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Steam Controller - US$43.54 Shipped (~AU$56.76), Steam Link - US$45.66 Shipped (~AU$59.52) (30% Off) @ Amazon US


30% off the normal price and Australian shipping has been enabled again!

Steam Link https://www.amazon.com/Steam-Link-Pc/dp/B016XBGWAQ

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  • Tempting!

  • Literally have tons of controller and still interested in this lol

  • +1

    Bought one during the last sale. Used it to play Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, and it worked perfectly with the most popular player-made config. Also tested Oblivion with it and it will probably take a bit more to get used to with that game. Fairly comfortable and easier to use than I initially expected. I still prefer the Xbox 360 controller/XInput though.

  • -3

    Don't understand steam link. Laptop connected to tv with desktop on network does tyre same thing. Unless of course you don't own a laptop.

    Although I was disappointed with streaming video quality.. Very blocky. Is steam link higher bitrate?

    • +3

      I have a Steam Link and I think it's great. Tiny device (much smaller than a laptop) and the streamed games look the same as playing on the my desktop host - not blocky at all.

    • +3

      Because I have a desktop with 980ti and you want me to play witcher on TV with my laptop with 960m?

      • +4

        You can stream to the laptop connected to the TV. The desktop is still doing the work.

        But why would you stuff around connecting a laptop to a TV when you can use a built for purpose device for $50 that has a small footprint?

        • +2

          Idk people have funky idea all the time. Not to mention the electricity cost to run both the laptop and desktop together.

        • +2

          I measured the power consumption on my Steam Link and it peaks at 4.4W; pretty damn efficient for what it does. I love it to bits <3

        • @Letrico:

          I have a laptop connected to the tv which i use for watching movies, playing old games, streaming steam new games and browsing internet. I cannot think of a better set up. A wired LAN for streaming games would be nice

    • +2

      I've got my Steam Link on gigabit LAN and it looks just about as good as if my PC were connected directly to my TV. I've used my laptop for it in the past but it never looked this good and I also had random latency spikes which have never been an issue with my Link.

    • +4

      Steam Link is tiny and silent.

      Stick it at the back of the TV cabinet, add a wireless Xbox 360 controller to it, and you won't ever have to touch the Link again, as the controller is fully supported, and even powers it on and off :)

      Awesome device!

      • It really is great. I didn't have high expectations but at ~$50 it's a no brainer.

  • I presume there's no need for this if one has the Nvidia Shield (for Game Streaming) ?

    • Its not needed, but it is a different approach to the standard game controller. Read some reviews.

      • devpress is talking about the Steam Link, not the Steam Controller.

  • Does anyone who uses one of these know if they support USB devices connected to them? I ask because I'd ideally like to use it with an Ant+ dongle (to use with Zwift).


    • Steam Link you mean? It supports some USB devices but definitely not all. You'd have to ask Valve specifically about Ant+ to get a firm yes/no. Based on the relative obscurity of it, it wouldn't surprise me if the answer is no.

  • I love the Steam controller, bought last amazon special. I was never very good with an xbox controller, SC really suits me. Ive been playing everything on the lounge streaming with it. Love it

    • +1

      The Steam controller is fantastic. I have a Logitech F710 which doesn't work properly with Windows 10, so I got a XBOX 360 controller which is great. I bought the Steam controller and now realise I wouldn't buy any other type of controller again, its fantastic.

      The best thing is that I have set it up to use the gyro in Euro Truck Simulator 2 so it acts just like a racing wheel. I just saved myself $300!

      • I have a Logitech F710 which doesn't work properly with Windows 10

        ah, i have an F710, but haven't used it since updating to Windows 10. looks like Logitech haven't released a new driver for windows 10!

        but, apparently you can use the driver for the xbox 360 controller, and it works. have you tried that?

        • I've got the F710 to work but I need to unplug the dongle and re-insert every reboot of Windows. It's a turd of a controller with Win10.

      • Not sure if I'd buy a Steam controller just to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 a little better.

        • +4

          mate, i just bought an xbox elite controller to play Super Meat Boy…(will probably be buying another one tomorrow after the first rage quit!)

        • @caprimulgus:

          Super Meat Boy

          Up there with Trials as the most rage-filled games I have ever played ;)

      • Does the F710 work with the Steam Link?

  • +1

    Tempting!!!! I have Xbox one + wireless USB for Windows, but it doesn't work well with Windows 7

    Plus it does not work with Mac too

    • just read the Amazon review, it seems only works for steam games…hm….

      • It works outside of Steam, but it will only emulate a mouse and KB (forwards,backwards, strafe). You can add non steam games to steam and the controller will work as it should fully.

        • +1

          Thanks, took the plunge and bought it online (with additional US$5 discount for the referral code; I'll deal with my wife later…

          It's time to sell my XBOX One wireless + Wireless USB for Windows to Gumtree / eBay now…

        • @televisi:

          with additional US$5 discount for the referral code

          What is the referral code?

        • +2

          @trippy: There's a random referral link at the gray box on top of this page

        • @bomb3rman:
          Thanks, got it!

  • Just ordered the Steam Link. Thanks OP, been checking them out for a while, just waiting for a good enough price!

  • Got the Steam Link. Let's see if it can improve from my current NUC N2820 setup. (Although I reckon my problem lies on the old HD6850x2 on the main rig)

  • Steam Controller can be reduced to US$42.54 if you choose PickUp point near your adress.

    • Darn…I wish I chose this…

  • This or Xbox controller?

  • Just received mine….looking forward to giving this a try tonight….

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