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Acer G257HL - 25" FHD IPS Matte Monitor $162 Delivered @ PC Byte eBay


*** At this moment Futu is cheaper but i cant seem to edit this page to change store so please have a look at both store and decide on which one is cheaper or if you prefer one store to the other.
Page for Futu ebay store.

Lower than the previous $179 deal on MSY.
No height adjustments and no VESA mount, Tilt only adjustments.
Matte finish.

One of the recommended monitor by NCX at

Original eBay 20% off tech deal post

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    well, tempting to upgrade my Acer 19.5" :-)bloody eBay discount,

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      I have ordered from both FUTU and PC Byte on numerous times and always ended up happy customer.

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      Futu are great at dispatching items in stock and do have great prices, but that's as far as their 'skillset' as an operation goes. Introduce any other variables i.e non stocked item, replying to emails, returns, refund etc and they are without doubt the worst Australian Ebay seller I have ever dealt with.

      • Agree with Karza about Futu - Made some high value purchases, and because i missed delivery (they wouldnt tell me when or what time, or even respond to email) they refunded the money instantly without contact. Lost the 20% promotion savings from that day which was frustrating, especially with no communication at all.

        Other purchases have gone without a hitch, granted no "variables" occurred.

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    Futu just lowered their price to $202 meaning - $161.60

    • +6

      PC byte lowered to $202, good for customers :-)

      • +1

        lol, Futu they just lowered again to 200 now $160 with discount

        • +4

          like that, price war

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    I have 3 of these.
    They're absolutely AMAZING monitors.
    I'd buy another 100 of them happily.

    Catch is; They DONT overclock AT ALL. at 61hz they drop frames.
    So if you're a gamer, look for a 75hz 'freesync' compatible, or get a 144hz monitor.

    • That is disappointing. I was hoping it can go to 75Hz since it supposedly use the same panel as the HP 25cw but it is a bit of lottery since its not an official feature.

      • +3

        I have a CW at work.
        It doesn't overclock either.

        Perhaps I should be more clear.
        In a First Person Shooter, it overclocks a little. Reaches a solid 85hz actually.
        Though if you go to a MOBA or 'wide view' MMO, where EVERY pixel is updating as you 'scroll' it drops frames.

        So, yes, they OC, just poorly.

    • +3

      I looked at the picture of the rear. Doesn't look like we can mount it on a tripple desk mount.

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    ah i just bought this. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172210716579?_trksid=p2057872.m27...

    literally like an hour ago. should I cancel and get the acer? 1 inch more for about $12

    EDIT: I did it

    • Good man!

      The 25" panel is a new technology; no "black glow" from IPS

    • I think you made a good choice too in getting the 25-inch.

      But how do you cancel orders on eBay? Didn't know that was an option!

      • +1


        It's always a pain. There is no official way to do it other than messaging the seller ASAP. This time actually called them on the phone, because last time I messaged to cancel an order (that time was with Futu) they didn't see the message until after they shipped.

        • Ok cool, thanks for enlightening me. Guess it helps also that you're cancelling and re-buying something else from them, rather than just cancelling entirely.

        • +1


          I actually bought from futu online. It was $2 cheaper. I am a true ozbargainer :)

        • @edshays:

          In that case I'm even more impressed that they would let you cancel. Something to keep in mind for next time if I ever need to cancel.

  • There don't seem to be any good 27 Freesync monitors on sale :(

    • +2

      These have just started hitting the market:


      • I love South Korea monitors… if there was a store I could actually buy from outside ebay, I'd have bought one by now….

        • Ehh, they're good while they last. Had one fail, couldn't understand anything in the manual, all replacement parts were from Korea and would have cost $100+ for any component. I just decided to toss it

  • +1

    Just ordered 2 from Futu, dropped to $160 each.

    • I also ordered one, listed as $160 after code but PayPal charged me $200!!! How?! :(((

      • Paypal may show $200 but click on it and it should show the discount -$40?

        Mines like;

        Your purchase
        Acer G257HL 25" LED LCD Computer Monitor 4MS FHD 1080P HDMI DVI VGA Speaker IPS (Qty 2)
        Item number ###
        -negative $80.00
        Purchase total

  • +1

    No VESA… noooooooo!

  • No height adjustment ? Do people not find that a problem ? You just put it on a pile of books if you want it higher do you ?

    • I re-read this also, I've never ever had to adjust a monitors heights. If I did I'd just use books or business cards.

    • Mine is on top of an old Power Supply box :D

      • Mine uses a couple of old phone books.

  • Shopping Express have it for $199 but I don't think they're in the 20% sale..

  • I don't play games, only for browsing and watching movies sometimes, does this monitor size good for that, very tempting with price, thanks.

    • depends how far you sit from the screen, but on a normal office desk, anything 24" above is enough, my sweet spot is 27" but hey everyone has an opinion.

    • I have on of these for "work" and it movies look alright on it. Big enough that I can tuck a document to the side and still work and play. Or run ozbargain next to a document.

  • +3

    Be careful! Buying from this company might Byte you on the ass, as they advertise items as in stock, then once you buy, email you saying there isn't any stock available. But I still see them advertising items as 10 available, when clearly they do not.

    • +2

      I got mine from FUTU and they arrived in Brisbane overnight.

      • Nice!

      • Last time I ordered from FUTU which was 2 laptops, I got them the next day also was highly unexpected. Hoping these come just as quick.

        • Futu had a lot to live up for; they are (were…) the first supplier to be backed by Ebay\Woolworths for 'Click and Collect'.

          They had two GIANT companies to impress; and I guess they did.

        • @MasterScythe:

          Just got my shipped confirmation sweet hope it gets here by Monday.

        • @2stroksmokr:

          Received. Man I love there shipping so quick!

    • +1

      About a year ago I had the same thing happen with Futu. Bought a monitor during a 20% off sale and after waiting a couple weeks they tell me it's out of stock. I needed a good IPS monitor and there were others in the sale that I would have gotten if I knew I wouldn't get the one I ordered. Futu offered me a bunch of other monitors that weren't even IPS. I just got a full refund and left neutral feedback and then they offered $10 store credit to change it, which I didn't accept because I was pissed off

  • I've been out of the monitor buying area for ages.

    How would this compare to my Dell U2410?

    • Still using a Dell U2410 here too. Other than a few dead pixels, it is still working well. No pointing changing over to this 25" monitor, next upgrade will have to be at least 27" for me.

    • $162 more expensive

  • Down to $200 on Futu so can be bought for $160 now. Cheers OP really needed an upgrade!

  • I have the $50 voucher from last month. I don't foresee myself getting anything of significance in the next month.

    Question is, do I use the tech sale and get $40 off, or just use the $50??

  • Thanks Sum1, bought. Needed to replace son's broken monitor.

  • How do these compare to dell ultrasharps?

  • Looking for one with 1ms response time, high resolution and flicker free at around $200. Any recommendations?

  • Just got mine delivered today. Looks great. Tested and is pixel perfect! Cheers OP.

    • Got mine delivered yesterday too. Panel is perfect, but I'm having trouble tilting the stand backwards. Currently it is leaning forward too much and I have to put something underneath the stand at the front to make it level.

      Does this monitor tilt backwards and forwards for you?

      • +1

        To tilt the monitor you have to adjust it before you mount the stand to the panel. You will need a screwdriver to do this too.
        It is not height adjustable though.
        Good luck!

        • Ahhhh I see. How exactly do you adjust it though (which screws do you take out)?
          If you could please give me a few dot point instructions… sorry I'm hopeless at this stuff :(

          Thanks so much for the help!

        • Really? Mine I was able to move back and forth and tilt to how I want, then under the bottom I just screw in the already drilled/insert screw bit.

        • @Haters.Inc: You might need to give it a little more push then you are. Push and pull the monitor with one hand from the top of the panel whilst holding the stand with your other hand.
          Here are the steps to loosening the screws on the panel:
          Sometimes the screws on the panel are too tight.
          So disassemble panel and stand.
          Check the back of the panel and at the bottom of the panel there should be two screws.
          Get your screwdriver and loosen the screws a little so there is a little more give.
          Reassemble the monitor.

        • +1


          Thanks mate, worked perfectly! (loosening the two screws on the back of panel a tiny bit)

          Monitor tilts fine now.

      • Im jealous of you guys. Mine is free of dead pixel but there is some glow on the bottom left that is bothering me a bit on a very dark or all black pics but its probably because of the famed IPS glow.

        For the Tilt i just have to push the screen forward or backward at the top side while also holding the base stand to prevent it from toppling.

        colors are great though. Mine is the Sept 2015 batch.

        • I have the same problem with the IPS glow with darker pictures. Was hoping the viewing angle would be better than this but wasn't expecting it at this price.

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