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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 i5-6200u 8GB 14" FHD 1TB HDD $948 Shipped @ Lenovo Store (Save $901)


Can't tell you the amount of requests I've had to bring this deal back. Well it's back and a whole $40 cheaper. This has all the ruggedness & build quality of a ThinkPad but it's also a 2-in-1. Flip the screen and use it as a tablet. Normally $1849 but now $948 with coupon TA-YOGA. If you need to customise by adding an SSD or a faster CPU etc, the price obviously increases but the discount of $901 remains the same.

Offer strictly ends 11:59pm AEST Sunday

Don't forget Cashrewards for a further 8.0% cashback…

  • Intel Core i5-6200U CPU (3MB Cache, up to 2.80GHz)
  • 14" FHD (1920x1080) IPS, anti-glare, 10-point Multi-Touch
  • 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L 1600MHz SODIMM
  • Mylar 3+2 ClickPad, Fingerprint Reader, Black
  • 1TB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm, 2.5", SATA3
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260, Bluetooth v4.1
  • 16GB M.2 Solid State Drive
  • Windows 10 Home 64
  • ThinkPad Pen Pro
  • Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Software TPM & Hardware dTPM
  • Keyboard Backlit - English
  • 3-cell battery (53Wh)
  • 45W AC Adapter - ANZ (3pin)

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  • I think 1.8kg is pretty heavy for a tablet.

    I personally prefer the Yoga 900s for $1614.19 (+ $150 rebate) as a better deal as it is a lighter 12.5" 2-in-1 (0.999kg, 256GD SSD, though lesser processor)

  • Looks pretty dope for the price. I'm more interested in the Yoga 260 though,

  • Nice deal, versatile piece of tech. Seen a few around and not hear any complaints

  • I've just order one, upgraded the HDD to SSD.

    Great deal for a 2 in 1.


  • TA you are a unique snowflake

  • Could someone please comment how it compared to the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series 256gb SSD https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/251438

    • This one only has a 16gb SSD cache, compared to the full 256gb SSD in the Dell, and the Dell has an i7 compared to the i5 in this. SSDs don't cost much though, and there isn't much difference as far as performance with the i7 over the i5.

      This deal has a touchscreen that comes with a stylus that is always nice. Also has a much better Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chipset.

      • that also has touch screen and stylus - so confused :S

        • The build quality of Inspiron 13's are also not as good. Although I can't really comment how much better as I own neither the Yoga or Inspiron 13 7000. But Thinkpads generally have carbon fiber chassis — something that Inspirons lack.

          I had the Inspiron 11 3000 and that was shithouse.

        • @scrimshaw: i agree inspiron 11/13 have horrible build quality. press the keys a bit and the whole keyboard sinks in.

  • If you're looking for something cheaper and lower specced, the Dell Inspiron 11's are half this price on the dell factory outlet.

  • I was one who missed out last time, so I'll be jumping in on this deal this time. The HDMI and the Display Port outputs are winner. Pity it can't be upgraded to the 940m graphics card, but i don't think that bothers me too much.

  • +1 vote

    What does 'all day battery life' mean 8 hours?

  • Got one last time. Nice machine.
    U can upgrade ssd yourself and also add an additional m.2 drive too.
    Upgrading the ram is expensive per gig since it single ddr3l so haven't done that yet. Would cost arround $200 to upgrade it to 16gb.
    The pen used Wacom aes pen, currently supply is limited. So once supply increase could be worth getting it when price goes down. Pen/stylus is an active type with 2048 level sensitivity. Included pen/stylus get recharge when store away, while if u get other pen it would be using AAAA battery.

    • What is your battery life like? I also got one last time but upgraded to the WQHD screen and get 5 hours max but they quote up to 10 hours. If its because of the screen I'm not sure its worth the tradeoff and I'm thinking about buying a new one and selling/returning the current one.

      • This would be good to know. My brother recommended the WQHD screen as it's extremely crisp.

      • Also worth pointing out my battery is reporting 14% degradation already after 2 months, which I am also not happy about… so interested to know if anyone else has a similar problem.

      • After the initial conditioning of the battery (running it till it a few percent the fully charging it a few time), mines been plug into power point nearly all the time. So sorry I can't provide u with info u want.

  • Any chance you could give some TA love to one of the variants with the dedicated 940m graphics card?

  • +1 vote

    So I picked up the silly E460 last week. Tried to cancel my order, they said it was too late. Then I got a cancellation notice. Then PayPal took money. Now it arrived today. Now I need to return it and buy this beauty! Man. They seem a bit confused by what they could and couldn't do, sending mixed messages to me.

    • Why don't you want the E460? Not sure if i will get the e series or buy a more expensive thinkpad.

      • E series is really cheap build quality. Made of flimsy plastic and poor quality screen. Best to avoid if you aren't on an extreme budget.

        • I'm on an extreme budget but still decided to avoid it. Thanks for the advice.

        • @gto21: if you are on an extreme budget it might be worth getting an older generation model of laptop from ebay. There's some good deals if you know what you are after. Business grade laptops often don't have any issues buying 2nd hand

        • ^this pretty much, about quality and tablet form, and touch screen. Bought it because this wasn't available at the time. Now it is so return and new order time.

  • Whats the difference between this and the Yoga 700 from good guys deal from last week fro usage?
    They look so similar (same screen size, same cpu, the 460 has more ram, the 700 had an ssd).

    • +1 vote

      Business vs consumer for one. So this 460 is probably much more robust. As mentioned above, buy an SSD and swap it out. I was looking at it thinking, maybe I can buy a 256GB M.2 drive, then leave the 1TB and have dual drives, running OS off the M.2 and using the 1TB for bulk storage.

      • I was also considering this. Just be aware it only takes a 42mm M.2 drive which limits your options a little.

    • 1) Thinkpad has more solid/rugged build quality (Mil.Spec dust/water/shock)
      2) There is the ever so usable trackpoint (red dot in the middle of the keyboard to move your cursor)
      3) The Thinkpad Yoga comes with keyboard lock. So when you flip over the screen to tablet mode, the keyboard bezel raises and the key locks, preventing any key presses. Really fancy.

      A) Lenovo consumer range has glossy screen and i think the colour looks more vibrant if you opt for the expensive version (Yoga 900, but for that price, you would be looking at Thinkpad X1 Yoga, which probably would equal it in term of screen quality).

  • Anyone know where these can be seen in store ?

  • Which is the better notebook/deal,
    This (Yoga 460), or the previous deal Thinkpad E460?


    • Depends on what u are after. This has Wacom aes pen/stylus & tablet function while the e460 is cheaper for processing power.

    • I have a Yoga 460 and had previous contact with an E460 (maybe 2 years ago?)
      Have to say, seriously impressed with the Yoga 460 build quality, not sure if the Edge series has improved their build quality or not.

  • Need some advise on which hard drive to choose. Reading that the 128 GB SSD is too small after clean windows and a few pre-install software. I prefer SSD, is it better to DIY or upgrade from lenovo? And is 128 GB too small? Normally i don't require a lot of storage.

    • +1 vote

      DIY shouldn't be too hard. The only part I've not had to do is shift the data/image across. I've changed the drive out in a Yoga S1, which is pretty much an older version of this.

    • Opening and replacing the ssd isn't to hard. Instruction can be found online. U have two option btw. There is the standard 7mm ssd and the m.2 2242 drive that u can add/replace. The m.2 is easier, the 7mm ssd is a tight fit.

      I've replace both the drives.

      As for data, I did a fresh reinstall of Windows. Downloaded the Windows iso directly from Microsoft website and driver from Lenovo. Thus removing potential undesirable software.

      • Hi if you replaced the m.2 how did you reinstall Windows on the replacement as in same license or you bought another one ?

        • I cloned it to the m.2, disconnected the original mSATA and added a formatted SSD mSATA - it all worked straight away without any BIOS tweaks or win 10 licence issues

        • The license key for Windows is built into the system (in the bios iirc). I don't need to type the key in when installing. All legit.

          Didn't need to buy new key.

    • Depends on how much you use your local data.. A fresh install of Windows 10 should use 10-20gb.

      • You need about 40gb for a fresh win10 install. It doesn't even let you install when you have less than 45gb free space available on the volume.

        • The hell are you doing wrong?? A basic install of Windows 10 is only 10-20gb..

          Also, there's a difference between "minimum requirements" and usage..

  • Bought last deal, and great laptop. I replaced HDD with existing SSD, and upgrade to 16GB RAM with Lenovo 4X70J32868.

  • So tempting!!!

  • Got one thanks

  • How is this laptop able to handle general gaming such as CS GO etc?

    I've always snubbed laptops with no decent dedicated graphics card but I may be wrong because I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to these.

  • Tried to use this on the Lenovo Education Store but won't work. Was this done on purpose or is it a glitch? Would really like to use the edu store because I think its like a $300 saving

    • +2 votes

      You want to save a further $300? Yeah, not going to happen. There'd be a reason it doesn't apply there, and it would be that they don't want to be losing money.

  • I know slightly different products but how does this ThinkPad compare to the Surface in the below deal?


  • I read the user manual and they recommend that you don't use the M.2 drive for a boot drive because they can't guarantee the reliability. Why would they say that? Is says that the M.2 drive is only configured as a cache drive. I can see that some people use the M.2 drive as their boot drive, so is that something that is configured in the bios?

    • They say that because that's just the way they set it up in their factory image. If you swap it out with a bigger one then there's no worries with using it as a boot drive.

  • I purchased this laptop last time and ive been using it for a full time business laptop, here are my thoughts and findings.

    Great value, great build quality.
    Great thinkpad keyboard, touchpad and trackpoint. Good battery life, 6+ hours full brightness.
    Screen is pretty good quality, was even better after i calibrated it. The pen is great, if you are into that, as is the touch screen.
    You can upgrade the 2.5" HDD with an SSD, you can also add a M2 2242 SSD if you choose.
    There is only 1 RAM slot, if you want 16GB you have to buy a single DIMM that will be around $200, i did this and ran it with 16GB, still great value overall.
    Graphics performance could be better, even in windows. I think the single channel RAM is probably the cause. Its generally ok without an external monitor attached but it can get a tiny bit stuttery with additional externals.
    The i5-6200u is ok, this is obviously standard across all laptops and is fine for light to medium use but i do find it can max it out a bit (im a heavy user).
    All in all its amazing value and i would highly recommend it for a solid versatile laptop with thinkpad builds and extras.


    Curious if anyone has an opinion on this Yoga 460 compared to the Dell Latitude 7470

  • Does this have the ugly little trackpoint joystick thingy in the middle of the keyboard? The photos suggest it does. Plus it has manual trackpad buttons, which are also ugly. YMMV.

    • I only get Thinkpads because of the Trackpoint. It's so much faster and ergonomic than using the touch pad.

    • I hate touchpads without buttons, they're so annoying to use. Every time you go to click without raising your other finger it thinks you are trying to move the mouse and moves off whatever you're trying to click slightly or even worse performs a pinch zoom. Some of them can be very fiddle to right click with too. Give me dedicated buttons and a track point any day.

    • Do people know how to use finger gestures? You can gently touch the touchpad for left-click, and touch with two fingers for right-click. No need to click a manual button. I guess it depends on the quality of the touchpad.

  • How does this compare to ThinkPad T460? Someone once told me only the T and X series are true ThinkPads?

    • Similar quality. This is the future of Thinkpad.
      The only thing that you will be missing is the hot-swapable battery.

      If you think the performance is enough. (Add the SSD and it should be good enough for web browsing, email, down to light image/video editing), I rather get this than the T and X series. The yoga hinge has made this really versatile notebook on the go or at home.

  • My first IBM X21 was fantastic (~2002 version, ops, 14 years ago, I am old). Very good deal.

  • I ordered this on the last deal, but kept on having the box/notebook open by custom. Green Security Check Sticker. Apparently this is Custom Check that is happening in China.

    Anyone else has the same issue?

    A bit annoying having someone mess around with your notebook.

    Also, my first order arrived with stuck trackpad.
    Second some of the key is mushy.
    Third, the screen has couple of bright dots. (not dead/bright pixel, but like a bunch of polka dots like bright spot splattered around the screen).

    It is a really nice, solid, versatile notebook for the price though. Really a pleasure to use.

    • Is your screen 1920x1080 or 2560x1440?

      • 1920x1200.

        I can sum up as perfectly adequate.

        Can see the grittiness from up close. Probably from the digitiser and not from the sub/pixel? - Though keep in mind that I am the very fussy type regarding this… At non critical, working distance (25-30cm away even) it is a non issue.

        Colour is a bit meh. But definitely not complaining for the price. And is adequate for its intended use.

        Screen comes with permanent-plastic-film anti glare layer.

        Thinkpad never been known to have the best screen anyway.

        Would be interesting to know how the 2560x1440 is in comparison.

        • I am also desperate to know whether the WQHD display has better colour before this deal expires. Anyone please!

        • The WQHD screen does look great. Colours look good but I am no expert and I haven't seen the FHD screen however so can't really compare to that. It does NOT come with the anti-glare coating so does seem pretty reflective which might be annoying in bright environments or outdoors.
          I suspect the WQHD screen is affecting my battery life quite a bit and perhaps slows down the graphics performance but hard to tell how much.
          Win10 scaling is ok with most applications but not all. Without windows scaling WQHD is too small for me, so the FHD screen might be better in that aspect.

        • @jono31b: I know what you mean about Windows scaling, especially with older programs. I use a 15" screen and my preferred resolution is 1600x900 (due to a non-scaling app I use every day), which is impossible to get nowadays. So I actually ended up buying a 15" 4K screen and set it's resolution to 1600x900. Solves the scaling problem and the blurriness due to non-native res is barely noticeable.