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84 $0 Freebies/Samples (Links in Description) - Updated 15/7/20


My 500th deal :) Was bored at school, and after seeing many long-running freebies been reposted, just thought I'd make an as-complete-as-possible list of freebies that appear to be active right now (If there are any that are expired, please let me know)

These freebies have been sourced from multiple past ozbargain posts and other freebie sites. Managed to get a list of around 130 freebies, which was reduced to 84 after trying my best to cut out all the duplicate ones posted already in the last 6 months. Of the 84 freebies, only 40 are sourced from past ozbargain posts, so the remaining 44 has been sourced from elsewhere and never posted before. Good luck XD

Also, if you have ordered/previously ordered items and have received it, can you let me know in the comments? Thanks


  • Make sure to use an disposible email
  • Don't sign up for everything (lol) - make sure to do some browsing around the site first to make sure that it seems trustworthy (I've tried my best)
  • Some sites are ancient looking and appears to be created a while ago - so they might've been abandoned
  • Even though some items like glucose meters are freebies, please don't get them unless you genuinely need them

Mod: Updated 15/7/20 - Please report if you spot any further expired.


2 Minute Miracle Gel
5 free sets of latex gloves
5 Nerds T Shirt
Abbott Blood Glucose Meter (Diabetics Only)
Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter (Diabetics Only)
Aqua Skincare
Babylove Nappy received
Basecamp Stickers
Belwiz Baby Formula
BetaHeart Cholesterol Reducing Beverage received
Bioflex Nutrition
Bokers Scheduling Calendar with Metric Conversion Chart
Bulk Nutrients received received #2
Caesarstone Colour Samples received
Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse received
Carbon Fiber Sticker
Cardboard Packaging Material
CardioFlex Q10 or Wholy Tea
Cariss Printing Sample Pack
Carol’s Country Chicken (melbourne CBD only)
Cherub Baby Sample Pack
Computer Brush
Correction Pen
Creative Safety Supply Industrial Labels
Depend Incontinence Pads received
Dermal Masks
Dog Adoption Sticker
Door Safety Device
Dulcogas Sample
Elmore Pain Relief Oil received by mod
Four Seasons Naked Duo Condoms received
Fridge Magnet received
Geo Liquid Pack (for fish)
Globalgig Sim received
Hollandaise sauce (businesses only)
Hostgator Sticker
Huggies Drynites received
Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants received
Huggies Nappy Pants received
Kindness Cards received
Kitchen Material Samples
Letter Opener
Liberty Skis Stickers
Libra Girl Starter Kit
Luxtreaux Wristband
Lycamobile Sim received
Military Identity Disk
My Stickers Sample
NeilMed Sinus Rinse
Organic Qui Tea received
PA Labels
PerfectionHD30 Anti Wrinkle Eliminating System
Pet Cage Tag
PIN Pad Theft Prevention Toolkit
Poise Hourglass pads
Poise Sample received
Pool idea kit received
Powa Beam Bumper Sticker
Revision Ski Stickers
Riversol Skincare Products received
S-26 Gold Toddler/Junior received
Saliva pH test kit
Scentsy Wax
Snugglers Nappies received
Sports Strapping Tape
Sqwincher Electrolyte
Start Riding Pack
Stone and Slate received
Tena Liners/Pads/Pads for Weak Bladders
Thai Red Curry Paste (businesses only)
Thai Sweet Chilli Jam (businesses only)
Toughwash signs
Tru-Spring Good Sheet for laundry (facebook share required) Not available to Australia
Truvia Sweetener
U By Kotex Ultrathins received
Valentus Coffee
Whey Protein
Whiteglo Toothpaste/Toothbrush/Floss received
X50 Green Tea Sachet received

Mod: Updated 15/7/20 - Please report if you spot any further expired.



MOD: Some links are removed as requested by the merchants.

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  • +11

    Please use a service like https://mailinator.com or https://www.google.com.au/search?q=disposable+email otherwise you'll get spammed

    • How did I not know about these sorts of sites!? Thanks!!

    • +6

      mailinator.com is great but mail is only held for a very short time. Maybe an hour?
      Can use: @mailismagic.com, @veryrealemail.com, @spamhereplease.com, @spamgoes.in letthemeatspam.com, @bobmail.info,chammy.info, zippymail.info, bobmail.info, binkmail.com, tradermail.info, @safetymail.info, suremail.info, mailinator2.com, sogetthis.com, mailin8r.com, mailinator.net, @spamherelots.com, @thisisnotmyrealemail.com etc

      yopmail.com mail is held for 8 days, and for two years has always been reliable.
      Can use: @yopmail.fr, @yopmail.net,@cool.fr.nf, @jetable.fr.nf, @nospam.ze.tc, @nomail.xl.cx, @mega.zik.dj, @speed.1s.fr, @courriel.fr.nf, @moncourrier.fr.nf, @monemail.fr.nf, @monmail.fr.nf etc

      I should donate I use these sites so often.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Have never used these before so just went to try yopmail. Rather concerned at what I've seen so far. Enter any user name and it will take you straight into the emails for that address. So the email address seems to exist in perpetuity and will let anyone view your emails. If you are requesting delivery of physical items like most of these samples then there's quite a chance of your details being seen by others. Their "random" address generator seems to reduce the risk but it's also probably not random and subject to reusing accounts

        • Yes it's for junkmail usage plain and simple.

          But useful for signups or for example, you can give someone 'out there' a one-off email address without creating an account first.
          Or even post temp info on forums as http://anyname987976.yopmail.com

          Real email accounts thus don't get the cr*pmail.

      • Good info,

    • +5

      Or, if you're geeky and have your own domain, you can just use any old email address on your domain, e.g. [email protected]. That's what I do. It means that I get every mail sent to me in my "catch all" account, just in case it is useful, but if it starts getting spammed then I know where the email leaked from so I can block that address and never use their service again.

      • +1

        This. I've also set @m.mydomain.com and @c.mydomain.com subdomains (c for comps, m for marketing) so that I can set a rule which applies to all of these one-off addresses rather than continually updating filters.

      • Did that with my surname.com, and had 100's of junkmail everytime I checked. So catchall has disadvantages too.

    • +2

      Yahoo mail also has a similar service.

      Settings > Security > Disposable Addresses

      The mail will go straight into your email box (or you can set a rule to send it to a folder) but you can remove the address anytime you like.

      Note that the "Base name" cannot be changed once you have chosen one.

  • +9

    I have started sending things to my parcel locker in our building just so I have a surprise and something random to look forward to while @ work. These are perfect for that mission. thanks lyl

  • +3

    Congratulations lyl on your 500th post!

    Do you mind categorizing them?

    • +1

      If you can use a sort button so it can be sorted by category, included value or least->most personal information required. :)

  • +17

    +1 for the great utilisation of time @ School.

  • +8

    Lol @ the 'Duplicate' report - muppets!

    Congrats lyl, now go back to studying :)

  • +9

    Was bored at school?

    Isnt it the hoildays right now or are my kids telling me lies?

    good list though

    • +4

      Started and created most of the list during school, only finished it a few days ago :)

      • +22

        The lyl Center For Children Who Can't OzBargain Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

      • +1

        so you dont do anything but ozbargain at school then?

        • Says tuzii, while at work. :)

    • +1

      No longer holidays in VIC

  • +1

    Cool! A couple of these have worked for me in the past. I think 'Riversol' and 'Scentsy' appear twice on your list?

    • Thanks, fixed. Appears I labelled them incorrectly as they linked to something else.

    • A couple of these have worked for me in the past.

      Can you let me know which items you have received? Have another idea of verifying a few items in the list.

      • +1

        "Organic Qui Tea" definitely arrived.

        • Thank you :)

  • Why would I want to measure Abbott's blood glucose?

  • +5

    Well done on your 500th lyl. Another awesome post :)

  • +6

    Thanks lyl!

    I can confirm I've previously received the following from the list:

    Huggies Drynites(drynites.com.au)
    Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants(huggies.com.au)
    Huggies Nappy Pants(huggies.com.au)

    Organic Qi Tea

    S-26 Gold Toddler/Junior

    Snugglers Nappies

    Whiteglo Toothpaste/Toothbrush/Floss (<—- This one is a good overnight/travel kit)

    • Go Katie go
      Go Katie Go
      lol 8)

  • +1

    Great post. A couple comments:

    Carol's Country Chicken appears to be Melbourne CBD only.

    Unilever (offering the free Thai sauce samples) appear to be for businesses only, but can't hurt to try. They're also offering free samples of Hollandaise Sauce!

    • I tried last time this was posted but received nada :(

  • I just applied for so many samples its ridiculous. Gotta love freebies! haha

  • +1

    Got one thanks (:
    Here's hoping it does arrive…

  • These freebies get ozbargained and they bail on them. Never gotten any freebie I signed up for here..

  • +1

    Congratulation lyl for your 500th post. Keen up the great work.

  • You sir, OP, have received Legendary Status!

  • +1

    Good Sheet

    Follow the instructions (join on facebook) and write "Shared" in the comments section to receive free sample.


    "Due to an overwhelming response for our samples we have had to limit the number sent out per month. Sorry for any inconvenience."

  • Great job. Some useful stuff too.
    5 Nerds T Shirt must have.

  • Unfortunately I keep getting an error message after I fill out details for this one:

    5 free sets of latex gloves(microflexintpublic-ansellhealthcare.msappproxy.net)

    anyone had any luck?

    Great post nonetheless.

    • I'm also getting an error message for the gloves

  • +1

    Congrats lyl, thanks for all the deals

  • +1

    Congratulations on the achievement lyl - 500 posts is one mean feat! Keep them coming :)

  • +1

    Truvia seems to be only for USA residents

    Thank you for requesting a sample of Truvia® Natural Sweetener! We’re currently processing your request.

    Your request may not be fulfilled for the following reasons:

    A bad/incomplete mailing address was provided
    Our records indicate you have already received a free sample of Truvia® Natural Sweetener
    A PO box was listed in the provided mailing address
    A mailing address outside of the United States was provided (*offer not valid in Puerto Rico)

  • THANK YOU lyl…

  • +3

    Bulk Nutrients has worked for me in the past. Also worked for them as my partner now buys their protein powder.

    • Do you by any chance have a recommendation in a good sample to try? There's so many to choose from and I have no idea.

      • +1

        WPC Chocolate

  • +1

    Canestan received as well.

  • +1

    AJ Parkes returns an error.

    • +1

      NBI also returns an error.

  • +1

    Don't want any of those. Some products I might be interested in but not worth the time for one serve etc

  • +1

    You finally posted it. I've been waiting a long time.

    Huggies Nappy Pants(huggies.com.au) received

    I'm sending this to my boss ;)

    • +9

      Don't tell anyone but I've been spamming my boss for ages now by sending him any female hygiene products that come up as free samples.
      It drives him bonkers and he still hasn't worked out its me yet.

      • I do this with my housemates, endless fun :)

      • You should move onto the next level and try a glitter bomb or a bag of d*cks. I did and it was hilarious - tastes good too ;)

        • tastes good too ;)

          The glitter or the…?! :O

        • +1

          @Spackbace: … both?

  • +1

    LYL, you are just simply awesome! just want to thank you for doing this!

  • Could someone wiki this please?

    • Like this?

      • Yup. But without the expired deals.

  • +1

    Congrats lyl! 3rd day of the new term and you're already bored? :)

  • +2

    Like Your List and congrats on your 500th post.

  • +1

    Congrats !! Looking forward to your 1000th deal !!

  • +2

    someone give this lad a job at cashrewards when he comes out from school

  • I have recieved the Lycamobile sim.

  • Can confirm the saliva kit which I actually have posted will not come

  • Nutrients Direct appear to have deleted the form submission page, so that doesnt work.

    Also, Valentus Coffee no longer links to a sample request or even contact page.

  • Some of these you cant even select Australia. Stupid.

  • Great. Thanks

  • +7

    Cheers OP. Can verify the following

    Sample Arrival Time Proof
    X50 Green Tea 1 week Picture
    Bulk Nutrients 2 weeks Picture
    Ceasarstone 3 days Picture
    GlobalGIG SIM 3 days Picture
    Rubbish Magnet 2 weeks Picture
    Four Seasons Condoms 3 weeks Picture
    Babylove Nappy 3 weeks Picture
    BetaHeart Cholesterol Reducing 3 weeks Previously ordered
    Depend Incontinence Pads 3 weeks Picture
    Kindness Cards 2 weeks Picture
    Poise Pads 2 weeks Picture
    S-26 Gold Toddler/Junior 2 weeks Picture
    U by Kotex 1 week Picture
    Stone and Slate 3 days Picture
    Pool Idea Kit 1 week Picture
    • +3

      Incredible effort putting this together. Well done Savas :)

    • +1

      Thank you so much Savas :)

    • +1

      Lol applies for the nappy, s-26, the condoms and the incontinence pads :P

  • Anyone received nwrd tshirt yet?

  • Thanks so much OP. Really hard work! I appreciate it very much:)

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