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Nexus 6P 64GB (Silver) $642.43 @ Mobileciti eBay


15% off the already discounted 64gb Nexus 6P.
Could be a new nexus out next month but this is hands down the best phone I've ever had

Original 15% off Selected Stores on eBay deal

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    The is better than the previous deal! Thanks OP

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    Gr8 deal on a gr8 phone m8

    • Awesome phone at awesome price

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    "this is hands down the best phone I've ever had"

    Me too! and I paid $780 for mine 3 months ago.
    Good deal OP.

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        Why u say something is not good, a bit reasoning would be good

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          @Drew22: Not trolling battery life on my phone is a Disaster.

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          @TurkishDelight: The battery life is awful. Other than that, the phone is almost perfect. I've been trying for months to improve the battery life.

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          6P is also tinny, far too small.

          6 owner here ;)

        • @PainToad: Tinny?

        • @deanylev: yeah tinny, as opposed to plasticky :D

        • @deanylev: Sarcasm

        • @deanylev: Yeah bud I have even tried Greenify+Amplify combo with root access, still it sucks. I am happy selling this now to get hands on OnePlus 3. (I am on android 7 btw :)

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    Great phone! got it for free as a hand me down from my sister that worked at google :)

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      can she get me one too?

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    • Great phone! got it for free as a hand me down from my sister that worked at google :)

      She gave me one free as well.

  • All these phone deals after I had to buy one last week ……without codes/vouchers or any other such joy

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    Great deal - I wouldn't worry about the new ones coming out in a few months, at this price it's a bargain. Bought mine for $728 in Jan and thought that was great.

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      Rumoured pricing for new nexus is very around the $450- $500 U.S price so I'd still be Waiting.

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    the best phone ever! especially the custom roms available makes this phone even better

    • Which ROMs in particular?

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        Currently on Dirty Unicorns, the best in my opinion. Pure Nexus is a pretty good rom as well!

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    Great phone but it has the worst Bluetooth issues I've ever had on any Android.

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      Seconded. My next phone definitely won't be all metal.

      The Nexus 5 was great with Bluetooth, but on the 6P, if I crouch when listening to music on the UE Boom, it cuts out. If I put my hand over the glass area, it cuts out.


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      I know its inexcusable for a nexus to be plagued with such software issue but it can be fixed with custom ROMs. Most popular ROMs got the fix baked in. I know omni and du have no BT issue

      • How do they fix the BT issue? Do they just pump more power into the transmission somehow?

        • I'm assuming we are talking about the stuttering and overall weak BT signal? I dunno the specific on what they do to fox it just know that I'm now free of such problem

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    No wireless charging is a deal breaker for me.

    • -7

      Use a cable you muppet

  • +6

    Especially when judging by the leaks and rumours.

    New Nexus might be worse at everything except for the QSD 820 processor, and OIS camera.

    HTC phones have really been a let down for a good while now.

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      And it looks ugly af according to the renders.

      • +5

        The 6P renders looked "ugly af"…

        • +1

          There were no 6P renders. Only real life photos of it, and CAD files.I thought it looked nice from the real life photos.

          There are few ways of the HTC Nexus looking good. It's got giant bezels, a very boring back, and antenna lines in random places on the sides.

      • +1

        Didn't realise the renders had opinions.

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    Awesome phone awesome price!

    I got mine (32gb) from Optus $48/m and I'm loving it. Absolutely no issues with the phone and stock android is hands down the best OS.

    I did how ever get my LG G5 few weeks back and it also feels like an excellent phone. If I would not worry about the quality of G5 I would rate it better than 6P.

    The only few things 6P is lacking in my eyes is microSD expansion, not too excellent battery life and just an average camera. Otherwise I am just loving it!

    • I think 6p has ONE of the best camera on the market. it has Larger pixel size (1.55 μm) than most top priced phones.

      • Maybe I was too harsh but when you compare photos taken with iPhone 6s and latest Samsung phones, 6P's photos feel average.

        Also the 6Ps shooter sometimes lags, which I have not yet noticed in LG G5 and never in iPhone 6s.

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    Bought one on the JB deal for my wife to replace her Galaxy Note 2. I have the original Nexus 5. I'm tempted to upgrade to this on this deal. My main reservation is it just seems too big to comfortably fit in jeans pockets. Any views from the fanboys?

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      My main reservation is it just seems too big to comfortably fit in jeans pockets. Any views from the fanboys?

      I'm used to having large things in my jeans so have never had a problem with this phone. Sometimes I need to adjust its placement when I sit down but I'm used to doing that normally anyway. As for the size in my hands also not a problem.

      • Yeah, yeah. I knew this would attract all the comedians. Clearly you have space capacity in your pants to fit this and all those other big things into your pockets. But honestly - I can see how this works for people carrying the phone around in a bag, hands or suit trouser pockets - but in jeans it just feels like the thing is going to bend and break if you had to get into a car or sit down with it.

        • +1

          why would you sit down in a car with a phone in your pocket? my phone goes straight into my car phone holder. never had an issue with jeans with the 6p.

        • @xelfer: Can I ask which car holder are you using?

        • +2

          @BaryGusey: Personally I use the cupholder in my car or in my girlfriends car I just chuck it in the center console.

        • +1

          @Agret: Thanks mate. Bought one on the JB deal for my wife but she has not switched over to it yet. Trying it for a few days and see how I go. At the moment I think I just may not be a phablet person. I'm happy with the size and weight of the Nexus 5 - so am thinking I should probably upgrade to the 5X rather than 6P. The fact that this deal is only 12 months warranty - and based on posts, Huawei warranty support is poor, I'm not feeling much pressure to make up my mind for this deal.

        • @belbo: I wonder if credit card complimentary extended warranty applies to payments through PayPal. Of course stupid me has the payments coming out of my transaction account anyway…

        • @TheContact: Good point. I'm guessing yes. But claiming against cc warranty cover - if you have it, which I do - is a painful. Considered it with another product but wasn't worth it. You have to get the official warranty provider to certify that it would have been covered for the particular issue if it was still under warranty - and then I think I have a $100 excess but can't remember for sure.

        • @belbo: Thanks. I have it too, which is why I'm disappointed I never thought to take advantage of it, though seems I'm not missing out on much.

          I'm a bit incredulous that Huawei can get away with 12 months on what is still a flagship phone phone though, surely a reasonable expectation under ACL would be 24 months at least.

        • @TheContact: Yep - but having to go the ACL route is also a disincentive. My Nexus 5 is straight from Google - and I've been sent a new phone under warranty. Easy as. Likewise - the Nexus 6P I bought for my wife on the JB HiFi deal is also 2 yrs. I'm sure dealing with JB would be pretty straightforward too.

        • @belbo: Yeah, major retailers would be more inclined to take the safe route as they're more likely to garner complaints and get done by the ACCC.

          Well, I bought one from this deal, so I'll have to see if I need to kick up a stink after 12 months. I find myself more inclined to want to fight these things as I grow older for some reason, despite having less time and more money hah. Must be getting grumpy as I age.

        • @TheContact: Yep. I'd probably be the same as you - if I didn't have young kids and little time for myself. Hopefully you won't need the warranty. But hang on to your old phone as a spare in case you have a protracted battle.

        • +1

          @BaryGusey: Sorry I didn't see this question, I bought one of these in hong kong about 3 years ago and it's lasted through my iPhone 5, Xperia Z3 and now the 6P. Works pretty well: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Capdase-Windshield-Suction-Car-Mount…

        • @xelfer: Thank you, I'm mighty tired of crappy wobbly mounts - always on the lookout.

    • I have one, and had the exact same concern initially.

      Then I thought it through and realised that I'm either using my phone or charging it when I'm seated, so there was no problem. Walking / standing are no issue.

      I love this phone.

  • Another 1.25% off via Cash rewards ? Also - does cash rewards apply to listed price or post-coupon price?

  • damn, wish Huawei released the black or gold colours for AU stock 6P's! the black is awesome!

    good price for AU stock none the less…

    • +1

      The Gold looks great. Why they do country exclusives is beyond me.

  • +9

    How are these so expensive still ? I know its a great phone, but its only running a SD 810 and the new one is only around the corner !

  • +1

    This is a great phone, nexus 6 was good phone too but was too big for single handed usage, It was impossible to hold and slippery without a case and turned into an even bigger inconvenience with even the slimmest of cases. I tried it all before ditching and getting the nexus 6p, this one is perfect size, and it's the fastest phone I ever owned.

  • Can't recommend buying this phone from anywhere other than Google directly, as dealing with Huawei for warranty issues has been a nightmare and a half. They will do anything to avoid having to fixing your phone. Email and phone support is terrible. Note: my issue was a dodgy microphone - I've not had any other issues with this phone.

    Apart from that, an epic phone, although I moved to a Samsung S7 Edge and prefer it.

    • Huawei chinese brand mobile phone? phone hacking?

  • I wonder if, once the new nexus is announced in a bit over a month from now, the prices will dip down further? Anyone remember if that happened much with the prev generation nexus when the 6p came out?

  • Trying to decide between this one and the OnePlus 3. Any inputs on it?

    • I have the One plus one on the optus network (through virgin) but find that it lofted suffers bad reception. Love the phone but it doesn't cover all bands. Possibly better with other networks as I know they all differ (though if I remember correctly none is fully supported by the OP3).

      • Not worried about band compatibility. I'm in Australia for a few months more then I'm off to Europe. Still regarding this issue, I've found a couple of online stores with the OP3 in stock, but most of them look really really shady. DWI is the cheapest option but my gut tells me that I will end up having some sort of issue. BuyMobile.au seems like a good website but I honestly don't know. Anyone ever purchased anything from them?

        • From what I've heard a lot of resellers will install some bloatware on it, so definitely do your research. Also make sure you get the Europe compatible version. With the OPO there were 2 versions in Asia, one fully compatible with Europe and one not so much. If you can last you may wish to wait a bit till Ur in Europe :) price might’ve dropped by then as well

  • +1

    Good phone but no microSD card slot which was a deal breaker for me. Yeah I know nexus phones never have microSD slots but just my 2 cents:-)

    • i have had my 64gb version for under 1 year now. still yet to delete one photo or run out of space

      • +1

        By any chance do you have videos on phone because that could take a lot of space in no time.

        • +1

          I have the Nexus 5 - 32gb - I have 3 young kids, so take plenty of video and photo - and I find even that works for me. I just copied about 2 months' worth to my computer as I had started running out of space. I find it is a good discipline to regularly copy them off your phone too - to ensure you have full quality copies of your photo and video on a hard drive, which you can back up - rather than keeping even more images on the phone - which, if lost or malfunctions, leaves you only with the automatic google photo backups - potentially at lower quality.

      • I love the nexus series but still couldn't get myself to buy one this year because of lack of sd card support… My use case is taking pics from my DSLR and then putting the sd card into the phone for quick snapseeding and social media sharing… If only google would add this support the nexus series would be the only phone I'd ever buy

    • Think that might break the deal for me also, sadly

  • What is the best good looking case probably at cheaper price that goes with nexus 6P

  • +1

    Trying as hard as I can for the next nexus to arrive… :(

    • +2

      I was exactly the same.. but imo I am not a fan of HTC and the phones look terrible so I bit the bullet and got the 6P.

      This phone has GREAT reviews so you might be waiting for a phone that wont be as good? Good luck with your choice!

  • Why is warranty only 12 months?

  • I really doubt if this is a deal. Why bother with MobileCity while Dick Smith is selling for $649 (https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/huawei-google-nexus-6p-6…)

  • DSE is $671.99 when you include postage

  • Absence of a home button or an alternative such as knock-on feature (in HTC/LG phones) makes this a deal breaker for me when using it on Car Mount. You have to always pick it up to unlock the phone by either finger print or using the power button. Otherwise, a superb phone.

    • +1

      I'm using Automate as a launcher while in the car. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitspice.a…

      You can set it to launch on connection to your cars bluetooth (and exit) and also set the screen lock off, and to always on, it will revert back to your default launcher on exit. Also handy, it will launch your music player of choice and start playback.

      I'm pretty sure you can set the screen lock settings under trusted devices to your cars bluetooth, but also under car mode/automobile in profiles.

      • Would that leave the screen ON all time?

        • +1

          If that's what you want it to do. Or you could just have it unlocked so you give it a tap to wake rather than push buttons and enter a PIN or fingerprint.

          Look for SMART LOCK settings under LOCK SCREEN in your phones settings, you have a few options besides bluetooth to set the phone to an unlocked state while in the car.


    • Huh… It automatically unlocks when you connect to the car via Bluetooth

  • Is it normal that Nexus 6p is getting too hot when on charge as well as when using it. It gets pretty hot when using. Is it because of aluminium body?

  • Rough battery life guys? Only those who've used it please :)

    • +1

      As a heavy user. GPS in the morning and back from work for 2 hours daily. Multiple phone calls during day and screen at 50% brightness it last me from 7am to 8pm

      I don't game

  • Oh wow, so basically a days usage. Thanks for your response :)

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