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15% off New Ezyboil - Instant Boiling Water Dispenser: $126.65 Plus Free Shipping


You don't need to shell out thousands of dollars to get instant boiling water in your kitchen or small office.


EzyBoil is a brand new product to the Australian Households, launched at the Ipswich Home Show this weekend.
EzyBoil is an instant boiling water dispenser, no waiting more than 7 seconds for water to boil that is ready to drink.

Simply flick the dial and boiling water is available for your favorite beverage.

This coupon code "REDHOT" can be used for 15% off the Polly units (single or double purchase), including free shipping within Australia.

With Fathers Day coming up, most dad's like a bit of new tech :)


  • Super quiet! No need to adjust your television volume.
  • Heats water only when you want it, saving you electricity
  • Simple On / Off dispenser knob

12 Things You Will Love About EzyBoil Polly

  1. Side ON/OFF switch to eliminate standby power when not required

  2. Dispense water with an easy to use switch twist knob on top of the unit to dispense boiling water

  3. Efficient lid opening button to enable the unit to be filled with ambient water (use your own filtered water if you so desire)

  4. Plastic body with stainless steel and chrome also includes carry handle

  5. Energy saving, dispense boiling water in 10 seconds, 100% boiling water guarantee, 95 degrees or above

  6. Water dispense rate up to 500ml per minute

  7. Inbuilt electrical safety protection: boil dry protection and fuse protection

  8. Quiet dispensing of boiling water for noise reduction

  9. Transparent water tank with clear water level markings

  10. Detachable front water drip tray that makes cleaning easy

  11. Dual colour indicators: lights are green when operating and turns red when out of water

  12. Australian Consumer 12 Month Replacement Warranty

"Polly put the kettle on and we'll all have tea !"

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  • no waiting more than 7 seconds for water to boil that is ready to drink.

    drinking boiling water huh?

    • "5. Energy saving, dispense boiling water in 10 seconds, 100% boiling water guarantee, 95 degrees or above"

      • +1 vote

        This is standard text from test reports and applies to EzyBoil as well as other instant boilers or kettles. Water can boil at 95 Degrees so it's really covering ourselves from the legal fraternity that want to have a go at us. Weird I know, talk to a lawyer — I'd rather just say it boils at 100 degrees to avoid confusion but heck.

      • Boiling temperature drops as you move up from sea level.

  • yes, made at 100 degrees just like a kettle, though quicker and quieter.

  • You broke the first rule in Ozbargain….PRICEEEEEE, Please…..

  • Price - sorry, first post here - thanks for the prompt…

    Total price Delivered to your door and including GST and Full 100% Australian Certifications is just $126 after applying the Discount code, which is valid till the end of this month.

  • It dispenses 500ml in 60sec…? So it would take 10 + 30 seconds to dispense 250ml for a cup of tea? I think it might be faster to use a kettle…?

    • A regular kitchen cup holds around 220 ml. So it's too long to wait around 20 seconds for boiling water.

      Consider the alternative -
      1. Fill your kettle up a litre
      2. Go away for 5 minutes till it boils
      3. Remember that it boiled 10 minutes later
      4. Reboil the jug, this time wait again
      5. Pour your cuppa

      Total time taken = 15 minutes

      Total Energy taken = about 5 times as much as what you use when you flick the dial on an EzyBoil.

      EzyBoil reduces your total energy consumption in exchange for a small wait time.

      • My house mates repeat steps 2 - 4 multiple times in one round, i should make them pay for one.


          another solution, $10 for a non name whistling kettle or $25 for a circulon one from victoria's basement.

        • @lamprey: Knowing my housemates, that will result in them putting the kettle on and leaving it till either i turn it off because I cant take the whistling, or it boils dry.


        A BENEFIT you quote
        "Heats water only when you want it, saving you electricity"

        Yet my kettle using maximum power [on a standard circuit] of 10A draws some 2,400W.

        As it takes around 1.16Wh to raise the temperature of a litre of water by a degree celsius [?], just 20 seconds to boil 220mL from around 20C [or lower from tap?] might suggest a 16A powerpoint??
        More relevant to the UK?
        Happy to be corrected ;-)

        Perhaps the Dispenser includes a storage container of hot water - akin to a home HW tank?
        Would be considerable standing tank heat losses in this case - thus mitigating any suggested energy consumption. Did I see 7 seconds mentioned for a cup of boiling water?

        Must admit I had a "health food" employee look aghast at mention of using my microwave to 'boil' a cup of water - but she also followed the star signs, in spite of their "continental drift" over time :-)

        I look forward to your response.


        • Thanks for your interest - as part of the trials we conducted with this product, the current draw is only 10 Amp.
          The power savings come from the reduced time required for the delivery of the cup of water, as required.

          If you cover a conventional kettle or jug with just one cup of water, it takes around the same time as the EzyBoil.
          Having said that, most people don't do that because we fear we won't have enough boiling water if we get it wrong.
          Hence human behaviour means we use around 2 or more cups of water to cover the element, usually, unless you're like my grandfather.

          There is no storage container of hot water in the tank - the rear container holds cold water only.
          This is truly an instant boiling water - boiling it when you need it.

          Compare with an under the sink Billi or ZIP, which chews power all day.
          And then you've also got the issue of reboiled water tasting terrible from those devices.

          We believe that EzyBoil uses the least amount of power on the market, and delivers water quickly and efficiently.
          And that's why we've spent the last 12 months testing, certifying to Australian Standards, and introducing them into the marketplace.

          If anyone wants to give that a shot - be my friend and give it a go.


          "Hence human behaviour means we use around 2 or more cups of water to cover the element, usually, unless you're like my grandfather."

          Apparently Wisdom DOES come with Age :-)
          Should granddad be involved in market testing?

          As you don't store already heated water[!!] perhaps your appliance [in conjunction with the multitude of others on eBay] acts like my continuous flow HWS.
          A slow trickle of boiling water from the appliance requiring the better part of a minute to fill your cup - I may recall 45 seconds mentioned for one drawing 10A.

          That would be consistent with your comparison with an electric kettle!

          I wonder whether your appliance boils a quantified measure of water - your 220mL for a standard cup; or allows for larger (MUG;-) or smaller output.
          Variable volume - as with my showering?

          PS: My old Panasonic MW had an efficiency level not far short of my ancient Sunbeam (resistance heating) kettle.
          Induction heating similarly efficient.

          As boiling a cup of cold water might only require about 40Wh (1c @ 25c/Wh) even 6 cups of 'tea' a day amounts to some $22 a year.
          A heat-pump unit might cut this to a third ;-)



          JUST A FOLLOW-UP :)

          Short version:-

          1) 38Wh (59 seconds) to boil 10C tap water in a 16C kettle: for a wake-up cup of instant coffee ;-)

          2) then 29Wh (49 seconds) to boil 10C water in my now warmer kettle - a short time later for my first daily cup of tea.


          On arising in an ambient 17C I cranked up my heater, & boiled water for a starter cup of coffee; later followed by a first cup of tea for the day.
          Using a standard [white, porcelain (to minimise staining)] cup also at 16C.
          Boiled water cooling in the cup to an initial 80C.

          Later using an identical cup the temperature was a degree or so lower - but the volume of water used was marginally smaller.
          [For more scientific testing I might have weighed out the water used for both cups.]

  • Keep 'em coming, though I'm to bed !

  • Or you could buy 16 $7.50 kettles (1.7L) from Kmart etc and also never run out of hot water….27L of instant hot water at one time

    • yes, yes you could.
      But I sense you're missing the point of this product.

      The saving in electricity basically pays for itself over the course of a year, simply due to the way we boil water - human behaviour, as noted in my comment above.
      And there are other advantages like extreme quiet kettle, etc.

      • From what I believe, to save electricity, the most efficient method may actually be heating the water in a microwave…

        • As part of the testing of this product we compared with a microwave oven (1,200 Watts) and a regular kettle (Bellini).

          The microwave was the WORST consumer of electricity, taking nearly double the amount of energy compared to a single cup in EzyBoil and a single cup in a regular kettle.

          This is because the energy transfer in a microwave is not as efficient as heating appliances or devices.

          An interesting thought though :)

  • Aren't these the same thing as what you can get on ebay for $80 ?

    • +1 vote

      completely not - and allow me to explain.

      First, that is an illegal product you are seeing on eBay - never been certified for Australian standards.
      Second, that is a different company product.
      Third, we have an exclusive agreement with our factory for our product within Australia.
      Fourth, not only is our product unique, our Trademarked Branding is too, with IP Australia.
      Fifth, if you were to risk buying electrical on eBay that does not meet Australian standards, just think HOVERBOARDS.

      We stand behind our product, which has taken over 12 months work to get right as a great new product in the Australian marketplace.

  • +1 vote

    Negging because the title offers 15% off $149 reduced from an even higher fictitious $199 price which nobody has ever been charged because the product only launched this weekend - assuming that portion of the description is honest. "Associated" OPs must learn to take OzBargain seriously and not post fictitious "bargains".

    • +1 vote

      I Feel your Negging is unjustified.
      Have you done the MATHS ?

      Our target price of $199 is where market feedback based on other products in Australia is set to.
      Take 15% off the $!49 price, and you get $126.

      PLUS Add in free delivery nationwide.

      The description is honest.
      What you are seeing in TEXT is superseded when you see it up close and personal.

      This is not a fly by night product or a get rich quick scheme.
      We've spent 12 months doing market research, Australian Certifications, working with Distributors and the market.

      And you want to shoot me down with an off the cuff comment that is unjustified because you've never seen it ?

      • Has anyone ever paid $199 for this product?

      • +3 votes

        You joined OzBargain last month to sell this product. You finally attempted that yesterday by offering us 15% off a price that was never charged until the weekend, which is a reduction of a higher price which you today admit is merely a target. After doing 12 months market research. You and I are here at OzBargain, where the bargains must be real, not based on a fictitious price that was never charged. Following your link does not disclose the word "target" next to the $199 price. Did you think we wouldn't notice? You need to take OzBargain seriously.

        • You're right. I joined OzBargain a month ago to determine if this was a potential avenue for sales.
          The thing I liked about the community is their frank honesty and feedback, which I value.

          On a normal bell curve there will always be a percentage of people who either LOVE or HATE anything.
          So I'm not worried about extreme views from anyone.

          Of course, I'm still getting used to the way people think and work in this community.
          So while your views appear valid, they are somewhat harsh from where I am sitting.

          No doubt I'll adapt as time goes on, but rest assured I'm not a fictitious character that is out to assassinate an unsuspecting crowd.

  • I have one of these:

    As far as I know, they aren't sold anymore.
    I really like mine and it works well. So if I were looking for one now, I would consider this one on offer.

    One of the comments made about the Tefal was that it doesn't quite get up to boiling temp 100 degrees. Some tea drinkers thought that was an issue. I use mine for tea and for me it is fine.

    The convenience of instant hot water is terrific.

    • +1 vote

      "The convenience of instant hot water is terrific."

      If one needs to allow 3 - 4 minutes for your tea to 'stew', I wouldn't have thought another minute to boil a cup of water would have been too inconvenient ;-)

      With regard to the temperature of your hot water, this drops immediately on exposure to colder environments (eg Cup/Teapot) & ambient air - & continues dropping whilst the tea brews.

      I'm with you, however, the proof IS in the drinking. YOUR experience!

    • People I know have raved about their Tefal, as it's lasted a long time.

      I've evaluated numerous brands of instant water boilers (check our eBay for any illegal ones if you wish), and this came up tops.

      The EzyBoil heats to 100 degrees, though we have models coming that you can adjust the temperature to 55 / 65 /75 / 85 / 100 degrees, as well as the water volume + child lock.

      Thanks for your positive contribution to this thread — :)

      • Hey OP, apart from the price, what are the major differences between your chinese "no brand" dispenser and the "illegal" chinese "no brand" ones on ebay?

        I'm sorry OP, but I don't think you should be posting this as a bargain here! You are asking too much money for just rebranding a chinese product and selling it as a new and exclusive product to our Market.

        • -2 votes

          I feel you don't understand the industry, or the effort to get anything certified to Australian standards.

          What you are looking at on eBay is not certified and comes from a Hong Kong importer.
          They do not have an exclusive nation-wide contract, hence side-stepping the agreements we have.

          We have worked with Australian authorities to ensure our Trademarked product (no name ??) meets Australian standards, and have had several items within the product changed.
          It's now different to what you are seeing on eBay, significantly.

          If you want to risk taking on something that can't be covered by manufacturers insurance (we have $10 M liability with Zurich) for the sake of a cheap import, go ahead.

          I find your Negative review here does no justice to the product, nor your own credibility as a Reviewer.

        • @surefireweb: it looks EXACTLY the same product to me, unless of course you can prove the opposite.
          "Several items within the product changed" LOL That line itself sure adds credibility to you as a reputable seller, doesn't it?

        • -1 vote

          @GregFiona: sure I can prove to you — though is it really worth my time ?

        • @surefireweb: I can prove to you that there is no hardware changes between your item and the ebay one and I can also prove they both come out of the same factory. Is it really worth my time? the answer is NO! just like the answer to:" Is your item a bargain?" -HELL NO!

        • +1 vote

          @surefireweb: Is it really worth your time to avoid proving significant internal differences between your product and that eBay one? You cannot deny - with the single exception of brand name - they are outwardly identical.

          "The thing I liked about the community is their frank honesty and feedback, which I value." So you may as well explain how it's "now different to what you are seeing on eBay, significantly".

          "So I'm not worried about extreme views from anyone." Wanting bargains to be genuine is normal and not an extreme view on OzBargain or anywhere else.