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"Olympics on 7" App (36 Channels) - Telstra Mobile Customers Get Free Premium Access (Save $19.95)


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How to get premium access

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Select premium content (indicated with a padlock)
  • Confirm that you're a Telstra Mobile customer
  • Sign-up for an account via the app with your Facebook or Gmail login.
  • Finalise your Telstra free offer. You can do this automatically by being connected to the Telstra Mobile Network (you must turn off Wi-Fi to do this) on your mobile service. Alternatively, you can also login with your Telstra ID.
  • Enjoy free premium content on your mobile device or online here.

As a Telstra Mobile customer you can enjoy free premium access to every magic moment of Seven’s coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on the ‘Olympics on 7’ App, available in August.

With ‘Olympics on 7’ premium access you’ll get:

  • Up to 36 dedicated channels
  • Live video streaming of every competition session from Rio 2016
  • Over 3000 hours of competition available in full and on-demand
  • Supplementary feeds for Golf and Sailing
  • 24/7 streaming of the Olympic Games News Channel
  • Highlights from every session
  • Interactive medal tally

  • The ‘Olympics on 7’ app is free to download for all Australians from the App Store or Google Play from August 1st to August 21st 2016.

  • Premium access is available to all Australians for a one-off fee of $19.95.

  • Telstra Mobile customers get premium access for free and will not be charged the one-off fee.

  • Data charges apply.

  • By providing your details, you are permitting us to contact you in relation to the Olympics on 7 App, until you unsubscribe from the updates. Please read our privacy statement before submitting your personal information to Telstra, for details of how we collect, secure, use and disclose your personal information.

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closed Comments

  • +5

    It doesn't specifically exclude prepaid users…this could be good!

    • +2

      works on prepaid. did mine this morning.

  • +12

    Will there be exclusive coverage of the pollution and corruption? :P

  • +9

    SD and it uses data, pass…..

  • +17

    Sweet 36 channels of swimming!

    • +2

      Haha, I actually hope the programming isn't as polarised as the normal TV broadcast due to all those channels.

  • +6

    telstra broadband costumers should be able to get it free too!

    • +13

      telstra broadband costumers should be able to get it free too!

      that's one hell of a dress-up party.

    • +1

      Finally there is a use for mobile SIM card that comes in my bundle. Worst thing about Telstra is how you can't get the top tier Internet speeds without useless things like a landline and a SIM card. Maybe now I can watch some figure skating and get my money's worth.

  • +1

    Good find OP. App hasn't been released yet. You can only sign up to a reminder for when it is released

  • +2

    Is there ways i can watch it on my desktop?

    • Use an Android Emulator like AndyOS (or many others)

    • Or use a network sniffer and sniff out the URL from the app.

    • +2

      Rather than installing an Android OS on your desktop, which can be tedious, install Screen Stream Mirroring (SSM) on your Android and mirror on your desktop using a Media Player like VLC, no additional hardware is required, not even a cable! SSM has an annoying demo version but the full version costs peanuts so go for that, VLC is free. I use this setup to mirror from a Galaxy Tab S to a Windows 7 desktop and it works well .. :-) .. !!


      • +2

        Thanks for the tip - I will try that out. Could be handy for several things.

        By the way, the paid version with no ads is $6.50 and can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobzapp.sc…

      • Do you know of any apps that allow screen sharing and remote control via PC?

        • VNC

        • Splashtop is what you are looking for

    • +1

      download bluestack, easy to use and you can play the games too

  • +8

    Can't wait to watch the 100metre mug and run event!

    • +6

      … beach sprinting at Copa Cabana, running after the guys with your backpack, wallet and mobile .. :-( .. !!

      • +1

        and the stolen goods relay.

    • +1

      I enjoyed this comment.

    • +1

      a Gold medal comment.

    • Could be more entertaining than many of the official events

  • +1

    Any olympic events I watch will be overseas broadcasts (probably BBC) using a VPN. Anything to avoid Seven's dreadful coverage.

    • If they've got 36 channels. I'm guessing they're pooling coverage with other broadcasters like bbc & NBC (?)

      • Most content will be feed from Olympic Broadcasting Services.

        • = the Olympic Mafia .. :-( .. !!

        • I believe that's the video only and each station has their own commentary.

      • +5

        Good point. I was basing my views on previous coverage which would rather provide live coverage of an Aussie coming 7th in Taekwondo than one of the main events featuring the biggest international stars.

        • This is whats shits me about olympic coverage in oz. For a multinational country why cant we get like tiered brodcasting? First tier is any event where there is an australian involved. Any medal events.

          Second tier. Any event where a superstar of lesser popular events is in except medal events.

          Third tier is the rest.

          There are so many events that can be covered. Why focus on just a few and repeat at nauseum? Do that after the olympics. Not during.

        • @xoom:

          multinational country

          Huh? That is a complete oxymoron. We are one country. We may have many cultures. But we are still one country, not many.

          Australian athletes should always get priority on an Australian broadcast.

        • @PainToad:

          what i meant was this is a country filled with various nationalities or ethnicity. who wether anyone here in australia likes it or not still like to follow their sports people from their home land.

          but when you get channel 7 repeat the same event over and over when they could be showing other events.

          which is why I suggested having more that one broadcaster televise the olympics so they can cover more events.

          I thought australia was a sporting nation. we love our rugby league, rugby union, soccer, cricket, swimming and tennis. we love a contest.

          but hey I guess I'm not australian enough not wanting to see <insert swimmers name> win the gold medal to the umpteenth time.

        • @xoom:

          If these people want to move to this great country, but not support our athletes, then they can buy a VPN and watch their home countries stream.

        • @PainToad:

          so. support australian athletes or nothing? can't support both?

          what happened to the australian sporting spirit? always loving the contest. doesnt matter who is in it.

          I am not saying we shouldn't cover all event where an australian athlete is in. all I am saying is when no australians are in an event show them anyway. hence why i suggested other channels get rights to show other events.

          this way more events get coverage.

          but hey. go the green and gold. keep showing the same event over and over and over.

    • +2

      Has anyone found what the BBC are doing by way of coverage yet?

      For 2012 they were by far the best provider, but given that this is not on home turf I don't know if they will hit the same standard.

      Edit : Found a reference to them doing "24 HD streams", same as 2012. Provided that streams properly, it will be the best bet.

      • +2

        Yes they were excellent in 2012 and I pretty much exclusively watched their coverage. Not sure what they are doing this time.

    • Do BBC have a desktop website or mobile app?


  • Is it metered on Telstra mobile?

    • +2

      "Data charges apply." From their website.

    • +2

      Yep, access the coverage for free but wait. hang on. We'll charge you for the data! Certainly puts a different spin on the "FREE" part….

  • +3

    Why did I even hope for a Windows Mobile app. :(

  • +1

    Shame Zika/Rio ruined Golfs return to the Olympics.

    • -1

      "Shame Zika/Rio ruined Golfs return to the Olympics."

      I think self-serving Golf Pros have ruined Golf's return to the Olympics.

    • +1

      Who the heck wants to watch golf at the Olympics? The various major championships throughout the year feature the world's best golfers. And the Olympics are meant to be for amateurs.

      • The probably don't need football (soccer) in it for the same reason

        • -1

          Or they don't want the violent thug fans ruining the Olympics with typical riots and flares.

  • +3

    Hope it works with Chromecast so I can watch it on the TV.

    • If not you can still cast your phone screen using the Google Cast app. Beware of the power usage tho :)

  • Sooo…Telstra clientele will be watching half the Olympics then?

  • -3

    The biggest news is that Seven is charging for the olympics!!!

    • No. They're charging for extra channels.

  • +1

    Hopefully it's 'After the Olympics' ad-free.

    • +1

      I can't bloody stand those ads. Next big show after the Olympics, after the tennis, every single bloody ad break!

      • +3

        And everyone with an internet connection downloaded these "new" shows months earlier.

  • -4

    Olympics sucks these days

  • Cant wait to see Lexi Thompson play in the womens golf with a brazilian

    • -1

      I can't wait to see the women's volleyball team get brazilians.

  • -1

    Gonna be the worst Olympics possibly ever, wouldnt be very suprised if very little to no world records are touched. Poor conditions, corruption got Brazil this. Also why waste my data watching it.

    • +10

      Same. I'm gonna sit this one out and wait for an even bigger sporting event where there's no corruption, the FIFA World Cup in Russia!

  • I'm just hoping that the app will work with ChromeCast

  • Think I will pass after seeing 7's atrocious olympics coverage the past few times.
    Far more worth it to get a UK VPN and watch the BBC HD streams.

    • Via a desktop website or mobile app?

  • They charge for boredom now?

    • +1

      Not just any boredem, elite world class competitive boredom.

      Some might even call it the Olympics of boredom.

  • +6

    Here's an idea, just have the Olympics in Greece every four years, at least that will give them some tourist dollars. Moving it around seems corrupt and a waste of tax payers money.

  • +1

    So if I, you know, want to watch the Olympics on my TV, in HD, and not just footage of every single Australian athlete we have… what do I do?

    • +1

      Travel to another country

    • that makes you unaustralian apparently. so get out. australia is full apparently. :-)

  • Can I download App to my iPad and watch on my big screen via AppleTV?

    • +1

      That's what I'm hoping.

  • Last olympics I just VPN'd to the UK. Their BBC coverage was amazing, all events on demand.

    • Via a desktop website or mobile app?

      • +1

        Desktop passed to tv. I imagine they would have a mobile app this time.

        • Desktop is good. I have a NUC connected to my TV and have a PIA VPN account.

    • +1

      this is how you cover the olympics but hey im unaustralian if i ever suggest this.

      • +1

        Australia covers the Olympic swimming only.

  • When you Google Olympics on 7 in the results is a 7 site

    Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Channel 7 – Live Stream Online

    I wonder if the app login will work for this so we can also watch it on our laptops?

  • +3

    Meh, not a great deal if it doesn't include free data usage like the AFL app does..

  • id rather just have a few foxtel channels but this will have to do thanks

  • +1

    They could save a lot of money at the Olympics and just have the opening and closing ceremonies with the 100m sprint and perhaps marathon (for the Rio scenery while its on) in between. 80/20 rule, would capture most of the audience ;-)

  • +1

    id rather FOXTEL have the Olympics, at least they know how to do sport. Channel 7 = the worst coverage of any sport ever they ruin the coverage of the Olympics every year.

    • -1

      Every year eh?

      • every year that it happens.

  • Update - App is due out August 1. Live coverage starts 6th August @ 6am AEST


  • -1

    So Telstra customers get "free" access but it uses up your data? Not exactly free then is it?

    Also, you need to turn off your wifi, watch via the Telstra mobile network and then remember to turn wifi back on when you're done. That's going to catch a few people out.

    Anyway, I'd prefer to watch Rob Sitch impersonating Bruce McAveny talking about Sergey Bubka… you know, the pole vaulter?

    • +2

      Turning off wifi is only required to confirm the premium pass, you can view it all over wifi.

  • +2


    How do I get Premium Access?

    • Download the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play or go to seven.com.au/olympics
    • When you are viewing the App or website you will notice certain content will have a padlock icon located on it. This icon represents Premium Access.
    • Select the padlocked content
    • Confirm that you’re a Telstra Mobile customer
    • Sign-up for Seven’s ‘Olympics on 7’ account via the App or website with your Facebook, or Gmail or email account..
    • Redeem your special Telstra Mobile customer offer
      • On your Mobile Device – For Personal, Business and Government
      • Ensure you’re connected to the Telstra Mobile Network (ie: you’re not connected by Wi-Fi), we’ll then automatically detect you and approve access, or
      • login with your Telstra ID (for Personal customers only)
      • On Desktop/Laptop – For Personal customers
      • login with your Telstra ID (for Personal customers only)
    • Start watching!
    • +3

      Thanks. I found current premium content at the very bottom of the homescreen: Basketball: Liz Cambage.

      • +1

        Thanks, Couldn't find anything premium to try this on!

  • you would think that by accessing the premium content it would turn the adds off, but unfortunately that's not the case, I may us this but only occasionally

  • It's ridiculous that the softkeys don't disappear when viewing fullscreen video.

    I know Seven are in bed with Samsung (who refuse to embrace softkeys), but some people choose to use real Android phones/tablets and don't want burn in.

    • Is burn in a real issue? I thought that was relegated to Plasma screens of 10 years ago not AMOLED phone screens…

      • Have burn in on my S5, gonna hopefully get it sorted under warranty

      • AMOLED phones are prone to burn in (eventually).

        But personally, I planned on connecting my Nexus 10 to my TV with HDMI. Guess I'll use my Windows tablet instead.

        • Installed the APK on my Nexus TV. Works ok with a Bluetooth mouse and screen orientation forced to landscape.

  • I have a Telstra prepaid - but don't have that phone on me - does it send a text to confirm?

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