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LG Urbane Smartwatch Silver $225 + Bonus $50 Voucher @ Telstra eBay


This was posted earlier this month but now comes with a $50 voucher :)

LG Urbane Smartwatch Silver $225 + Bonus $50 eBay Voucher

Original Voucher deal


  • Android Wear
  • 1.3” Full Circle P-OLED, 320 x 320 pixels (~245 ppi pixel density)
  • Battery 410 mAh
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1.2GHz
  • Wireless BT 4.0
  • Memory 4GB eMMC / 512MB RAM
  • 9-Axis (Gyro, Accelerometer, Compass), PPG (Heart rate monitor), Barometer
  • Dust & Water Resistant (IP 67)
  • 22mm Interchangeable Band

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  • great deal got one, i only hope i get the $50 voucher

  • Here's the original deal. Ends up being an even better deal with the $50 voucher.

  • Is this pronounced 'Urban-E' or 'Ur-Bane'

    • I think it's Ur-bane.

      • I thought this was wallet bane….

      • It is "Ur-Bane"… as in a "Modern Gentleman".

        I have one and it is one of the best smartwatches out there.
        Yes, the Huawei Watch is better.
        ….BUT !
        The Urbane is slightly thinner, and has a much larger battery (mine runs for 3 days), and it supports 22mm watch bands/straps.

        The Huawei watch is slightly smaller but fatter. It runs for ~2 days. It supports 20mm size bands which isn't very popular compared to 22mm/18mm sizes.

        I would also recommend the Pebble Time Steel, ASUS Zenwatch 2, and Apple Watch (for iPhone users only).
        I tried the Garmins and Fit Bit, and I can see their days are numbered.
        And the high-end G-Shock Rangeman are NOT smartwatches, despite all the gadgetry they have.

        I developed an allergic rash from the leather strap of the LG Urbane.
        So I've substituted other straps for it.
        In terms of straps I can help recommend these 5 for you:
        - Engineer from Taurus (aka Seiko Stainless Steel Super engineer II)
        - Leather (comes in different styles, like light croc pattern or even a Fossil/Nemesis style cuff band)
        - Silicone (Seiko Z22) this is a sports-band, in style of divers. It gives a Tag Heur aesthetic
        - Nato (very basic, most cheap, some made from high-grade parachute material)
        - Velcro (great for surfers/or quick wear and release)

        My personal dislikes:
        - The original leather strap (looks and feels cheap)
        - Cheap "gold" bands

        • The Urbane is slightly thinner, and has a much larger battery (mine runs for 3 days), and it supports 22mm watch bands/straps.

          with watch face always on mode


          Would you rate the Ritche Mesh band?

          Whats the best for a fitness junkie ?

        • @jbnz:

          There's a lot of Mesh bands out there. I have one somewhere in my box of infinite junk.

          The great thing about them is that they are infinitely adjustable. And they are surprisingly light. Not to mention they're quite scratch resistant by design.

          But the cheap ones from China can rust and pick up scratches. Like mine.

          I just checked reviews off Amazon, and it seems to be a good unit.

          Personally I don't like them, because they demand a very light-design watch. They're more form over function, and not as durable as a classic SS band.

          I wouldn't wear them to the gym.
          I wear either my leather or my silicone when working out and recording BPM.

          Another point I want to make, the end links (part connecting to the watch lugs) is very open (almost like NATO straps). So its a weak point, and sort of doesn't match the look of the Urbane.

          However, this is just my opinion.
          By the way, I'm mixing and matching the Urbane to wear depending on the function. Sometimes I wear a beater watch instead, other times its a classic. I love watches if you couldn't tell :)

        • @hurray:

          Yeah, with the watch face always on.

          I use it some might call it heavily/some might call light.

          I basically use it from 8am to 7pm checking emails and txt (work). I also use the stopwatch and note taking features. When I get home I do a 30min work out with Google Fit running. Then I usually sleep with it on, but sleep tracking and the alarm features aren't THAT great. After 1-2 days I recharge it.

          At the minimum I get a full days use, but one time I maxed it out to 4 days by using it as a watch and nothing else.

          Make sure to use a darkened watch face to take advantage of that OLED screen : )

  • can we use groupon voucher for it?

    eBay - $85 for $100 to Spend on Anything Online

  • Isn't 66.5g too heavy for a watch ?

  • Pretty good deal. Even better if it works with my appy25 code. ponders

  • Thank. I have been wanting to get a smart watch for a while now.

  • Anyone know if this will be upgradeable to android wear 2.0?

  • It basically has the same specs as the Samsung gear live that was released over a year before it….
    I was looking to upgrade

    Snapdragon 400
    Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
    Adreno 305
    4 GB storage.
    512 MB RAM

  • Is this any good?

  • thanks OP! managed to score 1 with:
    A. $85 for $100 voucher
    B. appy15 code
    C. $50 back from $200

    so total is: $145

    Pretty happy with this price! :)

    • hey mate can you explain the steps u followed to buy it thanks

      • Seems that the appy code should work providing the purchase is still over $200. As for the groupon and not paying the $200 fully through paypal is probably a 50/50 at best.

        I ended up with a moto 360 maybe a year ago for the $149 price point which I was happy with. Otherwise I'd be all over this deal! I assume he forgot to mention $2.50 cashrewards as well ;)

        • the T&C DID SAY you need to make payment through Paypal, however it DID NOT SAY you have to pay the FULL AMOUNT…

      • sorry for the late reply peeps. So this is what I did:
        1. Chat with ebay rep (online), and ask them if I can use all 3 codes, and he said yes.
        2. Then I used the $85 voucher code to pay
        3. After I paid I told the rep
        4. rep raised $15 credit request to my paypal acc (appy15 code discount)
        5. Then I asked AGAIN if I'm still eligible for the $50 back on $200, he said yes
        6. I saved the chat history and if I dont get the $50 I will be very cheesed off to say the least ;)

    • I think $200 must be paid via paypal to recieve the voucher

    • are you sure you will get $50 back? T&C said it can't be stacked…

  • so happy i managed to say no to the last deal… :)

  • I want a smartwatch with mic and speaker!!!
    My gear from here doesn't work with my Motorola from here! :(

  • Thanks Got one

  • Where is the $50 voucher mentioned? and
    What can the voucher be used for?