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Sign up to Digital Catalogue to Receive 2x $25 Store Credits in Your First 6 Weeks (Min Spend $50) @ The Good Guys


New Offer From The Good Guys :)
Sign up to receive our digital catalogue & weekly deals to receive 2 x $25 store credits in your first 6 weeks. Store credits are issued after your 2nd and 5th catalogues and each require a $50 minimum spend.


One subscription per customer. To be eligible to receive 2 x $25 Store Credits the customer must opt in before 4th November 2016 to receive digital catalogues and all other marketing material from The Good Guys for a period of no less than 6 weeks. The first $25 Store Credit is earned after the customer receives their 2nd catalogue communication via email. The second $25 Store Credit is earned when the customer receives their 5th catalogue. Each Store Credit requires a minimum purchase of $50. If both Store Credits are used in the same transaction the minimum spend requirement is therefore $100. Customers are free to unsubscribe at any time. Unsubscribing before the 2nd catalogue forfeits the customer’s claim for any Store Credits. Unsubscribing before the 5th catalogue forfeits the customer’s claim for the final Store Credit. Any Store Credits issued expire in 14 days. All Store Credits are for a single use and cannot be redeemed for cash, gift cards, ITunes cards or agency brands including Miele, Asko, Neff, Jennair, AEG, and Falcon.

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    Why are you awake posting this? WHY AM I AWAKE READING THIS?

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    Potentially, google chromecast for $33 ($58-$25) https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/google

  • Anyone else getting a DNS problem on submission of the form?

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      Yep got an error after submitting, tried again and said email duplicate.
      I didn't get a confirmation email so not sure if it went through.

    • yep its a shitty web

      • +2

        Lol.. I think someone forgot to change the domain from the test website to production website. Change the "prodauth" to "www" and it should work.

    • +5

      Woah, they've really dropped the ball here, look like they got the work experience guy to make the form.

      They've fixed the test form issue, but they're not sanitizing their inputs - leaving them wide open to a SQL injection attack.

      • Hello, my name is Mr Drop Database;

      • Is it normal to test all the forms people come across? :)

  • +2

    site is down!..lol

  • +1

    Site is down….

    Gotta get this before I leave for airport…

  • -1

    So it sounds like you get both store credits at the end of the 6 week period?

    • +1

      Sounds like you didn't read the T&C's

      • +3

        Sounds like someone isn't smart enough to see what I see. The terms in the OP stated:

        The first $25 Store Credit is EARNED after the customer receives their 2nd catalogue communication via email. The second $25 Store Credit is EARNED when the customer receives their 5th catalogue. It doesn't say when they are sent to you in the T&C.

        If you read Nachotroncoso's post just below mine, which explains to you what you can't see, the only way the 2 vouchers can be used together, if they expire after 14 days after issue, is that they are issued together, and not 3 weeks apart.

        • +1

          I email the good guys directly to get further clarification and this was there reply…

          Thank you for your enquiry.

          As the first Store Credit is received after the second catalogue is distributed and the second Store Credit is received after the fifth catalogue is distributed, the Store Credits will not be able to be redeem in the same transaction unless the fifth catalogue is distributed within 14 days of receiving the first Store Credit.

          As there are no set dates for the catalogues these Stores may not be able to be redeemed within the same transaction.

          Kind Regards,
          Customer Care Team |The Good Guys

  • +20


    You get your first voucher on the second week catalogue. You get your second one on the fifth catalogue (21 days later?)

    T&Cs say that you can combine them both… But it also says that vouchers are valid for 14 days… How is that possible!!!

    On top of this, would you be able to stack more than two? (eg: mine, the wife's and my brother's). That's potentially a 50% off!!

    • +3

      I was just about to comment that. I was like who the heck at TGG wrote these terms and conditions?!
      Maybe we're expected to time travel back within the 14 day period after getting our final code haha

      • +5


        • Oh hello there… McFly!

    • +1


      • +1

        Usually these sorts of vouchers can't be used in layby items.

    • Can you combine this store credit with non-combinables? I doubt it.

      Sounds like they want to get more buzz without more real buzz.

      • I think you can use store credit to gain the current $50 store credit so it's not out of the question

  • C'mon site, wake up

    • +4

      The site is taking a nap before ozbargains swarms in

  • +3

    Site's back… I think. Doesn't show successful signup page but says the email I put in is already registered when I try again

    • yeh same here. get an email or not yet?

      • Same but I got no email.

  • …nice. excellent promos from tgg in the last couple months….2x $20 off vouchers via sms and now these

    • Where was that 2x$20 vouchers?

      • +1

        In his phone

        • yep….bought a chef kitchen mixer last year so they had my number in their db

  • Still down.

  • +10

    Plus no confirmation email received when subscribing and getting the dns error despite the email being registered and not being allowed to use it again.

    • ditto…

    • When tried to register again, hint display 'email already registered'

      • +3

        I received the same message. We need to email them and request 2x $25 coupons.


        Edit: I tried again with a different email and received this message "Success! You subscribed to The Good Guys digital catalogue."

  • Working now

  • done

    edit: working now.

  • working for me now

  • First time same messages as others, just tried again with different email and was successful. Thanks OP.

  • +3

    No email confirmation. Wondering what happens to personal details if they don't honour?

  • +1

    Registered on mobile chrome-no problem

  • Worked fine. Thanks Trent :)

  • +1

    Should be some good deals, but they have the mouse i want listed at $117 whereas you can get it for $60-70 pretty easily on sale at other stores, and it was as low as $50 at dickies.

    Can I price match and use voucher on top?

  • Thanks OP, works now.

  • +1

    Success! You subscribed to The Good Guys digital catalogue.

  • +3

    So when is the tentative date to receive 2nd catalogue for $25 OP?

    • +1

      I would say prob around the 16th

  • edit: wrong thread

  • Don't mind email newsletters, but absolutely hate SMS spam. Is there a way to opt out only the SMS?

    • +3

      Put your mates mobile no instead :p

  • +2

    Store credit expires in 14 days, how do you use both credits from 2nd week and 5th week then?

    Its stated "If both Store Credits are used in the same transaction the minimum spend requirement is therefore $100."

    • +1

      second email, or third … or fourth? :p

      • Ahh, the store credits are stackable and not tied to a single email address then. Hopefully!

        That means you can virtually buy anything at half price, as long as you have unlimited store credits.

        • One subscription per customer

    • +1

      Use others around you :)

    • My thoughts exactly and commented the same.

  • so lets say - I sign up for 4 email address, within the first offer, i use all 4 coupons and get something $100 for free?
    am i missing something?

    nevermind - i misread - each store credit, etc

    • +2

      No, you may be able to spend all 4 credits, but minimum purchase would be $50 x 4 = $200, and you get $100 off from $25 x 4 credits.

      • Broden incoming

        • +2

          Broden of kettles and toasters right…:P

    • Did you read before commenting

  • +9

    Probably a dumb question.. but if we are waiting for the $25 credits to come in via newsletters (in the future) why are people eluding to that fact I can get a $33 chromecast? Won't we have to wait some weeks/months before that becomes a possibility? My guess their digital catalogues will only be released quarterly or biannually…

    • Yeah. Agree. I'm trying to fathom why this is such a great deal?

    • +4

      Digital catalogues are released weekly :)

      • Sweet! thanks mate.

  • +1

    Registered - do we get a Welcome email at least??

    • +1

      nah. success page only so far for me…

  • Thanks OP, our kettle and toaster have seen better days so the vouchers will be handy.

    • same here….i reckon there will be a lot of kettle & toasters being bought :P

  • I buy a lot of stuff there, and as a result they sometimes send me $20 codes by SMS, which I can use with no minimum spent. The last time I did not even use it, because there is only so much cheap stuff you can buy at TGG once you already have a Chromecast and too many wireless mice. The only other things <$50 tend to be computer accessories (e.g. memory cards and cables) which are so overpriced that they're not worth it (I remember a couple of months ago seeing 16GB Samsung Evo memory cards for ~$25).

  • Just to confirm, you cannot am stack these for multiple family members?

    • Yeah interested to know as well.

  • +1

    If both Store Credits are used in the same transaction the minimum spend requirement is therefore $100.

    Any Store Credits issued expire in 14 days.

    These two statements contradict each other. One would assume the catalogues are issued weekly. Therefore it is 3 weeks (21 days) between the two store credits, so they could not possibly be stacked because the 1st one would have expired by the time the 2nd one was received.

    • It really depends because sometimes they have 2 digital catalogues pop up once a week at different times so whether they count that as 2 I dunno

    • Yeah first thing I saw too since the item I want is above $100. I wonder if you can stack $25 credit from one customer and another $25 from another?

      • Got my first SMS with the code the other day. Expires 9/9. Hopefully next one comes before then but I doubt it. T&C say you can stack them.

  • +11

    I'm sure this idea will be stolen, but

    Read the following!

    Simply search the Good Guys eBay store to find items in a particular price category.

    IE if you need a $1 item, there they are. If you want to search $50 minimum, here they are

    Enjoy :)

    • +1

      Thanks. That makes the search much easier :)

    • +1

      Hope this will not hint or encourage users to post a new deal based on famous items clubbed with this credit.

      • I'm sure it will assist them in doing so :P

        • +1

          Haha. Atleast you are not one of them.

    • Do the codes work on eBay?

      • +1

        No, you then search the item on GGs site

    • +1

      I'm sure this idea will be stolen, but

      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/3953512/redir :)

  • Do I need to create a goodguys account with the same email?
    And I'm guessing theres no confirmation email except for the "success" after subscription?

  • So if I set up 20 email addresses and activate 20 $2 sims for different mobile numbers I might be able to get a Samsung S7 for $500 less than the RRP? or a Note 7?

    • i used the same mobile number with 2 different email id's…worked!
      i think its just a unique email id.

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