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Seagate 2.5" External HDD 500GB USB Powered $69


Found this in the junk mail. I thought it is a good bargain.
Can't find this on mln.com.au website but it's a real deal.
did a price match with Officeworks (another 5% off) today ^_^


thanks to blackfalcon for the link

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  • very nice, may have to print it and go to officeworks this arvo

  • http://catalogues.mln.com.au/portal/offerdetails/seagate-portable-hard-drive/12753720448317?source=catalogueoffer&pageview=two&CatalogueID=12753481001601&pid=(featuredCatalogue)Seagate+Portable+Hard+Drive

  • Wow dats cheap

  • USB Powered? ie no need for external power.
    If so…that is good!

  • Melbourne only? When I change the postcode to Sydney on the MLN website says offer unavailable

    EDIT: Apparently the catalogue can be viewed by anyone in Victoria, but they do not offer shipping on that item.

  • yes it's usb powered :)

  • Can you post a copy of the reciept minus the transaction details so we can take a copy into our local stores and get a similar priced ones!

  • thats a pretty good price. I paid $89 for a 320GB couple of months ago which I thought was a bargain :).

  • Link broke for me.
    Said not avail in my area.
    Then i plugged my 3000 postcode in, and came up with same thing. (original offer)
    Very odd, in case anyone was put off.

    I paid $95 at MSY for iomega 500 a few months ago.

  • Good price but preferred WD.

    • why WD? i've always heard seagate are the best :s

      • There really is no difference, they are all pretty good, unless you get a bad batch. And that can happen to any one of them.


          thats quite true… but really its cheapest to buy some brand you've never heard of. most of them use WD or seagate hard drives inside but have a different external case. this usually saves you 60 dollars in asia.

          most only got 5-10 dollars or so for a 500gb

  • Very good price. Too bad it's VIC only.

  • Anyone had luck with an office works price match in Sydney?

  • It is cheap! work just bought me a rebranded seagate external HD for $149.

  • enter post code 3000 to access it.

  • good one, but im just worry 500gb isnt enuf for me.. my 3.5 1TB is on its 80% capacity!

    • i have 2 x 1tb and 2 x 1.5tb's for backup data etc, this would be usefull as a disk to say just put music on or image or backup your pc laptop

      thinking of getting one for the ps3 or for an image disc for laptop imaging.

      Your right though 500gb isnt enough when you have 1tb although, a friend has over 12tb and i showed him this and he is as keen as mustard go figure :)

      [edit] Why would someone neg this ?? is it disk envy ? really adds to the case to validate the neg comment vote

      • but its funny if we have 2 x 3.5" external sitting on our desktop… its just doesnt feel right.. external storage should be only 1.. i have only 3 usb port too! haha

        • i like to mirror my backups ;) one in cupboard the other connected to usb router.

          for the moment firwire is king for me

  • good one! i got that big w price match last year on the WD 320gb for ~$65, i think 180gb for an extra $5 is worth it!
    btw i though ow only match in same state, i got the 'not available in your area' message too, can anyone confirm?

  • Its about time these came down in price in the east, just bought 2 from OW with price beat. thanks.

  • Great, just bought one from OW

  • hmmm good price! so is it only for vic?

  • got one from Officeworks, keswick Adelaide for 69+7 delivery, $76-5%, so i got it for $72.20
    they will price match any products from anywhere!! they would just add delivery to it and minus the 5% discount .. its not too bad..

    • They shouldn't be adding the delivery fee to the final price.

      Thats not in the price match rules.

      You should really complain. Its not about the money (as its only $7) but its the principle.

      Good luck.

      • Adelaide Officeworks always try to add freight if the comparable prices aren't in Adelaide, I bought a WD HD movie player the other day and they wanted to add $30 for "freight" because the price match I found wasn't local, I had to go home and find an online offer with free freight to get them to match it….HARD work….

      • With Officeworks, correct me if I'm wrong, but their rules are that they will accept online offers but will include the amount of postage.

        • That´s what they did to me too. Price + postage. And cheeky buggers only gave the 5% discount on the price of the item, not on the postage!

  • If I could, I'd give this deal 2 positive votes. First to the OP for sharing the MLN deal and second for suggesting the Officeworks pricematch (it wouldn't have crossed my mind otherwise). Got the 500GB for $65.55. That's an absolute bargain.

    To the people living in Melbourne, if you have an Officeworks closer to you than MLN, go and price match. I called 3 of the stores in the CBD (Officeworks) and they have plenty of stock for the Seagate 500GB drives (they have it for $99). MLN in West Melbourne have plenty of stock too (if you wanna get yours at MLN).

    Thanks also to weezlebub for linking to the catalogue. Makes it way easier to price match.

    • I totally agree. We have an OW 5 minutes up the road, so I went and got one, then sent the missus out to get another one too. So 2 positives from me! Thanks again asik28.

    • I also totally agree - especially reminding me of the O/Works 5% - I picked up one today at the Bundoora store as I was in the area.

      Thanks asic28 :)


  • I was thinking to get a Samsung Story but well since this is cheap I am going for it

    Only - for me is it is USB powered which would be an issue for my HD Media Player as it cannot provide enough power over usb

    • what's the media player?….I have 4 different players, 3 different brands, and all work fine with these types of drive. Some take a while to find and load up but all work eventually

      • I am using a TIVX imported from HK through ebay and also a Samsung BD1255 HT. Both support USB and none of them like USB Power Drives

        • Do you mean the tvix?…..I have one (R-2230) and it works fine with the wd 750g portable from officeworks.
          The drive also works fine with my 2 astones and my wdtv mini

          • @andy19363: Yup I mean the TVIX. I have 2 seagate USB powered drives and when I plugged them in, they made a funny noise and the led light was flashing for a while but the player couldnt read any file. Same problem when I used them on my Wii. They work perfectly fine on my laptop.

        • Have you tried these newer drives though? ie. bought this year. They all have a slow spin-up mode to allow them to not draw more than 500mA at spin-up. That is the USB spec max current per port. Previous drives can draw as much as 1.5A during spin-up. All these drives consume lesss than 500mA once they are spinning.

          Failing that, then just get a cheap powered USB hub, job done.

  • Anyone get an OW pricematch in WA?

    • I'd like to know too. I'm guess they could cos they do price matching online so I guess it's national price matching.

      • I went to OW E. Vic Park tonight with fsjk85's receipt printed out and andrew81's image of the advert stapled to the back of it and they priced matched ($69) without even making me wait (not easy, I'm on crutches and not doing at all well tonight) for manager's sign-off on it. Great service - I can't remember the sales guy's name though :( They have at least one more in stock.

        • But why not $65.55? they are supposed to beat $69 by 5%.

          Hobble back in there and demand you loose change right now!

          • @stumo: The normal price was like $148 - I was hapy to get out the door with it for $69! :)

            • @spodosaurus: wtf, you must have scored a different version? I got the "Expansion" model normally $99, in a yellow/brown box, what one did you get?

              • @stumo: Oh…I didn't see that one…I grabbed a FreeAgent Go 500GB drive - looked like the image in the image andrew81 put up so I thought it was the right one and so did they.

                • @spodosaurus: Good score.

                  In my case the OW dude quizzed MLN on the phone about the colour of the box, since we could both see there were 3 different colours/models of the 500Gb drive, and they all looked the same except for the box colour.

        • Well done, I've had problems trying to get them to price match stuff in the past. So I won't bother with them anymore (OW east Vic park)

  • Melbourne Elizabeth St store sold out. Just went to the King St store still still have a few left. Got it for $65.55

  • Just picked one up at Officeworks - Keswick, Adelaide for $72.20. Nice find, thanks!

  • Good deal. Staticice prices no where near this.

  • heres a receipt incase anyone wants to try out of vic

  • any chance to beat the price by OW in Sydney?

  • being dodgy I saved the print page, edited the print to get rid of the Limit 1 per customer, bought 3 at once time hehe :D ty for posting this, really a bargain

  • tried to use this at OfficeWorks Kotara in NSW.
    They would not match it

  • tried OW Villawood NSW, the guy said that they don't have this on stock, only 320GB one.

  • Hi guys just bought one a few hours ago. I've had a seagate on my first pc in 2000 and i was still running until I stopped using it about a year ago. Admittedly the last few year the laptop was used more but still quite a long time for a HDD. However I have been hearing recently of troubles with Seagate both in terms of reliability and firmware (eg.broken after 1 yr). Any of you care to inform me whether this is a wise purchase? Thanks

    BTW. does anyone know where I can get a case/pouch for it?

    • AFAIK the firmware issue was limited to last generation 3.5" Seagate HDDs.

      Besides that, HDDs from major manufacturers (WD, Samsung, Seagate) really only differ in price. The performance and differences are negligible for most consumers (especially for a USB2 2.5" HDD) and one brand is just as reliable as another.

      I wouldn't worry more about this HDD than any other 2.5" I buy.

      I'm actually off to buy one right now :)

  • Just grabbed one from my officeworks. Thanks for this!

    It's a little different from the CotD astone from last year's ozbargain. It had pre-installed sofware asking me to register.

    If I format this to exFAT to make it PS3 compatible will the warranty still be ok?

  • office work @ Woollongabba refused to match~ blablablalb shit reasons~

  • Newcastle wouldnt match it either…..something about not being able to find out delivery costs….

  • Will it work in my xbox 360 drive bay. will see tomorrow…

  • YAY!
    Picked one up at OW Five Dock SYdney. $65.55
    They were reluctant to give it to me because MLN isn't in NSW. BUT i guess the guy was in a good mood!

  • Hey to everyone who cant get a price for mln. Maybe try this one from Dicksmith http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefront/4c09027b0029ec0... They have no excuses if its from their biggest competitor company lol The drive is smaller but I bet its got better quality build.

  • OW pricematch in Brisbane CBD - $65
    Rang OW first, as was worried because MLN are VIC.
    - No geographic restrictions on pricematch
    - No 'shipping' required if retail store
    Took printouts, they had none on shelf but had a locked cabinet with 2.5 drives in, pays to ask, although I only mentioed pricematch once I they found the drive!

    • Dont suppose you could post your receipt cooperdog? Am gonna try at Loganholme tomorrow.