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Toy Sale: Uncharted 4 $59, Fallout 4 $39, PS4 500G + Stan $379, Xbox One Bundle $299 + More @ Big W


Latest Big W catalogue offers some good deal IMO.
Guys who are interested in this sale might hold for a while till the sale begins (16/6)

Deals include:

  • Uncharted 4 (PS4) $59
  • Fallout 4 (PS4/Xbox) $39
  • Doom (PS4/Xbox) $55
  • GTA V (PS4/Xbox) $49
  • PS4 500G + Stan $379 — Not as good as JBhifi's $399 ps4 1TB UC4 bundle (expired) or costco $390 1TB bundle (expired as well according to Kambingarab)
  • Xbox One Bundle $299 — includes lego movie downloadable + minecraft + one of four games downloadable (Rise of Tomb raider, Rare Replay Collection, Forza 6 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition)

New Lego flagships exclusive to BigW:

  • Lego 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier: $475
  • Lego 75827 Firehouse Headquarters: $475

Individual deal posts:

Save more with 8% off Bigw egift cards(Thanks to TA' post and Baltoski's comment) expired

Mod: Catalogue now publicly available. Republished 10/6

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  • +27

    Uncharted 4 is a pretty sweet deal

    • +7

      And its a damn good game. Worth the wait.

    • -5

      Uncharted 4 best game ever made. PS4 Console deal so good!

      • -7

        Put down the pipe, Uncharted 4 SUCKED, was a huge let down

        • +14

          I can't handle the shifting focus of the hyperbole. Best game ever or downright sucks?

        • -2

          Xbox fanboi confirmed

        • -3

          @suicine94: Sony fanboy confirmed. The saga continues!

      • … But no +Vote.


      • +2

        Metacritic says game of the year so far…

        But user score of 7.8 is pretty low.

        • Any exclusive games get low user review cos butthurt fanbois from both sides 0 vote to bring the average down.
          but the metascore is good and yes game of the year.

    • I'm almost tempted to just pick up the ps4 for this game, rather than wait out for the 4k neo - but let's see.

  • +6

    Combine with this deal for even better savings.

    Agree with Qmar, good price for U4 (and Doom considering it recently came out).

    Nice first post OP.

    • +1

      Thanks, update the post with the egift card combination.

    • -8

      Doom flopped, so its price will keep going south.

      • Haven't played the game personally, but that would explain the quick price drop.

      • +1

        Why flopped? I reckon the graphic are alright.

        • +2

          graphics aren't the only component of a game, or a movie for that matter.. little details of story and characters are what makes it interesting and gives it longevity.

        • +11

          @gizmomelb: nah, this is Doom. Just shoot crap.

      • +3

        The title predicted it's own demise. I'd say it's a huge success

      • +17

        91% positive on steam (14K reviews) , plus unanimous praise from critiques. Selling only slightly behind Uncharted 4… yes….'flopped'

        • -11

          the sheep following the latest game, let's see what the player base is like in a couple of months time. The ADHD FPS crowd will have moved on to something else.

        • +1

          Considering the first two still have a fairly decent following I highly doubt it.But your point is dumb regardless,players will have moved on from uncharted as well this doesn't imply the game wasn't amazing…

        • +3

          @gizmomelb: lol u really don't like shooters huh

        • +3


          ADHD FPS crowd

          Or people who have better things to do with there time, than sink days into grinding away at an RPG.

        • @Forrest Gump: no, I do.. I played Killing Floor well over 1000 hours on Steam, but it was a good co-op shooter which rewarded good team play, I'm not interested in 1990s style deathmatching. I grew out of that a long time ago.

        • -2

          @PainToad: logic fail - whether you're playing an FPS or an RPG you're still wasting time :)

        • @gizmomelb:
          He was referring to time vs reward, shooters can be picked up and put down quickly.

        • +5


          Don't know where you're getting the negativity from. Doom has sold really well. And everyone I know who's played it has thoroughly enjoyed it.
          It's primarily a single player game. Always has been. The story is simple and it works well…you're there to kick ass and take names

        • +2


          He was referring to time vs reward, shooters can be picked up and put down quickly.

          Exactly. I hear people talking about RPGs and it just sounds sad. It's like its there second job. Like they have to grind for hours to get to the 'fun bit'. I want a game to be over in under 8 hours. Otherwise I will never have the time to finish it.

        • -3

          Reply to all - it's not my cup of tea and the pick up / put down is why the game has no longevity imo. But it's horse for courses, I prefer games with some depth as twitch shooters don't do it for me (never have really.. apart from the arcade light gun games like House of the Dead etc.)

          Even back in the day I enjoyed Duke Nuke'm 3D more than the Doom and Quake series and had more fun playing Doom 2 co-op rather than single player.

        • @gizmomelb:

          I get why people like doom, but it isn't my cup of tea either. The gameplay and story are just not my thing. The combat also just doesnt feel as fluid as games like destiny etc.

      • From what I've read, it's the MP side that's a bit bland. I'm not a doom fan myself, but nostalgia almost got the better of me until I read the reviews. Looks pretty though and I'm told the SP is good. I was blown away with the recent Wolfenstein game so I reckon these titles have a place for old peeps like me

  • +6

    Lovely first post OP

  • Good that it starts after e3 since they may be announcing new versions of ps4 and xbox one's

  • +9

    Why, why, why couldn't the PS4 be $299 :(

    • +1

      When it is I bet we hug it to death!

      • Yep when the new one comes out it will be

    • +4

      Wait for the PS4.5 / PS4K / PS4 Neo announcement and the price will drop

      • +2

        Again, look at the start date. It's after the expected announcement of the Neo.

        Looks like this IS the price drop.

    • Why, why, why couldn't the PS4 be $299 :(

      Simple reason. The PS4 is outselling the XBOX ONE by a huge margin worldwide. No need to be first-in with discounts.

      Microsoft has to discount to get the numbers. With a little healthy competition, it's only a matter of time until we see price drops from Sony. It will happen…the question is when. Plus of course new hardware is due.

  • is there more info regarding the bundle? I tried to search but couldnt find anything

    • in store most likely, seems to be a social media targeted campaign.

    • +1

      includes lego movie downloadable + minecraft + one of four games downloadable(Rise of Tomb raider, Rare Replay Collection, forza6 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition)

  • +7

    Three days after Sony and Microsoft e3 presentations. Clearing old stock I'm guessing, to make way for PS4 Neo and Xbone Slim.

    • Yeah they must know something is happening. I want a PS4 but at this stage I may as well wait.

      • Given JB Hifi is the last or rarely offers a great deal on price drops (vs Big W / Target / etc) my guess is that there is probably a high likelihood of an official price drop shortly.

  • Any word on the 1TB

    • Unfortunately No.

  • +1

    Brilliant! Just after my birthday.

    Wish list - Big W gift cards :)

  • +1

    they advertising this 16 days in advance ?

    • 6 days. It starts on 16th.

      • Read the date Chall posted XD

        • Oh crap, this whole thread must have been locked until today. :-D

        • @Zlatorog: yes, think it got suspended at Woolworths request til today

  • Had to register with oursteps

    5 minus 1 plus 2 equals? 4 ✅

    It must know i hate maths 😁

    • It's because it's an asian forum

  • +1

    Lego 75827 Firehouse Headquarters: $475 may as well get it from lego [email protected] during double VIP events.

    • Thought the same about [email protected] but with the e-gift cards ,can get it down to about $437. Saying that you will need to buy two or find a fellow AFOL cause you can't get a $475 card but you can get $950 even.

  • +2

    pretty sure Big W will come in and request this post to be taken down.

    • Why's that?

      • +1

        I think last year they had the post taken down until they officially released the catalogue.

        • Ah, OK.

    • +1

      Lol yeah they wont be happy

    • The prophet^

      • Thanks, from history of woolies group's deal, it's pretty easy to guess. Just got the catalogue delivered in my mailbox this morning

  • The way its printed and games offered, I sense this will be a deal from microsoft so expect other retailers to follow suit.

  • Not sure if its better to wait with all the rumors of 3 new systems or just buy straight when cheap. Maybe just take advantage of sales now.

    • +1

      Depends when the new systems come out and if you are patient enough

    • +3

      See my comment above. This sale starts three days after the expected date of announcements for the new consoles (except NX). It should be clear by the 16th what the future holds for these 'old' consoles.

      • So the systems are being announced out of the blue or is this going to be at the E3 thing ? I know N is releasing one early next year (if it is a home system or maybe a handheld version).

        Not sure if new systems will help / hurt game creation. Seems its hard enough to make games for current systems.

        • +3

          From what I've read:
          PS4 Neo - Announced in a few weeks at e3. Released by end of year, before PSVR.
          Xbox One Slim (smaller, same specs) - Announced in a few weeks at e3. Released by end of year.
          Xbox One Scorpio (4x more powerful than Neo, apparently) - Announced and released next year.
          NX - No details at this years e3. Released next year.

        • @PainToad:

          Xbox One Scorpio is 5x times more powerful then Xbox one
          and it should be around 2x - 2.5x times more powerful then PS4 Neo

          "that's still ALLOT" seeing as the Neo will have a mobile Zen CPU and Polaris GPU 14nm update with and updated 218GB/s Memory bandwidth

          Where's the Xbox One Scorpio will have a desktop zen CPU and updated Polaris 10 or Vega 10 GPU with 320GB/s+ Memory bandwidth

          I think a PS5 will come out the year after Scorpio to match the system specs

        • @vid_ghost:

          I just did the math and Neo and Scropio will be simular spec.

          Scorpio 4 to 5 times more power than Xbox one and PS4 2x more power than Xbox one and Neo 2 to 2.5 times more powerful than PS4. therefore Neo is 4 to 5 times more power than xbox one since 2x2 is 4 and 2x2.5 is 5.

  • PC-me is now envying PS4 Fallout 4 prices…

      • +2

        Thanks! Never thought to look at Harvey Norman, haven't shopped there in years! Ozgameshop is still $60AUD, Steam is still $80USD ($110AUD!)… but I now see greenman gaming is $40 too, and even EB games is only $45… I guess I gave up checking after I got Witcher 3 a week ago, love that game (after the recent update it's even better! I just spent 5 minutes swimming just to look at fish!)

        • +1

          yeah I'll be downloading the 1.20 patch tonight, budget doesn't allow for the blood and wine expansion for a few weeks though.

  • +3

    Fallout 4…..probably the best $39 you could spend (excluding Thailand).

    • +8

      What's wrong with the Thai release of Fallout 4?

      • +3

        Your Head


        My Head

        • +1

          actually it is

          Your head

      • +1

        Hey, I sure wouldn't mind getting me some more of that poontang! Remember that time?

        • +2

          I guess referencing ALIENS is too old a movie around here.

        • +5


          You'll have to wait for the inevitable remake in a few years time starring Miley Cyrus.

        • +1

          You forgot octerian or whatever it was.

        • -4

          @gizmomelb: Saw ALIENS at the chermside dawn. I negged your comment because it's demeaning to women

        • +1

          @gizmomelb: Remains my favorite movie o all time! "It dosnt matter when its Arturian baby!" Sarge

        • +1

          @Emdawg: Yeah Emdawg, except the one you had was MALE.

        • @Emdawg: I'd be interested in how ALIENS is demeaning to women - Ripley and Newt (not to mention Vasques, Dietrich and Ferro) have to be some of the strongest women in cinema of the past 25 years (imo).

        • @gizmomelb:

          I negged your comment because it's demeaning to women

          They are referring to your comment/quote, not the movie.

      • Awesome! … Agreed :D

    • +1

      pity its hugely mediocre

      • I hear you man. I tried my best to love it an only managed to get 11 hours in before giving up. Only game I've pre-ordered in the past 5 years too :P

        If you own a PC copy of NV; Fallout: The Frontier is looking promising. The map is massive too.

  • +2

    so 25% of 12 month xbox live gold subscription.

    does anyone know how much Big W sells the 12 month gold for usually ?

    • +1

      $79.95 IIRC

  • Amazing deal on uncharted 4 wow! If u didn't get that game now is Ur chance. Game of the year

  • Possible to post the full catalog here.? Tried registering on the forum but they have the most ridiculous Q&A verifcation that is a free text field so who knows what answer they are expecting.

    • Just update the post, full images now are in google drive.

  • Im trying cant see how to save it

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