expired QATAR Airways Return Barcelona $962, Madrid $968, Amsterdam $964, Rome $992, Venice $969 @ IWTF


Qatar Airways is having a huge sale on flights to Europe. Currently ranked the world's number 2 airline by SkyTrax. Prices are for payment using a debit card. A small fee applies if paying by CC. Valid for travel with departure in Sept and returning Oct/Nov. Below are some sample dates & fares. Enjoy :)

Perth to Barcelona return from $962
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 31/Oct $962
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 01/Nov $962

Melbourne to Barcelona return from $968
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $968

Adelaide to Barcelona return from $973
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $973

Sydney to Barcelona return from $980
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 01/Nov $980
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $985

Perth to Madrid return from $968
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $968

Melbourne to Madrid return from $974
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $974

Sydney to Madrid return from $986
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $986

Perth to Amsterdam return from $964
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 30/Oct $964
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 31/Oct $964

Adelaide to Amsterdam return from $976
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 24/Oct $976
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 25/Oct $976

Sydney to Amsterdam return from $987
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 30/Oct $987
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 31/Oct $987

Perth to Rome return from $992
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 27/Oct $992
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 30/Oct $992

Adelaide to Rome return from $999
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 09/Nov $999
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 13/Nov $999

Sydney to Rome return from $1010
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $1010
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 06/Nov $1010

Melbourne to Rome return fro $1073
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 06/Nov $1073
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 09/Nov $1073

Perth to Venice return from $969
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $969
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 06/Nov $969

Melbourne to Venice return from $975
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 01/Nov $975
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $975

Sydney to Venice return from $992
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 01/Nov $992
Dep. 26/Sep Ret. 02/Nov $992

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  • +1 vote

    Nice price! Anyone know how Qatar Airways compares to Qantas?

    • +5 votes

      Qatar is 5 star airline vs Qantas 4 star airline

      i read somewhere that in 2016 world airline ranking, Qatar is ranked 2nd and Qantas is 9th.


        I didn't know Qantas is 4 stars airline, I thought it is 5 stars as Singapore Air. Anyway, Qantas is always my first choice for the safety, and also I can redeem points for their flights

        • +2 votes

          According to Skytrax, Qantas is now 4 stars.



          Yes I just checked the Skytrax website, it's funny when Garuda Indonesia is a 5 stars airline


          Garuda have done well to improve their overall product. I'd rate their economy class just as good as Singapore and better than Cathay. Just a shame they have a terrible safety record and Changi is obviously the nicer airport to have a layover at.


        a while ago malaysia airlines was also a 5 star airline

    • +4 votes

      They are a very new airline and reviews seem to be a bit hit and miss, especially in economy. On board, they don't seem to look after their OneWorld frequent flyers that well either. I'll fly them next month when they start flying the a380 from Sydney. Australians often don't realise how good Qantas actually is for long haul flights and how much you can do/arrange via their website. At least, that's my opinion.

    • +5 votes

      I've flown Qatar to the UK ~4 times a year for the last few years (over 40 flights..!) and I highly recommend them.
      I would definitely recommend them over many other airlines.
      Economy used to be better as their 777 (MEL-DOH) seating used to be 3-3-3, they've unfortunately changed it to 3-4-3, however it is still good now. The A350 and A380 are a bit better for this now.
      Their business class is one of the world's best - but obviously not part of this deal….!

      Service is generally good, but can be a little slow on completely full fights (but this is most likely the case with most airlines).

      The new Doha airport is great too (the old one was terrible).

      Very competitive pricing - some good deals to be had.


        In April we flew to Europe in 3-3-3 configuration on a Qatar flight.


          Yeah, from what I understand all the 777's are being transitioned this year, so there may have still been some older style 777's still operating for a while. My flights in Feb, Mar, Jun and Jul were all 3-4-3 unfortunately.
          Dreamliner's , A350's will be 3-3-3 though.

    • +7 votes

      They also don't use a U after Q.

    • +1 vote

      Qantas is an Australian company listed on the ASX and national flag carrier.

      Qatar is Qatar's flag carrier and owned by the government of Qatar.

      Both are Oneworld members https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/dyn/partners/airline/qatar-air...

  • +2 votes

    Please note that for CC payments, your bank may charge an FX fee as Qatar is based in Doha. Happened to me with NAB.


    Just booked a ticket for $1166 SYD-LON Sep 26-Oct 23

    Fares available around $1375 to London
    If dates flexible will find a cheaper price

    Price beat STA with FlightCenter


    SYD -LHR 1,144 AUD

    Student fares available from 1,138 AUD

  • +2 votes

    Do you think it is too much to skip 6 weeks of senior high school?

    • +3 votes

      You will learn more exploring the world than you would have sitting in the classroom

      • +1 vote

        Thanks let me quote you to my parents. Schooling shouldn't get in the way of a good education.

        • +2 votes

          Back in the day I used to get into trouble at high school because my folks kept taking us around the world on Jetstar 2 for 1 deals and so on.

          Learnt more about USA history in one trip than I did for the whole year in class about Australian History….

    • +1 vote

      talk to your careers adviser and year coordinator or principle. Depends what your goal is after high school.

    • +1 vote

      What year exactly? Wouldn't want to skip it in Year 12, but no harm done really in Year 10.

      However, if possible, can you not wait until school holidays?


        Thanks good advice. Surprised by all the help I got.

        • +4 votes

          A world trip can teach you so much Savas. For example: Going to Greece will teach you about poor finances, going to Germany> efficiency, Belgium> euthanasia, India> chaos that works, Spain> that cocaine is more valuable than saffron, UAE> you don't need oil to get rich, Cuba> healthcare, Egypt> trigonometry, West Bank> Middle East politics 101, Sweden> depression, Panama> how to cook the books, Japan> foreigners tax, UK> comedy, North Korea> starvation and people power, Zambia> it's never too late to get an escalator, Somalia> piracy, Nigeria> how not to scam, Papua New Guinea> Pigeon is a strange language

        • +1 vote

          @Lizard Spock: Wow thank you for the impressive travel guide! You should be a travel agent.

        • +1 vote

          @Savas: Never travelled as a kid, got < 50 in HSC. Travelled on and off for 10 years, completed a bachelor of arts, and a grad dip with 75 average, now working on engineering.

          School was a waste of my time.

        • +1 vote

          @ejayt: Thank you for the life advice! My year advisor would love that story!

    • +1 vote

      When we travelled when my son was in yr 11 his school gave him alternative work related his studies and to our travels, so he did it as an assignment and everything was cool. He left school after yr 11 to become a musician anyway, but the trip I think did not hurt him. Or did it?

      Edit: let me clarify: he later did his vce as part of his media studies diploma at jmc academy south malbourne. So everythings sweet. Parents happy.


    If I wasn't going to Japan I'd hope on all over that plane to Amsterdam.

  • -2 votes

    Don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but Qatar Airways really treats their female staff like shite:



    I wish this were for Dec-Jan… crossing my fingers for another sale

  • +1 vote

    Dont know much about Qatar, but seems all middle eastern airlines now are poaching all the best pilots and flight crews from around the world and paying top dollar, including Australia. Youd be surprised how many experienced Aussie pilots fly for Emirates/Etihad now.

    Slightly off topic: since so many are praising qantas, let me tell you now that I and my family used to be exclusively qantas customers, so much so that in the days of Ansett and later Virgn, I always paid more to travel Qantas. But lately I would not touch Qantas/Jetstar even if they offered half price fares. One reason is engines/wings fallng off/ fires on board (maintenance issues), and sh*t customer respect. The one time I booked with Jetstar, they cancelled the flight 15 minutes before takeoff, and as their alternative flight would have got me to my meetng too late, I asked for refund. No way Jose! Lucky I paid by PayPal and after 3 weeks of fighting finally got my refund. Qantas you can stick it where it fits. Since then its Virgin for me exclusively. They offer a refund or reschedule in case of late cancellation. Thats customer respect.


      sh*t customer respect

      I don't know about the others but I do agree on this point (maybe not that word but subpar comparably). Even flying on Business and First Class, compared to the services of Korean/Asiana/Emirates/AA similar classes. Lounge though tends to be better in my opinion compared to on the air.


      Case in point re uantas/jetstar

      The Checkout Series 4 Ep 11 in iview http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/checkout/LE1502H011S00