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Additional 10% off at Macpac.com.au


Just wanted to point out that you can get an additional 10% off at Macpac using the code "explore" - I believe it is store wide.

HALO DOWN JACKET or direct link $99.99 —> $90 + shipping

HALO HOODED DOWN JACKET $159.99 -> $143.99 - thanks Kacak

Additionally could someone combine this post with the previous macpac post?


Hope someone finds this useful.

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    Hi, you might want to update the price for the Halo hooded one - it's actually $159.99 -> $143.99

  • Great find, thanks for that

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    • soo funny, I like it, got my upvote JV.

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        Unfortunately, there are many ITNG haters on OzBargain… :(

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    If you're buying the Halo Down Jacket, I suggest:

    1. Add Halo Down Jacket to cart.
    2. Find $10+ worth of items then apply the code
      (e.g. http://www.macpac.com.au/outdoors-travel-accessories/travel-... and
    3. Apply code and checkout.

    You'll basically be getting the $10+ worth of items for a really cheap price.
    (My example, 2 locks for $2).

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      why down vote him?
      some suckers want to pay $10 shipping <$90

      Australia under $100 $10.00 shipping
      Australia Over $100 FREE shipping

    • For lazy people like myself…

      MRS wants one of the jackets so whats the best buy for $10.01?

  • How does it compares to Kathmandu or North face ?
    Never tried this brand

    • I prefer North Face, but they are overpriced in Aus

      I don't mind Kathmandu if you get things at a really good price, but I would look at Macpac first.

    • It's on par with Kathmandu these days, quality has dropped over the years, but still some decent stuff (particularly backpacks)

    • I've had a Genesis 70L backpack for almost 6 years, used over 300+ days on the road in South America/Europe/Asia and not a tear or rip. Quality is great.

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    Darn it. Just got the hooded one a couple of days ago and wearing it the first time today. :(

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      Get another one with discount, then return the new one with the old receipt. the JB trick.

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    Does anyone get the price down to $94.13 but then on the checkout page it jumps back to $99 before applying the code?

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    • Same here

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    How do these jackets compare to Uniqlo down jackets?

    • way better quality imo

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      I love Uniqlo but their down jackets aren't well made. I've had two, after returning the first one and they both leak so much down! Everytime I wear it I'm covered in feathers.

      I just popped down to the Macpac store and the quality is markedly better than Uniqlos - it's much warmer with more features. Just bought one!

      • Thanks for your input sinishta and poppingtags

  • Any of their sleeping mats any good?

  • i advise anyone buying the down jackets to try on before you buy..these run a little big depending on your body shape

    • In the description they try to make it clearer.
      There is slim fit for the skinny amongst us.
      There is regular fit for those of us with a gut or who wish to layer underneath.
      I have to size up one or two sizes for the slim fitting which I tend to steer away from.
      I buy a lot of Macpac gear over the years and like both the products and the service
      Hope this helps

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    In case anyone else is in the same position as me…

    I ordered yesterday without the EXPLORE code so I rang Macpac directly to see if I could cancel the order. They asked me for the reason and I told them that I would want the 10% off so I would re-order which would end up a better deal for me. The lady on the phone said she would apply the 10% off for me and have the balance refunded to my card directly.

    Great customer service there!!!

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      probably because they can now slug on $10 for shipping lol lose lose

      • not if you bought 2! :)

    • Can confirm the same, just phoned up and explained I wanted to cancel my order, their immediate response was why and then explained about the discount code. Instant refund to my credit card. Excellent service I must say.

      • Tried the same thing for 5 jackets I bought , but they told me I had to bring them back in store :( Must have been my operator??
        Not a drama I've just reordered them with the extra 10% off. Thanks OP !

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    I thought about getting one of these for my wife so as there is a Macpac store nearby (… which is next to a Kathmandu store and also Mountain Designs store) I decided to take a look before just ordering online. I have had several Macpac products over the years but I was disappointed with this jacket. At $90.00 perhaps it's okay but if you're looking at the original price of $270 and thinking this is a $270 jacket think again. It seems Macpac are following the Kathmandu syndrome - double the price of everything and then have ongoing sales with 50% off.

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      Its a classic marketing tactic. if they can seel the jacket for $90 think about what their cost is and then to sell it for $270. 700% mark up. I feel sorry for those that actually pay for this stuff full price

  • Don't know if I should get another or get a hooded one, or take it back for the discount now lol

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    Brought the blue hooded one. Now we wait…

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    seems like coupon code not working when i try to add some accessory to make it go over $100 to get free shipping; and when i checkout it adds shipping $10 again! :/

  • Got this coupon applied in Bourke Street shop today. Thanks op, saved me an extra $50 overall

    • Did you just ask them to apply it?

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        Yep, I did a similar thing to happyhappyland below. Showed them the cart price on my phone and they were happy to match it. Converse to the Sydney staff, the Melbourne crew were great.

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      I went to Macpac in Birkenhead sydney and they wouldnt give me the 10%. Even after showing them the price I could get on my phone. The staff there was quite rude so I just left and bought it online.

      I would suggest going in store to try. Im usually a Men's Small to Medium but XS was my size for the hooded one.

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        I went to Birkenhead Sydney this afternoon and they applied the 10% off for me, no problems. YMMV.

  • I just picked one up from Bourke st. The really small sizes (/xtra small) are all but gone. The guy wasn't too keen on giving me the additional 10% (he said it's online only etc) but I said to him that several people in the office (aka some random person on ozbargain ;)) were given the discount at the same store. He somewhat reluctantly applied the discount. Thanks OP!

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