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Two Australian Made Black + Brown Full Grain Leather Belts 32mm Width Oil Tanned $24 Free Shipping (Save $14) @ Close The Deal


Black + Brown 32mm width Full Grain Leather belt sets.
Two belts, both shipped in a single gift box

Being 32mm width, these belts are meant to fit through the thinner belt loops on your slacks/work pants, they also make a great jeans belt.
Black belts come with Brushed silver buckle & Brown belts come with Antique bronze.
Burnished edges.
Vegetable tanned leather (oil pullup = NO AZO + NO CHROMIUM)
Buckles are attached using screw type rivets, so you can replace the buckle with one of your own if you choose.
Free shipping Australia wide.

Please allow 48 hours for dispatch; I make all the belts to order right here in my warehouse in Melbourne.
If i don't have the size you order ready to ship immediately, it will take me a day to cut your length/holes/install buckle etc and turn it into a belt.
I will ship within 24 hours after I've made it.
Please note; whilst I have written Australian made. The leather is 100% Australian sourced from a local leather company and the buckles are imported (i'm unable to find a cost effective local buckle supplier).

This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer available of the website.
eg: "Buy two belts and get one free" does not apply to this offer.

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Close The Deal
Close The Deal

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  • Great to see AUS made

  • OP, will the $10 off your first purchase works on this deal?

    Nevermind, just read your description carefully. The answer is no.

  • Good to see Australian made, but the title/subject did not really make it clear that you get two belts delivered for that price.

  • Appreciate the clear and upfront of the OP.

  • +1 vote

    No it's not

  • Edit: oops need to read a bit further

  • Great belts - have all sizes and colours.

  • Hey mate, the site bugged out and defaulted to a 34 inch belt when going through PayPal express check out. I sent you a message for help, thanks.

  • I was about to happily buy but saw cymon's comment from the last post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/3647165/redir

    Please see photos of the belt after 2 months of use: http://imgur.com/a/1a2o5
    There is one of my actual full grain leather belts in the photos for comparison.

    These belts are not full grain and are of a low quailty. I recommend avoiding buying from this seller as I was promised full grain, instead I got cheap top grain leather that has been coated and painted.

    OP, care to comment? A bit concerned about the durability of them now.

    • Looks like a dog was chewing on it. Im also keen for the OPs reply

    • +3 votes

      Every single strap of leather will exhibit different characteristics.
      Im selling oil tanned leather which has not been infused with common tanning chemicals like Chromium and AZO (like the other belt he compares it to).
      using these chemicals is how most manufacturers get every belt to look the same and almost like fake leather.

      In this case, the leather strap wrinkled more than usual. Nothing i can control or predict when the belt is made.

      A replacement/refund was offered however that was not good enough for the buyer. (maybe he wanted me to take him out for dinner too)
      Besides a replacement or refund, there is not much else i can offer.

      Secondly, the customer claims its top grain. If they were made from top grain, they would stretch within a few days. Top grain is what we use for bags and satchels/briefcases etc)

      I have had several belt sales over the years and surely there are a heap of customers who can vouch for the quality.(just look at the other posts:
      "Bought a 39mm belt a few months ago . Excellent quality",
      "Mine arrived today, very good quality can't tell the difference with much more expensive belts i own"

      Yes, the batch of leather will be different, but i have standards and you can be rest assured im not choosing the rejected leather stock nor am i choosing the A grade leather stock (otherwise the belts would be $34 each).

    • I had a similar experience, unfortunately. I purchased one of these belts from CloseTheDeal a few months ago, for about $20, and after only wearing it to work (3 times a week), after less than a MONTH of use, one of the little leather straps that keeps the belt tucked in at the end, had completely fallen off. Not to mention that it had already started to look like the belts in the photos posted by Cyssero above.

      I don't know how the supplier can get away with calling them "full grain", to be honest.. The quality is simply not there, whether they claim it or not. Would recommend anyone considering purchasing this deal to avoid.

      • +1 vote

        $800,000 Lamborghinis have been known to catch fire days after leaving the showroom
        Does that mean everyone should avoid buying a lambo because they are bad quality?

        My brand new car had its transmission fail after 3 months; it doesn't mean its a bad/crap car.
        I accept the fact that these things occur and i contacted them to fix it.
        And it was fixed.

        Common sense would tell you that it doesn't matter what product it is, you are going to get defects in some percentage of products. Its a fact of manufacturing and occurs whether you like it or not. Most business' factor this in when costing products.
        My faulty product rate is sitting at about 1.8% (all products/overall), which i don't see as an issue.
        Its the reason companies offer warranties and guarantees.
        My products offer the same warranties and guarantees (as per Australian law).
        On top, i offer a 30days return policy. SO if you dont like it when it arrives. Just send it back for a refund.

        Did you contact me to let me know about the problem with your leather belt?
        Do you know what full grain leather is? because if these belts arent full grain leather, then please explain to me what is.
        Keep in mind i've been in the leather manufacturing industry for over 20 years.

        If you look at my feedback on eBay, you may notice ive sold several thousand of these belts and only…5 problems overall?

        What does that mean… a 0.05% fault rate (belts only)…..compared to companies like SAMSUNG and APPLE, thats pretty good to me.
        when the apple macbook pro has a failure rate of 9%…. YES 9% failure for supposedly the BEST brand around.

        • I see you own a pathfinder. Can't wait till my lease is over.

        • it was a diesel territory, plagued with problems.
          The entertainment system would freeze on a daily basis, GPS would lose signal so often i completely stopped using it. New gearbox after 3-4 months. When they fixed the transmission they didnt fit the aircon vents properly so the cabin would fill with fumes when standing still - took them over 6 months to figure that out and fix it. they even tried to charge me for it. It also aged a lot faster than i would have liked it to.
          It was traded in for a toyota and havent looked back. Take a hilux/fortuner/kluger for a test drive when your lease is up. Highly recommend it.

    • OP of that comment here.

      Yes the OP of the deal has great customer service, offered to refund or replace, answered all emails quickly and politely. I actually got 4 belts as he sent the wrong sizes the first time and sent correct sizes later.

      That all doesn't change the fact that they are low quality belts. You pay for what you get and the only message I wanted to get across is that this is not a special deal that avoids the fact these are cheap belts.

      You can see in the image the paint falling off, for crying out loud. It's not chewed, is just a result of being slightly bent in the buckle. Full grain belts are not painted, they are just leather. Full grain doesn't go soft and malleable after a couple of months of use.

      PS, I gave the wrong size belts to a mate and he has since complained similarly to me. His buckle also broke on one of them.

  • +1 vote

    At www.leathercraftaustralia.com.au click on the "Australian Made Leather - Leathergoods Made In Melbourne!" section, then select Belts to see "There are no products matching the selection."

  • What's the refund policy on these?

    • +2 votes

      No questions asked refund policy.

      Send it back and ill refund the full price.
      If your local, you can drop it off to my warehouse.

  • +1 vote

    Neither www.closethedeal.com.au nor www.leathercraftaustralia.com.au inform prospective buyers these belts are Australian Made and they also do not say they are Australian leather.

  • If you made a minimalist wallet that was RFID protected I'd buy it, something just for cards and maybe the odd note or two.

    • +3 votes

      i just upgraded one of my most popular minimalist wallets to have RFID lining.
      We are sourcing the RFID lining from Germany.
      Once we have all the materials together and some products finalised, i will have an offer on them.

      Please note our leather wallets are no longer made in Australia.

      Just so people know why…

      If i were to manufacture wallets here there would be around $200 in labour just to complete each wallet.
      Stitching each card slot, stitching in lining, heating and folding the leather takes time.
      Unless i employ a heap of cheap imported labour, its just not viable.
      That why we have moved most of our manufacturing overseas.
      Except for the belts and a very small selection of locally made coin pouches and glasses cases etc.

  • need a new belt… good timing

  • Thanks and ordered.

  • I bought a few of these a little while back. I found the screws came loose and fell off. I lost one of the screws rendering that belt useless.

  • Gonna give you a go mate. Just ordered.

    Is there any chance I can swap the brown for 2 blacks? The brown one wont get much use at all otherwise =(

  • It's hard to buy a good belt. For the last five years retail stores have been asking $60 for the exact same designs that you used to be able to buy from Big W for $15. That's too much money for acrylic like materials that fall apart.

    So I've taken to buying this particular one off ebay:
    It's the same junk quality but its cheap and looks nice.

    I'm wondering if you fabricate leather with the same patterning? Because the ones I'm buying don't last long enough. I'd be happy to pay for A-grade leather or whatever I need to get a couple that last for years. I'd supply the buckles.

    • I have been using one of my belts for about 18 years and it still looks great, I paid about 70 bucks but in the long run it was worth it. Unfortunately it was so long ago it's probably pointless trying to go back to the same place I went to, my point is that it's worth spending a bit extra and getting something that will save you time and money I'm the long run

      • Honestly, I tried to find a good one. Literally couldn't. I didn't try online though.

      • I got 24 years out of my last one before it finally succumbed.

        Hand-made in Australia using full-grain leather. I know that because I made it in highschool. Kinda glad that I resisted the urge to stamp "I'm f…ing awesome" across the back.


    How do these belts compare to the ones at kmart for under $10?

    Will they hold my pants up better than the kmart ones?

    • +2 votes

      yes, much better.
      and it wont look like you have a ten dollar belt on too.


        So how do they hold my pants up better?

        • +2 votes

          well you could use string too.

          these are $2 more tha kmart ones that peel and break after a while, meaning you pants will fall down with Kmart one, and friends wont laugh behind your back. thats how they hold up better.

        • -2 votes


          String isn't as strong as a kmart belt. The kmart belt is still strong enough to hold up my pants

          Everything breaks after a while and friends laughing behind your back doesn't affect how the kmart belt operates.

          If laughing did, what if friends laughed at you wearing this belt? It would make this belt the same as the kmart one

  • Thanks, ordered a pair! Great timing too as I needed a belt lol

  • I'm going to strap all the Casio watches I've bought to the belt… what a waist of time!

  • Not too bad price wise for this deal.

    I bought this https://www.amazon.com/Dickies-Mens-38mm-Leather-Stitch/dp/B...
    About 4 years ago. Never missed a beat or peeled. Used it for wearing jeans. Still using it while typing this! Haha!

  • Hmmm placed an order checkout via PayPal but no notification yet. Don't want to double order. How to tell if it went through?

    • Hah and after waiting an hour or so to post the comment the email arrives (I kid you not) less than 5 second after posting comment. Doh

  • If this is the same company as Leathercraft Australia then I can vouch for the quality. I have a work belt from them and the leather is definitely good quality full grain leather. The only problem I had was the buckle screw loosening over time, just tighten it occasionally or put some loctite on it.

  • Sold out? The link and searching for "belt" results in "no results found".

    • Yes. Sold out until i get more leather from the supplier.
      Did not expect to sell over a thousand belts in a 48 hour period.
      Im absolutely flat out making belts to fulfil orders. The whole family is here helping cut, resize, pack and send orders.
      Hopefully orders start arriving in the next few days.

      Thanks everyone!