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Akai 39.5" Full HD LED LCD TV $299 @ Harvey Norman


Spotted this in the paper today.

The Akai 39.5 inch Full HD LED LCD TV provides an excellent picture for the lounge room thanks to its high contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle.

Key Features

Full HD capabilities of the Akai 39.5 inch Full HD LED LCD TV ensure you can view crisp images, and take advantage of the huge range of Full HD content available for your home viewing pleasure.
A high contrast ratio of 3000: 1 means that with the Akai 39.5 inch Full HD LED LCD TV you can enjoy images with deep, rich blacks that will enhance your viewing experience.
The wide viewing angle of the Akai 39.5 inch Full HD LED LCD TV means it will be compatible in virtually any living room set up.

Limit 1 per customer.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    missing price

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    ….for $299

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    Akai are just rebranded chinese junk aren't they?

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      No idea. Just posted it here to see if anyone had purchased one.
      Not many sets this size these days for a reasonable price.

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          It is most certainly not the typical price for a yum cha 40", that would be $399. They comes down to $299 only a few times a year.

          I own one of these Akai 40" TVs, got it from this deal:

          It's been fantastic, I wrote a bit about the TV on that listing when I got it.

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          Please find some links to the plethora of active deals on $299 40" TVs, it would really help rather than just respectively disagreeing - seeing as that's why your not upvoting this deal, because it's the standard price yeah?

          Your examples are all sales, some of which got a lot of upvotes on this site when they were listed.

          I know this is OZB not OZRRP, which is exactly why I'm calling you out on it.

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          You really should learn to comprehend people better. I was very direct and you became very defensive and even lied about what I wrote when it's available for everyone to see - surely you can see that I never told anyone to pay $399.. just that $299 is a good, bargain price and not the RRP. Somehow you are still sticking to your guns that $299 is the RRP?

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          Backing up c0balt here, as someone in the market (for the last 6 weeks) for a 40",this has been one of the better submissions on ozb. Everything has shipping costs/delays/factory second/refurb going on.

          $299 for a UHD 40" in store, so with reliable return policy, show me where.


      I don't know why you're being downvoted.

      From Wikipedia

      the Akai brand name is also used to rebadge electronics manufactured by other companies


    Where did the half an inch go?

    JB HiFi have the - Soniq E43V15B 43" Full HD LED-LCD TV (Refurbished) $335 delivered.
    Not sure which one is better.

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    Picked one up yesterday after seeing it on the website. Purchased for bedroom to use with a NUC. Only used it for a few hours, but long enough for me to be content that it is perfectly suitable for my requirements. Picture is good enough. Surprisingly, so is sound. For $300 Id consider it a bargain.


    Looks like a good price but if Akai is just rebranded China made TV, I also found this deal which could be a justifiable alternative:
    Soniq 40" HD LED LCD $349

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      Why is it an alternative when it's $50 more expensive ?

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      "… China made TV,"
      like china made iPhones, e t c

      If you don't want Made In China, you're pretty limited.

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        that's why we need to support the Australian TV manufacturing industry.

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          You'll need to loan us the Delorean, altomic.

          My Aussie-made valve TV is starting to fail, and I want to go back and get myself a replacement.


    Kogan 40" LED TV (Full HD) - $249 + Delivery @ Dick Smith / Kogan

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