Wallet Thread

What wallets do you guys use and reccomend.

http://bellroy.com/wallets/note-sleeve-wallet/leather/teal I have always wanted one of these if anyone has one I'd love to hear some feedback


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    The one you're looking at is in a different league, but I use a totem wallet that I bought in this deal for $15. It's the best wallet I've ever had. It carries all I need, nothing I don't, and is surprisingly well made

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      Agree…..If I pay more than $20 for a wallet, I get upset

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    I bought a bellroy after much deliberation because they were promoting it as slim.

    But I was disappointed with how big it was so I sold it. For me, the best wallet I ever had was a cheapo one from Big W but it got stolen and they don't sell it any more. So I make do with a "card holder" type wallet similar to what bobkin linked to above.

    I actually am now considering getting this one:


    If you really want to do some wallet research check out this guy's YouTube channel… https://youtu.be/I72tWrDYW-o

    But a wallet is a personal thing and people have different preferences. You may find that you really like the bellroy.

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      I've had the slimfold soft shell for 1.5 years now and I love it. It still looks and works the same as since I first got it. The only thing worn is the logo on the inside, the stitchings still have the bright orange colour. Mine is actually the RFID version which I can't recommend enough :)

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    My husband has the second smallest one in the blue steel colour. I bought the teal thinking it would be more girly. The colour doesn't last as long. Can see the colour coming off at the folds after only a month, whereas husband's is 4 years old and holding up well.
    Bellroy are awesome, but the new colours don't seem to last as long.
    If you go for black/brown/blue steel should be fine.

    His old flatmate also has one and loves it. I think it depends which one you buy too as to whether you are happy with it being small enough - I went from a girls wallet which are huge to one of bellroy bigger ones, but my husband has the small one because he started smaller.

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    I bought at Secrid wallet a few months back and it is amazing.
    I only have a few cards that I keep on me which are my licence, medicare and 2 bank cards.
    It holds up to 5 cards (3 embossed and 2 non-embossed).
    I bought mine from Peter of Kensington.
    Highly recommend it.

    • I also have one of these and they really are outstanding, i cannot imagine going back to a normal wallet again!

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    I've had a Bellroy slim wallet for a few years. It is brilliant, fits just what I need and is nearly invisible in jeans and/or suit pants. The leather wears like leather, so it gains character but simply doesn't deteriorate.

    If I ever lost mine or when it finally breaks down I will 100% be getting another one. Can't recommend highly enough!

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    The older style bellroys i think are higher quality than the newer ones, plus they were much cheaper compared to their current counterparts.


    have the best leather wallets ive ever seen, and they come with a 100 year warranty. They also do good belts compared to the local crap you can buy in australia.

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    I'm using this one for the last few years (brown) https://palmeraapparel.com/products/leather-slim-wallet-brow... . Small and convenient, no signs of wear, very happy with it.

    • Love reading these good reviews.. thanks!

      • No worries, happy to give a good review to something that i really like. Especially if it has reasonable price. Recommending it to my friends with no hesitation.

        P.S. I think you had a better photo of the product on your website before.

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          Yes I think I need to improve my photos… to show more real word applications.. it's on the to do list.

        • @aussiemillion: Just ordered 1. fingers crossed.

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    Ive been using a Tyvek wallet i found on aliexpress for just over 3 years.
    It has help up suprisingly well, way above my expectations. It has definitely faded in colour and is a little worn, but no actual damage as yet.
    I bought 2 for $10 and i still have the second one waiting as a spare. By far the best value wallet i have ever owned, and the thinnest as well.
    Unfortunately the seller isnt selling anything anymore, the store must have closed down.

    As posted above, http://www.slimfoldwallet.com/products/thin-wallet-micro-sof... look very interesting.
    looks very similar, different colours/patterns though.

    Edit: Minor text fixes.

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    I bought a Bellroy Slim Sleeve from a Surfstitch sale a while ago and love it. Super slim and well made

    • I just bought the same one in Blue Steele they have a $20 discount (sign up to newsletter) if you spend $100AU and it was slim was already 10% off (the code wasn't meant to work for sale items)

      • Yeh nice, mine's plain black and was around 60 something from memory. Holding up fine and great in the pocket

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    I bought this one a few months back. I was a quite popular deal with 160+ upvotes: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/251262

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    It goes against my normal OzBargaining sensibilities, but I have this one from LV. Their canvas wallets are essentially some kind of fancy pleather (oddly it smells like leather) but they're incredibly durable and hard wearing.

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      I was about to say, We bargain to buy good quality things and a treat once in a while, but that price tag, dude I haven't seen a wallet that cost over half a grand :)

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        Before I met the missus I never would've splashed out on something like this. But I kept buying oroton wallets that'd fall apart every 18-24 months at around $100 a pop from outlets. Last time it happened the missus lent me one of her old slim unisex LV wallets. It looked in fair condition when she gave it to me (about 6 years old), I used it for another 4 years and it didn't deteriorate at all from the day she gave it to me.

        Only problem with her/my old one was it was in the LV monogram which was too showy for me, so I picked up the multiple in the black and grey chequered pattern which is a lot more discreet. If it lasts 10+ years like the last one it'll pay itself off :-)

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          I have an Oroton slim leather wallet. It is in its 13th year and its still going strong! A little wear but no tear

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          I went from cheapie eBay wallets to Jag and onto Oroton ones. All lasted a few months to a year before they broke down or came apart. Missus decided enough is enough and bought me a monogram LV - I now know why they charge so much for it. The wallets tolerated 4 years of constantly being sat on by a fat ass brown guy and it still looks fairly new.

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      Awesome wallet..bit big but like it a lot. Mines a couple of years old and still looks new.

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      +1 to this. I've had my multiple wallet for 3 years now and it really does look almost as good as the day the missus gave it to me. Not quite in line with my ozb values but when it goes (sometime in 2025 probably) I will be repurchasing.

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      I was going to make a separate post but I figured it would be more appropriate to reply here. My last wallet was a Palmera Apparel card holder I got for $20 and I had used it daily for a year until there were threading issues and what not. Decided to get A Bally card holder http://www.ballyofswitzerland.com/en/shop-man/accessories/ca... which I hope will last for years.

    • I have a wallet with very similar type of material from Calvin Klein. Looks simple but great and fairly low profile. Used it for 2 years so far and has no signs of deterioration.

  • Secrid twin wallet. Imported from penworld eu.

  • I was given one of the Slim Sleeves by my work as a present. Loved it and lasted ages.

    • Come to think of it, I don't think it ever wore out. I just got a wallet that could hold notes from OzBargain and decided to use it for a while instead…

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    ok so after much research, I went from def the belroy… then more research… def the secrid and now… I found a startup wallet instead… Ill post back a full review when I get it :)

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    I was looking for one with RFID blocking (so they can't scan your paywave cards) and ended up purchasing this one 4 months ago:


    Hasn't missed a bit. Tested it at the self serve Woolies payment station by putting the wallet directly up to the machine and my Paywave card didn't go through… Guess it works!

  • I bought this one couple of years ago. http://atelierpall.com/minimal-wallets/42-double-snap-wallet... Still very happy with it. Only minor thing is the snaps on the front wear off the brass coating back to stainless. No Biggie.

    I'd go for a TGT now though, http://www.tightstore.com/

  • I have a Bellroy Slim. They are great looking and feeling wallets. However, after several months of use, the card slots stretched (I store 2 cards per slot). On more than one occasion, if I opened the wallet vertically, some cards would slip out (I put 2 cards per slot). Bought another one and the same thing happened. The issue is they have slippery material lining the card slots. It would my perfect wallet if the cards didn't slip out all the time. Now I am using Big Skinny wallets. They have a rubbery lining, but are not as nice looking.

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    In the true spirit of OzBargain I've been using one made out of electrical tape for the past year or so. http://imgur.com/a/iRAfZ
    Cost me about $2 in tape and a cheapo x-acto knife to make.

    I'd like to make one out of leather one day…

    • I wonder if aluminium foil could act as an RDIF protector for you :) That is awesome tho

      • FYI you can buy rfid sleeves for individual cards from ebay.

        • That really don't work nearly as well as just wrapping your card in aluminium foil….

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        Could put a layer under the electrical tape, probably wouldn't even notice it was there!

    • I see you have that Coles discount card. I'm err… your best friend, right? wink wink, nudge nudge

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    Bond and knight. My own design with monogrammed initials. Bloody cheap for a handmade, one off custom design.

    Currently 15% off.

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    I'm using a bellroy hide n seek, been so for 6 months now, and using a app called stocard where i scan in my loyalty card barcode, got a really nice widget if you use android saves me from having 8 or so cards in my wallet.

    Now my wallet is slim and nice. :)

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      +1 for the stocard..
      shame that BigW and Woolworths can't read from Stocard.

      • Must be age of the scanners, no issue with local Woolworthes/Coles or BigW in my area. The Target store however has older handheld readers and they will manually input the number for me. Staff are well aware that their readers are ancient.

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    I've bought the bellroy note sleeve navy about a year ago. They use to cost $100 but I got it from surfstitch (or similar store) for around $80.

    Best wallet I've owned so far. Soft leather, holds heaps of cards and not bulky. I have 11 cards in mine right now. It also has a coin slot but I keep forgetting it's there so I never use it.

  • I've been using this one from Status Anxiety for 3 years. The leather is still in excellent condition. It's quite slim, I barely notice it in my pocket but it can hold (realistically) 6-7 cards.


    Edit: It's also fair bit cheaper at $70

  • What i use:
    Something similar to this in design, but smooth leather instead.
    Do i recommend it? Probably not. I still use cash a lot but for those predominantly using card, that section is unnecessary.

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    many years ago maybe 5+ I bought some of these while on holidays intending to use them on my holidays (beach, around the pool etc)


    I've now used them every day for last five years and stopped using my other wallets.

    I keep a separate big card holder wallet where all store all of my cards and don't carry this with me.

    I just put the 5 or so cards I might need daily in the magic wallet some notes and swap the cards depending on where I am going that day

    I try to use card for payment if I get stuck with coins I just put them in my pocket until I find the nearest convenient place to put them (work draw or bowl at home)

    coins in the wallet are a pain in the @ss! literally

    the price on the website is a bit of a rip (20AUD), the gold coast stand use to sell them 3 x $20 or something like that

  • http://www.slimfoldwallet.com/products/thin-wallet-original-... my partner had this and LOVED it however one year later it got soaked and was too damaged to keep using. I recently got him this from the Mr Porter sale for around $60aud and so far no complaints https://www.eastdane.com/zip-wallet-apc/vp/v=1/1542012002.ht...

  • http://realleather.com.au/ zipped banknote section available

  • http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Men-Leather-Business-Bifold-Slim-Pu...

    The OzBargainers choice. It used to be only $2.00 but now varies around $2.50. The plastic window stitching is weak as expected but the wallet itself is sturdy. Coins are a headache.

    • I actually have that exact same wallet! (except for the "logo")

      The problem for me was not the window stitching, but the exterior stitching. The right edges (when closed) are fraying with the plastic peeling off to reveal the cardboard backing.

      Surprisingly, it has held up well after 2 years of usage.

  • I've got three bellroy wallets from surfstitch but I've only been using the hide and seek as it has held up in reasonable condition for a few years now.
    If you're game surfstitch have a deal to give 1/2 price off additional sale items. The note sleeve isnt on sale but most of the other types are.

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    Secrid Slim Wallet. Best wallet I have ever purchased. Sturdy, looks great, and is very minimalist. Blocks RFID also. Downside is that its $100+

  • Lost my Bellroy the other day, bought a new one within a week. Hide and seek. I've had more expensive wallets before, but it comparison holds cards without being bulky very well, and was very durable. As a rule I avoid anything with zips, clear/plastic sections for licences or a coin purse (coins tend to ruin all wallets I've found).

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    Wallets don't have much use for me, since I don't actually have any money to carry around. Student budget and all

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    I've been using wallets from https://www.all-ett.com/ for at least the last 15 years. The very first wallet I bought from them is actually still in great condition. I've only upgraded over the years from their ultra-thin version to leather, and then to an RFID blocking version. I've had so many people ask me about it over the years, that I often buy a couple of spares when I order and give them out to family and friends. Most of my family have been using them for 10+ years as well. Can't recommend them enough.

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    I bought this Saddleback leather front pocket id wallet when the USD-AUD exchange rate was better. http://www.saddlebackleather.com/front-pocket-id-wallet?quan...

    I got the tobacco colour. It has developed a nice patina.

    It's simple and slim. I'd buy another one if I lost it.

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      Bought the same one - I wouldn't use anything else

  • Great feedback so far, I forgot to share what I ended up settling on!


  • No dosh lovers? mine lasted 4 years of proper abuse before it fell apart.

    • 4 years isn't too long, though.

      I would prefer something with a lifetime or 100-year warranty, I found this beautiful thing shortly after to committing to the startup wallet I mentioned above

      This is the best wallet Kinz Downunder Handcrafted Leatherbut it was double my budget at above $180+ but the quality and longevity of it…

      Demonstration GIF

      One of a kind, It is handmade (with stitching that is better than machines)
      No inner lining that perish after 3 years
      It has a similar card/fan flip up similar to secrid card flip feature
      Is made from thin but a very hard leather which is kangaroo top grade leather
      And made in Australia! :)

      aww man I am instantly regretting it now I listed that

      @ http://kinzleather.com/collections/wallets/

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    Rubber band around my drivers licence, credit card and travel pass.

    Costs nothing, easy, no useless padding.

    • Not sure why the neg?

      I'm not joking, folks, this has just as quick access to my cards, costs nothing, and most importantly, is thinner than the thinnest wallet.

      What do you think a wallet is actually for?

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        rubber band wallets is the true sign of wealth

        the wallet of choice of many shady types =)

  • I'm using this http://bellroy.com/wallets/card-sleeve-wallet and can't see myself using anything else. The leather quality is great, and it reminds me of putting away card that I'll never touch.

    The only down side is that you cannot carry coins, which I usually put into my pockets then put it in the car's coin holder.

    • I loved moving to a sleeve, I bought the all weather version of this wallet 2 years ago. it even holds my house key.
      Every pair of pants I have typically has a coin pocket, which I then remember to spend instead of letting them pile up in a wallet

  • My wife bought me this tanner and Oak wallet which I adore. It is quite expensive though.

  • I'd love a slim wallet but it always seems impractical. I need about 4-5 cards + a minimum of 5 business cards on hand at a time. Couple that with a handful of gold coins for parking / shopping trolleys and I'm seeing it as more of an inconvenience.

  • I bought a Bellroy Element Sleeve in Grey 2 years ago.
    Apart from taking on the shape of my key/cards in the leather, it's held up amazingly.
    I love it, water resistant and sooo small, even holds my house key!

    Just checked their website, they don't sell the Element Sleeve anymore which is a shame.

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    As a man, I have learned this in my years…

    1- We don't carry purses, so everything must be able to be strapped to yourself
    2- Pockets, you should have at least 2 of them, preferably 3, but there's usually 4 in most pants
    3- Front Left pocket holds your change and keys (which should carry only necessary house and car keys)
    4- Back Left pocket holds a wallet (which should be as small as possible, hold cards and OZ dollar)
    5- Right pocket holds your smartphone (Back for 5.7in phones, Front pocket for 4.5in phones)

    And when leaving the house always do the 1-2-3 check.
    Keys, Phone, Wallet…. (Wife, if applicable).

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      So if you couldn't tell… I'm after Function over Form.
      If it is bulky, heavy, or difficult to put in/out of pockets then it has failed.

      That's why I don't use keyrings (despite my growing collection).
      That's why I don't use 6inch phones, or huge OTTER BOX cases.
      That's why I segregate my coins/change from my wallet.

      The wallet should be just big enough to slip in a AU$100 bill, and carry some cards around it.
      The wallet shouldn't cost more than $50… if it does, give back your Man Card.
      It shouldn't try to be fancy, but that doesn't necessarily mean ugly, there is a certain Charismatic charm in simple design.
      (ie It shouldn't be Rainbow Kaleidoscope Swirls)

      • I approach things a similar way, and focus on minimalism and practicality.

        Wallet - I use Allett ultra thin wallets - https://www.all-ett.com/shop/mens-wallets/ or I use a thin leather phone case with a slot for a couple of cards in it and leave the rest at home.
        Keys - I use a Keysmart Extended key holder with a thin "hanger" that holds it in place in my pocket. It takes up very little room, and with the titanium version especially, it's very light.
        Other - If I need to carry anything else like a multitool etc, I throw it in one of these - http://skinthsolutions.com/

    • Shouldn't it be wallet/wife? i.e. the wife will take the wallet ;p

      • +2

        ; )

        That's why you have a wallet that can slip into your pocket faster than she can snatch it.
        Doesn't matter though.
        You'll still come home with $200 of herOur shopping you never planned to do.

    • +1

      I put my 5.7 inch phone in my right pocket… otherwise EXACTLY same as me!

      • +1
        I'm right handed, w/ big hands.
        So having it there allows me to multitask on the go.

        I haven't been diagnosed with OCD, but all the symptoms are there xD

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    Quick scan and I didn't see mention of Dash wallets. I love the Dash 4.0 and can highly recommend it. A small wallet encourages you to only carry what you need. The Dash is a beautifully small and light wallet.

  • As an aside - I am one of those guys who has a truckload of cards that I always carry around (including all my kids' health and library cards which I take as I never know when I will need them). Any suggestions on larger ones? I do like to put all my cash there ase well.

  • I have a Bellroy phone case, and it's not aged well - looking grotty and dirty. I know you asked about the wallet, but the way that the leather has weathered would make me wary.

  • +1

    Intrigue by the post, i went in search for the cheapest Bellroy wallet (true to OzB spirit) and i found this website:


    Their pictures and logo is what of Bellroyif not Bellroy! but the price is way lower compare to that of official site and other official retailer.

    $65 for a Bellroy wallet!!!

    Anyone bought from this particular website before? Just dont want to commit to something that looks too good to be true.

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      upon a closer look, the brand is IKEPOD. any thought on this?

      • It looks nice but very different to a bellroy, there are heaps of amazing wallets if you keep seeking :)

        I can't find any reviews on the wallet you posted so would stick to something confirmed genuine imo

      • Just bought one for dad for father's day. Was a bit worried because I hadn't heard of them before either but they seem to be a recognised US brand. Just had a peek inside the box and it looks awesome! Plus I got $10 off when I signed up to their newsletter too so that's a plus. I got this one: https://thesaltyfox.com.au/collections/wallets/products/slim...

  • I have one of these: http://bellroy.com/products/hide-and-seek-wallet/lo/java

    Owned for about 4 years, and I give it a hiding. It's only now starting to show some signs of wear and tear, I'll probably look at replacing it in the next year or so and will not hesitate to buy the same again.

    • But wouldn't you rather pay twice the price that for lifetime or 100 year warranty?

    • have the same 4 or 5 years very little wear and tear

  • I used a couple of braun buffels before <$120 aud. Lasts more than 5 year each.

    Used a fossil one for a few years as well. Either of those would work fine if you like the look.

  • I bought this wallet perhaps 2 months ago in cocoa. If you want slim this is perfect, it's barely noticeable in all but the tightest of pants but it does seem to get scratched/marked by sharp things like keys or ID badge clips. Got it for $60 on surfstitch.com on sale.

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    I use a slim Palmera from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/200653

    My fav wallet and oh so slim. Will replace it with something similar for sure.

    • Great to hear these reviews! For anyone interested we have a promo code at the moment for fathers day at 35% off, FATHERS2016

      David @ Palmera Apparel

    • I have been using one of these since May this year and it is awesome. I am not gentle with my wallets and it has held up really, really well. I bought brown originally and when I saw them on sale again, I bought a Black one too as I was that impressed.

      Hard to justify buying more expensive ones when these ones are awesome for me.

      I carry 5 regular cards (Bank, Gym, Medicare, License, Go Card) as well as my Health Care Card (which is made of paper) and around 2-3 notes and it's not under stress. If you add more notes it'll start to bulge a little bit in the middle but nothing dramatic. You can fit More cards if you remove the notes and you can fit more notes if you remove some cards. I could almost be done with bank cards seeing as you can pay for just about everything with your phone due to Android Pay/Samsung Pay/Apple Pay these days.

      I have an Oroton wallet which has the best leather I've seen on a wallet personally (Was a gift from my mum) but the Palmera stacks pretty well against it although it's not quite as good, but the price difference more than makes up for that.