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Free $100 Jetstar Travel Voucher for First 1,000 to Sign up to Jetstar Business Hub (ABN Required)


Just got an email from Jetstar advertising their new Flexibiz bundle and Business Hub service.

This offer is only valuable for those in business/ABN holders.

Only one travel voucher per registered Australian Business Number (ABN) for the first 1,000 sign ups, from 12:01am AEST 12 September 2016. The Jetstar Flight Voucher is only valid for use in the Jetstar Business Hub in combination with the FlexiBiz bundle.

Fly like a boss with our new FlexiBiz bundle from $29

✔ Catch an earlier or later flight on the same day
✔ No change fees for date, time and name changes
✔ Cancel your flight and get a credit voucher
✔ 7kg carry-on baggage PLUS an extra small item
✔ Select an upfront or standard seat

EDIT: Signed up around 4:30pm Tuesday, no immediate confirmation or voucher…

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    OzBargain ABN: 26 144 073 772

    • Is it possible to do that?

      • I'd say if their setup is similar to that of Qantas' business offering "Assure", your account is linked to your ABN, so only 1 account per ABN. Also assuming they would verify the business name on the ABN register.

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          It's actually 'Aquire' :)

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          @drewbles: that's the one. Assure is their insurance…whoops!

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    I registered just now. Do they email the voucher? I havent recieved anything yet (no confirmation email etc.)

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      Using Ozbargain ABN?

    • +1

      Yeah I haven't yet received confirmation or the voucher. I'll be keeping a close eye on my emails …

    • Just registered as well. Awaiting email.

  • Same here

    • Never received any email.

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    I am guessing they will check ABN details and then send the voucher
    Waiting game begins

  • Thanks, currently waiting for voucher :)

  • Registered, thanks OP

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    So where can I get an ABN? B-)

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      Simple, own a business.

      • +3

        Not why you're getting downvoted. ABN probably gives you more in savings than it would it's cost for 3 years.

        • +1

          Given it's cost is $0, it's not hard to make savings on it…

        • @Cyphar: Ah, right. I can't remember why I let mine expire then…

  • thanks. registered 5:09pm.

  • Registered, waiting for mine. Thanks OP~ :)

  • Done! Just received the email too! Hope it comes thru

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    a SMSF may also work.

  • Thanks Just sign up,

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    valid for use in the Jetstar Business Hub in combination with the FlexiBiz bundle

    So what does this mean? The voucher can only be used with more expensive Business-type fares?

    • It seems you can book starter fares in combination with the FlexiBiz bundle which starts at $29. So the voucher probably handy :) Waiting for mine!

    [1005:AgentNameExists] The email address you have entered is used in another My Jetstar account. Please enter a different email address to update this account.

    • +3

      scotty's inbox must be getting OzBargained

  • Done! Just registered with my personal ABN. Awaiting the outcome!!!

  • Waiting game begins

  • +1

    score score score score score score thanks op. This is why Im on Ozbargain

  • Thanks mate, applied, hopefully I get through :)

  • I'm not going to bother because I doubt that the $100 would go very far with business

    • You can use FlexiBiz with starter fares :)

  • For those that experience the "ERROR [1005:AgentNameExists]…." error message (as I did), do not change your email address, just change the user name.

    Appears to be another slightly sub standard & frustrating web page, as not only does it give you the wrong suggestion to avoid the error message on your next attempt, the page also loses half of the completed fields before you have your next go.

    Hopefully their booking system (and aircraft) are bug free!

  • Registered 5:56pm, no indications either way, now I wait.

  • Useless website, it kept resetting and then making all the dropdown fields blank so I can't enter any info - tried in chrome, firefox and edge. Meh.

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      System bug on your side, not on Jetstar's.

  • Let's see how we go…

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    I just received an email confirming my registration but no mention of the voucher

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    How do we know they've reached 1000 signups? They may not send us the vouchers claiming that the first 1000 customers claimed, you never know.

  • u can only get the $100 voucher if u get FlexiBiz bundle? and $100 voucher can only be used for business class?

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    Only one travel voucher per registered Australian Business Number (ABN) for the first 1,000 sign ups, from 12:01am AEST 12 September 2016. The Jetstar Flight Voucher is only valid for use in the Jetstar Business Hub in combination with the FlexiBiz bundle.

    The last condition might be worth looking into to see if this is even worth it?

    So add $29 per fare this is only a $71 voucher?

    • +2

      Definitely still worth it, If you usually select a seat and prefer flight security there's no loss at all.

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    Ozbargain question. What are the chances of using Price Beat + FlexiBiz + voucher?

  • signed up, see what will happen next

  • +1

    2900+ clicks. Surely not my turn

    • Out of that 3k, doubt all of them have an ABN.

  • Im trying to sign up but it has mandatory agent id…

    I assumed it was to choose your id but it seems to be thinking i have a agent id

    What are you guys doing?

  • +1

    thanks. Registered 12:40 WST

  • -1

    An error has occured. If this error persists, please call our contact centre.

    Nice work Shitstar.

  • Just worked for me. Used my own ABN

  • Just registered too, using my own company ABN. Might be worth considering… thanks

  • please confirm if you need to sign up for FlexiBiz bundle for $29 before you get the $100 or not? or do you need to sign up for it after you receive the voucher to use it?

  • maybe I am not the first 1000…. Just saw this deal and register. Now waiting~

  • Just called jetstar business hub and they've got no idea how many are left or how long the vouchers take to process :/.

  • Signed up last night. Jetstar has confirmed all good. No voucher. Either need to wait longer or they have run out

  • My account has just been activated. But no voucher (yet?).

  • Done.

    Now the waiting begins…

  • +11

    Signed up with my ABN and received confirmation this morning. Called the Jetstar business hub line and was told registrations will be reviewed over the coming days and if one of the first 1000 valid sign ups, a voucher will be sent via email.

  • +1

    This is bulls*t yo. How long these vouchers gonna take.

    • +1

      Doubt they will even honour them considering the amount of fake submissions

      • I think they'll be honoured (the real ones that is) I'm just wondering how quickly the 1000 went though.

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    Did anyone get a voucher from Jetstar yet? or any indication that they were or weren't in the first 1000?

    I rang the Business Hub yesterday and was told you should receive and voucher within a week of your application if you were successful…well I joinged around 5pm on Wed 13th…and…nothing so far. I'd have thought at least they'd have sent out a "bad luck, but your still a winner with Jetstar!" email at least.

    I've seen similar ads online for NZ NZBN's and Singapore SQBN's offering similar amounts in local currency for the first 1000 signups. I would hope that that's 1000 signups per location. I'd have thought their Aussie customer base was larger and that we'd get more that the other sites.

    Perhaps the whole thing is a scam to build a mailing list of business customers.

    • I was told 7 business days.

      • Jetstar's call centre are now quoting 15 business days…..

        • Just received mine. I signed up when this post had already had about 1000 clicks. Good luck everyone!

  • got email today :)

  • Just received mine, too

  • I just got mine :)

    It seems as long as I book the flight within 6 months I can still fly after the 6 month expiry period as I did a few tests for flights in April / May 2017 and the voucher redeemed fine :) I wasn't sure if I had to travel within the 6 month period.

  • Vouchers stackable?

  • +2

    I posted the deal… still haven't received mine yet… Lol.

  • received mine today also.

  • +1

    Still nothing. I signed up before 1000 clicks with my legit ABN.

    • Nothing here either. There's hoping…

    • got a voucher and I saw this post at the 2000 click mark

  • Received mine! Thanks OP

  • Wondering what time those that got vouchers registered. I got email about 4:30pm, registered about 5pm with my 100% legit ABN and got a confirmation back about 6:15pm.
    No voucher received so far. Does this mean 1000 legit companies had registered by 5pm?
    Have you got a voucher yet starkers?
    If not the whole thing sounds a bit dodgy based on people getting vouchers after reading your post.

    • +1

      Nope. Still no voucher for me…

      Very suss…

      crying in corner

      • Still no voucher for me, and I registered very early on :( are they working backwards???

        • The Illuminati is real.

  • no voucher :(

  • Woohoo!! just got mine :) awesome.

  • received my Jetstar FlexiBiz voucher

  • Received mine yesterday! Thanks OP! 😃

  • Congrats to those that have received a voucher!
    As this promotion wasn't supposed to be a lottery, it would be interesting if those who have received vouchers could share the following info:-

    Date/Time registered with Business Hub (as best you can recall):
    Date/Time "Welcome to Jetstar Business Hub email received":
    Date voucher received:

    • +1

      Here goes:

      Date/Time registered with Business Hub (as best you can recall): by 6 pm or so…

      Date/Time "Welcome to Jetstar Business Hub email received": Sep 14, 2016, 11:23 AM

      Date voucher received: Oct 3, 2016

    • still no voucher, one of the first to sign up

      mayne… :(

      • +2

        I for one am feeling a little p*ssed off with this. I also got in early and also haven't received anything from Jetstar.
        I know Jetstar don't "owe" me anything….but they do owe it to all of their current and potential customers to run this promotion in a professional manner according to the advertised "rules"…and that doesn't appear to have been the case.

        If it was a lucky dip, it should have been advertised as one.

  • +1

    Bad news for me at least :(. I contacted Jetstar and I'm not 'on the list'. I received my 'welcome to the Business Hub' email at 6.18pm on 13/9. I registered at approx 4.50pm 13/9. Customer service tried to tell me I must not have been in the first 1,000 :(

    • +1

      I have registered a complaint!

  • +1

    A total stuff up from JS…and a whole lotta BS from their Customer Service department.

    Anyone know a good lawyer? I think we have a "class action" on the boil here!

  • I would encourage anyone who registered early and missed out to lodge a complaint with Jetstar. If enough of us do it, maybe they'll do something about this situation! Agreed, someone stuffed up!

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