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XiaoMi Redmi 3 Pro Overseas Edition 3GB/32GB US$142.93/~AU$191, Original Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid US$14.36 @ Everbuying - New Account


XiaoMi Redmi 3 Pro Overseas Edition 5.0 inch Android 5.1 4G Smartphone Snapdragon 616 64bit Octa Core 32GB ROM Fingerprint 3GB RAM 13.0MP + 5.0MP Cameras

Coupon Code - MM-Redmi3 US$142.93/~AU$191

Items Sub-total USD$ 209.02
Coupon - USD$ 61.13
Mobile Discounts - USD$ 2.96
EB Points saving - USD$2.00
Shipping Sub-total + USD$ 0.00
Shipping Insurance + USD$ 0.00
Wallet - USD$ 0.00
The amount payable: USD$142.93

Main Features:

Display: 5.0 inch 1280 x 720 HD Screen
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa Core 4 x 1.5GHz + 4 x 1.2GHz
GPU: Adreno 405
System: Android 5.1
Camera: 5.0MP front camera + 13.0MP rear camera with auto focus and flashlight
Sensor: Light sensor, G-sensor, Proximity sensor, E-compass
Feature: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Fingerprint sensor
Bluetooth: 4.1
SIM Card: Dual SIM dual standby. One is Micro SIM card slot, the other is Nano card slot, which can also be used as a TF card slot.
Note: Nano SIM card and TF card cannot be used together, because they share the same space of card slot.
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
4G: FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz

Original Xiaomi Mi IV In-Ear 3.5mm Wired Hybrid Dynamic and Two Balanced-Armature Drivers Earphones

Coupon Code - MM-MIIV US$14.36/~AU$19

Items Sub-total USD$ 24.98
Coupon - USD$ 8.29
Mobile Discounts - USD$ 0.33
EB Points saving - USD$2.00
Shipping Sub-total + USD$ 0.00
Shipping Insurance + USD$ 0.00
Wallet - USD$ 0.00
The amount payable: USD$14.36


Original Xiaomi in-ear hybrid dual driver earphones
Dynamic and two balanced-armature drivers, for detailed sound
More professional tuning mode with super fine and sophisticated design
Cable control high SNR 58dB microphone, better noise cancellation for clear calling quality
Come with 3 pairs of S / M / L size soft silicone eartips for comfortable wearing experience

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  • I thought the xiaomi hybrid earphones had one dynamic and one (not two) balanced armature driver

    • Yeah, it has one on each side.

  • +1

    Does this have a gyro ?

    • Yes

    • EDIT Oops - I was thinking of the Note 3 Pro, this doesn't apply to the 3 Pro. /EDIT

      Yes but it's worth knowing some people are having problems with responsiveness of the accelerometer and gyro: http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=298968

  • How do Xiaomi's compare to Samsung's and what not? Thinking about getting my mum one.. Samsung is generally quite easy to use.

    • +13

      ahh, the dreaded curse of Touchwiz, old people get used to it, then they can use nothing but Touchwiz from then on. Year after year they can only use Samsung.

      That's the reason why I install Nova launcher on any phone I set up for my mum, because I can keep a consistent experience for her no matter which brand of phone she uses.

      • +3

        My mum has a smart phone from aldi.. so i'm pretty sure that doesn't have touchwiz. Although, in saying that, i don't mind touchwiz on my phone.. but i don't like how Samsung are now selling their phones almost the same prices as Apple :-(

        • From price per performance point of view, Xioami is on par with Samsung I would say.

        • -1

          @bargainaus: i guess you're right. You pay less and get less with the Xiaomi.

        • @Risto: Not really, Xiaomi Mi 5 is on par with Samsung S7 and most other "flagship" phones, but half the price. Got one for my son recently, very well built phone with great specs, $485 delivered unlocked, don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em :)

        • @fsdef01: I own the ole slippery Mi5. It's not on par with the s7. The camera is terrible at night. The MIUI interface is rubbish. The latest official ROM update put pretty Chinese boys as my start screen. It's a very average phone with a decent processor. I'm looking forward to my G5 so I can have a decent camera and flawless integration with Google services, unlike the Mi5.

  • How do the IV's compare to the Piston 3's?

    • More balanced sound profile. Hybrids are still bass heavy, but not as much as Piston 3.

    • I have a pair of the 4's and the 3's. I think the 3's look better than the 4's but the 3's sound better. My 4's do have an issue around the plug where the cable has popped out of the sleaving.

  • +9

    What's the difference between XiaoMi Redmi 3 Pro Overseas Edition and XiaoMi Redmi 3 Pro ?

    • +2

      The overseas edition has official firmware whereas the normal one is Chinese firmware

      • Sorry for the dumb question but this is the first time I've used android, would it be easy to install the official firmware? thanks!

    • +2

      Official Global firmware instead of Chinese firmware

  • +3

    Why international version is better ?
    [International Edition]
    OS Official Global Stable Firmware,support OTA update
    Google play Support
    Power Plug Original European Plug
    Multi-language Support by Official Firmware

    [Chinese Version]

    OS Custom firmware,usually not support OTA update
    Google play most phone can support after optimize
    power plug US Plug with European adapter
    multi-language Support after optimize

    • From my understanding there is no official global ROM yet for this phone. Only for the note.

      Rep, please can you conform what firmware this phone comes with

    • More LTE bands from what i know.

      • +2

        Hardware is exactly the same, the only reason you can't do OTA update is quite complicated to explain. Basically Xiaomi has decided to lock bootloader and require you to apply for permission to unlock.

        So these Chinese sellers can't flash Global ROM to Chinese Mi phone anymore, what I have found out is that they flashed the Global ROM while the phone bootloader is LOCKED. The result will be

        1. Some suppliers really know what they are doing, they ONLY flash the system.img, so the phone will retain EFS with both IMEIs number retained. This means ROM identifier is Chinese ROM but the whole body is Global ROM. You can check MIUI version and you will see LxxCNxxx code which indicate this is Chinese ROM.

        2. Some suppliers do it the wrong way, which means they flash the wrong ROM (Global ROM to Chinese version) while the bootloader is locked. The result of this is that it will wipe out EFS (secured partition that store IMEIs) and when you check the IMEI numbers (*#06#) you will see both IMEIs are the same. Your phone still works fine on both SIMs but it has the potential problem if the Telco change their settings.

        Imagine when the phone connect to the network, the network recognise 2 exactly same phone is trying to connect using 2 SIMs at the same time.

        • The 1st cases will make your phone failed with any OTA update, including the restore option through MiPCSuite. The ONLY way to flash the rom is using direct Fastboot Flash method.

          The 2nd cases, there is way to rewrite the 2nd IMEI number to the phones, there is a way to find out the 2nd IMEIs number and rewrite it. It is highly technical though.

          You can turn your phone to official Global ROM by request unlock permission to unlock the bootloader and then using Fastboot Flash to flash Global ROM to your Mi Phone. In the 2nd case you can repair the 2nd IMEI number but it is quite technical and requires you to root the phone.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the International Edition firmware (which supports English with OTA updates) can be installed on the older Chinese version of this phone?

  • So OP, in order to use 2 separate phone numbers, 1 has to be a Micro SIM, the other one has to be a Nano SIM, yes???

    • Not OP but Yes, same sim tray as in the bigger Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

  • MM ANy chance of a deal on the Xiaomi Hybrid Gold ?

  • +2

    FYI this is the Redmi 3 not the Redmi Note 3 (5.0 inch 720P screen vs 5.5 inch 1980P screen). Their naming is confusing as. :D

    As far as I can see their "Overseas Edition" is just flashed with the Global ROM out of the box, as opposed to the vendor/Chinese ROM with install Google Play installed. You should be able to flash the Global ROM but takes a bit of tinkering and chance of bricking the phone.

    • From my understanding there is no official global ROM yet for this phone. Only for the note.

      • You are right, there is NO Global ROM for Redmi 3, this phone is not sold outside Chinese market. It means this is misleading advertising. They must have tampered with the ROM by flash system.img of another Global ROM (maybe RMN3 ROM). If you have this phone just check MIUI version in the About phone or try to use MiPCSuite Restore option to find out the true version of the phone.

        • My bad guys, I've got the Redmi Note 3 and thought it would be the same :D

    • The ONLY Overseas edition is non-Chinese version (usually HK version) or they have obtained bootloader unlocked permission and do a proper Global ROM flash.

  • OK I bought one of these on Aliexpress great phone best battery life ever,but it did not update apps in google play store unless I restart the device and google maps did not work properly, What is the international or overseas edition mean??


  • +1

    can we have a deal on the note 3 pro?

  • +13

    Will you be getting the Redmi Note 3 Special Edition with LTE band 28 radio?

    • +1

      I second this

    • +3

      This is what i'm waiting on. A decent deal on one of those and i'll be pulling the trigger on a purchase! Make it so, reps!

    • +3

      I third this. Someone mentioned Taiwanese version of Redmi 3 pro having Band 28 in the previous deal from everbuying. Can OP confirm that? If yes, does Everbuying stock this version?

    • +1

      From the above listed frequency bands it appears that it does not support band 28.

      Band 3 - 1800
      Band 1 - 2100
      Band 7 - 2600


      Still made the purchase though, really curious on how a Chinese $200 phone competes with major brands in the entry-mid level smart phone market. The specs are just ridiculous for the price.

      • +3

        The newly released Special Edition for Taiwan has band 28.

        • +1

          hi @ranagade, would you be able to send me a link to this Taiwanese version phone? Is it available in everbuying ,aliexpress or any other online store?

        • +2

          @Fishwhisperer: It was announced here. It is only available for sale from the official Xiaomi website, and only ships to Chinese territories. None of the online shops have this in stock yet.

        • @ranagade:

          excuse the stupid question but is band 28 required for these devices to work in Aus?? or just work better?

        • +1

          @ranagade: Many thanks for your comment.

        • +1

          @grimo82: Band 28 is only required for the "super fast" 4G on Telstra and Optus networks. These utilise the 700Mhz frequency spectrum.

        • +1

          @grimo82: B28 isn't required. Most phones in Aus that are 2+ years old don't have it.
          Telstra and Optus are moving/have moved to B28 700Mhz for their 4G networks. Having B28 is sort of future proofing your choice if it's a long term phone.

        • +2


          thanks carazy/ranagade - been allot of talk about it on here and a wiki search etc didn't really explain it,

          only looking to replace a bricked Samsung S5 so for the $$$ this might do.

          thanks again.

  • any deal on redmi note pro international ed?

  • Looks like this is the same phone and ROM as the Chinese version, just with box and manual in English, and some power adapters.

    Happy to be proved wrong….

  • Is the hybrid good for watching movies?

  • can anyone comment on if stock earphones are provided and if so what model they are

  • 3 weeks and still waiting for my order from everbuying, tried emailing [email protected], got no replies. tracking number provided is also not working.

    not a good experience for me.

  • +1

    Can I ask those that know, would I be happy enough if I replaced my dying S1 (yes S1) with this phone? Don't need it to do anything amazing. Just be a phone and look at internet sometimes.

    • +2

      Lol, this phone would be a gigantic upgrade over your S1.

    • +3

      If you barely do any web browsing and just use your phone for phone calls, you could happily survive with your current phone.

      If you do any sort of web browsing or use apps this upgrade would vastly increase the speed of opening apps and browsing web pages and probably greatly affect how much you enjoy using your phone.

      Phones in this price range are aimed at people who don't feel the need to buy the most expensive flagship phone yearly.

      • Cool ok thankyou both. Can I just bung in my sim card and away it goes? I know nothing about flashing phones.

        • +2

          No worries, personally I'm looking into this deal also and this particular version should be already setup out of box only requiring you to log in to google services etc. It has multi language support and the easy to use MIUI ROM (Xiaomi's customisation of Android).

          Another positive is that the ROM currently installed will most likely receive over the air updates so you won't have to do any flashing yourself to keep your phone updated with the newest version of MIUI.

          I recommend you have a look on Youtube at MIUI to see if it's to your liking, if you don't intend to flash another ROM you will be stuck with it.

          A couple negatives I've noticed is that this phone does not come with NFC so Android Pay is out of the question. Also MIUI does not currently support 'Google Now on Tap' another nice feature but a lot of people won't even notice if they had it.

        • +2

          ~ If you do end up purchasing the phone don't forget to order a new SIM card as your Samsung S1 Standard SIM card won't fit.

          Your telco such as Optus,Telstra etc will usually cut or give you a new SIM card on the spot if you take it into one of their stores. Make sure you ask for Micro SIM size because if you get the Nano SIM size you won't be able to use a SD card in conjunction with a Nano SIM card as they occupy the same slot in this particular phone.

  • Hey all.(I'm a noob) I bought the xiaomi mi max and I bought an Optus data sim for the phone, but The data won't work at all.
    Any tips on how to fix this .
    Will getting a telstra sim help ?

    • Did you set up the optus apn in the phone settings?

      • Yep as per Optus website. It has the 3G Optus full bars in the top right corner. But trying to load any website says there is no connection

        • It's hard to troubleshoot over the internet. Is mobile data connection enabled in the settings and the mobile data limit turned off? Is preferred connection LTE / auto? The apn is YESINTERNET?

          So the browser works correctly over wifi just not over cellular?

          Did you port your existing account / number over or did you set up a new number?

        • @BartholemewH:
          Thanks for your help

          Yes works perfectly on wifi
          Yep mobile is enabled. Have tried settings on lte/ 3G and 2g. All don't work.

          Was a new data sim plan from Optus. I get the SMS from Optus saying it's working. But no data.

        • @inmyplums:
          Sorry, I don't enough about data only sims to help further. Maybe take it into an Optus store, though it's not their handset they might be able to sort it out for you.

        • @inmyplums: Have you tried it in different area. Optus 3G can be unreliable, like in the Perth CBD there is a dead spot where you cannot do anything at all. If you haven't, try using the internet in another area.

        • @inmyplums: Try Connect as the APN for your Optus Data SIM, rather than YesInternet or Internet. That's what I had to do with the Data SIM in my phone - even though it's a locked-to-Optus handset.

        • @Party_Pete:

          Sorry to be ignorant but how do I do that ?


        • @inmyplums:
          I don't have a Xiamoi phone but these pages should be a help for you to get to the APN name



    • optus data sim not work on my xiaomi note 3 pro as well :(

      • Does it work on other networks ?

        • working with all call & sms sim card . i only have optus data sim so not test data sim on other networks yet.

        • @thanhliemduong:
          So calling and SMS are working with Optus , just not the data ?

        • @inmyplums:

          No it didnt work anywhere. Not sure if its because its just a data sim or because it was optus

          I put my vodafone sim from my other phone in and and it worked no worries, So im just going to have to buy a vodafone sim instead for it

  • Bought one of these from a previous sale. Great phone all around, would recommend.

    Quick question though, what's the cheapest option available to replace the screen on one of these? I have a case and screen protector on the way but had to drop it face down. Would regular shops that replace screens even have replacements for a redmi on hand?

  • Dammit.. Just bought one of these yesterday, but with Chinese ROM. They've already shipped too…

  • I'm not an audiophile at all but I love the Xiaomi earphones because of their wire material. I have never had any issues with the 'kevlar' material whilst most of my other cab;es have torn etc.

  • how long will the shipping normally takes? and what is the reputation of the seller and what happens when you get a DOA?

    • Hello hpkv,

      Shipping normally takes 7-25 business days. If you get a DOA unfortunately, we will arrange refund or reshipment to you. Pls rest assured.

      If you have other questions, pls feel free to contact me.


  • I have this phone.

    There is no such thing as an 'International Edition' of this phone.
    What they do is flash their own custom ROM onto the phone.
    The main reason for doing this is because the official ROM from Xiaomi does not include the Google Play Store.

    This can be considered a good thing, however, you are unable to get updates and will be stuck with the ROM that it came with only. This ultimately causes issues with the Google Play Store also.

    It took me ages but I finally managed to flash the official (Chinese) ROM from Xiaomi.
    So I can now use the phone (in English) however there is no Google Play Store.
    My plan was to sit it our and wait for the Global ROM to get released.
    Unfortunately, Xiaomi have no plans to support this phone with a Global ROM.


    My advice is avoid this phone for now.
    If you want to buy a Xiaomi phone (I use a Mi4 as my daily driver) MAKE SURE THAT IS HAS A GLOBAL ROM


    You can pick up a Mi4 for around AUD$200 delivered and its a great phone.

  • Damn.. Looks like I pulled the trigger too soon on this one. It is a little misleading I must admit - i assumed it was a global official rom. Foolish of me. MayhemVC how so you flash the official Chinese Rom in order to recieve updates? There is a way to get play services on the Chinese rom too isnt there?

    • You need to download the MiFlash tool from here: http://en.miui.com/thread-272376-1-1.html

      Then you need to hunt down a FASTBOOT ROM for the Redmi 3 (not the standard ROM).
      Hopefully these links should still work: http://en.miui.com/thread-218644-1-1.html

      You should then end up with an unadulterated version of the official Chinese MIUI ROM from Xiaomi.
      You can then perform an update as normal (OTA or just download and flash manually).
      But as mentioned it won't come with Google Play Store, so no apps.

      You can try side-loading them, however, I find this a pain and it never seems to fully integrate.

      The device is officially supported in terms of custom recovery: https://twrp.me/devices/xiaomiredmi3.html and there are a number of custom ROMs out there, however, Xiaomi have started to lock the bootaloader on their devices so you have to email them requesting an unlock.

      • Sweet, thanks! Isn't there a play store app in the miu App Store ? I'm a noob with xiaomi. My meizu m2 was easy to load Google framework onto.

  • Just be aware there is a newer Redmi 3s which comes with a MM 6.0 Miui 7.3, has a more efficient SOC, a 2GB version with FP scanner and supposedly better rear camera. See differences at http://en.miui.com/thread-307205-1-1.html . The 3s costs a little more than the 3.

  • QUESTION: After doing some reading on the Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrids, it seems I've read a few comments that they are only marginally better than the Piston III's.

    So anyone care to comment on their value here given they are three times as expensive as Piston IIIs?

  • code expired..monty can you help?

    • Same. Awaiting for update.

  • mark deal as expired please. got pm from store rep that the code is no longer valid

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