it in engineering mode (really easy). Also the capacitive keys aren't backlit.

    Otherwise its cpu and ram run apps flawlessly, has good battery life, reasonable back camera, good front camera and an ok screen. It also has an OTG mode and it's default colour os skin isn't horrible, although isn't overly customisable. (it doesn't have an app drawer, but you could install another skin over the top) Once again all acceptable for the price.

    There's good information and support on whirlpool for this device as well. Worth a read if you've an hour free and are considering this device.

  • Just wonder will Optus do price match for this phone? I believe bigw has limited stocks available.

    • Should do.

  • -1

    Meh. Would feel like driving a cherry or a mahindra just eww. Rather pay more for a note 5 OPPOsed to this.

    • What?

      • Ye herd meh

        • Ohhh Cherry the car brand? As in these are bad because they're Chinese? Yeah because Korea is so much better than China /s

  • 2400/2500mah is too low for a mobile with 4g and it being an octocore. Dont expect a great battery life. Price is OK compared to the overinflatesd outright prices we pay for their mobiles here.

    • My partner gets a day and half out of hers and she's always on Facebook.

    • I also get a day and a half out of mine with moderate normal usage

  • Mi 4c is far better for around the same price

    • +1

      The lack of expandable storage kills the deal for me. Is the Oppo F1 really not that crash hot for the price? Looking for something to replace my iPhone 5s that went for a swim :/

  • I just had a guy at jbhifi tell me that these won't work with amaysim… I was almost 100% sure they would seeing as I've bought Optus prepaid mobiles and have used my amaysim with all of them. Still not convinced with his argument but just thought I'd double check and see if I'm being silly enough to give his argument a second thought :/

    • I believe, he was taught by optus team to tell that , so people will use optus service with "optus" phones…

      • Or he wants to sell you an unlocked version. JB are now Oppo resellers since DSE went bust.

        • yeah, they are. I visited two optus shops in Southland, VIC and wanted to have a look at the actual phone, both of them don't have them on their displays (only had sealed boxes and plasticky models) and sent me to JB HI-FI to have a look at it…

        • +1

          He was indeed trying to sell me an unlocked version. I guess they will try say anything to get a sale… Not impressed

    • Yup… he was either mistaken or just lying to you. I use Amaysim and use one of these as a back up phone.

  • is this available from this thursday?

  • Starts @ midnight,the local store informed me. Heading there now. No holds, but maybe layby if needed.

  • Got 1 from Melbourne QV this morning. 1 left so far unless they got stock at the back.

    • walk in 1/2 hour ago, they told me, all sold out.

  • -1

    zzz, sold out 15 min after opening.. wish they kept more stock for these sales, waste of time

  • got one today, now need to unlock so i can use my vodafone sim

    • same here…any deal on unlocking? Not sure if it is a network lock or hardware lock.

  • Geelong BIGW had half a dozen there a few hours ago. Bought one now trying to get a good unlock code organised

    • please let me know if you find a good deal for unlocking. http://www.unlockit.codes/services.php - are they trustworthy? They charge 25. However, on top of that you have to pay 1.50 for paypal transaction. Nevertheless, if they fail, then the money is not coming back to your account anymore and staying with your unlockit account. Thus, I was reluctant to do it.

      • if you want to be safe, just activate your prepaid optus sim card that came with oppo f1. then go to optus unlocking page, and pay them 25 dollars.

        • It's $80 through Optus.

      • +2

        Not really … I do full refunds if the code is not found.

        • How much do you charge?

  • Just picked up second last one at Warringah Mall. I called Macquarie Centre a few hours ago and they said none had been delivered yet - should be delivered tomorrow 10am (Friday) or Monday.

  • my cousin is on a plan with 12 mths contract with optus (his iphone and $50 plan), can i get him to get this phone unlocked for free or the unlocking fee still apply?

  • Does anyone know if any Big W stores in South East area of Melbourne have stock left?

    • None @ Southland

    • Got one at Waverley Gardens today. Saw at least two more, at 12.30pm.

  • I would get this but major deal breaker is not being able to move apps to the sd card and only having 9GB of available storage on the phone.

  • -2

    Has any try using a Vaya sim card sim with the phone and will it work without unlocking?

    • Not sure why this is negged. Because Vaya is an Optus reseller, it will have no problems running on Vaya.

  • +1

    Shame Chinese brands avoid NFC.

  • After reading through, I don't think it will suit TPG. I have a new unopened one. Anyone interested let me know. Same price at $179. If not I will return it.

    • Hey mate, did you return it?

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