Spotify Family Plan Sharing ($17.99/Month for 6 Accounts)


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Was looking around to see if there were any places for 'matchmaking' spotify users for family plans, as apparently no-one I know wants to either pay, or pay less, for spotify. Came across this:

Would doing something like this through ozbargain be cool?

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        • +1


          No complaints so far. I'll be happy as long as he takes us to the park every now and again.

        • @seachange:

          Looking forward to his mixtapes, well spotify playlists

    • both spots filled.

  • Looking for another Australian family to join for 12 months please.

    • I'm interested

      • Sorry, I should have worded that better. I am wanting to join a family. I actually have another person that wants to join too- so that's 3 of us now. Anyone want us?

        • I'm looking for a spot too. That makes 4 so if there are 2 more people willing to join we can start one

        • yea I'm down, lets wait for another 2 to reply

        • @jonech: Hey, i'm also interested to join the family. Give me a shout when you found one more

        • @jonech:
          1 more person and we are a happy family

        • @seachange: How much is it per person?

    • Hey interested to join

    • I'm keen

  • I am keen if anyone has any spots.

  • @seachange @jonech @clancom @Elektrikrevamp we can start a family who would like to handle the payments?

    • Andy, I think you are it :)

    • I need 2 spots.

  • I'm keen for a spot please!

  • Looking for a Spotify family!

  • Me too - looking for Spotify family. Happy to take 2 spots. Please PM me!

  • Why does everyone just say they're keen for a spot instead of trying to actually coordinate one?

  • -1

    Someone who has knowledge on how to do this, want to get one started? Looks like there are enough of us. I need 2 spots.

  • +1

    I'm starting a Spotify family. I've got 4 more spots. First four to message me can get in. Will reply to this comment with the names of people who have joined me.

    • Hey mate,
      I am interested. Let me know if there's any problems.

    • Count me in please.

    • Sent you a PM.

    • Any slots open? I PM'd you.

    • Just PM'ed you mate. I'm after two slots if you still have them going :)

    • Pm'd you

    • I PM'd you a few days back. Thanks

  • -1

    Looking to join a family plan. Let me know if anyone has any slots free.

    • Did you read idonteven’s post just above?

      • +1

        My bad, I totally skimmed through that post for some reason.

    • How'd you go with idonteven? Thinking I'm gonna champion my own family if you're still looking for a slot.

  • +2

    Thinking about championing my own Spotify family plan for my wife and I. That'd leave 3 slots spare.

    I'll get it set up ASAP once I've got three confirmed takers. T&C's:

    • Price would obviously be one-fifth of whatever the monthly free is (currently $17.99) per account slot
    • Initial monthly contribution of subscription fee will be due prior to joining the family account.
    • Subsequent monthly contributions are due by the first calendar day of each month to my PayPal or bank account
    • Failure to pay by monthly due date will result in expulsion from the family plan
    • Forfeited slot/s will be offered to new family user's as my discretion
    • I reserve the right to terminate the family plan subscription at any point per my own discretion. I'm not expecting that I'd do this but shit happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Any interest?

    • I am interested, but shouldn't the price be 1/6 as there are 6 users? Unless you plan on only having 5 users including yourself and your wife.

      • +1

        Blargh - you're bang on the money; I haven't had enough coffee this morning and completely misread Get Premium accounts for you and up to five people who reside at your same address on Spotify's website.

        That being the case price would obviously be one-sixth of whatever the monthly free is; so $3.00 per account slot currently.

        • No worries mate, you can count me in. PM me the details for payment and what I need to do to get in.

        • Count me in as well, I haven't received any responses from countmein's post above.

        • @twopointnine:

          Sweet then; can you please change your OzBargain account settings to accept private messages? I'll PM you the details.

        • @LeifAlbor: I pm'd you

      • Messaged

    • Very intrested

    • I'm keen to join.

    • did you have any spots left?

  • I'll join a family if any spots are available

  • Keen for two spots (myself and my partner). Happy to pay whole year up front. Please PM me if you're setting something up.

    • Invite sent

  • I'm interested in joining or even starting a family plan if enough people are interested,
    A few caveats however, I would prefer to get a year up front but I am happy to add people to the account before getting payment, if payment is not received within a week status will be revoked.
    I would prefer direct deposit but will accept paypal
    Other than that, I'm good to go


  • I'm willing to fill one spot if anyone have spare spot please message me. Happy to pay year up front.

    • Invite sent

  • Just need one more (If C3P0 is still looking) and I'll start an account

    • I'm in

      • Sweet, have sent PM's to you, dingdong3000, fergmonkey and C3P0 just waiting to hear back before proceeding

        • Still chasing one more person to join the family

        • @SkItZo: Hey, just pm u, interested to join

        • Invite sent

      • Invite sent

    • did you have any spots left?

  • I'm willing to fill up a spot as well if anyone have a spare— please pm me.
    Been lurking on ozbargain for years and just made an account for this haha

  • Still looking for a spot if one is available!!

  • Looking for spare slot in family. Let me know if anyone has one? Thanks

  • Looking for a spot as well!

  • Happy to fill up a spot if anyone's got one, thanks.

    • Im keen to join if possible please pm me:)

  • Looking for a spot, please PM me if you have one!

  • Why does everyone just say they're keen for a spot instead of trying to actually coordinate one?

  • +1

    Looking for TWO spots please. Will pay for a year upfront via PayPal friend/gift.

    Alternatively, if I can get four other people on board, I'll set up a family account.

    • Count me in for a family account.

      • Great!

        • Keen to join to make a family account

        • @CaptainAwesome: Great. Just need two more spots to be filled and I will create a family account.

        • @luztra: looking for a spot :)

        • @hoyanikon: Great. We just need one more spot to be filled and we can go ahead with a family plan!

    • I'm keen!

      • +1

        Ok, you can fill the final spot. We can go ahead with a family account.

  • I have one spot available on a family account.

    • Keen to join! I've sent you a PM.

      • Replied to your PM.

  • All Spotify accounts sold.

  • +2

    gonna start a spotify family in the next couple days. 4 more spots left. pay full 12months upfront via paypal. PM me so we dont mess this thread too much. thanks

  • -1

    im looking to join a family plan, pm me if your starting one :)

  • -1

    Looking to join a family plan, pm me

  • Yep, still looking for 1 spot to join in a family plan.

  • Hi all, also looking to start a family plan, 12 months upfront PayPal/eft and will set up over the long weekend. PM me

  • Pm'd

  • Spots gone

  • -1

    Hi all,

    My wife and I would love to join a family if anyone has 2 spots free.


    • PM Sent

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