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Sign up to Digital Catalogue to Receive 2x $25 Store Credits in Your First 6 Weeks (Min Spend $50) @ The Good Guys


New Offer From The Good Guys :)
Sign up to receive our digital catalogue & weekly deals to receive 2 x $25 store credits in your first 6 weeks. Store credits are issued after your 2nd and 5th catalogues and each require a $50 minimum spend.


One subscription per customer. To be eligible to receive 2 x $25 Store Credits the customer must opt in before 4th November 2016 to receive digital catalogues and all other marketing material from The Good Guys for a period of no less than 6 weeks. The first $25 Store Credit is earned after the customer receives their 2nd catalogue communication via email. The second $25 Store Credit is earned when the customer receives their 5th catalogue. Each Store Credit requires a minimum purchase of $50. If both Store Credits are used in the same transaction the minimum spend requirement is therefore $100. Customers are free to unsubscribe at any time. Unsubscribing before the 2nd catalogue forfeits the customer’s claim for any Store Credits. Unsubscribing before the 5th catalogue forfeits the customer’s claim for the final Store Credit. Any Store Credits issued expire in 14 days. All Store Credits are for a single use and cannot be redeemed for cash, gift cards, ITunes cards or agency brands including Miele, Asko, Neff, Jennair, AEG, and Falcon.

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  • Thanks OP. Bought 4G mobile broadband device
    for $17.code was successfully applied even it was less then 50.got it unlocked under $3 from ebay.comes with 3gb data for 30 days.

  • +1

    Has anyone received the $25 code for the second catalogue..

    • none for me too. ALready received 3 catalogues and customer support isn't replying either.

  • Does any have a $25 code they can lend me now?
    I will return it with the next code when it arrives if needed.

  • +1

    I signed up for this but haven't received any catalogues or any vouchers. Any reason why this would happen?

    • Ask fb gg to see if you are in the system

      • Cheers. I'll do that.

        I signed up on the 5/08. Says email already registered if i try to do it again.

  • Is anyone willing to trade their current code for my next one?
    Hoping to try stacking two codes for an item in the sale that ends today.

    • Sorry, I got my dates mixed up - the sale ends today (Monday). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Otherwise, my code (expires 9/9) will be available from midnight tonight.

      • Code has been snapped up.

  • If someone has a code that is about to expire, please PM me. Will return the favour as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • +1

    Any one could help with the CAPTCHA issue?

    I tried to purchase item over $50 and when using the store credit it keep asking for the correct CATCHA which I have been proved I am not an robot?

    Any one could help? Do i need to use the same mobile and email to purchase stuff or could I use the store credit in store?

    • +2

      I've been having the same issue all night - it just keeps asking me to complete the Recaptcha over and over again…

      • +1

        Called TGG and being told their CATPA is not working and will be fixed today



        • @OhMaJuck:

          Do you know have they fixed it?

        • @LoveBargain15: Just got a message saying its fixed and I successfully placed an order.

        • @Darkscythe:
          Thank you for your head up

  • -3

    Just realized the first code I received expires this Friday - anyone possibly want to swap their's for when I get my second code?

  • I just went to use my $25 code on a shopping cart of $56.45 worth of stuff and it's saying "The promotion code you have entered is invalid. Please verify the code and try again." It's definitely the code I received to my mobile. Anyone else getting this problem? I've sent them a message on Facebook.

    • +2

      read the thread. it's not a promo code.

      • Ah, it has to be entered as a gift card.

  • Hey, does anyone have a voucher that expires today that they haven't and aren't going to use? and if so, could I have it please? :) PM if so!

    • I am up for a second voucher that no one want to use too, it is $25 cash!!!

  • New catalog just arrived. 4th I think.

  • When are we going to get the next $25 Store Credits?

  • I've received some 4-7 catalogues… but no vouchers yet. Tried messaging them on Facebook, so hopefully that will amount to something.

    • Any luck? i'm on the same boat haven't received any vouchers yet.

  • Does anyone stopped receiving catalogs?
    Mine was last sent in August, I thought it's weekly

    • I got one like 5 days ago the new kitchen one

  • -1

    Hey all, I'm yet to receive my $25 TGG voucher and looking to buy something on sale which ends today, so hoping someone who has one that is about to expire wouldn't mind swapping and I'll repay you back with mine when it finally arrives?

  • Has anyone received a catalogue in the last 2 weeks?
    I signed up on the 30th Aug, received my first one immediately… then nothing.
    Called their 1300GOODGUYS number and the guy said they are no longer weekly, but random. He couldn't say when the next one was coming out.

    • Should be another this week, if you don't get one this week contact tgg on facebook

      • Do they come at the same time or is it staggered?

        • It's different every week, mostly they arrive on either Tue,Wed or Thur

        • @TRENT86:
          Okay that's good. Was worried because others have said they've gotten theirs and I haven't.

  • Got my 2nd code now!

  • Yay, can't wait to buy something cheap

  • +3

    ReCAPTCHA stage not working again -_- …One job GG..

    • +2

      Hahaha yep just had same problem

      • +2

        Haha I've refreshed the checkout page for about 70 times now… ended up calling TGG…like that helped.

        • +1

          Don't worry, they will probably fix tomorrow

  • Has anyone received the store credit voucher for over $70 spend and select "click and collect"? I bought a shaver for $88 with C&C and received no voucher so far.

    • +1

      The Click and Collect voucher (different post) I believe applies for purchases over $150…

      • I refer to an earlier offer ( around the time we received the first $25 code)- spend $70+ get $10 store credit

        • +1

          I believe you are referring to this then? Unless you got the shaver during the time that deal posted, you won't be able to claim the the $10 store credit now (you can try?) as that deal has expired :)

  • +1

    I haven't received my second $25 store credit yet.

  • I am referring to this deal


    • Nice, did you buy the Shaver whilst the deal was still running? If so, email TGG with your order number to request the store credit as you should receive it by today;

      Store Credits will be received no later than Wednesday the 14th of September 2016. The Store Credit will be valid until Monday 10th of October 2016

      The next time they SMS store credits is at 12AM tomorrow (or basically late at night today), so you may get it then… otherwise email them as I said above :)

      • +1

        Thanks, will message them tomorrow

  • are these redeemable/stackable online? i want to stack with friend's codes

    • Yes.

  • +1

    ReCaptcha STILL not working, so frustrating. They don't seem to be able to fix it. Amateur hour.

    • +1

      its working now
      bought a fancy ass toaster by stacking with the 20% off

      • +1

        What 20%?
        Can we use these codes on the eBay store?

  • -2

    Does anyone have a spare code they can lend to me? I can return it as soon as I get one if needed. I am intending to buy a dishwasher with the 20% off promotion that will end this weekend. Cheers

  • -2

    I hadn't received my first code, but chatted with the team on FB and they sorted it quickly. Seems they didnt have my mobile number recorded - wondering if it was to do with chrome auto filling that field in the signup form as im sure i entered it.

    Anyway, they provided me a new code stright away as the one i was supposed to have been sent was expired.

    Im looking to spend $100+ this weekend, so if anyone has a code they are not going to use, can they PM me theirs?

    • +3

      Mate, don't bother asking because no one will give you $25 store credit.

  • Ended up phoning TGG, spent some time on phone, even after giving them all the dates of the 'online digital catalogues' I've received, confirmed all details, they still only said to wait longer……
    Recieved nothing to date……wanted to stack with the $50 discount code on the soundbar….that's since expired.

  • waiting…waiting…

  • -1

    Has anyone received their 2nd store credit voucher yet?

    • +3


      • Same here. Stop getting digital catalogue after the 4th one which was received 2-3 weeks ago. Contacted customer service with no replies

        • +1

          I received my 4th catalogue 9/9. Expecting the next, and my code, any day now.

    • Yep, got two on the accounts I signed up 2 weeks ago. Nada on the original account.

  • Anyone got their second code yet? Received and spent my first one last month, does anyone know how often the catalogs are? I needed some small items and this would be perfect if it is due soon.

    • Still no 2nd Code.

  • No second code but received first code on another mobile number

  • +2

    No new catalogue or code (for me) for over 3 weeks. What a joke.

  • +1

    5th catalog just arrived at 10:06!

  • +1

    Received my 5th catalogue just this morning at 10.32am. Now we wait

    • Apparently codes are sent 4 days afterwards

      • Yeah the email said within 4 days. Not 4 business days. I'm still waiting :(

        • +2

          Told by them on fb. Codes releasing tomorrow

        • @madn3ss: Awesome, thanks

  • If the expiry for the code is 28/09.
    Can I still use it on 28/09?

    • +2


  • +2

    Got a code just now

    Expires 11/10/16

  • Got one too today but when I tried to check out I get this message:
    "The promotion code you have entered is invalid. Please verify the code and try again."
    I was already signed in and my cart was over $100.

    • +1

      Gift card

      • Ah I see, I overlooked that sentence, how silly me, thanks buddy!

  • Just received my code at 4.01pm

  • Got mine!

  • anyone able to pay using Paypal after stack 2 vouchers?
    I'm able to stack the voucher but always fail when I want to pay

    • I stacked 2 vouchers total in cart was only $65, so minus $50 payed only $15. Yeah Paypal failed for me, so I paid by credit card. Lets hope the order goes through ;)

      • Hi Landroverz7, please report back whether the order goes through or not. Thank you.

    • I just did Paypal with 2 vouchers. It appeared to fail when going from Paypal>GoodGuys website but then I got confirmation emails from TGG & Paypal so maybe it did work.

      • Just to follow up, it did work. Order ready for pickup.

  • Anybody know if the codes still stack?
    I got five this time Muhahahaaaaaaaa
    above comment suggests yes but no

    • Max two.. Muuhahhahhahhahhahahaa s2bu

    • Hey Deffx, any chance you could spare one of those 5 codes? I still haven't received my first code yet. If not all good.


    • -1

      Are we able to stack 5 gift cards/ store credits in one transaction ?

      • I think max 2 per transaction.

  • Don't forget to add the code promo for -$20 off, today only: 20BHGT

    • +1

      I used the -$20 voucher off (20BHGT), along with my $25 promotion code and bought an item that gave me another $25 store credit that I got through sms this morning! BONUS!

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